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Differnce Between 88 and 76 Keys Piano Keyboards

88 vs 76 keys piano keyboards

Listening to someone play the piano is very soothing to the ear. The sound it produces is very easy on the ears, and when you look at the piano player, it seems like he is only having fun and there is really nothing to it. However, if you are the one learning how to play the piano, you will find out that it is actually not that easy. It takes a big amount of perseverance and patience just to start getting acquainted with the instrument. You must have an attitude of determination to properly know the piano and pass on your feelings to your audience through playing the piano. There are people who were taught to play piano, there were some who learned themselves, and there are some who are just purely talented when it comes to this instrument.

Before learning how to play the piano, you must first know what kind of piano you must purchase to practice on. There are two types of piano to chose from, the 88 keys and the 76 keys piano keyboard. It is best to know the features of each piano so that you may know what is appropriate to your caliber. You must also know the differences between the two so you may be able to practice properly on the right kind of piano.

The first kind, which is the 88 keyboard piano, is a 7 1/3 octave piano. It has similarities to an acoustic type of piano. If you want to learn more on how to play classical music, then this might be a good choice. However, those who use this kind of piano are usually the masters in piano who play more complex music. Both the treble and the bass keys can be found in the 88 key pianos. If you really want to be a master pianist then you can consider buying this, because this kind of piano may tend to get really expensive. However, if you are just an amateur who is still trying to find his way through the keyboards, then this piano is not very advisable to buy.

If you are just an amateur who just wants to learn and practice, then the 76 keys piano is the best choice for you. This piano has 6 1/3 octaves. It has fewer octaves because it does not have the treble and the bass. It has fewer keys than the prior piano, but not everybody knows what keys are missing. The missing keys are the last left keys of the piano. People usually make a mistake of thinking that it is the middle keys that are missing. This piano is used just for the sake of learning while playing. It is usually used for contemporary alternative music.



88 key pianos have 7 1/3 octaves while the 76 key pianos have 6 1/3 octaves.

88 key pianos are usually used by the masters for classical and more complex music. The 76 key pianos are used by those who want to learn and just play.

88 key pianos are much more expensive than the 76 key pianos.

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  1. I am a beginner when it come to piano, but want to learn piano and I am very interested with piano, I will ask my teacher if what type of piano keyboard that is suitable for me.. Thank you..!

  2. Are there piano lesson books made specifically for a 76 key keyboard?

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