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Difference Between Keyboard and Digital Piano

keyboardKeyboard vs Digital Piano

It is, indeed, quite difficult for a normal person to understand about the major difference between a keyboard and a digital piano. Generally, people assume both instruments as the same. But there is a plethora of differences between the keyboard and digital piano, which make these instruments apart truly from each other.

The Keyboard

When some talk comes about the keyboard, they are generally smaller in size than full digital pianos. Keyboards typically have about 61 keys plus 4 or 5 octaves. In a digital piano, there are more keys for it has about 88 keys plus 6 octaves. The keyboard’s main benefit is that it is portable. You can take it anywhere you want, as well as, it allows the player a large series of sounds. Moreover, the newer keyboard models can easily be connected to a personal computer through a universal serial bus (USB) or MIDI connection. A keyboard allows you some sound modification as well.

The keyboard’s keys are smaller than the digital piano. It is easier to play and press its keys. It is comparatively lighter than any other piano-like musical instrument. And it is really easy to learn how to play such an instrument. With regard to digital pianos, it takes more time to learn.

The Digital piano

The digital piano is like a mixture of a keyboard & the acoustic piano (acoustic piano is the real & right form of pianos). Digital piano provides comparatively greater sound variations. It even allows sound alteration. Digital pianos are actually bigger than keyboards, because of their 88 keys.

No one can deny that a digital piano’s sound is much enhanced than the normal keyboard. One of the reasons why it sounds superb is because of it built-in speakers. However, this built-in feature is somehow a drawback because it reduces its portability as compared to a keyboard. When a keyboard’s keys and digital piano’s keys are compared, the latter tends to possess heavier keys.

To conclude, these instruments are definitely different from each other in the following aspects:

1. A keyboard has 61 keys and 5 octaves, and a digital piano has about 88 keys plus 6 octaves.

2. A keyboard is portable because it is lighter in weight than the digital piano

3. Comparatively, the keyboard allows less sound modifications than the digital piano.

4. The digital piano’s sound is better as compared to keyboards.

5. The keyboard is much easier to learn compared to the digital piano.

6. The keys of the keyboard are lighter in weight than those of the digital piano.

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