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British India

India vs Pakistan

When the British ruled the Indian subcontinent there was no such thing as India and Pakistan. There was one swatch of territory that extending from Afghanistan to Burma that the British called ‘Hindoostan,” British India, or simply the Raj. However, when Independence came in 1947 it was accompanied by Partition. Partition split Hindoostan into two countries India and Pakistan. Today, the differences between India and Pakistan still have the power to tear South Asia apart.

The Idea of India and Pakistan

  • India ‘“ was conceived as a secular democracy by National Congress leads such as Mohandas Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. It was meant to guarantee all the people on the South Asian subcontinent political and religious freedom.
  • Pakistan ‘“ was the brainchild of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and other Muslim Congress leaders. As independence talks progressed with the British in the inter-war years, the British convinced Jinnah and the others that Muslims would become second-class citizens in a predominantly Hindu India and therefore needed their own state to be truly free.

The Geography of India and Pakistan

  • India ‘“ occupies most of the subcontinent with territory stretching from Conchin on the Indian Ocean all the way to Srinagar in the Himalayas. To the west it abuts Pakistan in the Rajasthani desert and in the east it encircles Bangladesh and touches Burma. The total square mileage of India is 1,269,221.
  • Pakistan ‘“ used to have territory on both the east and west sides of India. It lost its eastern territory in 1971, which was then renamed Bangladesh. Pakistan now is the slice of arid land between India and Afghanistan with 340,403 square miles to its name.

The Population of India and Pakistan

  • India ‘“ current figures put the population of India about approximately 1.2 billion people, of which ten percent, or 120 million, are Muslim. India hosts the third largest Muslim population in the world.
  • Pakistan ‘“ has a population of 169 million, of which nearly one hundred percent of the people are Muslim. This means, that despite the fact that India is a secular nation and Pakistan is a Muslim one, both host comparably sized Muslim populations.

Firepower of India and Pakistan

  • India ‘“ went officially nuclear in 1998, twenty years after her first peaceful nuclear explosion. However, India’s army, navy, and air force are quickly racing to meet international standards for a modern military. She continues to buy equipment from countries around the world.
  • Pakistan ‘“ is also a nuclear country; it responded to India’s nuclear blast within the month. However, much of Pakistan’s military equipment is second hand from the United States and is nowhere near the strength of India’s.

1.India and Pakistan have traditionally been part of the same administrative unit from Mughal times and into the Raj.
2.India is a secular nation whereas Pakistan is a Muslim state.
3.India is several times larger than Pakistan, in territory, population, and military strength.
4.Both India and Pakistan have similarly sized Muslim populations.

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  1. You had to rub in the ‘military power’, didn’t you?

    • Yeah, he want to encourage government to purchase costly weapon from other countries. INDIA purchase nukes from AMERICA and AMERICA gave PAKISTAN a nuke for free so INDIA keep spending valuable money in weapon rather then development program.

      (AND…. I agree with you that weapon and boundaries should no be involved in the world. What India and Pakistan. Remove boundaries and see that we have create boundaries on land and our minds too. We never understand the western and Europeans companies want us being separate so there business, that runs on hate, never get down.)

      • correction:

        indian nuke program in indeginous , pak program is copy of china so let us not make any mistakes here please.

        • hello, I think they need to get together again

        • who says that pak weapons are copy of china. Pak buys its weapons from america and japan and Russia gives you these weapons for free. And why are you always jealous of Pak. It is just because of you hindus and americans who are involved innerly always make propaganda against Pak and thatswhy we defeated you in 1965. And because of this that the hindus always treated us like minorities we got freedom from you.

          • porkistan won 1965 war…??? history doesn’t say that dear…go and check ur facts….!!!!

          • i thnk its better to see ourselves rather dan seeing othrs .. try to make ourself prfct vl be a gud option rather dan just pointing out othr mistakes .. nthng z perfect n da world . pure n impure concept just dpnd on ur thoughts .nthng can be btr until n unless peple thoughts and belief change .. nd most imp terrorist dnt have any religion .

          • Independent Survey by :
            Devin T. Hagerty wrote in his book “South Asia in world politics”[75] –
            The invading Indian forces outfought their Pakistani counterparts and halted their attack on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city. By the time United Nations intervened on September 22, Pakistan had suffered a clear defeat.
            ” So read it carefully please”

          • 65 war was won by Paki????
            this what they are feeding yon in school???? guess what – FAILED again!! go read someone site/book outside pak.

          • Man where you live in the planet you were never got any victory (strategicaly/tacticaly) on India.

          • sorry dear ,
            we never feel this type for pakistan, both was one nation, this is only thinking of human body that pakistan and india are different different country. war and its related things shoud not required in this world. so speek loudly

            WAR CHHOR NAA YAAR.

          • go in history then say indian won about 1000 km2 area of pakistan & pakistan won 500 km2 area of india that was rajasthan desert area..but india have punjab area…then tell us who won tga war..

          • Check the History of India and Pakistan from google or any other world author History Book (not Pakistani History Book because there is too many fault) and then you know Difference between India (Hindu,Muslim) and Pakistan (Muslim).
            You are running from India we are not.

      • I’m the best YouTuber ever. I read this article when I was in high school, and it helped me pass a quiz. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ARTICLE!!!!

      • You have no knowledge for talk. Please improve it First… India Muslims are so happy here & what happened with Hindus in Pakistan ? In 1947 Pakistan had 25% Hindus but Now present only2% are remains…If you thought that you have a little bit brain then came in India with our land…

      • who said u we are buying it for free u crazy man . What ever we make u guys destroy it by terrorism

  2. second that. the military part was unneeded. a bit more info on differences in culture wouldnt hurt.

    • Rahul the fact that you are liberal and warm towards pak is not going to deter a pak jihadi from blowing you up. For him all Indians are kafirs whether they are liberal or hardline. Being harldline will atleast allow you to defend yourself.

  3. Its all very saying ‘when the British ruled the sub-continent there was no such thing as India and Pakistan’ but that doesn’t tell the whole story does it ? The fact is that for the first 50% of British rule there the area that now falls under Pakistan (and Indian Punjab) was not part of British India. It was part of a totally independant Sikh Kingdom of Punjab. So you see, the situataion now is exactly how it was before the British came. The only difference is that the part of Punjab now in India is somehwre where historically quite clearly doesn’t belong.

    • Are you a civilian on SIKH KING… or whatever you said earlier. ARE you a civilian of PAKISTAN or INDIA? Who told you such valuable historical information. ARE you a pimp…. sorry… are you a writer on history?

      (YOU SHAMELESS JERK. If you think boundaries are good for us then try to create in your own home.)


  4. Well I think Pakistan has far superior military power when compared with India. Even in British Rule the Government in Subcontinent belonged to Pakistan. Only India was separated from Pakistan in 1947 because India were slaves of Pakistan and Pakistani people. In reality India got Independence from Pakistan not British Empire.

    • @Rajonder

      Keep trolling man.

      I agree, I would like to see more cultural differences between the two nations. I believe there are very few but the most obvious one is FOOD. Muslims love their meat and Hindus love their vegies.

      This difference is still what aunties of 2011 talk about when hindu/muslim marriage discussions arise.

      Don’t forget people. We are nationals of this planet. Not part of some imaginary drawn lines that divide us.We are all global citizens. Embrace peoples cultures, it is fun.

      • No doubt that we are global nationals but it is foremost to mention MUSLIMS and HINDUS cannot,should not and must not be regarded as same.MUSLIMS are different from HINDUS by lock stock and barrel and in fact superior than those of the people living there in india in such an impure standards of living. Who do not even know their inception. They are even not clear that wheather they are SECULAR or have some NORMS and IDEOLOGIES.
        Whereas MUSILMS the believers of ALLAH and HIS PROPHET (SAWW) observe utmost standards of PURITY and LIFE. Muslims are the followers of such norms and customs which are devine and now in this present era of such boom of scientific research and technology are being proved to be the BEST standards which a man could adopt to make his life peaceful by heart and soul.
        soooooooooo please never try to mix PURE with IMPURE as it turns down the DIGNITY and PURITY of thoes who honor the neat , clean and tidy standards………………………….


        • @HamidAli

          Your Drivel regarding Muslim and Hindu was unbearable. You lack presentation skills for Islam. Remember, never distinguish yourself from fellow human beings.
          If one embraces Islam, only then he will taste that fruit which you are talking about,
          Do not go around saying you have the most sweet fruit, maybe some day it can be snatched from you and then given to others.
          May Allah spare you from it. (I hope you got a Message)

          Shah Sahab

        • Hamid u really are really funny. How can a person hate other human beings so much? bUt I guess it is not completely your fault.. its got to do with the education given in your country. Anyway, God Bless you.

          • HAY Mr. rahul dont be……………..

            atleast app tu aise baat na karian ya agar karni hai tu apnay mulk main aur agar itni bardashat ho to zara KASHMIR main ja kar apnay mulk ke education kay results zaroooor dekh lain ………

            as being human being SHAH SAHAB is ok that we should pay homage…………. and practically we are in our country PAKISTAN do regard the noble standards of humainity…………. as minorities are given far more better rights than the rights given to innocents muslim minorities in INDIAN…………..

            please dont pretend to be a secular and deeply understand the teachings of the creator of this universe as HE the ALMIGHTY prohibits you to make them your friends but encourages you to have justice on the grounds of utmost equality with them…………………… and even with your enemies………………………

        • Buddy… you need to consult with you DADDY. Climate changes norms, for example Quran suggested to wash you hand with sand if you have a ejaculation fluid in hand. Now you’ll prefer it as they said in QURAN but why would you do that when you already have luxurious soap and plenty of water. I like QURAN and I’m muslim in many ways, I believe in one GOD because you always have to curse him.
          It doesn’t matter what they said in QURAN, as you already might know that QURAN was a measure to control population of ARABS, just like VEDAS and other were in most of INDIAN continent. And talking about PURETY must involve what you consider PURE? IS YOUR POOP is pure. No, but you wander while keeping the shit inside all the time. IS MY POOP is pure… I know, what a joke?

          (ADVICE: Always see something from all point of view. Don’t follow a path blindly or you’ll fall on you face in no time. Good LUCK!)

          • Really disappointed about your arguments or you must kidding!
            History teach us a lot of about mistakes done before but what about the Future, What heritage would like to transmit to your children?

          • Hey, are a muslim or what ? U r not following the holly QUARAN means that u r not a mislim and do not posses any right to speak against it…..
            so think twice before commenting.

            Aamir Hussain

        • @Mr. Hamid Ali…

          If you think you hv ur own country Pak, but u dont forgot that this part is given by india. You beggers always take help from US and china, without them u cant walk a inch.
          and u r talking about our muslim brothers…..
          just came and ask them for live in ur country, they know that ur country are truly humenless country. always u kill innocent people in the name of jihad, doing brainwash cute childs and turn them into terrorist, all over the world knows that 80% of total terrorist is being sheltered in ur country. that much money given by US and UN for ur besic development, u people use it for buing weapons.
          According to “Quran” …… as a mulim u hv to tell truth and support for the truth till ur death (but u people dont do these), do help people and be innocent (but u peoples always try to kill innocent people; like mumbai attack)…
          i hate u all terrorists…………..
          just go to hell……

        • all things all..these how can these pakistanis think so gr8 of themselves..first they treat their women like animals..think themselves superior..then beg to USA and China for help..its good will of India that they do not betray and let them enjoy Sindhu river which originates in India..so many times they got ass kicked..in 1947,72 Kargil..always traitors..i dont think back stabbing is teachin of any religion..man u take help frm India durin flood and earthquake..at least b honest to salt u taste..

        • how can u people actually think ur own religion best in world..aint it absurd?
          i mean even u know Pakistan is famous for its terrorists..thats why US is firing drones there..even u dont have stable govt..do u even have respect for constitution?
          i mean look at might of India..compare army,air force with them..dont u think Pak survives just bcause of their tolerant behavious and higher human values..i never saw any religion promotin killin of innocents for spreadin religion or ideology..

          • are you kidding Mr.Rahul Islam is the most peaceful religion in the world. The terrorists of pak and afghanistan are just killing because they want to get rid of america and nothing else. Once this america gets out of afghanistan there would be peace in all pak. And you should know that meaning of Islam is Peace.

        • how can u think urself superior to women?we r all equal..why u force ur women to wear burqa is bcause thr is sin in ur mind and heart..its the way ur hearts r corrupted..u r insecure..bcause whole damn teachin is wrong..u hide bcause u know u’ve tendancy to steal..u dont even trust ur own people how r u gonna spread peace in world?
          u keep doubtin own wife..disgusting..ever thought abt they being human?

        • You can talk about hindu muslim riots of india but what about sunni shia riots in your country how many people have died in these fights you say that you are a country based on islam so do you think it is justified to kill people in your country in the name of religion do you justify discrimination that your country does to the ahmadi sect of people I agree india has seen riots in gujrat but that was once in so many years but in your country the muslim terrorists kill an equivalent amount of muslims every year on the other hand don’t forget the rape and forced conversion of hindu girls in your country your so called pre muslims doing think twice before shooting a kid like malala yousufzai so do remember india is still better to live for muslims than your pure pakistan…now also answer me pakistanis who live in usa claim they are indian muslims when asked by their friends why do you think that is the case this is because your country sponsors terrorism a fact known by the world so remember my friend if you spit at the sun just because you are jealous of its light than remember the spit won’t diminish the suns light but will fall back on your own face so remember this before you speak against india next time

          • there are no such things in pak that you are saying sunni-shia fights just america is trying to make people believe that there are such fights. Our neighbouring country Iran in which 98% people are shia but we love them because they are muslims. Pak has very good relations with all muslim countries and India does not has such relations with them and how can the muslims in India say that they are living good there and what about Babari mosque? The holy places are not secure there then how can you say that muslims are save there. You only know about pak that they are terrorists. there is more poverty and less GDP ratio in India as compared to Pak. Have you ever listened and Temple destroyed in Pak. And when talk about muslims we ruled over the whole sub-continent for about 1000 years.

        • u pepole are born has hindus (ask with grand parents) and converted to other religions so u have no right speak anything u pepole may change ur religion in future .

        • i love pakistan.i like india. i am pakistani but i love to visit india. i wish if i could visit india onece.

        • Sir u don’t know that nor a hindu and neither a Hinduism believe in this nuisance and whole world know ur purities so plz think before speaking any thing specially for India and Indians

    • @Rajinder,What have you been smoking lately.

    • I think he was just joking.

    • Its foolish thing to compare india with pakistan,and there is mistake in article,india tested nuclear capability in 1978,but pakistan tested in 1998,indians also,first of all pakistan is failed economy,most of developing nations have GDP growth rate minimum 5%,but pakistan just 2.8%,but india got upto 9.87%,indian GDP in PPP terms is 4.46 trillion in 2010,pakistan got just 287 billion,day by day india getting more powerful in both economy and military,as pakistan economy do not allow them to get modern equipments as indians can,i saw a comment that india got freedom from pakistan,he should go to 1 st standard as he got 0 knowledge,its the funniest thing i ever heard!
      Pakistan is now fighting against its terrorism,but actually the country is full of terrorists,best examples is bin laden is killed from a house which is about few kms from PMA,it gives stong sign that pakistan protecting terrorists,may be this attitude will become the reason to the end of pakistan,wait and see!

      • History can’t be rectified. Try to help them by helping there future. Last time I sold love to PAKISTAN and in return they gave me blessing.


        • TINGS are far unrevealed than the shitt we are discussing ! we all are talkin india .. pakistan .! what ??? ALL wanna say is .. do billiyo ki ladhai ka fayeda humesha bandar uthata hai 🙂

        • Virtually every person who has commented on this Topic is Illiterate or plain dumb, as your Command of the English language is piss poor.
          Also 95% of the comments are ill informed and have no factual evidence and are based on the individuals own stupid,twisted views.
          India became a Nuclear state in 1978 and who gives a shit when Pakistan became one! Pakistan has no friends around the world as the disaster fund for the Earthquake received almost 0 contribuitions from the world as they see pakistan as a Terrorist state that is on the verge of Civil War.
          Paki’s hate the West yet happily take hand outs from the U.S and think the Chinks are their friends and dont realise they are being manipulated by the Chinese as they are fearful of Indias potential to be a Superpower. (Have you conveniently forgotten the Muslim suppression in China)
          Pakistan’s army is not even in the same league as India’s and if the Nukes were not used and both countries went to War the Paki’s would last a few hours if that.
          India has developed many indeginous weapons and is also in partnerships to develop weapons with the best weapons designers from Russia, Israel and the Us, all of which see Pakistan for what it is a shit hole country full of rude ignorant,inbred, intolerant c***s who think they can force the World to believe their twisted ideaology.
          Ask the World what they think of Pakistan and its people and the vast majority hate them. I hope 1day the USA| does us all a favour and wipes them of the face of the earth as they threatened to do during the Afghan war.
          The World would be a better safer place with out PAKI Stan!!!!!!
          P.s Rajindeer you are a thick twat! WTF are you on about? go back to Nursery you Muppet.
          Dont forget war is a international affair and many wealthy countries have a vested interest to protect India. What does shitty Arid landed Pakistan have?
          To the British Sikh chatting about friendship with the Paki’s you havent got a clue how much they hate you and your religion, you think they would help you? My ass. They would stab you without a second thought, you are a Kaffer in their eyes.
          I was born and raised in the U.k and have got to know many Pakistani’s over the years and have yet to find a clean hearted one, they are all two faced.
          Religion is just a way of controlling the masses the world over do your research and stop following blindly B.s that you have read in some book.
          Untill India drops some of its B.s customs and religious beliefs they will never truly become a superpower.

          • “Virtually every person who has commented on this Topic is Illiterate or plain dumb, as your Command of the English language is piss poor”….^ says the proud Indian who habitually uses capital letters in the middle of sentences. Stilll, common sense has never been the strong point of my countrymen. Facts and common sense fly over their heads. They conveniently forget or ignore uncomfortable truths. It is then always necessary to repeat them. So, the difference between my country (India) and Pakistan, is the question of how each nation treats it’s minorities. That is the true indication of which is the more civilised. The majority population of India (Hindu) are by nature very right wing and nationalistic. They tend not to be able to empathise / sympathise with the predicament of minorities such as myself in India. So lets list the differences between the nations :
            a) International Human Rights are given free reign in Pakistan. Pakistan lets them into the country….Lets them move about freely and report on anything they want, no matter how negative the findings are for Pakistan.
            b) India does not allow any human rights observers in. None. International Human rights organisations had no choice but to sneak operatives in at great risk to their lives , into both Punjab and Kashmir.

            a) International Human Rights organisations, such Amnesty International in London and Human Rights Watch in New York, estimate that up to a quarter of a million Sikhs in rural Punjab have been murdered by India from the years 1984 to 1996.
            b) The number of Sikhs murdered by Pakistan in the same period = Zero.

            a) Indians regularly go on barbaric massacre sprees against it’s minorities. Against Muslims in Gujarat and Bombay……against Sikhs in Delhi…and the 2011 massacre and rapes of a few thousands Christians in orissa for example.
            b) The number of times Pakistanis have gone on a barbaric massacre rampage against its minorities = Zero.

            a) In Pakistan, those that murder are hunted down and punished.
            b) In India, where the life of a minority is given very little value, murderers of minorities are rewarded with positions of high office. In 1984 in Delhi, in just one night, 10,000 Sikh men, women and tiny babies were murdered by mobs of Indians which included the police and politicians. To date, not one person has been arrested, charged and imprisoned for those murders and rapes. The Indian authorities justify the killings by saying “oh people were just letting off a bit of steam”. And, whenever Sikhs demand justice, the Indians label them as ‘Pakistanis’ or ‘militants’.

            5) The most basic human right is the right to exist.
            a) The Pakistan constitution specifically recognises the existence of Sikhism. As such, the Laws of the land have always recognised the religious needs of the Sikhs.
            b) The Indian constitution specifically refuses to recognise the existence of Sikhism as a religion in its own right. As such, for example, every Sikh that has got married in India since the British left, have had no choice (if they want or need a Marriage Certificate) to sign a piece of paper stating that they are Hindu and have had a Hindu marriage.

            Now tell me….How many of the Indian nationalists here would be happy if they had to experience the life of a minority ?

            Whenever one wishes to know the difference between one nation and another, one should never rely too heavily on the views of the majority populations. Their judgements are inherently clouded by a false sense of patriotism. You find out how truly civilised or uncivilised a nation is by looking at how it treats its minorities. As a minority of India let me state quite clearly the fact that India is not just uncivilised, it is barbaric, cruel, without conscience and without shame.

          • 1974 is when India became nuclear,not that it means anything until India eradicates poverty, hunger,lack of sanitation,population explosion,lack of infrastructure, religious fanatism,islamic fundmentalism etc.

    • Ha HA HA…. hu… hu…hu…. Ha HA HA….. what a joke you did, thousands thumb down, buddy. Anyway, don’t say that to anyone on it’s face or you’ll get the same hilarious response. (Advice: Learn history then comment)

    • Hey you are saying that we Indians are slave of yours remember fucker we’ve gave you a charity amount of 64crores when u people don’t have a single penny to feed, bloody assholes. After that how many hindus can reside peacefully in your country just see over our country there are lots of muslim brothers can spend their life peacefully here, name a president who was a hindu, name a sportsman who is hindu in your country but you idiots come and look in INDIA there are atleast 1 muslim designated to each and every field. You all are bustards who always try to poke us, disgusting mindset of you guys

  5. Bolo jai shri ram

    Jis tarah ram ji lanka ka gand mara tha. Bilkul usi tarah in madarchod gutter ki paidaish ki gand maarenge.

    Aane wale waqt main jab India ka prime minister Narendra Modi or President Bal thackray yaa Raj Thackray hoga tab hum sab milke in Paki madarchod ka gand maarenge.
    Yeh Congress sarkar hijre ki aulad … Gandhi ke samay bhi hijra thi aur aaj bhi hai.
    Hum bhagat singh, Udham Singh aur Netaji Subhash chandra Bose ki tarah sochenge toh hum in paki ki ghar main iodex lagakar aur dhoop main nangaa karke maar sakte hai

    America had killed Osama bin laden very softly and kind heartedly as if laden were there brother. If laden madarchod had given to me I would have made a huge a big utensil in which I would have boiled oil in it, then would have thrown that bastard in that showing all the madarchods as an example.

    • Have better days the good and pure folks over here and have some right thoughts otherwise have even worse days, those who have polluted voices,contaminated words and stagnant thoughts.

      I am not addressing the person,showing the globe the teachings of his parents ,the culture of his state and the norms of his religion.

      Subhan dear you were right,but i think the persons like him, who are even unable to recognize the difference between what is good and what is not. I think they are just the hell trying to settle there frustration.

      let me make you more easy, they are not attacking us not because of there present coward government but because they know that PAKISTAN is an Atomic power and they also have precedent of 1965 as then we let them realize the difference between purity and impurity…………..

      Indians are just can make hell to there words and do not have courage to even stop there SANIA
      from getting married to a Pakistani HERO…………..

      The are all really jealous and envious from us THE BRAVE NATION so what the max they can do, just ABUSE , and there jealously calms…………….but anyhow its a worse human nature..

      SUBHAN dear BARKING DOGS NEVER BITE so dont worry let him BARK, we will wait till

      ALLAH ALMIGHTY wishes us to over rule and take over this HINDU nation again……………

      • So you confirm that ALLAH is two entity? Don’t say that you haven’t. If ALLAH doesn’t work in India then who does all these time through the history. I think it is your GRANDFATHER.

        (QUESTION: If you consider ALLAH as one GOD then why you keep ambiguityfying it all the time. ALLAH rule over there and in all universe but you don’t accept it. All you want is you person on someone else, don’t you? If all already rule over the universe then what is the fight for? For the bounty I think, isn’t it?)

      • india captured 2500sq km of area of pak. in 1965,we captured 5000sq.km area in 1971 ,captured 90000 pakis .captured kargill in 1999.we hav given stic in your ass hol saveral times,still bloody terrorists (pakistanis)think they can conquer great india.jai hind!!

        • You seem to me a totally mentally retorted guy. You are having now reasonable views. So better you keep silent.

        • Are you mad? Pakistani army is 4 times smaller than the indian army and pak conquered india s more than 1000sq.miles in 1965 and fought bravely. How can you expect more better to a 4 times small army and with less weapons. And do you know who stopped the war it was your Prime Minister at that time who went to the UNO to stop the war. Pak defeats you all the time whatever the competition is like SUR KSHETRA and cricket. PAKISTAN ZINDA ABAD!

      • allah is a pimp for pedophiles. mohammad raped a nine year old girl who read your hadiths you muslim cunt.

    • Dear Sander van der Vliet,
      Wow mr. indian this much civilized you are?
      when you talking just think once that you are presenting your nation.
      I think you havent ever touch the history.
      Go lil kid have sweet dreams.

  6. Bajrang Dal u stupid pehle tameez se bat krna seekho phir campare krna aur tum indians ki itni oukat nhi hai k tum hun pakistanis ko maro so u better bahave urself Mr…….

    • Why u guys r fighting lyk members of parliameny. Didn’t Pakisthan got their result fighting against India. Last four war against us they only got ass kick frm us but nothing. Evey tym they go for war they vl get same result. In Kargil war they seng Mujahiddin instead of Army……. So same on u guys didn’t got that much of guts. After the war they reffuse to eccept bodies of their own Army, their bodies bein burried in our land. So, dear My sweet Paki enemies our Armies cn taste ur sister’s bubbies by geeting through pussy of ur pregnent mom…. all u cn do is lick ur ass. And Nothing. So, before getting into debait..please go through internet, surf thrugh the site. Get knowledge. Please man before comingin war have a clean shaving.

  7. Jai Hind………………….!
    Sare jahan se acha hindostan humara………………..!

    India have world’s fourth largest economy soon we’ll reach at no. third.
    India have world’s third largest army .
    India is the world’s sixth superpowerful country.
    India (Kashmir is intergal part of india) is most peaceful country in the world.
    India don’t attack first in any other country according last 10,000 years.
    India is most friendly country in the world.
    India is a very beautyful country.
    India is also known as the hindustan.
    Do you agree guys…………………!

  8. @ avi naqvi,what pakistan got?
    No economy stength
    army with old rifiles
    ……..only you got some terrorists,and one more thing after marriage SANIA now palying for INDIA,can pakistanies stop this?
    Think twice,pakistan is a cancer of world,the terrorist factory,and never make foolish comments,i got too many muslim friends and i respect all religions,because our country teaches us to respect all religion,but you guys are muslim extremists,thats makes muslim terrorism,First all try to respect all religion not to copare them,we are all humans

  9. Rhetoric & emotions aside, both India and Pakistan were one country with a single army, families had relatives all over India.We have the same mindset, intellect and emotions,like twins,but events and our leaders have made us blood thirsty for each other’s neck with divergent beliefs and goals.
    It is worth pondering why did the native Indians tolerate the Mughals and their predecessor muslim rulers.It turns out that they were real leaders and dispensed true justice which made them favorites. This Hindu Muslim issue was born after the advent of the British, who were led by the Liar Mr.Robert Clive who resorted to unethical impurities of exploitation of divide and rule thus made a brother an enemy of his own brother.
    The issue gained momentum after partition when initially politicians and later intelligence agencies of both the nations raced to create a justification of separation.The Samba Spy scandal is the true manifestation of what the Intelligence is capable to do and vilify the innocent.
    I in no way profess a reunification but profess that we should bury the hatchet respect each others sovereignty and work together for the betterment of our people absolutely independent of foreign influence.
    Look at the Mumbai carnage , no Pakistani of sane mind would ever think of such an unresponsive action since the obvious consequences were of no benefit to Pakistan. Rather the consequences were utterly damaging for Pakistan.So who could these Non State actors be? and who supports them?
    There is only one answer to this, both India and Pakistan should absolutely shun fingering each other, be it in Afghaistan or Assam. We should develop mutual confidence to openly discuss issues instead of making the world interfere and manipulate our relations for their sinister geoploitical interests.Kashmir does not belong to either India or Pakistan it belongs to the local people of Kashmir. so what are the armies of |India and Pakistan doing in Kargil and Siachin?
    I implore to the Indians and Pakistanis alike to think out of the box and make a new begining of living like friends instead of being hell bent on destroying each other with foreign exchange spent on purchase of expensive weapons, and butchering our soldiers. Alternatively we should send our politicians to fight on the borders because this way we both shal get rid of our common problem.
    Britian , France , Germany, Japan and USA never look at each other s as we(Indians & Pakistanis) do.
    I have read the abusive comments of Bajrang Dal and would like top comment that only the abused people resort to abuses.Sorry for the bad language but (Gaand wohe marna chaata hai jis ki baji hoti hai)
    Please stop fanning hatered because in india you have more than 140 Million muslims and if you alienate them you will further divide yourself.Look at the Bangla Desh experiment, why do they hate you after all what you did for them?
    Long live India and Pakistan

    • There so many other countries that are alike and same context but People try to cope with it. Otherwise Indian are well known for their love of Peace, Pakistanis are Muslim so the love of human is the essence and the core Value of Islam religion…so come on join Kaisier Hameed Khan at least his reflexion
      The Western Countries are aware by what can divide the Third World (even the BRICS) and they let the game playing cause it is running for their own goals.
      Nowadays, no Country can Claim nor declare that she is secure and safe (economic, military, social…) the countdown has commenced so be aware about what we could loose… nothing last forever

  10. Reply Sam: you are one big mouth “hindu son of a bitch.” You snake worshipper’s what do you know beside’s drinking cow piss ! “Pakistan a cancer to the world, and a hut for terrorists. What do think about your own “mother fucking India.” Where monkey’s, snakes, elephant’s and cow’s are worshipped as god and have more right’s than both Muslim’s and sikh’s! In Pakistan we have “hindu temple’s, Gudwara’s and Churches but have you ever heard Pakistanis have (shaheed) any of these religous sites? Infact Pakistan goverment and forces provides great security for these holy sites and genrous arrangement’s for sikh vistor’s coming Lahore to ‘panja sahib. While in India ignorant, uneducated hindu’s unlawfully over took (Babri Masjid and shaheed it and then murdered thousand’s of muslim’s who protested. Have you forgot the 1984 sikh masacare, when thousand’s of hindustani forces charged inside (Golden Temple) with dirty mud boot’s, killing thousands of sikh’s inside there holy temple, after that Indian prime minister Indra Ghandi, very rightly was shot and killed in revenge by her very own sikh bodygaurd’s. In response hindu’s then butchered thousand’s of innocent sikh men and women, committing rape, tourture and burning young and old sikh’s with tyres stuck to there head’s. Then a few year’s back how could we forget the famous (Gujrat riots in Ahamdabad) in which thousand’s of muslim’s were killed either burnt alive, raped and hacked because they were standing up for there right’s and faith! Fine Pakistan is not currently in a good order, but thank’s god it’s still our land a free land for all muslim’s.

    • You are grossly exaggerating, if this is indeed the case why are minorities declining in Pakistan and minoroties flourishing in India ?. Even Indian muslsim agree that they have the most religious freedom, since only in india all muslims, shia,sunni,ahamedia,sufi can freely follow their religion unlike other islamic states. The Sikh riots and godhra train torching and retaliatory hindu riots were true but they have been contained, no minority leader is killed in india. Pakistans only minority assembly member the christian Shanbaz was killed because he supported Asia Bibi. In contrast India has large minority political body many national leaders of repute, artists,public servants, scientists,presidents from muslims even more from christian community. Indian states have reservations ranging from 12% to 5% for muslims in public institutions, all minority instutions have reservations from 90% to 55% for minorities. Wake up my fellow, India is simply secular, and Pak is islamic fundamentalist.

    • Yeah we know pornistan is the shithole of the world ans has been called the international migraine.

    • yes iam with u bro u are 1000000 percent right

  11. I remember a incident a decade or so ago. A father and two of his son’s were burnt alive in their car in India, for being christian’s. I’ve never heard such eveil event taking place in Pakistan despite all the negative reports we here about it. Sam, there’s no doubt that Indian’s like yourself need a good knowlegde before publishing your offensive rubbish that upset’s other reader’s and creates problem’s, on this website. Pakistan maybe five times smaller in size to India and have less armed forces and weapon’s. But Pakistan is no push over, trust me, even your Indian army, full of sikh’s, understand and respect it. Forget what happened in East Pakistan, that time Pakistan were not united as a nation or military so Pakistan enimies took advantage. Again go and get your proper knowledge before talking bazaari language! HEAR these word’s, here first, India would never dare to attack a United Pakistan military and nation if it dare does then India would be taught the lesson of 1965 war and put it’s own and whole of asia’s exsistance in ‘grave danger’ then your folk’s America and UK would have to save your back-sides again! Finally before you start your crap, India did not win that war, ever been Lahore and Sailkot? If not! Then I’ll advice you to start your 1965 Indo- Pak war knowledge from there and not the media, reading paper’s or watching bollywood crap.

    • actully not any mistake of pakistans people who hate to indians because they dont no ther forefathers was hindu who defeated by arabic muslims and converted there for they mentaly servant of arabic islam and forgot respect for his original religeon of hinduism

      • what did you say that our real religion is hinduism! My grandfather came from india and he was a muslim. We have only one GOD and we believe in his last Prophet(P.B.U.H). You say that 80% hindus in india well we muslims ruled on this india for about 1000 years and I am proud to be a muslim! Why millions of people converted to Islam in India because it is the most peaceful religion of all times. And if you want to succeed in your present life and the life after death you must follow the sayings of Islam.

    • After partition, India had 81.5% Hindus and 11 % muslims,today it has 80.5% Hindus and 13.4% muslims, most of the muslim increase is from illegal immigration from Bangladesh. By contrast Paksitan had 11% hindus after partition which is now around 1%, this is because Hindus get persecuted against in Pakistan. Even Christians are not spared, recently a popular Pakistani secular governor Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti the only minority member of national legislature, were killed because they supported a poor pakistani christian lady Aasia Bibi who was accused of Blasphemy and sentenced to death. India encourages all religions, India has a growing muslim population because india allows the practice of all kinds of islam, much unlike any islamic country all groups of muslims like shias, sunnies,ahamedias all of them can pursue their religion freely in India.

      • And what about us Sikhs ? I get the impression India places such a low value on the life of minorities that, like stepping on ants, it brushes aside the death and suffering of minorities as irrelevent. In fact, it doesn’t even notice it happening. India officially refuses to even acknowledge that Sikhism exists as a religion in its own right. Can there be a greater insult than this ?
        The answer to that, of course, is yes. There can. Amnesty International, and other international human rights organisations, estimate that the total number of Sikhs killed by India is in the region of a quarter of a million. Are those ‘minority’ lives so worthless that you’re able to ‘forget’ about them and place yourself in a position to give Pakistan a lecture on how to treat minorities ?
        Remember one thing my brother. On the Pakistan side of the border they let independent international human rights organisations in, they let them move freely, and they let them report to the world whatever they find freely. On our Indian side of the border, our country has consistently refused to allow any human rights organisation in.
        Trust me my friend, we are in no position to lecture anybody in the world about human rights and treatment of minorities. This past week, as the international media was full of reports calling India a ‘Banana Republic’ for the way in which it wanted to hang a Sikh that assassinated a mass murderer and yet rewarded with positions in high office Hindu killers that butchered Sikh men, women and tiny babies in 1984, has shown our nation to be among the worst in the world when it comes to human rights. He who lives in glass houses…..

        • my dear paki friend, tell me why minorities are reducing in numbers in Pak but in India they are thriving ? why are you lying on your arse pretending to be a sikh ?

          • I am a Sikh. A doaba jatt Sikh. What you have said in your message is indicative of the life of a minority in India. As long as we minorities keep patting you on the back and telling you how lovely you are you promise only to go on intermittent massacre sprees against us. But if we dare speak our mind we are labelled as either ‘terrorist’, ‘militant’ or most often ‘Pakistani’. You’ve just highlighted exactly what I said in my previous message, i.e the fact that to be a minority in India is akin to slavery but worse. Worse, because not only do slaves not often get killed en masse but they do at least have the freedom to speak their mind without fear. I shall repeat what I stated in my previous message : If the question is ‘what is the difference between India and Pakistan’ ? then the real answer is this : Pakistan allows international human rights organisations such as Amnesty International to have free unrestricted access into the country and it allows them to monitor and report on everything they find, no matter how bad. India, has for the last 25 years refused to allow any of these human rights organisations in. As a result, organisations such as Amnesty International had to smuggle in it’s monitors into Punjab from the late 80’s to late mid 90’s. They, Human Rights Watch, and other independent groups, estimate that up to a quarter of a million Sikhs were killed by India in rural Punjab during those years.
            Now tell me….of the 2 nations, which one is trying to hide its treatment of minorities from the world ?

        • Dear Paki friend hiding in England,Stop embarrassing yourself, what ever made you say that a quarter million people were killed in India. I have very little time for agents like you, but the stats don’t lie. India : Minorities grow faster than Majority, Sikhs and Hindus and for the most part of urban India Christian and few Muslim communities are integrated. There is huge urban rural divide, there are sectarian problems throughout the country, which needs to be addressed. There is huge levels of corruption and population explosion due to illiteracy. Pak: minorities have been reduced to the point of non existence, there are rural muslim courts that operate in the countryside, there are scores of Sikh people in punjab mostly men who want to bring there family from pakistan back to India, they want India to provide citizenship to them as well. Search for 2 sikh youth beheading in pak, happened a few months back. Search my other posts for stats of minority population decline in Pak and growth in India.

          • what a dumb f i am !! i replaced ‘their’ with ‘there’..can’t believe it, such a paki thing to do.

          • Valinder, you claim sikhs in Pakistan want to return back to India! Let me tell you some thing gandu, there was just the one sikh recruit in the Pakistan army during Musharaf’s era as president. Now there are hundreds of sikhs who have joined the Pakistan army from bolochistan and they are ready to die for and to defend their country Pakistan. Apart form one or two regretful recent incidents the sikh community here are very happy living here in bolochistan and Lahore Punjab. You REALLY think by sitting in your living room, watching and hearing the crap on television has made you a super agent or something when your just a hater, loner and sick head who does not STOP going on about Pakistan!

        • i believe you’re jasvindar singh, my old collegue because he was the same big mouthed prat.

        • kar di na sardaron wali baat (india means everyone, no particular . No matter even if you’re sikh or anyone else.)

      • if you are saying that in india there are living all religions in peace then why sikhs are trying to get their Khalistan?

    • U pakistani say thanks to this gay congress govt for saving your brother terrorists in india. But trust me the day when bjp or shivsena comes in to power. We will remove the name of pakistan from world map. Remember the kargil war what happend to your terrorist soldiers

    • Guys do you know, the whole world India attacked Pakistan without any reason.They are fighting with us because why did we left the sub continent. They attacked our mosques and harmed Islam. They were destroying our region. So our founder decided to leave this sub continent the india. Now world tell me is it fair. THey are stopping water in Pakistan because of the problem of Kashmir.

  12. Slovenija is the strongest!!!!!!


    If you’re all mistaken then you’re forgetting that we were once a part of BRITAIN, means we were Britishers. They ignored us that why we kicked them off out.

    Why don’t you people improve you locate rather than thinking about boundaries which make no effect on you daily life. You got to care about all because media circulate every information in few minutes. Go out and look at your neighbourhood, problem is bigger than you thoughts in you locality. But no you’ll never do anything for it because you want to get satisfaction from abusing and contradicting.

    India and Pakistan are now two countries, does it made any difference, any improvement on our life. If we haven’t created CONSTITUTION then there would be no difference. WE BOTH WOULD BE DOOMED AND PUPPET TO SOME WESTERN OF EUROPEAN COUNTRY OR TO CHINA.

    A suggestion to Indian (and especially BAJRANG DAL ke LANGOOR):

    1. improve your surroundings
    2. improve you thinking
    3. improve you house and your girlfriends.
    4. don’t get hasty about over religion, if GOD IS ONE one than in no manner it could be divided.
    5. learn more of history and you’ll know that how religion was used as a weapon to rule over people through the course of history.



    1. improve your surroundings
    2. improve your constitution
    3. try to look above basic things you got from AL-QURAN because the more you’ll read, the more you’ll know that how much things you’re missing.
    4. don’t get hasty about over religion, if ALLAH is one than in no manner it could be divided.
    5. learn more of history and you’ll know that how religion was used as a weapon to rule over people through the course of history.


  14. Re: Vilander. So you claim India allows practise of all religion in there country. So what do you mean ..? Does Pakistan not allow the same freedom for Christians, Hindu’s and Sikhs to practise there faith! I am from Lahore, Pakistan and let me tell you that christians are free to go churches and celebrate christmas, hindu’s who are still living here, practise there faith without any fear, they celebrate holy, diwali just as yourself very freely and happly in India. Our sikh punjabi brothers are also given all the freedom to practise and enjoy there religion our goverment and the people of Lahore encourage all sikh’s to visit there holy site here in Lahore. The people of Lahore give the sikh brother’s and sister’s a great welcome every year and our goverment provides and gives excellent accomodation to the vistors! Pakistan people respect every faith and person but you do get hot heads and sick heads every where “not only Pakistan.”. Have you ever tryed wondering, why the Pakistan cricket team, when they tour India do not play a single game in mumbai ..? Since 1988 because of religion and politics the shive senna party have barred and threatened Pakistan from visiting mumbai! But when the Indian cricket team visit Pakistan, they play in every city freely without threats and politics. Like Pakistan- the muslim faith in your country also has not been accepted nor recognised till today that is why babri masjid was destroyed (shaheed) and thousands of innocent muslim men, women and children were butchered. I’m gona keep things very brief here .. But what respect did your leader then -Indra Ghandi, In 1984 show to the Sikh community and there holy golden temple ..? The Indian army entered the temple with muddy boots and murdered scores of Sikh brother, sisters and children the masscare continued all over and around India! Where ever a sikh was seen he was murdered (with a burning car tyre around his neck while his sister and wife were raped and children killed. I think I’ve said enough .. I feel I don’t need to talk about the gujrat riots that took place a few years back!

    • @ Sahid, salman taseer killing for assisting poor christian girl, sikh youth beheading for refusing to convert, hindu girl forced conversions in pak. India muslims are growing in numbers vs PAK : hindus and christian and ahamedias killed. shia vs sunni violence. Gujrat and babri masjid were mistakes they are legally being handled, but there have been innumerable such crimes committed in the past by muslims in india (so many temples destroyed)and in the present in afpak ( buddhist relics destroyed). I dont care if you do not understand, but you should know that you are evil and we will get you. pak = pathological liars no other country has people who sit together and lie to each other.

      • Today Pakistan is a target of international propaganda. The story’s you are telling here on these pages are the prime examples. Shia killing sunnis, sunni killing shia, sindy killing pathan, Pathan killing bolochy, punjabi killing sindy. In Pakistan notably in Nwfp, ‘I don’t care if u don’t understand’ but there is about five foreign intelligence agencies roaming and operating there killing networks. People such as undercover. CIA agent Raymond Davis who murdered 2 Pakistanis in cold blood, agents like him from USA, Israel, UK, Russia and India are sniffing around like dogs for Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. These CIA, MI6 and RAW agents are supplying weapons, technology and cash to terrorists in Bolochistan and Karachi. Pakistan security forces have found large Indian currency on many occasions togeather with American made guns, remote devices and suicide vests. The weapons are coming from Afghanistan, where Pakistan haters and enemies America, UK and India are training and arming these young hopeless Afghanis. The embassy’s in Kabul where India, America and Uk should be giving out visa’s but instead is being used to train, arm and send these terrorists over the border into Pakistan and they carry out these target killings, Shia and sunni violence, suicide attacks and none muslim beheadings just to destablize Pakistan. If u one to fight at least have the guts to come face to face, like a man, don’t attack behind our back’s like cowards.

        • I also heard that on monday last week pigs flew in the sky in Islamabad, RAW,CIA,MOSAD,MI6 conspiracy

          • Vailander, there is an old say in Pakistan. “Even if a parrot sneezes in India, Pakistan and it’s ISI would be blamed.” This example was and is still very famous till today in Pakistan. Especially after the questionable mumbai attacks, when all fingers pointed towards Let and Pakistan’s ISI within 20 mins of the incident. That’s absolutely not enough time for an investigation, let alone pointing fingers for certain. That’s how much hindustan hates Pakistan.

            Pakistan and it’s civilised people do not hate India or any other nation!
            But why has India not allowed Pakistan players to take part in it’s IPL series? If it’s such a peaceful country and a fast moving nation and democracy as you describe it to be here and why is politics being involved in sports. I feel not all but a few haters living inside Mumbai would have the answer!

        • thank god, i thought indian intelligence agency has done nothing, at least they are supplying something to pakistan, keep up RAW.

      • Valinder , Namaste, Ram ram aur Sasriakar. Don’t flatter your self, India can not hide there evil side, even with passing time. There are still many old generation sikh’s living today in India, who have not forgave Indra Ghandi’s goverment for the 1984 golden temple event or those evil ‘hindu muderers’ for the masscare that followed sanctioned by Indra ghandi, in which thousands of innocent sikhs were butchered and many burned alive on street’s in Delhi and in there own homes. I can claim the same for ‘muslim’s’ who are living in India, some in fear. Most muslim’s in India have still not forgive Lal Krishan Advani and ex-pm Atal Vajpaee for the Gujrat riots, in which innocent muslim men and kids were hacked to death for there religion while there wifes and daughters were raped and murdered, those evil ‘Monster Hindu’s did not even spare the pregnant ladies-bloody beast’s. I can recall a “incident” during the gujrat riots, a pregnant muslim women was stabbed in her sensitive part and her kid was cut out and murdered along with the poor mother. Well, I believe I’ve taught you enough evil India of morden time so I’ve decided to skip the babri masjid massacare. FOR NOW! You claim these events are being investigated but evil Lal Krishan advani and Vajpaee are still walking free- protected by the hindu lobby. Till today NO hindu elect prime minister has oppologised for the 1984 golden temple event and neither to the sikh community? Before you come and state on these pagess let me tell you this? Present pm Manmohan Singh did oppologise to the sikh community but to me that is a joke! “A sikh oppologising to another sikh” for a crime that he or his own community did not commit. Now about Pakistan? Salman Tasser’s murderer is in custody and is facing his murder charge. The people who are responsible for beheading a sikh brother, would also be hunt down and brought to justice in the mean time you concentrate on your own system in India who have failed and disappointed the sikh’s and muslim’s. The next time you look in the mirror, remember, all what I’ve taught you today before acting a civilised Indian. Oh and GO Srinagar! Speak to the muslims there and they would tell you how the evil Indian army is torturing them each and every day and who they perfer to live under evil hindu India or a muslim Pakistan?! Finally, Pakistan have nothing to do with hindu temples being destroyed in India before 1947, because Pakistan was not even created the time your speaking about so I wonder how old you are. Pakistan also has nothing to do with the(buddist statues destroyed in Afghanistan, because it’s not our soil it was back then a independent and free country. I see you like a mad dog barking, but does not bite, if India wants to remove Pakistan then what is it waiting for!

  15. Re: I am from Sailkot, Pakistan. Let me tell u I have know interest or either problem with Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Sharukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Amitabh, Dilip Kumar or any of the celebrities mention in the gross letter above! Not all Pakistanis watch, enjoy and fantasies with indian celebrities. The person who wrote the letter above is either stupied or illterate .. Is there any country or nation in the world who don’t have hot heads, sick holes or haters ..? So to say Pakistanis like watching bollywood stars but hate hindu’s or sicks is ridiculous. No nation can claim to be perfect including India and Pakistan! Pakistan also have famous sport’s, tv celebrities past and present who are entertaining all minorites in India, such as Wasim Akram and Rahat Fateh ali Khan, who followed his late uncle ustad Nusrat fateh ali khan foot steps to India. Shoiab Akhtar was also a famous figure in India as was Javed Miandad and the great Imran Khan. Gazaal greats Gulham Ali and Mehdi Hasan are also highly respected singers in India but would I would not say “why love our cricketers and singer’s” and hate Pakistanis? Because it’s not true and it will be stupied to judge every finger on the hand the same way. Any normal Pakistani civilian does not hate any nation, from any back ground, minority or religion I belive the same about India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or any country in the world but every country has haters sadly!

  16. Re: Vailander & Lucky. I am not pretending to be a sikh “ram ram” friend! I am calling sikhs my brothers, simply because I am a Pakistani punjabi and they are punjabis aswell. But obviously you would not understand the context because your a piss-drinker and a snake worshipper. So try understand the meanings before getting your black smelly arse to post your bullshit! Oh and wait till the Americans .. run away from Afghanistan, the Pakistan ISI are desperate to pay back all the dirty propaganda and pain your Indian goverment and raw agency has done for past ten years and still are in Bolochistan and Karachi! RE: Lucky. Pudi. de! Wait until the mullah’s come to power in Pakistan! That day Kashmir would be Pakistan’s and the rest of India’s provinces would be on fire! The Pakistan ISI have enough under cover agents operating inside India waiting to turn it into a big round fire ball. Your army won fuck-all in Kargil ‘stop watching to much bollywood’ the truth is your then pm Vajpaee ran holding his toti to president Bill Clinton, he begged Mr Clinton to pressurise, Pakistan, goverment and army to pull it’s forces out of all captured Indian check points and land. Your dream of removing Pakistan of the map will stay a dream and inshallah like your elders, you will die on it!!

    • 🙂 i hit a touchy subject there dint i, you are so filled with hate, racist streotyping,radical islamism and pure evil that its a waste of time trying to have a civilized conversation with you. You are type of people who kill,rape and forcefully convert Hindus,Christians and Sikhs into muslims in pak. You are the type of people who are spreading hate throughout the world,exporting terror. But there is always a price to pay pig. You are the type of people who are the reason Indian and the World population at large is not going care about what happens to pak people when the war comes. See you in Hell SOB. ( It was Nawaz Sharif who ran to Clinton, watch Hasan Nisar videos)

      • Vilander, seeing how a thousand Christians were massacred in India (Orissa) last year simply for being Christian its probably not a good idea to draw attention to yourself in that regard. I have no idea how Hindus are treated in Pakistan but I do wish you wouldn’t include us Sikhs in your list. I’m a British Sikh and each year many many thousands of British, American and Canadian Sikhs visit Pakistan on yatra. You just would not believe how much love there is for us Sikhs in Punjab. Indeed, sometimes the love and respect can be overwhelming. I’ve never been myself but my mother and relatives that have, come back full of stories of the love and bond between Punjabis and Punjabis from both sides of the border. Which reminds me of another ‘Difference between India and Pakistan’: D’ya remember the ‘friendship’ bus service that started between Delhi and Lahore ? When the bus, full of Indians, travels in Pakistan it is showered with garlands of flowers by the public. When the same bus travels in India, full of Pakistanis, it needs an army escort through Haryana because Indians pelt it with rocks. The ‘difference’ clearly then, is that one group of people are civilised while the other are not.

        • Yes the kind of love that two sikh youth received by getting their heads beheaded. Its clear that you are a pakistani trying desperately to sound non resident Indian in Britain, look at your state, you can even claim that you are a pakistani Muslim such is the stature of your country.

          • My word the bigotry of Hindu Indians knows no limits. Either we Sikhs do as we’re told…..say what they want us to say…..think like they want us to think…..or we must be Pakistanis. Amazing. Truly amazing.
            Sikhs in Amritsar openly shouting ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ in Amritsar just i month ago : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1UvND3_r94
            Sikhs in London shouting ‘Khalistan Zindabad, Hindustan Murdabad’ just 1 month ago : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHTzW6jWz58
            Sikhs in London forcing the Indian Embassy to close its doors in fear just 1 month ago : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPE9icvcNFo
            Sikhs in Ludhiana, Punjab openly shouting ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ slogans just 1 month ago : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOSEyMSdCl0&feature=related
            And………Sikhs in the heart of the capital of India…Delhi….openly shouting ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ slogans in the streets : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z825RWIzfw8

            So…tell me, my friend. How are you gonna explain all these Sikhs away ?
            Are pakistanis so clever and crafty that they’re able to dress like Sikhs, look like Sikhs, live the life of a Sikh for 40 years…..simply to act out their masterplan of hoodwinking the Indian ?
            Are all those Sikhs ‘Pakistanis’ too ?

            Now….as for your contention that Sikh human rights are and always have been fine in India. I suggest you get in contact with Amnesty International in London and Human Rights Watch in New York. Ask them to tell you how many minorities India has murdered. What you need to realise, my Friend, is that India has such a bad reputation in the world regarding human rights it is a core subject area in Universities around the world. I would suggest you start your quest for knowledge on the matter from the Professor of Anthropology at Notre Dame University. She dared to stand up for the Sikhs. By daring to question India’s treatment of minorities she was gangraped by the Indian authorities. Here…read this : http://newsinfo.nd.edu/for-the-media/nd-experts/faculty/cynthia-mahmood/

        • Jaz Singh pakistani, Khalistan movment is ISI sponsored. few thousand payed demonstrators do not mean 100 million punjabis want to cede. Sikh beheading in pak what about it you never answered it.

    • Nadeem, i am sorry but paki players although talented will probably not play in IPL. This is because before the cricket team another team came from pakistan to Mumbai, one of them was Ajmal Kasab. See India and Mumbai does not want 2 teams from pak, we have had enough with you guys. Besides stop this , IPL is a domestic competition why is it so important for pak to participate in an Indian domestic competition?. Tell me one more thing, if pakis play in IPL will you support a team that plays with them of against them, will all pakis try to play for Hyderabad as if that makes hyderabad in india theirs ? will pakistani text books stop hating india ? will pakistani talk show hosts stop making programs making fun of another country India? will pakis stop sitting together and lying to each other mostly about India,US etc?, no country in the world is so focused on an other country like pak, i pity you people.

      • The terror team that your talking about is either a home grown talented lot trained and armed by Raw, or maybe it was team invited from Pakistan. What ever the truth is but as a muslim Pakistani I know for a fact that muslim brother’s do not wear a rakhi on there wrists like India’s visitor or friend Ajmal Kasab had strapped to his wrist, spotted clearly in the camera! You know what they say….the murderer always leaves evidence.! Except it the hindu community like yourself have never moved on from 1947 and are and will always stay Pakistan haters that’s why all your letters are filled with hate and jealousy against Pakistan. India along with your American brother-in-laws have carried out the biggest holocaust against muslims in modern day history and still are as I speak in Kashmir, while your brother in-laws are doing it in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the whole of middle east! Finally not all Indians have divorced Pakistan, go (srinagar Kashmir) and you would come back with dirty eggs and poo on your ugly face. Infact you might not even return with all the hate u carry in your messed-up pig mind!!

        • I have been to kashmir a few times, gulmarg is amazing in winter. I have kashmri muslim friends who have shops in bangalore… :). They hate pak for creating militants, they want greater autonomy, kashmiriat which they will get.

          Kasab the pak army commando, wore disguise to appear like indian boy so that he can pass un detected under cover. Elementary, i laugh at your low iq and absolute lack of covert strategy your explinations betray your hate for India and humanity.

  17. Vilander, Namaste/Sasriyakar/RamRam. It seems my letter has burned you up your sensitive back-side!! That’s why it has not taken u and your fellow hindu friend Mr Lucky, to show your anti-Pakistan colours. As we all know the truth always’ hurt’s, and i can see my true word’s really left u disturbed that u were helpless to show that your a weak hater. I don’t care myself if u don’t belive what I said in my previous letter, about the 1984 sikh riots, the truth is your goverment and army mis-treated the sikh community and dis-respected there holy temple. Till today, no hindu Indian prime minister has oppologised for entering the temple and killing sikhs, there has also been no oppology for the massacre that followed there after in which thousands of sikhs were butchered. Present Pm Mr Manmohan Singh, did oppologise to the sikh community, but ‘I find that a complete farce’ (nonsense) “a sikh oppologising to another sikh”. For a crime that neither he or his community committed. The babri masjid investigation was and is a complete “cover-up” murderers, Lal krishan advani and Mr Vajpaee have blood on there hands and there walking free thanks to the evil hindu lobby ….! The truth is the old generation sikh’s and muslims have never forgave India for these two event’s, today’s young generation of sikh’s and muslim’s are to busy to sit back and cry for the past, but not all love India or have forgiven them for the temple massacare or for the babri masjid and may I add the ‘gujrat riots’ a few years back. Now u claim Pakistan to be evil! What about India? What is the Indian army doing in Kashmir, go there, visit the suffering people of srinagar …. and you’ll find out if ‘muslims today are turning against Pakistan or evil India. Your publishing some truth, some lies and some events that Pakistan have nothing to do with for example the (Buddist relics destroyed) the rest is anti-Pakistan and u know it. U should really concentrate on putting your own house in order, in present time no holy site in Pakistan has been destroyed two or three incident’s that occured are being investigated and dealt with, Salman Taseer’s murderer is behind bars and soon the people responsible for the sikh killing would be aswell. Finally, u know where Pakistan exsists …. Be our guests and try look for a fight …. What is holding hindustan back any way. Really we Pakistanis aand our ISI cannot wait till the Americans complete there ‘great escape’ from Afghanistan then your army and goverment would have your feet stuck in our back yard Afghanistan!!!

    • We don’t care if you get it or not, but the whole world gets it. Pak has hate for rest of the world. I am sorry Sahid, i don’t hate you to abuse you. Listen to Hasan Nisar,Imran Khan while you still have a chance to save your country.

  18. STOP STOP STOP come on guys stop fighting on the name of god For all Pakistanis & Indians more let me clear you all we pray to one god it may be Hindu, Muslim or any religious…
    Pakistanis you may say we pray god and idols it only because in our culture the Eshwar said same what the Allaha said not to worship and idols but the same time we also informed that he is immortal and everywhere like air,fire,living and non-living things and asked to love all either it may human or animals so normal we give respect to animals but due to some kind of it became a tradition to worship because in our history they are few situation in which animals supported us in our daily life.
    Idols we worship just like you worship in mazid where you offer clothes and roses but difference is , in mazid the idol which you have don’t have kind of shape but in our this we have… and those images are none but the avatars or you can say messenger from the god.
    Coming to RSS and Bajrang Dal it is made by politics just like in you school books which was mostly teaches a hate on other religious mainly Sanatana Dharma(Hindus) in you history book also it was written that Pakistani was not the small country but later the Mughal Empire got defeated Indian became separate due to Sanatana Dharma(Hindus) but all knows that Pakistan has divided it from India…
    So guys for Indian and Pakistanis I kindly request not to make such comments on each other and make a miles difference in our hearts…
    And when you talk about the secularism yes India is still facing some problems in helping minority but am sure India has given better up to 95% because of that you can see minority people are able to live freely and have option to take their rights up to 100% with out any one help.
    You can say there is war b/w Sikhs and Hindus which has started in the time of Indira Gandhi at that time most of the against human people has made the Gurudwar has den and operated many operation in which many innocent people has died and this happen for months at-last Indira has take a decision with heavy hearted and sent army to kill those people but this was taken as advantage by few people and raised the Sikhs and other people which made another war between Sikhs and Hindus.
    Now every one is living happy.

    Coming to your’s if you can check you politics has made line of hated against India and Sanatana Dharma(Hindus) from debts of you minds from childhood by making wrong text books and wrong history.
    You may say am saying wrong but guys I came to know by you Pakistani channel and one more thing also that in a year there 25 girls from Sanatana Dharma(Hindus) are kidnapped and killed or convert them to Muslims , sorry guys am not pointing to you but it is happening your country also 5-10 days back it was happen which came in the news channel.
    That kidnapping was done by few people near the temple with police dress also coming to Sikhs also most of the people left Pakistan and came to India because there is no security which was informed by the Sikh person who recently came from Pakistan ans asked Indian Gov. to provide Indian citizen ship to stay in India with family.
    You say about Temples in Pakistan before partition there where many temples but now only few left because you people destroyed them.
    You may say you people destroyed Babir Mazid but as you know it was not only started after partition but before it.
    As per history there was Sri Ram temple which was destroyed by Mughal Empire and built Babir Mazid. So again few Hindus said that Mughal Empire has completed so let us built again temples which made a conflict b/w Hindus and Muslims in which both the sides innocent people died.
    But we have built many mazids now in India and we spend 40 Crore on building and repairing of mazid each year
    For Indian and Pakistan people my only message is it only our dirty politics which made hated lines in us both so please stop fighting and lets leave together so that we can prove that Sanatana Dharma(Hindus) & Muslims are none but a peace lovers.

    • Indian muslims are our brothers so are all Indians. Pakistanies hate us so we shall not have anything to do with them, shun them from our lives we will.

  19. Listen dog! I know your a piss drinker and pig eater. But I have only been responding to your anti-pakistan views. If u cannot handle your India’s (past dark days) then I will advise u to ‘shut-up’ and don’t talk and express your anti-views about present Pakistan. In each of your letter’s u have threatened India will target and wipe my beloved Pakistan of the map. The same could be said about Mr Lucky. Your views make me believe, that your a illertrate, low thinking Indian citizen from a low back ground. I would not be to shocked if your living in a mud house located some where in the slum shore’s of mumbai. Hater’s like your self are the sole reason why Pakistan and India would never sort there issue’s in a peaceful and educated manner. You are a Hindu fundalmentelist a complete hater, who belongs and attend’s the anti- Pakistan Shive-sina rally’s and would murder for the the name of religion and Pakistan. That’s why I branded you a mad dog, “that bark’s but does not bite. You are a complete waste of space and again I would end by responding that a “united Pakistan army and nation would destroy any enemy who carry’s out adventures against us. Kute!

    • oh now you are angry, no problem. I dint expect anything other than hate from you. You are a typical pakistani, evil. Readup just about any source on competitive advantages that india has on every field on pakistan. We own you in everything 🙂

    • Shahid: I suspect my dog will read your post, anyhow he has panty water to drink so why will he drink piss, and pork sprinkled pizza is quite costly so he never allowed to eat pig yet.

  20. As a conclusion, India is far more better over Pakistan in strength, beauty, seclusion, democracy, sports, knowledge and in all the other spheres.,,….

  21. Asa Lama Lakem shahid bhai,

    As you said still old sikh’s remember it but same time now they are happy and coming to Gujrat riots few people are arrested and CBI is trying to catch the main person and this words are said in you news channel also. In case of Muslims what ever was happen was illegal and gov. is taking action on it.
    If you think India is not secular then the population of the Muslims was only 8 to 9 % while partitions has done and now it is 15 % ok. Coming to your country Sanatana Dharma(Hindus) where 10% at time of partition but now its 2 % so I hope you can understand which country is better and you are seeing only anti-Muslims but come here I show many places where Hindus are not allowed to pray there prayers and walk safely on the road due to Muslims and you are saying about Gujrat riots it was because of funking idiots in the name of Allah burned a train in which 100 of members burnt live because of that Gujrat riots was happen and here let you clear most(70-80%) are not supporting it including me also because killing innocent people is wrong.

    But what ever happen was illegal and for this illegal action we are taking care and making peace in those areas. But what about you country made a rule to kidnap minority people girls every year and rape, kill or convert them to Islam mainly Hindus. In our movies we never showed hated to any minority but in your movies Ex ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=DUqcUWtSth8&NR=1 )
    Your saying about Hindu riots in India but I can show some place where Muslims riots has been done in which so many innocent Hindus died and temples where brunt in India and this all because few people from Pakistani who spoiled Indian Muslims and still they are making hate in Indian Muslims after all when it comes to Religions we are human beings and we always make wrong decisions instead of choosing humanity most of people goes with religious and forget that religious never say hate but start making hate each other and that what happens in India.Because of this riots unfortunately few get angry and make there own riots it may be Hindu or Muslim
    If you think Sanatana Dharma(Hindus) are terrorist then it will be only said by Pakistanis and no other country but if you check about Islam the whole world says it. Their is word All Muslims are terrorist, off course which is not right and that is also accepted later but if you can see most of the terrorist are Muslims and they all are washed their brains from childhood as Islam is great and it only ask to kill the people who are not Islam( Means Non-Muslims) and if you kill innocent people on the name of Allah then it will be forgiven.. don’t you think it is very very stupid, but this the way in your country they teaching.., ex: Your text books there are hundred of books in you are daily life which saying other religions are wrong and Islam is correct and making you to learn hated on other religions mainly on Sanatana Dharma(Hindus). This was accepted by your own country people who came out of your country and saw the world.

    At last let me say 1 thing after watching news channels of Pakistan and few people of Pakistan accepting that their daily life is going in wrong way to the humanity and hating all the religions , I thought now Pakistan is waking from the darkness of the government and their rule but I hope am wrong because most of the people completely addicted to the darkness and now you are not ready to hear the truth that why this is my last post because we can say people who are in the starting stage of darkness and help them but can’t say to those people who already in the depth of darkness and not able to digest the truth.
    Now your position is like a tree in the beach which will be always bend and can’t make straight.
    As I said before any religious may be Sanatana Dharma(Hindus) or Islam never say hate each other and every religion teach peace but we people understand in different way for our own purpose and to rule on each other.
    So Allah might give you the power to hear the truth and go in the correct path and not only for Pakistanis but for all those Indian who think Islam or Sanatana Dharma(Hindus) is better than each other as it is equal.
    Any religion only teach to love each other not Hate.

  22. Reply Yasasswa: You are chatting complete shit! The truth is that Indian’s like your self and Vailander are Pakistani hater’s. Pakistani people don’t hate anyone for there identity, religion or colour – your claim is a complete uneducated nonsense. The fact is that most Indians are still crying about the 1947 partition when your land was spilt and have never accepted Pakistan as a independent nation. Don’t you think it’s about time you get over and recongnise that Pakistan is a independent nation for all muslims and eccept that ‘inshallah it is going no where! Life is to short.

    • Ajmal Kasab and his commando team came from Karachi to mumbai and killed 166 people including for your information indian muslims as well, that is definition of religious hate indoctrinated terrorism. Your crap about India hating Pak does not hold good, Pak has initiated very confrontation thus far, India merely retaliates defensively. And if you cant see, Indian muslims have divorced pakistan accept it and move on.

  23. The terror team that your talking about is either a home grown talented lot trained and armed by Raw, or maybe it was team invited from Pakistan. What ever the truth … ? As a muslim Pakistani I know for a fact that muslims living in Pakistan, do not wear a rakhi on there wrists like India’s cousin Ajmal Kasab had strapped to his wrist. It is clearly spotted in the camera and the camera never lies! You know some thing else .. the murderer always leaves evidence so I and 18 million Pakistanis do not believe in your goverments ‘silly hate story’s’. Except it the hindu community like yourself have never moved on from 1947 and are and will always stay Pakistan haters that’s why all your letters are filled with hate and jealousy against Pakistan. India along with your American brother-in-laws have carried out the biggest holocaust against muslims in modern day history and still are as I speak in Kashmir, while your brother in-laws are doing it in Afghanistan, Pakistan (NWFP) and the whole of middle east! Finally not all Indians living in hindustan have divorced Pakistan, go (srinagar Kashmir) and you would come back with dirty eggs and poo on your ugly face. Infact you might not even return with all the hate u carry in your messed-up pig mind!!

    • rakhi seriously ? haha pathetic. kasab the pak army commando wore disguise so he is indian i can only laugh at your logic. kashmiries have many business in bangalore and mumbai there is a lot of internal tourism in kashmir as well, they hate pakis for the militancy. You know the whole world hates pakis because terrorism is state policy. And you all sit together and lie to each other as a national pass time.

  24. Ajmal Kasab, was either a home made assassin, trained and armed by the raw agency or a visitor who was invited from Pakistan with the help of insiders living in hindustan. There is no way a group of terrorists armed heavily with weapons could cross into hindustan via Pakistan on a boat! There are many heavily guarded Indian security check points along the way to mumbai, who should have stopped and must have stopped and checked that little boat but turned a blind eye (or maybe were told to do so by some one powerful in the Indian army or government?! Let me be very clear if the guards at these check points flag you to stop you must do so or else they’ll shoot to kill and I still can’t understand who gave permission to lift the barriers and allow this boat full of terrorists and weapons ship into hindustan. So in my and 18 million other Pakistanis minds there are still many unanswered questions?! Secondly: being a muslim Pakistani I can say with complete certainty that no Pakistani muslim living in Pakistan where’s a Indian traditional (Rakhi) strapped to his wrist as was assassin Ajmal Kasab, shown visable in the 26/11 video and photo. I and 18 million other Pakistanis do not believe that Hindustan, has barred Pakistan players from participating in the IPL because of 26/11 attacks, us Pakistanis simply believe that it’s a biased decision simply down to hate. ” So agree and eccept it, hindu” that a few hindu hard liners like your self in India don’t want to see Pakistanis play or come mumbai or any part of hindustan. 26/11 has just happened a couple years back but Pakistan cricket team has not been allowed to play in then called bombay (mumbai) since the late 80’s. Get your facts right son before publishing your rubbish!

    • kasab the pak army commando wore disguise to stay undetected for as long as possible this does not make him indian. There is recorded proof of sat conversations with handlers based in pak,there is proof of pak army involvement. but the commando team were killed like dogs here and thats what we will do to them again, let them keep comming and we will keep killing the paki commandos.

      • The Kasab commando team killed like dogs!? Hahaha
        You honestly know how to make me laugh at your silly
        Naive state. First of all I agree with Mr Shahid and Mr Nadeem’s opinion that the incident that occurred on 26/11 in Mumbai has more twists, turns and facts to it than what has been told and said by the Indian and Pakistani governments. To be honest.. I also share the doubts as Shahid and Nadeem, how did a little boat full of high tech weapons and terrorists sale in inside India under the well armed security patrollers, surely you could consider a inside job so until now the Indians have not convinced me with there story and investigation. You also claim that the Kasab commando’s were killed like dogs?? Tell me if I am wrong but I heard that they killed 166 people along the way and shamefully holded up the Indian elite commando’s for days until the Indian government called for Israeli assistant, who then despatched Israeli commando’s and they ended the long shameful siege! Moving on…you claim that Pakistan ISI are sponsers of Khalistan freedom group? Oh dear and what are you going to claim NEXT? That Pakistan ISI are sponsering the naxel freedom fighters … who are butchering your jawaans , “your JAWAANS who are dying shouting like pigs! India have a big problem inside there own house “take a good look at New Delhi” (the international rape capital) where women and minors are kidnapped every few minutes and gang raped. Take a good look at Mumbai…. Where the gap between the rich and poor has reached billions of miles apart and look and count how many poor people sleep on the streets of mumbai without food and shelter, then a certain (rich and famous Salman khan who is drunk out of his head kills and injurers those poor people and gets away with a big jail term. Pakistan is in know good state I totally agree … But shut your mouth and put your own house in order before blaming and throwing mud at others. Kashmir what kashmir have you been to… Your full of SHIT…. Complete shit person!

        • 🙂 you quoted yourself bone head in your response, this is what happens when you post in multiple names in the same fourm.

          Besides why are you raging to protect kasab ? because he is your countryman youy army man… gotcha.

  25. A bit of jammu and kashmir will not be given for pakistan.both Indian Hindus and Muslims consider Jammu and kashmir as sole integral part of *India*

  26. it is clearly shown that Mr. Vilander doesn’t have any proof and keep on saying stuff that he/she thinks is right. I dont care what that person thinks i’m an Indian but currently lives in American. When i was in india there were often killings going around in cities but were hidden by media but Unired States being a DEMOCARCY shows everything LIVE on TV. Where it shows indians killing innocent minorities. It saddens me and also hurts the reputation of India in America and if India is so great why there is Kalkistan movement going on in India for independence. Iknow wfter reading this you would probably say that your pakistani or terriost or muslim or oyu might even say i’m lying since people usually say that when proven wrong. I have see that here and you might even say that i’m getting angry about it. So before you say any of this stuff i would gladly say no . I dont care what you believe or your thoughts are but i just wanted you to know that Pakitstan is not better than india nor india is better than pakistan its propaganda set by europeon people and the leaders to put HATRED in pak and indian people. Thank you

  27. Valinder, you really need come down and visit us in Bradford where you’ll be happy to meet hundred of thousands of “passionate proud Pakistanis.” The nationlism about Pakistan here is no second to living in Pakistan, we really want to invite you here for a day trip with us, your Pakistani friends. We would also take you for a stroll down Halifax and Manchester by the end of the day I am sure you would have seen enough to change your mind “that Pakistanis are hiding because of there countries identity”. We could then round the day of by having a dinner and proper chat!!

  28. what is your means brain child? explain it

  29. hi????? iwant to say only few words that both india and pakistan are good and no one can becomes like them??

  30. Difference between pakistan and India is that Pakistan got ass raped by muslim invaders untill they start liking it (thats why they are ‘ proud’ of their arab ‘ancestory’ while they actually are south asians). They tried with India, but India smooth talked itself out of some ass raping, thank god.

    Pakistan, go blow yourself up and stop comparing youself to the might of India, where you use to be a part of, before you became inhumane (gang raping an innocent 12 year old girl because she is a christian? Then marrying here caus of your retarded Shahira law , ahahahahah, sounds very Pakistani to me). Arabs love to say that they are superior, but where is the evidence? Not in the history books nor any statements of today can back that up! . Vedic culture was one of the first scientific cultures, having the greatest minds for milleniums, and pakistan use to be a part of it till they bended over to get ass raped by some barbarians from the west.

    So yeah we laugh when we hear that. You go bomb yourself up and kill some more women and children while we try to rebuild what we once had okay?

  31. We have to take back what was once ours! Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal & Bhutan must be conquered and should rightfully join under one name “Union of India”

  32. When south asians leave the subcontinent and live in the West, they are all dying to be best friends with each other, differences aside. Ruling classes all over the world have made the subjects hate each other-its a very simple divide and conquer strategy and because people are stupid, it works on every generation.

  33. see guyz no need to quarrel …. because we oll are sisters and brothers and we supposed to be united ….. and if we would start these nonsense fights ,
    our nations wont ever get unoted or our problems get solved we oll are children of the same parent and so we are not supposed to fight as it would turn into something bad one day ….. U are fighting like animals or people in a fish market so why are u making fun of yourselves in such a stupid manner ?
    for Gods sake stop this and look into urselves before saying, announcing or commenting on something rare like this …
    because by settling this problem , u are not just making yourselves relaxed or comfortable as it has a great dignity of your own country…..

  34. pakistan is way better then india. We dont starv to death we have enough food. Poverty is less then india people are happy. Just we are having problem with small quantity of terrorists who are indian paid. When america escapes from afganistan this issue will get over automaticaly. Soo indian friends dont you worry about us. Take a look at your selves. Your population is going out of control. Alot of powerty and chiled labour in your country. Biggest slum holder in the world. you have caste system lower class people are your slaves. You are going down india!! You have a crapy army with third class russian amunition. So just worry about india not pakistan. We are very happy in pakistan

    • Both the countries are facing the same problems like poverty,unemployment,law and order,extremism,adultery,child labour, corruption, pollution,injustice…….. Both the countries cannot reunite again.If they want their existence, they will have to develop peace and co-operation for the prosperity of their people.

  35. pakistani jokes
    1 – minorities are safe in pakistan. really? what about hazaras, shias, christians, balochis being washed away from soil of your country?
    2 – every bad thing about pakistan is international propaganda.
    3 – pakistan is a peace loving country. the 10 boat terrorists of 26/11 & attack on sri lankan cricketers is a one off thing.
    4 – India persecutes its minorities coz gujarat riots of 2001. Cant think of any other incident?
    5 – Pakistanis want to free kashmiris but cant agree on the definition of muslim in their own country. all non sunnis are kaffirs.
    6 – pakistanis are better looking aka white. This is why your country is failing, we in India value diversity.

  36. Everyone should FORGET about past and think about future, future of your children’s prosperity and happiness.
    If you keep filling grudge from happenings of past, this war will never end. Never pass your personal avenges to your children, their heart is pure and innocent.
    It is clear and evident that Pakistan is cultivating Terrorist’s secretly, to take avenge on the world. Definitely they are going in wrong path and would face serious consequences.
    They still have time to stop all these activities and think positively to live in this World.

  37. Devin T. Hagerty wrote in his book “South Asia in world politics”[75] –
    The invading Indian forces outfought their Pakistani counterparts and halted their attack on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city. By the time United Nations intervened on September 22, Pakistan had suffered a clear defeat.

  38. Pakistan is a great country of the Muslim world. It is advance in the field of science and technology and very much comparable to India. India is large country by its population size. Indian people are not rich but they usually want dominance in Asia by military power. If Indian want to lead Pakistan then they should less their population. Indian are conservative in their thinking point of view.

  39. Bechare Pakistani. Aap ko dushmano ki jaroorat nahi hai.Tum khud ko destroy karne ki kshamata rakhte ho.Tumhne chorein huye Nuke weapons se jyada,achhe education ki jaroorat hai.

    • One thing i want to clear that in 48 war both countries were losing and winning but india wins that in 65 war indi goes back and in 71 pak ne jan puch kar war nh lari kyun ke oun ko Bangladesh alg karna tha aur 1999 pak was winning pak 300 and indian 1700 soldiers were killed magar america ki waja se pak peche hat gaya

  40. India is my country. India is more advance in all field than Pakistan. Pakistan kitna Bara befkufh hai Jo china se hatiyar le raha hai. Ham Hindustanio se pucho china ka harek mal 2 din bhi nahi tiktha. Pakistan basio, hamare Hindustan army,navy,airfore se bachke rehna Varna tumhara Jo 209970000 ka Jo population ha na Vo bhooka phet mar na jay. BHARAT MATA KI JAY,BHARAT MATA KI JAY,BHARAT MATA KI JAY. INDIA JINDABAD, PAKISTAN KUTTA BAD



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