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islam1Islam vs. the Nation of Islam

People who hear for the first time about the ‘Nation of Islam’ (NOI) will immediately correlate it with Islam itself. However, these two religious sects are not to be considered one and the same. To people’s surprise, there are really many differences between the two.

Some experts even believe that the teachings of the NOI don’t really coincide with that of Islam. In fact, they even claimed that those who follow these teachings are mostly Black and racist individuals, and are not be considered to be true Muslims. Due to this, believers of the so-called real Islam denounce the teachings of NOI.

Islam is basically rooted in God’s obedience that He mandated to His people, which was coursed through the prophet Muhammad. Believers of Islam recognize only one true God, whom they call Allah. They also believe in the angels of Allah, and the books named as Torah and the Bible. They have lots of prophets, including Moses, Noah, Isaac, Jacob, Adam, and even Jesus (the recognized Messiah of Roman Catholic s). Like Christians, Muslims also believe in the end of days (Day of Judgment). Muhammad PBUH, Islam’s last prophet, is also considered to be a key figure among Muslims. His teachings are being followed up to this day.

In addition, one of the key characteristics of Islam that all believers follow by heart and by deeds, is the belief in their five pillars. These pillars include the following:

· Testimony of faith

· Pillar of faith (you need to pray 5 times daily)

· Paying charity

· Fasting when the Ramadan month is celebrated

· Pilgrimage to Mecca (done at least once in a devotee’s lifetime)

On the other hand, started by Wallace Fard in 1930, the NOI is centered on the belief that the Blacks is a greater race than any other. These people are deemed to be capable of being elevated to the same status as Allah. Because NOI believers are mainly black people, they accept that the white denomination is the incarnate of the devil himself. Unlike Islam, NOI does not follow Muhammad PBUH and his teachings. In his place, they follow what Muhammad Elijah has taught them. Elijah is actually a student of Ford who was renamed with such title. NOI also has a different interpretation of the Judgment Day, since they envision it as the creation of a paradise after the Blacks have taken over the evil laden world of the white people.

Lastly, Islam is a religion for all. You need not be black or white to be qualified as a follower. This religion strictly forbids man from considering themselves to be at par with God. In their history, there are no more new prophets to come, since it was Muhammad PBUH who was considered to be the last.

1. NOI promotes racism, whereas Islam doesn’t.

2. NOI believes in Elijah and not in Muhammad PBUH, whereas Islam follows the teachings of the latter.

3. NOI is a newer religious group founded in 1930, compared to the older Islamic religion.

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  1. I believe you have the wrong name for the person who was at the beginning of The Nation of Islam. I read in their “Final Call” newspaper that man’s name is Farad Muhammad and not Wallace Ford as you have stated in this article. I would tend to take the word from the groups newspaper as being more correct. I’ve never seen this name Wallace Ford before. Where did you get that from? The NOI have practices that the Ummah does not adhere to and I wonder how they can consider themselves Muslims too. They refer often to things said by “Elijah Muhammad or Louis Farrakhan and seldom to The Prophet Muhammad (saw). Their publication seems to quote more from the Bible than the Quran. I have sent emails to them and the Ahmadis asking who is the true Mahdi, Fard Muhammad, the NOI or Ghulam Ahmad, the Ahmadis. The Ahmadis did respond the last time I sent them an email saying that their individual was the true Mahdi. Many of us Americans began our entrance or quest to Islam through one or both of these organizations. Al Hamdulillah, those of us who left found out where the True Islam really is. It begins with reading and understanding the Quran and working to follow the instructions that are given from the Quran. Anyone who can see and read any language the Quran is translated into and does not is putting themselves in a very gray area that I would not want to be in. Anyone who is passing on information to someone else can accidentally or intentionally leave something out when they are passing on information. If one reads for themself, then there will be no chance of something being left out.

    • The man Master Farad Mohammad had several other names that he went by. Fard being one of them.

      • Salaam. With a name of Ibn, this means that you are the son of Tamir and you have more teachings than some of the more learned members of the Nation. If they haven’t changed their stance, there are few who are encouraged to learn to read and write Arabia, not Arabic as we so often use in this country. Arabia is the basis or our book, The Quran, the reciting of the Quran whether in Salaat or in sharing with our brothers and sisters in the Ummah. In looking through the Final Call, do you see many references from the Quran? I see more references to the Bible. What Muslim puts any book before the Quran? Have you been to a Nation gathering? Were you frisked? Have you ever been to Jumaah at any Nation mosque? I can’ find one in my city. There is a function coming up for them here and I won’t be attending because I do not want to be frisked before going in and I can’t afford any special functions. Why do so many members of the Nation have the last name of Muhammad, but still keep their birth first name? Why are the men clean shaven? Doesn’t the Hadith encourage men to be more like the Prophet Muhammad, (saw)? Our Deen is Islam not Hislam.

        • im not sure if u understand islam… the bible and the Quarn both leave the reader with back and forth information. the quran just happens to be better to understand. i personal feel that both are hot air. n.o.i. is right to have a masjid only for black because the world constanly is hated on black people. futhermore Islam is just as racist as noi. in fact islam is more evil and jugemental than the noi. they dont want black people to be muslims in the first place. blacks and africans are disrpected by the arabs and middle eastern and indian peoples of the masjid. non of the sister in islam actual get along they pray in order of race at masjids and sit down to eat or study in the same manner. many of the men in islam and noi have jobs that involve illegal acttivites. i think its fair to say both are jacked up. but personal the noi is better because they keep it real and say how they fell and islam muslims are fake and do a lot of backstabbing. the islamic men are highly disrespect to women and the noi spoil and treat their women like royal queens. the reason why they read from bible more than quran is because they want to make sure you knowe thaty the bible specifed that blacks are chossen as favorite as quran doesnt deal all that much on genology. however they read from quran at home. i think the noi is better for blacks because they have so many people who hate them. arabs just want you see them as the chossen people and for u to think muhammad was arab…. he was black and arab is a word that means blackskin. muhammad was a dark african arab. not the once who are half white that u see today on t.v. it would be nice to just have one islam but because of the jelousy blacks recive at masjid from non black people the noi is necssary.

          • NOI is an effin joke. A bunch of Kafirs. It’s sad they worship a white guy name Wallace Ford and call him their god and then try to rewrite history it something totally BS.
            Farrakhan just enjoys the limelight he’s in. He’s just another charlatan preacher with no academic qualifications. He speaks better than his audience so they think he’s extremely smart. I don’t think there is one NOI leader that is academically fluent in Arabic.
            I pity them.

          • Ali your a disrespectful fool change your name to all talk dont disrespect no religion jew orthodox. Or who ever as long as you have faith in some one other than man your good you ignorant fool

          • Dont a lot of you Sunni and shait Muslims beat and rape your women? NAnd what god do y’all praise? Bc last time I checked y’all are praising a prophet, a dead one at that.

          • I think it is necessary for you to know that Islam does not differentiate on race and is free for all to accept.
            In Khutbatul Wada’ (also known as The Last Sermon of Muhammad), Muhammad (PBUH) said:
            “O mankind, there is no superiority for an Arab man/woman over a non-Arab man/woman, or for a non-Arab man/woman over an Arab man/woman, or for white man/woman over a black man/woman, or for a black man/woman over a white man/woman. All of you are descended from Adam and Adam has been created from dust of the ground.”
            Moreover it is not known to mankind what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) looked like and I think it is best for you to not trust what the t.v. Says.

          • oh! Perfect analysis

          • Peace I’m in complete agreement. Most Islamic Muslims (Arab) are very racist. They have a very backwards way of thinking that White is good and black is Bad… These Arabs have no clue what white supremacy has entered their religion homes and countries. They don’t recognize it until it hits them in the face. Even still they are in denial. I used to think NOI were racist until I realized that it’s impossible for black people to be racist. There is a difference. Blacks can be predjudice and even discriminative. But racist no way. In order to be racist you have to have some sort of economic power over another group of people. I believe the NOI are an excellent fit for blacks not just in the US but all over the world because every other race in this world shits on black people world wide. There is a reason for this. The answer is that black folks are the original man. God’s chosen people.

    • Amen. U said it. The center is the Quran and reading it. Thank u for commenting and saying it.

    • Wow. I have been denouncing the nation of Islam as representing Muslim or even negros my whole life. They dont even call themselves Muslims anymore. W.D. Ford is the name assigned to their leader and founder by the FBI.
      Simply Google Farrad Mohammad and his many aliases will arise. Lol. Their are many signs that identify this group as nothing more than a gang and secret sect. However, looking at the history of the founder is proof enough.

      • You don’t even know the difference between “there” and “their”. Take your dumb*ss off the internet.

  2. Your a psycho. the nation of islam is a cult. Everything it stands for brings in the characterisitics of a cult.

  3. It’s misdirecting with “one true God, whom they call allah”. Allah It’s simply the arabic word (or concept) for “God”, it is not a name. ‘Dieu’ in french, ‘God’ in english.. and so on.

    • The reason why muslms refer to God as Allah(sw)is becoz unlike the name nothing can be added to the name Allah to mean antin else,ie god,godess,godfather/mother,godly etc, Allah is Allah meaning the one supreme.

  4. this why ya’ll are going to be punished, as many times as the Nation of Islam can show love to the orthodox muslim world, and show respect for Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), you want to down grade a Black group of Muslims spreading Islam in their communities, cleaning up black folks life, and all you can think about is the differences and try to impose hate on them. Whatever racism quam you have with the NOI is destroyed by the fact that out of all the teachings given to them on the nature of people being that of a devil mentioned in the Bible and Quran, not made up, with all this they have never went out as a group like white folks did and lynched and killed many of them because the Nation Of Islam is taught hate killed the hater. After 400 years of slavery and the bull that black folks are facing now as a people from the particular race, more than any other, white folks, moved for Elijah a ( Messenger Of God, not a prophet) to teach us to separate from our open enemy who has done these things to Black People, even still today, and God(Allah) will get them.

    Point is, like the jews who didnt want to accept jesus, you orthodox muslims, some of you, not all of you, are rejecting Allahs new message to the world, and because you are so bold to step out in ignorance and blaspheme a Nation that is sibling to yours, just know Allah will chastise you!

    • Couldn’t have said it better.

    • hey bro! you forget that Allah says in Quran that Mohammed (Pbuh) is the last and only last messenger of Allah that means Mohammed PBUH is also last prophet. and now no body can claims that he or other person is messenger of ALLAH. As Allah says that the all muslims are equal, then there is no need for any other community or any messenger for us. we are muslims if you accept ISLAM and you believe that you are muslim the you have to follow MOHAMMED(PBUH). and you must understand that after MOHAMMED PBUH no messenger had came and never will come in this world ever.

      • If you truly look at the Verse of the Holy Qur’an, rather than being spooned by your local teacher, you would realise that the holy scripture of Allah (God) says that “Muhammad (PBUH) is a messenger and the final prophet.” Does Allah (God) slack off and make a mistake? Did he mis-write it. No as the almighty God is one with no mistakes, whom was never taught, and yet knows all of creation, as it was his making, and the Qur’an is not exception.

        Also found in the Qur’an, at the end of Time, there will be a man like Musa (Moses). Musa (Moses) was a slave, and freed his people via the wisdom of God and creator of everything, Allah (God). Elijah Muhammad is given the title “Honourable’ as it simply means he is one whom deserves respect. If a racist, bias judge has the legal title of ‘Your Honour’, then why can’t someone who helped us?

        Call us a cult, a terrorist group, a hate centre, the hate which hate produced etc., but when the Nation of Islam has converted hundreds of Thousands to the right religion, the one of their ancestors, then truly it has done good. Call Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, and Muhammad Ali stupid for their Nation, but when they became famous and served people, in the name of Allah (God) then truly he has done good

    • Please understand that Mohammed (PBUH) is not only last messenger of ALLAH but he is also last prophet of ALLAH. there is no cofussions if you understand Quran. MOHAMMED (PBUH) is khatamun-nabi as ALLAH says in Quran.

      • Without an atom size of doubt, there will forever be messengers of Allaah to human on daily basis. It could be a messenger to others or even a messenger to yourself. Our conscience is our ever present and constant messenger, a reminder of moral deviation. Our prophet Muhammad Rosulullahi (SAW) is Khattama Nabiyy and not Khatama Rosul. Every righteous man who stands on the pulpit to tell and teach the rights and wrongs are all messengers of Allaah.

    • I appreciate ur comment. Overall Noi is astray though. The Quran is all one needs. I dont know what y’all go by and I dont think u all know either. Thats what ultimately separates u all from Islam. No offense intended And I hope that is felt just hope to usher edification. One can say Christianity cleans up peoples lives too as u stated the Noi has however straight line is a straight line and that line is Islam not Noi. I want to be sure I’m in line with God not guess. Anything else in my opinion is guessing and I wont dare take that chance for anyone! Thats why I reject Noi.

    • I haven’t see one goo thing the NOI has done for any poor black community. They stand around selling bean pies and papers. In the same space where the children are begging for money for food. I never seen them even offer a bean pie so these kids don’t have to beg.

      • If this is a black person, how about you take your lazy arse to work and you make a change for poor black communities.

  5. You cannot blaspheme man, only Allah/God. That’s what the brothers in the Middle East keep forgetting or maybe don’t know. We accept Esa (Jesus) as a prophet like Adam, Abraham, and Moses. There are even Christians who pray to Jesus. Where in the Bible does it say to worship any being other than Allah/God? If the Nation reads from the Quran and Hadith, has regular Jumaah (worship) service, then would be following the teachings of the Quran and the Hadith. The Nation declares that Fard Muhammad is the Mahdi (the redeemer), while the rest of the ummah of Islam does not. Eligah Muhammad did not encourage members of the Nation to read the Quran. That is our main book to follow and then the Hadith. The Torah and Bible are books for us to read as references. I don’t downgrade them. They do that themselves. Where else in the Muslim world would you get frisked when you entered a building occupied by the home group? Where else in Islam are we told to cut our beards and dress like the people in the country we are living in? The Prophet did not teach or encourage us to separate from anyone except those who did not want to worship Allah or those who tried to get Muslims to worship someone other than Allah.

  6. the thing is that the NOI is not unlike the black Israeli Hebrew whatevers
    they are just another group of hateful black militants that are embarrassed about their own lackluster primitive culture and lack of any significant history
    they steal and take credit for more advanced and respected cultures
    like the ancient Egyptians the jews and now islam
    hateful black cult groups only hate others because they are jealous
    islam at least deserves some respect where are the NOI deserves nothing but ridicule and disrespect
    and i am saying this as a white atheist

    • “Deserves nothing but ridicule and disrespect…” Only an uneducated brute would even think such a thought. The white atheist sounds more like a racist. Peace and blessings to you and God bless your soul.

    • The ancient Egyptians were not Africans? The were not sometimes confused with the people from Ethiopia? Wasn’t Moses able to pass as an Egyptian? That proves they were all Black Africans. Read Exodus 4:6. I am willing to bet you you didn’t know that Aristotle was taught in Egypt and Timbuktu. Whites rarely contributed to society, then mainly stole from Africans, Asians, Islanders, and Native Americans and claimed it as their own.

      • Africa is a continent. Asia is a continent.
        North America
        South America.
        And they have counties within them. Egypt is a country in what continent? And there many more .

  7. Allah told us that Muhammad (PBUH) is last Messenger of God. elijah Muhammad, Wallace farad and other NOI leaders are fake!

  8. NOI is not Muslim, we will never accept them, and not because of they skin, in my country we have many black muslim but because they disrespect the Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) this Louis Farkhan or whom ever he calls himslef says he is a prophet, Mohammed pbuh is the last prophet you are just hide in fake religion and say white muslim is rascist one, yes we hear from our brother what you say for white arab as well, you think u clever but we know and we are not decived!

  9. This article is biased. How dare you give a true definition of Islam based on their point of view and not do the same for the Nation of Islam. This article has given only an opinion (especially a highly ignorant and negative opinion) of the Nation of Islam! If anyone wants a true understanding of this religious group, go to the website noi.org
    By the way, I am not a Muslim off any kind or religious in any way, but to give an unfair description if a religious group based only on opinion is not credible and should be changed! VISIT NOI.ORG FOR A REAL DESCRIPTION. Also go to a website created by Muslims or an Islam organization to read more about Islam and make your own conclusions about the differences.

  10. So many misinterpretations about The Nation of Islam. I find that many articles about The Nation are always extremely biased because, they don’t want us to gain followers so we may elevate the black community. Also if you do your research you will find that reverse racism does not exist as does prejudice and stereotypes.

    • Ahh so black people can’t be racist? Man, you are insane. Anyone can be racist, the definition of racist is to think a person or group is inferior just because of their background. The definition is not “White people thinking other people are inferior” or as some of you black people seem to claim that only black people are incapable of being racist. I bet that’s what the white people thought when they enslaved, “we can’t be racist, we’re just better than them,” but you keep thinking that, people like you are what’s wrong with the world.

    • Taken from noi.org

      2. WE BELIEVE in the Holy Qur’an and in the Scriptures of all the Prophets of God.

      5. WE BELIEVE in the the resurrection of the dead–not in physical resurrection–but in mental resurrection. …

  11. I respect noi to an extent it’s OK to be proud to be black when racist ppl talk smack but over all you should be proud of not you’re color you should be proud what you do to fix the world yes there racism in noi but in reg Islam there bombing an killing so I can put up with ppl not like us white folks an for ppl who don’t fully understand Islam or even speak Arabic mostly white ppl just stfu Islam saved my life but after 9/11 ppl got shady so now I have my own belief

  12. The difference is that Nation of Islam doesn’t hijack airplanes, blow up buildings or engage in the mass slaughter of innocent people. Nor do they keep slaves, mutilate women, behead reporters, or throw homosexuals off buildings.

  13. When y’all noi people unlearn your deaf, dumb & blindness taught to you by your slave masters; come on this side so You’s can learn tru Islam… (Sunnah)
    La ilaha illa ALLAH Wa Muhammad RasulALLAH!!!

  14. I find it funny how the noi race this race that it was there organization that gave us Malcolm x when he went to seek the truth hajj noi took him out he brought back the true meaning the true religion for all not for some they are race baiters hell bent on jealously of the other race Allah test us all he doesn’t bless a certain race nor does he curses another hell will have no color and there is no race spared remember the first sin was racism I am made of smokeless fire he is made of clay I am better than him so in a way you’re not Muslim your a devil worshipper and your heart will never Heel or be heeled the same way shaytan is cursed forever be careful brothers and sister’s we are not gods no where near he don’t need a son or daughter or pick a race Allah we come from Allah we return to

  15. The quran does not teach one racist is better then another. The quran teaches us to accept everyone no matter what.

  16. There are a lot of people that have no idea what it’s like to be a black person in the United States. The NOI I has a specific purpose and that’s to uplift its own people. Now I don’t make subscriptions to any religious organization but through experience I know all religious organizations are not perfect. If the Noi can make a person a better human being then I’m all for it. With that said I don’t understand how any black person in Amerikkka can subscribe to any religious organization. Religion is cultural based. Judaism based on the Jewish culture Islam based on Arab culture and Christianity based on white supremacy.

    • Religion is not culturally based, save for Judaism and NOI. You know not what you talk about, but thanks for your uninformed two cents.

  17. I need from the to come home please brother help me:!

  18. This “article” is a bias bunch of unresearched bs. I’m neither Muslim nor a member of the NOI. However, I have lived in The GCC long enough to know that many statements made here about the black American NOI could also be attributed to Muslims in The Middle East. AND many Muslims here in the GCC sincerely accept NOI or any one who truly believes in one God and that Muhammad was God’s last prophet. GTFOHWTBS!

  19. It’s ridiculous how some of these NOI supporter people claim black people can’t be racist. The irony of it is that they faced oppression and that rather than fighting it they supposedly can claim to be free of racism yet act in definition of the word itself? Anyways, I say to anyone and everyone who has any sense in them, don’t argue or debate here, this is full of ignorant arrogant people and they won’t believe a thing you say.

  20. In my opinion God is man constructs, no one has ever seen God I.e every race other than the Blacks have created or written an ideal story or ideology of who God is and being politically influence they have representatives from their race like Prophet Mohammed as messenger of God and Jesus as Son of God that’s cause they want to prove superior …….
    In my opinion the whole concept of religion is good for mankind as long as you do the right thing ; be good and do good….

  21. Why all this talk of hate and religion? Of supremacy – of one race being the one the chosen race? There are many races and religions and many beliefs. It is also true that slavery has been part of the human condition for most of history. Let all look to world history. White races enslaved each other. Black races enslaved each other. Arab races enslaved blacks. White traders bought black slaves from Arab slave traders and brought them to the new world and so on ad infinitum. Nothing excuses this exploitation but these facts remains intrinsic to all human history.

    This history tells the story of injustice of people to each other. It is not confined to any race or continent. It is universal. It is also true that all races in one way or another have contributed to civilisation and improvements of the human condition even where inequality was prevalent.

    The Romans and Greeks developed the first truely modern civilisations albeit based on inequality and slavery of both black and white people. The Arabs conquered many lands advanced science and mathematics but again there was inequality and slavery both of white and black people. Many black civilisations also rose and fell but for many again there was inequality and slavery.

    Our present civilisation is based on industry and it’s origins to the Empires of the 19th century. These to were based on the exploitation of many peoples of different race and colour. The poor black field workers, the Chinese the Irish in the United States or the poor white factory workers or farm workers of Europe shared similar inequalities and deprivation. Despite being ‘white’ or any other colour these workers knew no ‘supremacy’ or privilege. This does not change. We can divide ourselves and we can choose to hate on each other. That does no good. It does not help us – it divides us – it creates fear and distrust and violence. Drop the hate – it does no good.

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