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Indian and American city arrangements are quite different from each other. In America, they usually follow the zoning arrangement, which is where the working places and the grocery stores are located in a different place from the houses. You need to drive out in a car in order to buy the things you need. In India, houses are located in the same place where stores are scattered around. You can just step outside your house, and buy food in a nearby little store. Cars and other high-tech automobiles are not a necessity in India.

The way of living in India is cheaper compared to America. The American dollar is equivalent to 45.44 Indian Rupees. If you are renting an apartment in India, it is about 30, 000 to 50, 000 Rupees, that is 658.690 to 1, 097.81 US dollars. This will be for a 3-bedroom apartment found in a good neighborhood. On the other hand, a 2-bedroom apartment in America costs 2,500 US dollars. Education is more expensive in India than in America. A public grade school, with a system that isn’t so good, is about 30, 000 to 70, 000 Indian Rupees ($658.690 to $1, 536.94) per annum. An more exclusive school has a tuition fee of 90, 000 to 200, 000 Rupees ($1, 976.07 to $4, 391.27) a year. For a Bachelor’s degree, the tutelage fee is 200, 000 to 500, 000 Rupees ($4, 391.27 to $10, 978.1) for the whole year. The learning system is also so broad that students can’t find time to do other extracurricular activities.

Food is relatively cheaper in India; for a family with four members it will cost you 15,000 to 20,000 Rupees ($329.345 to $439.127). Hiring someone to clean your house in America costs $50 (2, 277.24 Rupees) for every visit, and $60 to $75 (2, 732.69 to 3, 415.86 Rupees) for a weekly visit. In India, you can ask someone to do the household chores for a month with only 4, 000 Rupees ($87.83). You can have excellent health care in America, only at a higher cost. Medical bills are usually paid through insurances. In India, you can see a doctor for only 100 Rupees ($2.195). Acquiring an insurance to pay medical bills is not customary in India. Though cheaper, the risk of obtaining the best quality of medical care is at stake.

Salaries for a regular employee in America are several folds higher than wages in India. That’s why the way of living in America is much more elevated when compared to other countries.

For ages it has been a custom for India to arrange their children’s marriages. The parents would normally choose their child’s husband or wife to be. Unlike for Americans, who they base their marriage life on how they feel; Indians base it through the class status of their families. Freedom in America is lavishly enjoyed, as long as it doesn’t trespass on other’s rights. In India, the government is given more authority to restrict the independence of the people, since their decision is more attached in their constitution.


1. In India, working places and stores are located near the Indian homes, while in America the houses are separate from work and grocery stores.

2. The way of living in America is expensive compared to India.

3. Education costs more in India than in America.

4. Food is cheaper in India.

5. You can have the best quality of medical care in America at a higher cost, with insurance to pay for the bills. In India medical care is cheaper, and usually paid by cash.

6. Wages in America is higher than in India.

7. Indian marriages are normally based on the social status of the families, while for Americans, it is based on their emotions.

8. Freedom is greatly enjoyed in America, while in India the government is given the top authority to restrict freedom among Indians.

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  1. I’ve lived half of my life in America, and the other half in Hyderabad, India. I would like to point out that although education is more expensive in india through secondary education, USA more than makes up for that with its exorbitant fees for undergrad and grad courses. This is all I have time for now, but i’ll try to get back soon.

    • Yeh ! you guys are right, but the thing is that in India people don`t earn at an enough rates to pay for collage. Taking a loan is a way bigger headache in India then in USA ( due to corruption and other reasons ). If your father were to earn in America and you were to study in India you could complete your college time and tut ions and all that stuff in the same payment you would complete one year of collage in America.

    • This good

  2. Education is the cheapest in India
    My school Fee was 800 Rs per year (Not a Municipal school it was a good respected school)
    which is about 20 dollars which is worth of 20 ice sandwiches.

    Talking about marriage more than half marriages in USA ends with divorce.What a shame.
    Social life is much better in India.

    Moral of the story INDIA is much better than AMERICA.
    Jai Hind

    • thant’s was really nice. I love my india . . .and we must try to get india no.1 power of the world. . .

      • what no.1 what no.1
        in corruption no.1 in crime no.1 in hungry no.1

        • Well even after being no.1 in those thing one point to talk about, even after corruption economic control of India is much better than USA, Second even after crimes, India has less racist crime (beyond religion) compared to USA, even after hunger you will not find much big issues in India where as in USA there are notices displayed in most place for food drive. Without insurance you can live in India, but in USA insurance is the biggest problem, and in one word that is what a type of corruption is. I am in USA and i have so many liabilities. India is truly democratic whereas USA is pretending Democracy. No women power ever showed in USA but in India we had women president, women prime minister, women government in few states. Now who is no.1 in actual if you talk about everything combined.

          • Somebody has written no racism. India is the biggest racist country suppressing so called upper caste people based on reservation. I think India should be divided or at least a separate state where there are no reservations. People who want to compete openly can be in that state

          • What you are talking about is Caste system. There is difference between caste system and Racism!!!.
            In Racism they discriminate or have hatred towards people of some ‘ethnicity’, language etc. Particularly towards migrants.
            USA is far more racist than India. They have so much hatred towards Muslims, Arab people, Asians (Indian, Pakistani etc).
            Yes, India also has religious hatred, but it is very low as compared to USA in terms of proportion.
            The only thing in India is Caste system, which is also slowly vanishing……

          • religious crime is racism!

      • I’m quite impressed by your comment bt we have to make our government infrastructure strong by coming in politics bcoz most of our politicians are above 30 so if youngsters come in politics we will be the first powerful country in the world and we should make our society clean and polite both in physical and and mentally

    • That’s because it is such a taboo in India to take a divorce. If an average Indian woman decides to end her unhappy marriage, she is the talk of the town and the object of stares. Everybody would treat her as a wanton s**t with no morals and a horrible upbringing. The entire family will be put to shame.

      In summary, a divorced woman in tier-2 city or village in India (most of India’s area AND population is made up of these two, of course), will be given the same kind of treatment an exposed paedophilic sex predator woman in the USA would receive. No wonder women shut up and live through unhappy lives in our ‘great’ and ‘civilized’ nation.

      In the USA, however, serial monogamic commitments are shown tolerance, and I think that’s what is healthy for the psyche of people on the whole.

      • i strngly agree

      • I believe that arranged marriages work, and there is firm psychological evidence of why they do infact work, I boils down to natural constructs of human nature. Let’s break down these statistics into how they fit into the human psyche, as human beings it is a part of our nature to prefer the family. You see, it comes down to the evolutionary psychology of our ancestors where the familiar meant security, safety, comfort, and hospitality because the familiar were our kin. As human beings we are naturally attracted to others which are similar to our parents. For example if a girl hold features that remind you of your mother, that guy will become much more attracted to that girl, and the same for daughters and fathers. Since we prefer the familiar, parents will much more likely choose candidates who they feel share common interests and personality aspects with themselves, somebody that they can relate to. In turn, since parents will prefer and adore a candidate that they see as familiar and similar to them this will generate more attraction from the daughter or son because of the similar traits to that young adults parents. This being one psychological explanation behind this, I have left the strongest contributor for last it is a phenomena is the human psyche known as “The psychology of inevitability and the irrevocability of the decision”. As humans when we feel like something is inevitable, we will naturally generate reasons on our on on why that particular thing we are stuck with is good. The reasoning behind this goes with the Indian marriage system because since marriage is held at such a high standard because not only are you divorcing your mate, you are divorcing families and that is a high amount of pressure to put on one’s plate. However, if you can find something good in the permanent decision you just made you can avoid going through the harsh misery of spending the rest of your life with somebody you do not like and breaking it to your parents that the pick just wasn’t good enough. A research experiment was done at a horse betting track in which people were asked before and then after they had put money down on their horse on how confident they were in which their horse would win. The betters that were interviewed after the bet was already placed were much more confident in the horse they had recently not been as sure about. As you can see an arranged marriage is much more likely to work because of our human nature in regards to the circumstances in which we are placed, and this is just why arranged marriages work in my context.

      • Before starting this i want to say i like indian cluture only..all i am writing here is true and just by saying u can,t change the fact.Priya k,i have read all the comments about india and america but i am not agree with ur two words GREAT and CIVILIZED.i am putting some lights on ur these two words.
        1. Since 1947 india has made great progress in population: from 37millions to 1 arab 31crore and
        still going on and on.
        2.India has an average salary of $1265 a year and is ranked 138 in the world.
        3.When you land in Mumbai, for example, the first thing you see is the slums around the airport. Really? India’s supposedly richest city has slums around its airport. No wonder foreigners have a poor impression of India.
        4.India is among the most corrupt countries in the world.
        5.India’s score in Transparency International ratings is 3.3, compared to Singapores 9.3 and even Chile’s 7.2. The closer the score is to zero, the more corrupt the country is.
        6.India actually TOPS this list, with 217 million of its people who are malnourished. Closest to India in this list is China, with 154 million people, or the entire continent of Africa, which has more malnourished people than India. An entire continent has more malnourished people than India. Go figure.How come we are not aware of this? Everyone just pushes this info to the back of their heads right.
        7.It’s all fine as long as YOU can eat at McDonalds, because fuck it, what can you do about hungry villagers in some district in some state?So who’s fault is it then? Don’t blame the idiot British. They’ve long gone. They started it. How come it hasn’t ended?
        8.India is 134 on the list of literate countries, with an average literacy rate of 74%, which varies from 100% in the Union Territories to 50% in the northern States.
        9.Do you accept that the world has 191 countries? You should, because it does. Of those countries, India has the rather sad distinction of being number 3 in the list of HIV+ people living in it. It has 2 million HIV+ people. The stigma associated with AIDS has not changed. Those people are probably fearing for their very lives all the time.And who’s ahead of India? South Africa and Nigeria. Some very model states to emulate? Or disgusting countries who are not to be emulated?
        10.should i talk about the olympic games?i don’t think so.Among 1 arab 31 crore people we die for just one gold medal.god save me.
        11.u people talk about the marriges.in U.S. however they break up early from the marriges and take divorce but in india i hear this.wife kills husband with the help of her lover.woman run away with her lover leaving childern behind.husband kills her wife and cut into the pieces and throws into gutter.husband burned her wife alive.there is endless list.JESUS CHRIST.
        12.Childern are raped in this country more than in any country.
        and the world will come to end.We are poor WEAK indians.
        now u all will yell at me i am sure of that but even after that u can,t change the truth .
        from:KARANVIR RANA

        • I want to hear answers of all of u so mail me at jamwal.rana@gmail.com

          • and karan it is very difficult to balance such country which having so many religion…different langugaes having so much cast system…….where amercia is unable to maintain balance with the middle east countries.INDIA having the wide railway system…but it runs its smoothly…although america has the technology power…but i d’nt think so it do better than india….even an american child can not calculate the figures without the help of calculator…..he is too weak in calculation…..but an indian just in seconds without the help of calculator.. makes the calculation on his fingers

        • karan…i agree with you…but you only wrote about INDIA …not america….any country is not perfect in itself.ya you are right in india wife kills her husband and ran away with her lover,but in america there are so many divorces even though they choose their life partner of their own choice…and during divorce they never think about their children that what impact they get from their parents…even they married with some another person.it is very difficult for the children to accept another person as their mom or dad..in india may be husband wife are not happy with each other but for sake their chldren they spent whole life together.ya the number of hiv postive persons are more in india..but that is due to lack of knowledge.most of the persons are illetrate they d’nt know about preactions..but in USA….sex starts from the age 10….president of USA brack obama IS MORE CAUTIOUS ABOUT THIS TOPIC….and at the age of 16 most girls become mom….and most of them..are single…which means they having no husband or boyfriend……but such things are rarely happened in india….india become modern…but on the name of modern…they never destroy its culture or values……but in america there is no culutre…

          • [sorry – this is not on the topic of education difference between the two nation-states]

            Dear Komal,

            Most girls in the USA become mothers at age 16? And they all have sex at age 10? What drugs are you on, seriously… care to provide a source for your statistics? Education, unlike in India under the Education Access Act, is compulsory for all beyond the age of 14, and so it is terribly difficult for women to decide to start their families at this age… I, for one, do not know a single girl who was sexually active at age 10 (not to say that it doesn’t happen, it does).

            As the daughter of parents who divorced when I was ten, I would like to say that this experience does not have me crying and cutting at my myself everyday (or at all). I would HATE for my parents to live miserable existences for the sake of them being ‘together’ (physically, but not spiritually) for me, because I don’t think that love-less marriages are healthy – they would only model to me that love, closeness and mutual respect for each others’ occupations and livelihoods is not important, only maintaining the mirage is. They separated in a very amicable fashion, and now have their own lives which involve unification with another partner. I am well-adapted and independent, have lived in three states and abroad through my decisions about my education (not funded by my parents) and am studying towards my second masters degree (I have chosen what I’ve studied) and they will both attend my next graduation. They have taught me, non-directly, to listen to my gut instinct, and that lies are deceitful and hurt others as well as yourself… that honesty, openness, and a connection between your values and morals and your actions is important (versus wanting one thing and ‘settling’ for another… how mean is this to the other party). People are adaptive social beings, and living a lie – “for your children” – does not breed resilience, nor empower one’s children as it only teaches them, through modelling, that if you’re unhappy, feel stuck, and could be happier and more productive citizens were you living apart, then “too bad, because you’re married now and you will grin and bear it at all costs, suckers!!” To me, this mentality is anti-human, and could even encourage mistreatment within a marriage, under the knowledge that: “hey, if she leaves me she will bring so much shame upon her families”.

            Oh another note, I know of people whose marriages have been arranged…and guess what? They’re not loyal. And the poor women suffer through it (and I’m sure that it can happen in the reverse, too) Add children to the equation and what are you teaching your children? “It doesn’t matter what goes on behind closed doors, so long as outwardly you look ‘together’, happy and prosperous”?

            I suppose that the question is one of how we define a successful union: through quantitative measures (e.g. divorced or not), or more qualitative ones (e.g. fulfilled or not). I’m not saying that divorce is not a difficult thing to experience for all parties concerned, but if my parents were yelling at (or, worse, physically hurting one another) each other all the time, I would be having a nervous breakdown before I fell asleep each night! Also, I would never, ever want to be married as I would view marriage as synonymous with torture.

            As it stands, I am very open to marriage, but when the time is right, and once I (and my partner) are settled enough in our respective career paths to know that, yes, we share common goals for our futures and that we wish to go forth into the future as each others’ confidant, muse and lover.

            Anyway, I just thought that I’d contribute this, as I think that there are perhaps patriarchal objectives to marriage which are under-considered in this whole discourse about divorce being the worst evil in the known universe. It is not.

            On that note, an Indian friend of mine posted this the other day:

            “You spend your whole life being told not to speak to strangers, and then your parents tell you to sleep with one”

            Well I may be a poor little damaged daughter courtesy of my parents’ divorce, but I will never be told whom to sleep with. I don’t believe anyone should have rights to the body and mind of another except for when they are given willfully.
            And I believe that divorce rates will decline in the future as my generation is marrying later, once men and women are more clear about what they want from life, and thus can enter into marriage with more clarity that whom they have ‘chosen’ is the best of an imperfect bunch 😉 (it also gives you more time to date / socialise and meet with a broader range of potential spouses)

            I don’t think that the Indian (govt) education system encourages problem-solving, critical-thinking and innovation as much as it could. Less focus on putting down other societies and more on promoting the status and quality of teaching… your country is so rich with diverse peoples and when I was there, I found the energy to be electric! I hope that education into secondary and tertiary sectors – and in a broader range of disciplines – becomes more of a norm into the future. You have some extremely bright, curious and spirited poorer children who do not see the relevance of rote-learning in primary school classrooms, and it would be a shame to exclude them from the dominant economy… the capacity to think innovatively, beyond the script, is becoming increasingly necessary, and I feel that these children, whom grow up with the benefit of ‘sub-mainstream’ practical experiences, could contribute to the knowledge economy in considerable ways.

            I don’t like that a benefit of living in India (above) was cited as the affordability of home help… that is an indication of the social welfare divide. Suck it up and mop your own floors, and free these classes of (mostly) women to learn skills that are empowering.



          • we all know India is great and rich in culture but poor from inside. In America you have your freedom at every corner, But in India government sucks ( they do not give us 100% freedom ).
            In America you can rent a good house in $600-$700 including amenities .
            Monthly food $700 , Petrol ! ohhhhh my god so much cheap and cost effective . ———– In India people earn 3.5 thousand rupees – to 10 thousand rupees ( this is an average per month salary ) . Rent know a days in new Delhi, India is going up in the sky 1BHK costs 12thousand to 15 thousand & people who earn 7 thousand a month.how can they afford such kind of money ! Our government making fool out of us. You should earn atleast 1 year in INDIA and 1 year in America . You will get to know the difference . And our stubborn marriage culture also sucks…. You can’t marry in other religion . Can you respect a person , who is not respecting you and your life ?? Then How can you respect a country who is not respecting you ??

        • that’s true

        • u r right Karanvir RANA bhaiya…

        • why you all doing this man india is ‘INDIA’ and america is ‘AMERICA’. these are two different place man.
          to krantiveer rana
          will you not do that CORRUPTION ? if able to !!!

          just clean yourself first

        • I am agree with you. Corruption from every corner just kill all the feeling of Proud for India. And It is rooted only by Indian Congress. Due to congess party in india we are divided, corrupted, victims etc.

        • Well said Karanvir. I totally agree with you. At all I am also an Indian.

        • I really appreciate your thought and you have written the true reality of INDIA.
          We have not only cry about corruption, its time to stand against the dirty politics and corruption.
          Its time to make a big change in politics by youths of INDIA and they also have to come in politics for better Development and build a incredible INDIA.
          How long will we continue to vote for cheap, corrupt and illiterate politicians and wish them for better future.

        • You are a truly amazing person. It’s true and who so ever read this he write Amazing only.

        • Karanvir but I think we are exaggerating the problems in our country. We should not talk in numbers but percentage. For example in your point about HIV positive count in India. If you look at it it’s just 0.1 percent of India’s total population. When you convert it to numbers it get magnified due to our high population. But if you look at hiv positive count on many countries they do have 0.1 percent of their population or even more suffering from HIV.
          About corruption we are again being misinformed that India has high corruption. If you talk in terms of percentage of population involved in corruption then it is very less than many countries. It’s just that our population is so high that many international news channel throw numbers at us to gain attention and create unnecessary ruckus in minds of our countrymen.

      • yes.i strongly agree this point.

        parents convince women a lot for the marriages the reasons behind this force are many ..like might be they may select a incorrect or a badguy,so might be their daughter’s life would be spoiled and inaddition to the the character of a groom they enquire the character of the family .its mainly because of the dowry problems. but now a days it is getting changed a little by little by the increament of the number of educational women in the society. even in the other corners so many men are trapping the ladies by the name of love for money or lust but am not critisising the whole,but the majority are like that.

        indian marriage:mostly arranged,based on the dignity and character of both the families,matching of the economical and educational qualifications of bride and groom.parents fear in the love marriages bcoz they mostly based on the infactuation but am not blame all,but most are like that.

        more over why they won’t accept for the love marriages is,if the person is not good and if they are seperated then there is no respect for them in the society and it is most difficult to get the another lifeartner of their choice.

        both indian and american cultures have their pros and cons.but in india family goes the highest imporatance and if there is no support from your family then there would be no dignity in the society

        • Really it’ s indeed buddy in society. I put by some point why all people dont perception it. All are we equivalent row. I just need that one all are equal as long as all understand it equation then ease to slove the entire problem

    • Not exactly, primary/basic education is almost free in U.S.A. Their attitudes are better than us.
      We Indians have to improve ourselves, especially our society.

    • Question:
      are you absolutely terrified of being left because you adore your partner, or because the community will talk? what is the root of this fear?

    • That days gone when some ignorant people used scare people that western are having high divorce rate.

      But look in India people are forced to live in marriage and old sons and daughters have no right to choose their life partner.

      Extra marital affairs and divorce are now increasing like sky rocket.
      And people in India blindly following western culture but they are not following their discipline.

      In India there is very poor education system, high non employment and low wages.

    • 1. Education is free here in America and everyone is given one.

      2. The 50% marriage thing is a myth, it’s more like 10%.

      3. We don’t have a corrupt government.

      4. Poverty is low over here.

      5.Social life is great here also.

      And this is is why America is better than India.

      Oh ya, we are also not extremely overpopulated and extremely polluted.

      • Dear friends, Sorry However your family is. You should not tell it bad in front of anybody.

        If you are in so much problem you must think differently and took some action to try make it better at least.

        Instead making down moral of your family members.

        You are staying in other family and saying your family bad. So sad it is.

        I knew what’s are pros and conc in india as its not developed but developing country. All world is eying on India only.

        So big scams, border controversies, naxalies attacks inside India.
        still India is bearing everything.

        However I loved, love and keep loving my India. Because I am son of this soul. I am thankful to my country. So even US people like our culture. Only need is to fine tune it. Which is going on progressively now.

        Jai hind, jai jawan jai kisaan

      • Umm, EXCUSE me what do you mean by super overpolluted, you Americans are number one in trash making just that you guys put it in the ground which POLLUTES GROUND WATER!

    • India is a religious country and it is full of diversity but think education in abroad gives another type of feeling.
      for me both the countries are equal but may have differences in their culture

    • JAI HIND HAMARA BHARAT KI. And I live in America but I love India way too much, can’t stop yelling if someone says India is trash!

    • Hatsoff….sir…..jai hind

  3. India has to be improve a lot…..

    • hey.
      U know india is improving much faster than any other nation in the world.

      • Koushik , At 2050 you will not alive.. and others too having less chance.. sure within that yr this india will ruin you or Central gov will sell india to any induvidual arab..

        got it..
        practically right now this is happening, stage by stage..

        • This is definitely an eye opener, most high profile indian businessmen and politicians are selling many parts of this country stage by stage

        • Education is cheap but a foreign return degree is more valued! plus on the original post someone said food is cheap in India! completely disagree unless we are eating street food all the time which again is not even close to hygienic standards when compared to street food in America, In America people call a spade a spade and deal with it like a spade, there might be more democracy than anything enforced there and there might be more dictatorship or communism in a country like China or UAE still these countries progress because ultimately there is no confusion! They are true to something and stick by it. America believes in freedom and reason, the people and governments are living by it. China in communism and a kind of dictatorship but they know they cant go against the rules (they can’t have more than one child, irrespective it’s a girl or a boy, the second child is taken away). India is a severe hypocritical place when it comes to governments to cultures to gods and every little thing for that matter, it hits you in the face everyday you get out to go to work. It is a cynically schizophrenic place to be born and raised in. No wonder why most intelligent Indians prefer not coming back here. If I had a chance to live in America and do the Inside sales job I am doing here for half the salary they pay my American counter part! I’d be happy to move in the blink of an eye. You might call me unpatriotic, however my daily life here sucks, the traffic, the bhais on the road acting funny at every corner, the cops who dont do shit to them but will try extorting money from you for something you might have not done even, the government playing hand in glove with the media and the businessmen and the opposition, BJP advertises in Times of india which is a benett coleman company the first benificiary of the Congress. People say BJP had the money to advertise! funny thing is they have been out of power and popper and even if they had the money congress could instruct the toi not to advertise BJP, but congress and BJP are hand in glove and want the people to imagine good things are happening to them while politicians fill their pockets auction the country and make better lives for themselves and their kids in other countries, or make enough money to live a lavish life in this country by continuously suppressing the poor. There is so much! a person really doesn’t know where to research!, what to believe and most importantly quite a few things that have been done by corrupt politicians and businessmen are wiped off the internet today. Media focuses on everything else but what it can do or how can it help the common man curb corruption. Everyone is soooooo selfish and the crime rates are increasing so is communal violence, won’t be surprised if it comes to a point where, “Every man for himself” – Jungle law comes into being.

    • And the other fact about india is:
      india is a nation of UNITY IN DIVERSITY just like
      various languages,
      various religion,
      various caste,
      And the main fact about india on behind of america is the POPULATION, which is very high in india & 1/3rd is on america comparing to india.
      .then the area on countries are also varies…..

      • Stupid …. you talk about Area ? Omg .. Look Uk, Japan , Singapore , Italy , chez Republic & etc. they all are very small land countries. and they are gooooood..

      • You meen most populated by 2050. I just came from a visit in Mumbai and the first thing I saw where slums and beggars. With 1.2 billion people you might think it would be atleast a “good” country, but it just sucks. USA is the best country to live in, period

  4. Indian education can avoid harmful school environments where God is mocked, where destructive peer influence is the norm, where drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and homosexuality are promoted, and where school violence is on the rise.

    “Many high schools have “Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs”, which provide cooperation with gay advocacy groups.If you have a child attending public school, he or she may be studying sex education curriculum developed by an organization known as SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States). SIECUS curriculum promotes to children the ideas that homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality are normal and healthy lifestyles, and that abortion is a convenient and acceptable method of birth control. The people who founded, fostered and promoted the SEXOLOGY magazine are the people who are behind SIECUS. And those people are the ones who are behind the sex education program in our American school system.American education systems have become training grounds for immorality, drug addiction, deviant behavior and learned violence instead of basic knowledge.

    As would be expected, ”
    since the commencement of the government’s “safe sex” campaign, the rate of unwed teenage pregnancies has risen astronomically. Unwed pregnancy increased 87% among 15-19 year olds and abortions among teens rose 67% since the government embarked on its “safe sex” campaign in public schools in 1970. The US Department of Commerce documents a 500% increase in births to unmarried girls aged 15-19 since 1962. There are presently one million unwed teenage pregnancies annually, with 1/3 of those ending in abortion. Sexually transmitted diseases are epidemic among our nation’s youth, with adolescents and young women aged 15-24 comprising 72% of all reported cases of the sexually-transmitted disease Chlamydia, which is a common cause of infertility. According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, it is estimated that 20 percent of all Americans over the age of 11 are infected with genital herpes. Fifteen percent of Americans have the cervical-cancer-causing human papilloma virus, with the highest population being young adults 18-28. Every year, three million teens get a sexually-transmitted disease.”

    “The state-sanctioned dogma as propagated in the public school system manifests in ways that undoubtedly would upset many parents if they were aware of what was being taught to their children. It is for this reason that parents are purposely kept in the dark about the politicizing and brainwashing of their children. However, ignorance is no excuse”.

    Teachers using vulgar language in class take the name of the Lord in vain in class, you might hear students cursing aloud in class, approached by someone who wanted to sell or give you marijuana or any other narcotic, you might have witnessed school friends using narcotics.

    You even might have heard teacher who uses drugs, teachers wearing mini-skirts, shorts, school friends drink, drink of any alcoholic beverage such as beer, wine, etc is normal, pre-marital sex is all right, asked to read such books as OF MICE AND MEN, SOUL ON ICE, THE GRAPES OF WRATH, CATCHER IN THE RYE or any other book that includes cursing

    School shootings have been making the headlines in the U.S.A. at an increased frequency.

    when you make a comparism Indian education system is best because they are taught ofgood morals and religious values. The students in India devote themselves in educating not educating like the americans do. American statistics say they hardly passout highschools most of the foreigners are the ones who have highest education and great morals in America. true americans are behind education.

    • Yes, because homosexuality is such a bad thing. Quite honestly its nice to be in an enviroment where people aren’t mocked for the fact that they like the same gender. Sure, my high school is in the gutter side of my city where the kids spit out racial and sexual slurs like they were raised on it (which, honestly, I wouldn’t doubt for some), but not all American schools are THAT bad.

      Yes, it would be helpful if more kids didn’t drop out.
      Yes, it would be nice if kids couldn’t get their hands on alcohol or cigarettes or drugs as easily as they do.
      Yes, it would be nice if the skanks and whores in my school didn’t get pregnant then fall back on abortion for a easy way out so they can just go back to their slutty ways and not get in trouble with unknowing parents.

      Sadly, that probably isn’t going to change anytime soon, not unless America can shape up and get their unbound and wayward youths back on the path of doing good.

      My teachers don’t use God’s name in vain. They don’t use vulgar language. They teach the stuff they need to, nothing that would make my mother go “I’m taking you out of school because of this!” I don’t know if its just my school that has all the good teachers or what, but I don’t know a school yet that has anything like that.

      Banning books, in my opinion, is stupid. I enjoy old books (To Kill A Mockingbird would be one of them) and banning them for small things that kids today do anyways is (to be redundant) stupid.

      School shootings are a sad thing and when a student or parent or adult figure needs to go as far as taking the lives of young adults and small children is sad.

      Yes, America is behind on studies and other things. It doesn’t mean we aren’t trying to make our schools better.

  5. It is not because we are second to the people of any other country in the world.

    It is basically because our country has not been governed :

    In the right way
    In the right frequency and
    By right people.

    • Thank you sir!
      You have given me the answer to all this argument going on in this page!!!!

      I support your answer! And it is 100% correct.

  6. India has more freedom than USA and education is cheap, In USA there is lot of openings to free thinking and other pleasures but there is always a catch. So a person has to be careful not to get into trouble in USA. This country is goverened by laws and everyone is expected to go according to the system. In India we feel more at home and less stressed because we feel more freedom in cultural & religious expression. Oppurtunities for employment is more in USA due to less population and standardisation. The difference b/w the 2 countries can be like DAY & NIGHT.

  7. I appreciate friends who posted that india is great and improving a lot.
    I see that indians are very much worried every day, everytime and in every aspect of daily life. There is nothing there which goes as per a common understanding / agreement.
    Becasue our country has more luxury and people are less stressed with laws and rules, we often say that indians are united and we love each other which i dont see in any respect in everyday life there.

    India is developing like any other country infact our development is not so great when compared to number of resources like people, natural resources etc etc we have. We are far behind than we should be .

    I sometimes laugh at people when they say that india will be no 1 by 2050. In that case the signs should be very clear by now.

    I am not here to insult anyones patriotism or passion towards our beloved country but i request people to realize or start accepting some hard facts and begin to work towards corruption less country.
    Becaue of corruption poor are still poor and rich people are becoming more rich.
    If there is no corruption at a basic level in the country then we are already no: 1.

    Jai Hind ,

    • yes krishna , I totally agree with your words. You have wrote exact fact of India. India is not a poor country as it looks , it is rich country but corruption is eating our development. We all citizens should wake up at least now to demolish corruption and make it corruption free , worlds beat country. There is no doubt if rulers be honest and strict. but, practically it seems a nightmare. India is behind in sports field, India is behind in economical status, still behind in quality and marketting of our own products. some time it seems like if 100`s of anna hazares born in this country then also we cant eradicate corruption as it is rooted in our daily life from right beginning from 1947. Any way hope ALL will be WELL..


    • You are absolutely correct – by 2050 India will be no .1 and the country who is already at no. 1 will sell snacks ? we should see our growth rate , we all are spending money over the internet to discuss this and that , but our politicians are money minded & they know how to make people fool.

      In America people pay taxes and government utilize that money
      In India ! Hey we pay taxes too . But government Utilize it for their own use.

  8. Excluding the material differences, AMERICA is No where compared to INDAI

  9. Hey guys,

    These are wrong information he/she gave in this website. For example he said “On the other hand, a 2-bedroom apartment in America costs 2,500 US dollars.” That totally wrong, if you buy a million dollar house it wont be that much money… r u serious $2,500…thats damm funnyyy….most of the things he/she said is wrong..i am living in US and i am a indian tooo….i love my india but USA is more cheaper to live and we have more benefits in health care and we will secure…cops are helpful not like indian police…the only problem with USA is hard working jobs….

    • True words. In India people just go after listening. you all should do some research and find out the wages in america , food cost, cost of living , wages,ad many more . then you will get to know that after doing everything they saves a lot better than Indian citizens in India.

  10. well i feel that indians are very smart and this is the reason v r still a DEVELOPIN country… he governent makes policies to help the citizens den ppl try to use in the wron way.. for example, reservation of categories is meant for oly those who r economically poor and belong to that caste but ppl of dat caste take advantage of it to the max.. I have seen a doctor’s son applyin for category.. They mock the democracy..Also the politicians have played a major role in screwing up this country..Overall, unless corruption ends our country’s future is jus goin to be lost in dark.. Almost every politician understands that casteism has to be ended but they contest again each other based on that..God’s Help is the oly thing one can ask for coss these ppl are jus goin to use these reasons for themselves… A true patriot is not der anymore..

    • ANJANA..
      I m also agree with your sayings that politicians made this country to stand behind in Que for becoming a developed country. but I wont agree with your comment on reservation of categories, it is the fact that people of India who say `mera bharat mahan` vande mataram , jai hind` are misusing every good policy and scheme of govt. not only politicians , whole country is responsible for todays current status of India whether it is good or bad. bad things are more than good things , that is different story. but I just wanna say that Dr. B R Ambedkar had done the right thing what was the requirement at that stage as he also suffered from higher class people. Now he made it what he wanted to do in India to demolish cast-ism . If he had not done those rules for backward class people then you just think where they would have been now , what social status they might get. We can`t say yet that ST/SC or other backward class people have improved and they are in same line to fight with GENERAL candidate. If we see scientifically for general candidates even their genetic influence bring up their intelligence and their living environment from their birth would be standard level unlike backward class. Now the requirement is not to remove this reservation rule but following it strictly. Don`t give backward class certificate who have good economic condition, don`t take money to make it and prove them with duplicate or worthless certficates, INDIAN CONSTITUITION EVER BEST IN THE WORLD AS IT IS CONTROLLING SUCH A BIG NATION WITH DIFFERENT CASTES , GREEDS, CULTURES ETC ETC. But we are failed to follow this constituion strictly. It is the time to revise Constitution to this current conditions and even strict following it as few amendments also required for corruption free India. Only request is that don`t stare at backward class people , stare at rule breakers who really does it.


  11. No 911 facility in India 😀

  12. No 911 facility in India 😀

    We do have 100 service to cops, buts that could be either helpless or scary . You can face thief/gunda easily then a cop sometime there.

  13. I strongly oppose that education in india is expensive, because i have studied in a top college by name navodaya which doesnt had single rupee as fee… and i was well trained there.i hope i would reach my best.. lets we youths join our hands to make our hindustan the WORLD POWER… JAI HINDUSTAN

    • wrong dude! you are just thinking of yourself. Education is really expensive in India and it is still hiking. I too have learnt under govt. seat till my bachelor and working in govt. sector but i m totally disagree with you.

  14. This is from a Indian prespective. If we take basket of products and services. Shot term assets and long term assets, then the USA $ will be equal to roughly Rs 12. Thus $100000/per year, will more less give economic benefit of Rs1 ,200,000/year

    Point 1.
    Here you command more respect with Rs 100,000 /month income.
    Point 2.
    Except very specialised medical requirement, cancer,brain surgery etc. You will have a better deal in India if you do your home work in selecting a doctor and/or hospital.
    Point 3.
    You can afford help and that is a great plus point.
    Point 4.
    You have better emotional support from friends and relatives.
    Point 5
    Upto graduate level you get good education here , post graduate and at Phd level USA is better.
    There are some post graduate colleges which are equally good in India.
    Point 6
    USA is physically very clean and chemically very dirty,one in three male get cancer and 2 in three female quite early in life.
    Point 7.
    We eat fresh vegetable and at a reasonable price, whereas in USA they are expensive and not so fresh.
    Point 8
    USA houses are delicate and require repairs after about 8 years and repair is very expensive.

    What is so nice in USA, well planned cities and low corruption. In India it is shabby but if you have strong will power you can handle corruption. Thanks to Anna that may be reduced.

    A well placed Indian leads a more comfortable life because of low stress and divorces are few. Because of stress most marriages in USA are on the edge.

  15. $2500 is hardly the average cost of an apartment in the US. I pay way less than that I live just outside of NYC, one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.

    According to the Census bureau …

    American Housing Survey for the United States: 2003
    Issued September 2004

    Median monthly housing costs:

    Overall median costs: $684 per month

    $718/month for homeowners

    $651/month for renters

    Those living in relatively new buildings (4 years old or less) have a
    median cost of $1049 per month.

    On the other hand, those living in what are called
    “manufactured/mobile homes” have median monthly costs of $410.

    You should really double check your research before publishing. This makes all the information in this article seem suspect.

    • It’s as suspect as the statement about India becoming the number one country in the world by 2050. China will be the number one country in the world long before India if merely because their government forces the people to have their act together in a way that gets the country’s act together. Tried-and-true, India could use a child limitation policy and that would improve the average quality of life as money would have to be stretched so thinly…not that I see a child limitation policy as remotely possible in India. I also don’t see the connection between divorce rate and social life, that was a miracle of a segue though, I must say.

      • lol keep dreaming how will the beggar country china become a sueprpower??? copy cats cannot become superpower my friend… and what is this bullshit??

  16. that was really nice. but i love my India very very much.

  17. Well, India has her problems, and India still fights them. Which country doesnt? The corruption, dirt, etc etc etc…yes there are many social issues and people are getting aware of them and they are rising against them. @karan well India isnt great,…blah blah blah….which country is? The country whose top boss was having an illegitimate affair! And do you know most of the girls in US have sex before 15 and 6/10 of them are raped, yes! rape as their first sexual experience ! ‘jesus christ’! Slums around the mumbai airport: what do you expect Indians to do? Bulldoze those poor people. India is still growing, though corruption is a huge obstacle, but still its growing, and at quite good pace. What do you actually call civilisation? Did you know Indians knew that earth revolved around sun, long before copernicus, or do you know that vedas arent just religious book, they contain very much accurate data on Human neruonatomy, medicine, surgery, astrology, calculus, maths( we still study vedic maths to quickly calculate huge mathematical equations) and their principles are relevant and have been scientifically proved, do you know that sanskrit is the mother of all language and considered the most scientific language…this is not even the least about Indian civilisation , well in your effort to prove yourself that you arent Indian, perhaps you will blasy India more :D. To the others who are so unhealthily critical, Talk about america? They have their problems, adolescent drug abuse, paedophile, teenage pregnancy, lowering standard of scientific education…that doesnt make america a shithole, its still a great country. India is such a shithole, people have low standard of living ,still the west is busy trying to lure the Indian midlle calss for profit? How can beggars give you any money? May be you need to brush up your thoughts and knowledge about existing situations in India. I have said manything about past, lets get Into present, we are now delivering if not worldclass, but certainly good medical care to the poorest of poors at minimal rate, a single visit in government hospital cost just Rs. 2 , and nothing for followup (now sure you will comeup with something regarding conditions in govt hospitals that you have seen in movies, or heard somewhere and dnt know actual situation)! India’s military prowess is well acknowledgeable! western comapnies hire grads from IITs, IIMs at fancy salries, not without reason! Indian railways, yeah a complete shame according to you, why dnt you give me an example of any railway systm whicH is continuosly incurring financial losses, but still,carries 30 million passengers at such minimal rate DAILY, without cringing? To those questioning the caste system in India, caste has been an inherent part of Indian culutre, by practice (those who know hindu texts well they know that caste wasnt at all rigid system, according to hindu doctrine), social changes need revolution and dude, it has started. Intercaste marriages are gradually being accpeted into the society. Those who didnt find any nearness or love in day to day life of indians, pls, stop behaving like an american, start being and Indian, and soon you will get under that rough skin to the magic underneath! Those who come to India, why the hell do you have to frame so much imaginations about India, you are coming to visit India, so come with a open heart, get along with people, Instead of frowning at them not being like amricans! We dnt want to be america, we are Indians, and yes we arent ashamed of what the american or american with some Indian genes think about us, we are resurgent, we are turning our lives, our scoiety, we dnt care about your petty thinking, we have work to do for our nation, for our poor people, for fighting our society’s evils here in India, staying Indian! Refusing to accept India as it is without deserting her, Indias youth is bringing change and will certainly bring more in future !

    • Manish – 10 Feb

      Not sure, but perhaps check the definition of rape that you are using here, as in some countries if you are below the legal age of consent, then it constitutes rape, even when the woman goes into it willingly. It also includes date rape. May I ask, if a woman or man is unwillingly married in India and must sleep with their partner before they come to love one another (which I accept as happening in many cases), then do you consider this rape? why/why not? because it is sanctified by marriage / carries the parents’ blessings?

      Just curious…not attacking 🙂


  18. First of all i would like to say neither of the country is perfect.
    i totaly understand the culture that india has is way more supportive than most other countries and that “morals” and “values” that is acquired by an indian is supposidly less destructive( since i dont think morals could be right or wrong)

    .)although Indian’s enjoy great support from family friends etc.. They also face a lot of presssure from society specially those indians that dwell in villages and towns ( and that is the real india) , society in these regions have almost suppresed the personal opinion of people

    .)Indians carry an attitude such as a boy who scores good marks in school is going to be rich and successfull (by the way success has very little to do with money) and an average student and poor acedemic performer is subject to be looked “down” by the so-called family and friends

    .)lets understand whtas culture and civilization..culture is nothing but a inspiration within that makes a man crave to find something that would ease up his and others live’s arround him , a person with this quality is a cultural man…once cultural man finds something that helps society
    it widely gets accepted and becomes part of our lives and termed cilived habbit. i have been to 4 indian school (2 in town and 1 in city and 1 in metrocity) education system wants us to perfect what has been found no room :to do our own thing:(sad , and we call ourselves cultural)

    .)Indians are highly “non-flexible”(dont know if thats a word) , they dont easily adopt and what they have adopted they dont redily devlope it , it remains stagnant , its not constructive and this is one of the msot important region why india is not progressing and why there is is corruption

  19. Indian education and social systems are very hard on kids and completely ignore their feelings, opinions and ambitions. Kids are pushed to study from the age of 3 and non-performers are treated as dolts and ostracized by parents and society. The preferred choice of learning and teaching is memorizing facts. These facts do help in the long run; the multiplication tables we learned in elementary school keep us ahead of our American peers who need a calculator to find out what 6 times 7 is ! However, the memorization approach to study does not allow and teach kids to think independently. The American school system lays stress on individual ability development and encourages kids to express themselves and their opinions from an early age. As a result, most Americans are way better at getting their point across as compared to people from other countries.

    However, again, the downside of this is that students in the US who are more out-spoken do well in class and outside class too only because they are more effective speakers. In the Indian system, individuals are not asked to stand up infront of the whole class and recite something. Instead, the whole class reads books out aloud together in unison. This allows more timid students to participate and overcome their fear of public speaking (since they are actually speaking with a group). Individual speaking is only done with the teacher one-on-one during “oral” examinations, where students are asked questions on the subject matter. Both systems work, however, in the Indian system, just because you can’t speak well, does not mean you don’t do well in class. But students in the US build more self-confidence and are much better at public speaking. Indian students on the other hand find it hard to learn to speak up or express their opinions (I know those are really broad generalizations). Classroom discussion and asking questions to the professors is encouraged. However, in India, professors expect you to treat them like God and often use their almost dictorial powers against students who upset them in some way.

  20. It is a good to take informations about projects.

  21. Its true that in India children are not able to decide what they want and their parents and relatives mostly influene their lives.
    On the counter part parents in US leave their child for their own decisions .But if you can look at the health stastics of US 95% of people in US have their first sexual experience out of marriage , and 70-80% children have their first sexual experience by the age of 19.nearly 1 million teenagers are becoming pregnant in US every year .
    And 60% of their marriages end in divorce ,if at all they had joint families then their elders would have managed some small problems for them .
    And more and more adolescents are getting addicted to drugs and
    Their is an increasing trend in suicides also.
    Let’s talk about the decisions taken by parents in India regarding the studies and career of their children-they think their children are still small kids at age of 15/16 they even think in the same way even when their son/daughter are in their 40’s /50’s and that’s why they look after their children like kids till they die even if you were the president of India.and the decisions they take about their children is most of the times correct(Atleast more than 50%) but we can’t say that all the decisions took by the US individuals is 100% perfect in all aspects.and the second thing influencing their decisions is their economical status, most people in India are lower or middle class so the first things they think of is getting a good job which pays for their basic life needs and improves their status in the society forget about researches and new inventions.
    And if we talk about the educational structure in India yes it is mostly of memory based rather than practical approach but India is a developing country and there were no big industries when the education system was first planned but the present scenario has changed a lot and now we have a lot of industries in India too which are providing students the practical experience needed.
    And the education system should be changed accordingly but the problem here is the rulers in India are least bothered about developing India and are more interested in increasing their
    bank balance,and the youth are least bothered about the nations problems and they are interested in pubs ,drugs ,bollywood and M TV live shows.And the highly educated people go in search of $$ dollars and are settling in other countries and are least bothered about their motherland and if at all some people like those here think about going back to their country they start debating whether it is good or bad to go back home rather than going and improving the conditions in their own country.

    One more point to remember –the children who are born for the Indian residents in US and are growing there are suffering with a new problem ,those children are unable to adjust between the cultural background in their home and outside their home .
    And they look at the students coming from India as inferiors and those who were of American origin are superiors but they can’t adjust with either of these groups.

    children in children in in in children in the middle of their life and asking them to decide their lives.Indian parents respect their children’s interests

    ns taken by our parents in suicides

  22. Dude India is best.culturally,morally etc.MY INDIA is still developing just because of highly brilliant millions of indians leave this great nation after taking every neeee…………….d.EDUCATION is cheaper .’. I paid only 4000Rs(88$) per year .whatever it may be wish India to be 1st.Defeating damn China and most cunning pak.GUYS dont forget the help from this nation.it is India itself gave shelter after e qauke to those who those indians went to japan to live there.US also faced diffs to become super power.send comments to sanjin456@gmail.com

  23. Manish that’s mind blowing words.

  24. u all miss the military power of both country
    usa have hydrogen bomb whi ch is enough power to dmany time estroy the earth so all dudes u are said like usa has no value…!!!

  25. there are many things that u all don’t know about usa.

  26. hey!!! Hai my true Indian patriot people and also the progresive & broad minded reality basis peoples specialy Karan vir rana!!! i also want to put two lines in midst of all of you~~~~
    1. Its always feel good living life as a Patriotic human being ,but i think its not good thing for any patriot people to be a Blind Patriot for any Nation not noticing the practical 70% drawbacks of our own country only focusing on just 30 or 40% development.
    2. The British had left but their physicaly dominating behaviour is still not left out between of us.its mainly maintained between the government policymaker of india.
    3. Indian most urban peoples in this days have been able to upgrade their day to day life just looks like the western develop countries livelihood. But The 70% rural lives of indian people still fighting for two times male,but the most op developing people of us dont hav e any more time for thinking about these poroblems.
    4. After the six or seven decades of freedom we Great indian people cant get atleast 50% or 60% relief from corruption.
    And lots and lots of draw backs are going side by side of us in our regular life . So my dear friends how can we imagine that India is going to Progress just like the american had proofed it in decades ago…..
    We people hav e to change it no other country or individual comes out to change it……thanks

  27. Yup.. The education system in India just sucks way too much.. No wonder so many students are commiting suicides.. And the education is expensive too.. Here in India you’re bound in family traditions and other shitty stuff… You have arranged marriages [Eww.. to spend your WHOLE life with someone you dunno] … an’ there’s those shitty CORRUPT bastards.. What’s right with India right now? :O
    Please temme, I’ll be utterly grateful.! ^_^

  28. Education in India is cheaper because we pay about $25,000 for post grad in the US this does not include any other fees. Universities in India ( Delhi Univ, Bombay, Pune Univ etc) have so many good colleges that it makes no sense to go abroad. I am not suggesting any private college.
    I know the conditions of many Indians abroad who are not living life as expected. In India today we get all the multinational jobs. Please remember if you are earning in $$$$$$$$$ so are you spending in $$$$$$$. with the current financial status the best thing to do is be in your own country. India has so many to offer. I agree we have lots of corruption but if we continue to see only the negative side we will continue to see NEGATIVE.
    In the US you will always be treated a third citizen and though racism is not prominent we all know deep down that Indians look different and will be thought of differently. The best thing to do is study in one of the best Universities in India ( with few thousands of rupees). Get a good job and holiday in America and come back.

  29. People Ive been following this discussion for quite some time,and frankly speakin,the situation was quite ambivalence before a year or so. Today,I dont think anyone will agree that India is developing,with facts like; 0.1% industrial development rate, 4.2% crime rate increase per year , Naming in Top 10 corrupt countries, significantly growing costs of gas or low level wages or freak politicians or Low currency value. Some people over there stated bout marriages too. A simple question,how well you know USA?? LEMME tell ya people,Im an Indian and I live in USA. I know better than you people why Im not coming back. Marriages do break,but here we people dont murder to get rid of partners. Nothing is hidden here. Trust me.

  30. India? What is good over here.

    There is value for money in India, but no value for life.

    And I agree that education is much expensive, as compared to standards.(Not taking about public education system, please note that even children of govt. teachers go to private schools. Why?)

    And, Yes

    I believe India can be a supreme power in coming years, but the thoughts need to be changed, the Govt must be changed.
    Either it is Congress ruling and BJP in opposition, or vice-versa.

    The mentality of People of India must change, it must rise.

    Here in India
    Doctors destroy health,
    Lawyers destroy justice,
    Universities destroy knowledge,
    Governments destroy freedom,
    The major media destroy information,and
    Religion destroys spirituality.

    God Bless India.



  31. In India everything is expensive and quality is very poor. You cannot trust anyone. Selling duplicate goods is one of the best practices here. I love India however if i get a chance to go to US, I wont come back to India. IN US every thing is so cheap and very high quality. Cars r so cheap. Any middle class can enjoy luxury. India needs at least 100 years to become like US.

  32. these blody gandu american thought that they r the best in the world… so fuck them up men…

  33. Mari chee, Gadhedo. I am giving money to Pakistan to destroy India , coz i m feeling jealous of India. India shouldn’t progress at all. I f**k myself if Indians progress. I also kick my own ass when I lose my 1st place. I am the biggest POOP EATER and PEE DRINKER.

  34. Reasons why Americans like Indians (from an American, non-Indian).

    1) Number one, because Indians speak English and fit into society very well. I never remember hearing a bunch of Indians speaking in a different language at work in the U.S.
    2) Indians are smart. Generally speaking Indians that come to the U.S. are extremely intelligent for the most part. They take jobs in the I.T. industry and do them very well.
    3) Indians are gracious and friendly. I’ve met people from all races and creeds, and Indians are almost always very nice people.
    4) Indians have pretty good cuisine. I am thankful when you guys tone down the spice in your curry, though. I like spicy food, but some of your curry is so hot it brings tears to my eyes hahaha.
    5) Indians set a good example and work very hard. You guys have very good work ethic, and you’re not afraid to take on a challenge.

    Also some of your women are stunningly beautiful. I won’t put that on the list because it seems no really relevant… but as a single guy I appreciate their beauty!

    In my opinion, Indians are always welcomed in my country.

  35. U guys talk alot even dogs bark alot…BE PRACTICAL!!

  36. In india, to survive,we have to do what everybody likes even if it is wrong

  37. in india the main thing is corruption..
    once it is stopped.. our india will be gr8

    . compares to america the india is not having 50% ..
    shame of india..

  38. sabse bada different india me 1 hi remote ko thok thok ke chalate hai aur america me naya remote late hai

  39. I do not deny the good value system and rich Indian culture that we have. But with the changing time I have seen and experience many changes that need to be done or better to say people have to adopt a new mind set.

    Indian arrange marriage since ages is best but that is the major cause of female infanticide and unwelcome of a girl child is this arrange marriage and DOWRY system attach to it.

    A parents no doubt wishes and pray for best of their children but I fail to understand how you can judge a girl/boy for arrange marriage by meeting for 1-2 times for few hours. If two person have same mindset and decides to live that needs to be appreciated and supported by society and family. Just carry a relation because Divorce is a taboo is justified up to what extent is out of my understanding and this is the reality of majority arrange marriage.

    I do not wanna convey that just run behind Western culture but with changing society we also need to visualize things in broader prospective for a better society and for individuals too because finally at the end of the day what matters is your happiness inside the four walls of your home.

  40. Indians not even deserves to be compared with Americans.India is shithole.

  41. Everything is expensive and consists of bad quality in India.

  42. In today’s time U.S is develop because they are thinking beyond then a basic needs of life “Food, Cloth & Shelter” but in India still people are strugling for their basic needs. We are too far away from U.S!

  43. yeah…. i agree that America is better but in some case it not, if we are talking about marriages and medical care and any other types of facility so, gays i wanna say that now in india parents don’t pressure to there child’s to get marriage in there status or cast. but still in some part of India it is still now. but one thing we all have too accept now that India is growing now.. we allow are comparing India to America. i know America is advance as compare to india. just because why, guys India is a developing country and America is a developed country. it will take time a long time for develop, & i am sure that one day will come when India will beat not only America but all the country.

  44. Hello!!
    To Every Indian who is present in this conversation
    We are comparing a Superpower(United States) To a Rapidly Developing Nation(India)
    Why Don’t you compare India with Somalia
    The worst country in the whole world

    • We should compare India with USA bcz we wanted to be a developed country and not developing.We’ll try our best so that all the other countries should try to become like India.

  45. India is better for USA, Now that times, all country from all over the worlds and also all Terrorist group are against from USA, like, russia, china ect.
    shortly, we can say we are know your from language but you,r donot know our language, which we are all the attacks from USA can successfully make, has stayinglly with your home……ha ha ha ha

  46. India is better for USA,Todys that times, all country from all over the worlds and also all Terrorist group are against from USA, like, russia, china ect. shortly, we can say we are know your from language but you,r donot know our language, which we are all the attacks from USA can successfully make, has stayinglly with your home……ha ha ha ha

  47. i love india

  48. I agree with some of things but I want you to be aware with, 60 % people those who are doctors and engineers in america they are from india your all outsource are running in india the point is you are living cause of indian.


  49. If there was no differences then no one has to live life without any worries. But the truth is we can’t change the reality. The only thing we can do is to fix the things that we made mistake and try to do what’s right.

  50. I was in USA for very short time say 4 weeks, when I analysed will it be better to stay here with family for long .

    It was really not worth. Now a days Indian MNC’s pay hefty salaries and that too when spouse is also working ,then I strongly feel we can have better & rich life in India rather than in America.

  51. I very strongly agree….We are Indians and we should love our India rather than a country which is just filled with idiots.

  52. I love my India

  53. Hahhahahahahah
    I read all comments and have a smell of racistsism and jealousy you all should know only this fact that all humans are equal and made by god not by yourself . You should thanks to ….. To have a chance to you to have born on this earth not on another planet…
    And the thing you should know finally is that you should not decide which countries are better and which not..
    You should only know this fact that the person that is rich live wherever in the world is happy and live a good life..
    The rich person not cared about any caste .. religion… Politics..
    He is just like in heaven ….
    Not matter if he American or indian…

    ……. Just answered for timepass behave…..
    By rich not means only have enough money but have rich family values health
    Yo yo…………

  54. Alot of problem in india but if you sattled a time than you feel fully free
    India have all type of adventure in other states
    After all i love my india

  55. I never had been in USA, but I know the familiar Indian persons who left India for USA have never thought of reverse settlement. It could be mainly because of high salary in US dollars and good infrastructure for living. And also any new technology has a first footprint in USA. Also the life is more liberal than India.

  56. Der is decipline Driving in USA and strict respect for lanes and in India mentality of peoples create chaotic roads.

  57. hello, I think it’s a nice topic to write on it and you did a good job but a normally everyone has his or her won thinking…thank you

  58. India is thosand times better than America. America is a rightly said ” Aircondioned Nightmare”. You never know what will happen to your life tomorrow. Some one will come and shoot you you never know. Guns are easily available. At least India is “Safe”.

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