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India and Japan laying on two geographical areas have much difference between them. Though India and Japan might show some similarities in certain aspects like family life, both countries have a lot of differences.

India is officially called as the Republic of India and lies in South Asia. Japan, which is officially called as Nippon, is an island country that lies in East Asia. While India is divided into many states, Japan is divided into prefectures. In area, Japan is very much smaller to India.

While Japan is an archipelago, India is part of a larger subcontinent. Japan comprises of a single race. On the other hand, India consists of many races. Unlike Japan, one can come across a lot of religions in India. Moreover, In India, caste system is very much prevalent, which is not seen in Japan society.

In physical features, there is a vast difference between the people.

When talking about history, both India and Japan has a vast history. But India had been under foreign rule for many years. On the other hand, Japan does not have a history of foreign invasions.

When talking of culture, Japan’s cultural linage can be traced to the prehistoric Jomon culture. India also has a vast tradition and culture, which dates back to the Indus valley civilization. The Indian culture has been evolved through ages and has been influenced by many other cultures.

When comparing the economy, Japan is more economically stable than India. Japan is also more industrialized than India. It can also be said that Japanese people are more hardworking than Indians.

India and Japan cannot be compared in any sense as they are totally different in all aspects. One can come across differences in all walks of life. Though India and Japan are poles apart, they have some similarities also. For example, both Indians and Japanese give much importance to family.


1. India lies in South Asian region. Japan lies in East Asian region.

2. While Japan is an archipelago, India is part of a larger subcontinent.

3. Japan is more economically stable and more industrialized than India.

4. While India had been under foreign rule for many years, Japan does not have a history of foreign invasions.

5. Japan comprises of a single race. On the other hand, India consists of many races.

6. In India, caste system is very much prevalent, which is not seen in Japan society.

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    • I completely agree that the japanese dominate the indians as far as economic stability and industralisation are concerned,but I beg to differ on the issue that the Japanese are more hard working..in india one has lesser opportunities and has to work very hard to earn his bread..new ideas dont pass throush the threshold of thoughts because of lack of fundings..as far as the present is concerned ..japan needs india more than india needs japan..Japan needs to establish a strong relationship with india to create pressure on China..or else the chinese will keep bullying them the way they just DID!! and start taking over the land which they rightfully own!!On an economic point of view the Japanese are STUCK since the 1980s..their economy is stagnating and demographic problems will further decatalyse their growth..THE PREVIOUS COMMENT HAS NO REASON NOR PROOF TO SUPPOT IT..at least have some respect for others even if you have none for yourself..Arigato gozaimas..thanks for reading..

      • OH PLEASE INDIA IS A THIRD WORLD SHIT HOLE, and it will remain a third world, street shitting shit hole till the end of time.

        In the future, China is going to use you subhuman pieces of shit as slave labour, and a source of entertainment for being so ugly and smelling like fecal matter just like Blacks were in the US and the west 100 years ago.

        India is nothing more but a third world country waiting to be exploited by China; to be put in zoos so our kids can point and laugh at you disgusting pieces of walking near sentient shits.

        You turd skin having this megalomania of being a superpower is the biggest joke the west has ever conjured up. Face it, Indians are made to be subjected to slavery, and work within the Chinese sewage system in the near future.

        I can’t wait when India’s economy crash and burns as it’s Shitty Indian foul smelling rupee goes up to 100 to 1 USD. Oh the joy it will be to see Indians crying as their economy fall from a trillion to less than 900 billion – smaller than Taiwan. HA. When that day comes, I bet all you hindoooooo nationalists are going to commit senpakku or cry your turdskin eyes out, and stand in line in your putrid shit filled brown cities waiting to find work in Chinese sewage where you will work and live for the rest of your disgusting turd skin lives.

        • keep your racist opinions to yourself you arrogant low life scum!

        • U must be a muslim person or a china person , who want to see hindu’s crying.This is what ur islam teaches it can be seen by ur words..I am a hindu and i still want u muslim people to live properly with all the love u can get through god…just don’t spread hatred..

          • You do realize that India has the 3rd largest population. I agree that this guy is an attention seeking bigoted idiot, but that does not mean he is Muslim or even Chinese.

          • You people just take the names of muslims if anything cruel or bad happens anywhere. Just think if you were a Muslim and then we would blame you and your religion how would you feel. You don’t have the right to blame muslims for each and everything. May be after hearing comments like you many muslims in the world are feeling ashamed and would eventually think to die rather than to hear these racist comments. This racism is brain washing not only muslims but every one in the world to take a revenge from people like you. Than if anything happens you will blame muslims again for this. If anyone here gets sad or heart broken, i am very sorry but you should not blame and criticise muslims for everything

        • Idiot you are…go to hell !!!! Even god won’t accept you!!! You are really shit of shit of shit !!!! We Indians are far better than people like you . You can’t really crack what we are upto. We are technically expert and would find the solutions for any kind of stuffs. Please don’t be rude and watch your words… Think before you speak. We are so kind and love to respect others. We are ready to learn good things from you people and always ready to expose our talents. Don’t underestimate the power of an Indian !!

        • Who are you,how do you know about seppuku,since you are not a human..I think I have the right to take up and slit your throat… No I should not kill you but cut every piece of your body except your vitals and enjoy watching you begging for seppuku…that will be better…please do tell me your address…it may not seem like that but I am quite rich and I do know the basic of cutting meats as I am in the hospitality industry for quite a time….so I am eagerly waiting for your answer…I don’t like joke and lies

        • O yeah? Then you should be working in our TOILETS!!!!!!!!

      • we have to respect others means there also respect ourself this is truth

      • i tottaly agree with youon what you have wrote about japanese economy.but you can bet with me when i say that japanese people are workalcoholic than indians. i can say this because i am studying in japan and can speak japanese. theses people over here are working hard than an average indian.

        indian culture is the best and e are the only people in the world who takes everything emotionally.  its what keeps our country united and powerful.
        ramdev yedunath

      • I agree with you people who thinks japanese are hard workers they are all saying crap and doesn’t have the slightest clue and also they are nobody to judge people descending on their opinion

  2. indian worlds 3 rd largest economie in 2014

  3. worlds top 10 largest economies
    1. USA
    2. chaina
    3. india
    4. germany

    we r proud to be an indian

  4. Japan is really very praise deserving country. Although, being an indian I m proud of my country and consider it to be the best nation in the world but its also true that Japan is v.much ahead from India. In almost every favourable aspect, japan prevails over India and the best thing is that inspite of being so much ahead from India, Jpan has never shown ego for its economy and other things. There, people are very respectful and also they heartly respect Indians. So, people who curse Japan, they actually do not know that “WHAT JAPAN ACTUALLY IS!!!”. LOVE YOU INDIA AND JAPAN. ALWAYS WANT TO SEE YOU TO BE VERY GOOD FRIENDS.:-)

  5. Japanese are dominating the indians and japanese have too much ego in their behaviours ………….“WHAT JAPAN ACTUALLY IS!!!”. LOVE YOU INDIA AND JAPAN. ALWAYS WANT TO SEE YOU TO BE VERY GOOD FRIENDS.:-)

  6. I think Japan & India should be as friends…

  7. I am Indian, but I would hop over to Japan the second I get the chance. I love their culture, and rich history. Plus, most of the people there are so much more nicer. I remember when I took a trip to Tokyo, and the people over there were so genuinely nice.
    Here, though….uh, not so much xD

  8. Japan is economically and technologically sound. And family culture still exists in Japan as in India. Also Japanese respect Indians. No one there violate their own rules. Here politicians make India worsen. Heritage sights and shrines are being preserved with much respect. Even General Manager of a company would travel in a passenger train without any ego. No noise in the train.

  9. japan is a great country. it is ahead of india in many ways but that does not mean that we will make cutting remarks about each other.I think japan and India should be friends.

  10. Japanese are worst country than India..they have no ethics.hardworking like slaves but no use .Always eat bloody sushi.Indias are much better in very aspects.japenese live game show is idiotic and they are physco manic people.

  11. I am an Indian. Look Japan is better than our country in every aspects. Clean cities along with beautiful villages, well mannered people, they obey the rules of the country,their government make policies for the welfare of the people. Why they are ahead of us because their view is much different from ours. We should accept the reality. We can learn a lot from them.

  12. U said that Japanese are more hardworking than Indian but it mean that Indian are not hard working. Earlier during foreign invasion Indian had struggled a lot..as much as one cannot think of.
    So differentiate but please don’t say one is good or one is bad country. Everyone has their own specialty.

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