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India is a land of ancient mysteries and interesting people. The country has the most colorful religious system with stories of their beloved gods interacting with mortals, their high respect to everything that lives, and the mystical structures that are visited by thousands of tourists every month. India is also very popular because of the food, spices, the fabrics, and other treasures found on its streets. These are the reasons why India is one of the most sought-out vacation locations in the entire world.

India air travel is great, just so you know. They offer amazing services and rates for their airlines. Kingfisher and Kingfisher Red are some of the best airlines based in India. The father company of Kingfisher is the United Breweries Group. Because Kingfisher Airlines has a 50% take in Kingfisher Red, it means Kingfisher Airlines is the parent company of Kingfisher Red. The main office of Kingfisher Airlines can be found in Vile Parle (East), Mumbai. While Kingfisher Red has their main office located at Mumbai, India.

Kingfisher Airlines is a 5-star airline according to the independent research consultancy firm. It also has the highest market share among all of India. This is because, in May 2009, it has carried more than a million passengers. Daily the flights of Kingfisher Airlines can reach up to 375 flights to 71 destinations. Compared to Kingfisher airlines, Kingfisher Red is a low-cost brand of Airline. The in-flight reading of Kingfisher Red is also limited to their own Cine Blitz. This is a magazine printed only by Kingfisher Red.

Kingfisher Red was formerly known as Deccan. Before Deccan it was also called Air Decan. Other low-cost airline competitors Kingfisher Red has are SpiceJet, GoAir, Jet Lite and IndiGo.

There are significant differences between these two airlines, even though they both are from India and Kingfisher Airlines has a share in Kingfisher Red. The domestic flights between these two airlines are very different, Kingfisher Airlines are far better than that of Kingfisher Red with 48 inch seat pitch. The services are also different; you will be served with bottled water in Kingfisher Red while in Kingfisher Airlines, you will be served with bottled lemonade.

The facilities in Kingfisher Airlines are also better compared with Kingfisher Red. Kingfisher has streaming ironing services, laptop and cell phone chargers in every seat, BOSE noise cancellation, and 16 live TV channels. All these technological facilities are not found in Kingfisher Red.

Kingfisher Red has a promo though wherein passengers can earn the flyer miles for booking ticket on the Kingfisher Red. These flyer miles are called King Miles. You can avail of this promo through the King Club loyalty program. Kingfisher Airlines, run this program, but you can’t find this in any other Kingfisher airlines only in Kingfisher Red.



Kingfisher is a 5-star airline while Kingfisher Red is a low-cost airline.

Kingfisher has better services compared to Kingfisher Red.

Kingfisher has amazing technological facilities that can’t be found in Kingfisher Red.

Kingfisher Red has the King Miles that is not offered in any other Kingfisher Airlines.

Kingfisher Red has Kingfisher Airlines as its parent company while Kingfisher Airlines has United Breweries Group as their parent company.

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