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The Koran and the Bible are the holy books of the two worldwide religions of Islam and Christianity, respectively. There are a lot of similarities between the religions in terms of its place of origin which is the present Middle East, some of the concepts and values that they espouse, the conception of monotheism and the like. It is natural for anybody to draw a comparison between the two books that offer the substantial philosophical basis to the religions.

It is only a thorough study that can reveal the differences between both the books. A layman’s view might give you an impression that both of them are similar. Of course they do, but there seems to be overwhelming and cardinal differences between the two.

The Koran consists of the utterances of the messenger of God, in the guise of Gabriel as revealed to the Prophet Mohammad. The book is a dictation in that sense. It is written in the first person pronoun as God speaking directly to the humankind through the Prophet. It was compiled after the death of Mohammad by the Caliphs who succeeded him.

Bible is a collection of smaller books written over a long time period in comparison to that of the Koran. The Bible consists of about sixty books. In the Bible, we have many prophets of God speaking on behalf of Him to the people. The book consists of commentaries authored by many men. You also have sometimes, the word of God directly revealed to the humankind. The Bible also gives narratives of the history of the Jewish people and of the early community of the Christians.

The one common and popular narrative in both the books is the story of the Creation by God. Though the story line is similar, there are actual differences which can be learned only with careful observation. From the very beginning onwards, there are differences. A careful, thorough and analytical study of both the books is more than enough to render the hypothesis that the Koran is copied from Bible as incorrect.

The Bible, especially the New Testament holds that Jesus is the Son of God, while Koran considers Jesus as only one of the many prophets who had been sent to the humankind by the God. Thus Koran directly negates the Godliness and divinity attached to Jesus.

Both the holy books profess ethics. Both the books give its followers a roadmap to heaven, the guidelines for a life that is pleasing to the Lord God. However, both the ethical narrative is slightly nuanced. The difference that creeps up here is in these nuanced professions of the ethics.


1.The Koran is the holy book of the Muslims worldwide. The Bible is the holy scripture of the Christians.
2.Due to the similarity between both the religions, one might be mistaken that the holy books too might be the same which is actually not the case.
3.The differences are many starting right from the story of Creation which is a common feature of both the books.
4.The Koran is considered to be the utterances of the messenger of the God, written in the first person pronoun. Some parts of the Bible are in the form of dictation while some are narratives.

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  1. its only obvious when you read verses from the quran that their god teaches nothing about the true god; and jesus who did die on the cross and did rise from the dead and was born and was a jew. my god teaches to love all as ourselves and that the only way to the father is thru the salvation of jesus’ blood. the quarn teaches hate, murder, rape of women, the beating of women, and sadly they teach that to get to heaven they must cleanse the earth of jews and christians; there taught from childhood it is better to die & to kill as many as possible & will be rewarded with 72 virgins! my god, really? to turn from islam means complete and total osterization of said person. my god does not condone murder or any of the obove acts of otrosity! my god teaches us to love and to obey his commandments, to love our emimes, not seek them out for murder because there god demands it? what kind of true loving god makes it a “requirement to vigorously seek out jews and christians and to bind them burn them be-head them and kill them in sadistic mannerisms to appese ther god ‘allah! i believe in the god of light and of love i believe in jesus christ the son of god! a-men and may the god of light bless the muslums and ther ppls in jesus name & only jesus name a-men

    • Dear brother,
      You have been cricising ,almost insulting islam,i think you are mixing up between the act of the terrorists pretending they belong to islam and the religion itself,may be if u want to know about our religion I can help you…..but dont insult other religion cos they might insult yours wrongly,god bless you and forgive your ignorance,with all my peace to you….let us pray together to god that lighten our heart with love to the other………….
      Lines written by a proud moslem following the real rules of islam

      • both of you need to remember that these books were written by man the true belief is in God and only in God and that comes from within one’s self and is God’s only requirement. to regulate your life in these books is not what he meant when he made you and to follow another man’s beliefs can be determental as we have all seen. and to force your beliefs down the throats of others is also determental. Believe – that’s all God asks.

      • You say you are Muslim correct brother? If you would take the time out to listen to this sermon I would appreciate it. It takes about the very uniqueness of Christianity. Also brother. Have you ever googled the contradictions of the Quarn? You may be suprised.


        Either way the link above shows you the unique diffrences of my faith and the very core of what its built on. God bless!

      • May Allah bless you for your good words.

      • The only difference between the terrorists and islam is none! The terrorists just don’t want to wait for the call. They want it now. The others are trying to invade to build up their numbers so they can effectively attack and bring Sharia Law and kill the Jews and the Christians. Jesus Christ is the only one who died for everyone’s sins! He came as God and was born as a man by the name of Jesus Christ! It was why they killed every baby under two. Our enemy knew He was God and came to save the world. He was raised three days later and calls us all to love our brothers and sisters as ourselves. We are promised if we believe and are obedient to His Word and continue our relationship with Him that when He returns we will be saved and go with Him. Their will be no marriages because we will all be spiritual beings. The world is passing away and will become more corrupt as the days go and the closer to our Lords return. Weather will become more violent and the earth will shake more violently the closer the Lord comes. Then our Lord will create a new heaven and a new earth for those who chose to believe and obey. For all those who chose a different path will have chose destruction and will perish with the father of lies. You have a choice to believe the Truth or rebel and believe the lie. That’s what our Lord gave us. Freedom of choice! You cannot change the events that He has prophecied! They will come to pass just as HE has said. The only thing you can change is your belief in His truth or the lies of the many false religions. Christianity is not a religion. It is a way of life and a relationship with our Lord. Hope all come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ! He is the only way! May you find His path! He desires that not one perish❤️

    • I doubt it very much that you have ever read something from the Quraan, other wise you have been guided by carefully made script to restructure the western minds persuant to the crusaders, developed as colonialism and later transformed to terrorism, all join together as political tools is service for the (market economy) as a mentality. People like you are but gears in this machinary. You need just to re-read the ten apostoles and only then try to read the Quraan from a non european/missionary/orientalist source. Then only, you will find your self. The common ground for muslims and christians is (1) to worship god (2) and only god (3) and not accept co-humans as acting spokesmen between us and god.
      It is unfortunate that the western mentality accepted the spirit of jesus sacrifice to mess politically the whole world as all the sins will be cleaned by christ. It had worked in the past and you can see it now in the american/british model. For any body who have some knowledge of the Quraan he will know that this is the second rise of Israel, the rest you can immagine – after the full jewish occupation of Jerosalim !!!!!!!

    • I believe that God enjoys us arguing over him lol. Im a Christian… I believe Jesus is the way the truth and the life! Whether Christians are right or muslims… I believe God knows our hearts… everyone must understand that evil and deception is upon this world which both bibles speak of, Christians have murdered and muslims… but every man sins and God is the judge, so lets let God be! He is, was and always will be! If your Christian then be as Jesus told you to be… and if your muslim then do what you believe. Either way God will be;)

    • if one believes that the Koran teaches hate, rapist etc. then the Christian bible acts out what the Koran teaches. Just look at the western Christians an the statictis of murderers, rapist, racist an fake love in the name of geeesus. The bible is about the jewish history an the Koran is for all human beings. If one is a Christian an not a jew, then they are consider gentiles. WHY? Because one is too submit too the jewish belief an feel inferior in life too them. For example, thru the years their has been war betwwen rock throwing palestiens vs weapons of mass destruction jews an yet one continue too support jewish lies when in fact they are the leaders in this terriost world. As one, such as I, was raised as a Christian I now see that religion, races, languages an what country you live in is god way of saying I did this to see how incompetent mankind is an yet everyone blood including animals is red, but yet humans don’t get along. With this being said, respect one’s religion an eliminate money in the world an may the younger generations build an work together so that all enjoy god grace. Too the younger generations , I (50’s) want to apologize for the generations before you whom still play war games an believed in speratation of people based on stupidity……

  2. Hmmm… i’ve am a new born again christian… and with this new enlightenment of what peace and life really is. I’ve grown curious to everything pertaining to the Lord and his opposites(evil). After, searching and gather piece by piece, what the Lord really wants from us, and why(4 our own happiness and existance in all that is good”heaven”) Then….why is God, so many COMPLETELY different things, to so many people? down to 1 deluted individual, who takes it upon himself to seek control over all, because he is. How does this occure? qu’ran koran, came to mind- why are they so devoted to their idea of everything good- why is it THEIR ob to kill evil personally, when the original God only spoke of doing my word,(his commandments- simply rules to defy self destuction) doing the exact opposie of what this other” holy bible” taught, or even implied. Why is my God the right God, because God never ask u to do any evil whatsoever…. he wants bliss for all, anything that is destruction of areselfs-are al thikngs had and the death of the idea of evil iself- to rid it in any form…by pulling out ONLY he good in each individual- is heaven and eternal bliss created for us. those who deny the word, deny sins as root for self-destruction. the kuran condone death(evil)- this is what THE HOLY BIBLE speaks of directly- the bible tells of the kuran- but the kuran doesnt acknowledge the bible- is it is fact all knowing- it would warn as tghe HOLY BIBLE does. Our bible says, evil will hide itself in pleasure of self-destruction- to kill you is to prove God wrong(which of course is impossible) anything that does not do with the act of survival, or refraining from self destruction(this is y we practice self control via God) so by the koran, this is devils army( in ONE form only- he has many many form(sin)) imagine, they believe that it killing themselves with something bad…this is gods plan too, the devil doesnt realize this-they do it in the name of goodness and something greater- by the devil tricking us- hes simply tricking himself- the sooner we realize sin are self-destuction, thats when the devil (all evil) will realie he doesnt win. everything persues happiness(GOD- something “better”), everything, whether its murder, or building a sandcastle, the doing of what we please(thru free will) what makes us happy in any aspect whether it hurts someone else or not, its is pleasure. the takin g away the pleasure of self destruction….. we all live. that is heaven. God said we are all saved, then hy does he warn of of burning forever? every part of what is good or happy in a person is the part that goes to heaven in any sinner(because we all sin) all that is evil of us…. burns-what does not include emotions (which are good and what makes us have thoughts) meaning no actual pain is presented, it symbolized the burning-complete destruction of all that is unholy, or negative. people who defy God do it out of fear, or the fact they think they are god in the sense that they exist, which is correct too. the has to be balnce to create perfection…that is the act of life. when our savior returns to take us, is when we have complete understanding as a unit of what happiness and perfection- the very definition of PURE. that why people are meant to believe what they do… EVIL has to be shown in any form- so its can cease to exist…which brings all goodness together(our “souls”) o create our very definition of heaven. Its taken me 24 years, to be strong and courageous enough to talk to God, because i know i am a sinner- and thats acknowledging right and wrong- but believing in his word- i should have no worries, how? how? the world is worry! exactly- the suffering is the creation of purity, after i finally introduced myself in person- COMPLETELY acknowledging not only right and wrong, but that it is real- there is something greater than us- pullikng us torwards it- why would we fight???? to defeat evil and all that harms and destructs. when i finally Met God…face to face as literal as i can get, is when he truly gave me answers.. “you have believed so much as into deny yourself as power- thus proving ur Holyness- Thats why he “spoke”, that why he gave me as many asnwers as he could to understand, and help others understand that sufering has to exist for purity to exist. like washing a plate earth is a plate, the plate is all that makes u happy and what u search for until death, death or end of the world, so to speak, is washing the dirt, toxins, burt stuck on food, until it is clean enough for u to eat off of. yeah we have to dirty it all up, so see what a beautiful base all the crap is covering. He of course has not relayed ALL to me, for that isnt possible- otherwise his plan is shattered. if he told me…the devil would know, because evil lives in us all (the ability to sin at all) and sence he is more powerful- he intends to prove it to all including the devil, and it takes time to find proof. thats what life is… in a sense purgatory, or the fight for purity. This knowledge has slowly presented itself, in flow of both ned and evil, my reality, and God truth, where almost driving me to the point i loose touch ouch, i know where iwas physically, but i tried so hard to be alone so i could figure my thought out without distraction, although impossible- my body and mind, and heart- fel like they where all seperating at once, it felt almost like a fight for sanity or the bliss of insanity. i at one point felt i needed medical help LITERALLY, I feel asleep crying coz SOMEHOW i let evil words of others logic, reconsider God at all, as in its something other than myself, it just felt like i just died and found out there is no god and i was tricked into happiness or of being somehing better out there….. my mind/ soul almost stopped or had no reason to exist if there wasnt a god…it was the absolute most depressing “false thought” that has ever occured to me, that shattered hope, faith, everythng i knew to be good and worthy, felt like i have gave up b/c there isnt a reason to fight or survive at all. because in this world u cant hide from pain. i fel lost, and exremely invisible. so i feel asleep crying and HAD to take nyquil to make me sleep and the ain to stop through sleep…… i woke, and felt like i was normal again, having realized my feeling from the previous night, and it almost felt like a deam, or fear itself, my bf who doesnt believe either or(trying to save) i told him what happened(he wasnt home from work till after i fell asleep) and he knows i believe in God, and actually admires it, but cant understand YET, after i toldhim how last night my mind logically defied God, and old him why – doing research on the opposite ..dont read anything negative thats where i messed up i let it in) and my NON BELIEVER boyfriend, completely restored my faith and meaning to life….. he almost laughed…. and said b/c u shouldnt be reading things like that, everything thats on the internet is crap, you kniow that. its b/c u read it, its in ur mind, and its tricking you” WHAT? WELL I HAVE MY MIRA CLE AND PROOF OF MY LORD, SOMEONE WHO DOESNT BELIEVE GOD OR DEVIL- HAVE PROVEN TO ME GOD AND GOODNESS IS REAL. i need to more question. God said not to question, bcoz ur brain cant handle it…… i only believe what HE says, and lets me know, i dare not question again. for it will spoil heaven…because the devil can intercept thoughts…he would then know how to defeat good… and make all souls PHYSICALLY burn, because thats where their emotions lie, because it was chosen over pleasure. THE END GOD IS REAL THATS ALL I NEED TO KNOW WELL THAT AND MY LIFE IS A GIFT ABND TO HAVE HEAVEN I MUST SPREAD THE WORD ON HO W TO KILL ANYTHNG UNAPPEALING TO ALL.

    • I tell to the one who is criticizing Koran , you have to read your Bible well. Then talk about Koran. By saying lies about Islam, you are just trying to hide the sunlight. Whether you like it or not , Islam will prevail and real Christians will become Muslims.

      • good stuff man

        • Bissmilah and may God (Allah forgive and bless us all)

          There is only One God (Allah) and Mohamed (SAWSL) is his messenger.
          As a a muslin, I know that I have nothing to loose, just think about it carefully and you will see.
          We believe in God and the only god ever, there is no other god but him, we also believe not only in Mohamed but Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Jacob, Josef and so on. We believe in all the prophets that god has sent to mankind.
          Christians and Jews do not believe in Mohamed (SAWSL) therefore, they are deniying the last prophet that god has sent.

          The day we all face our lord, I will be proud to face him and tell him that I believed in him and all of the prophets he sent to us.

          I have nothing to loose.

          God bell you all Muslims, Christians and Jews.


  4. The Qur’an is the actual word of Allah (SWT) bought by the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

  5. Im afraid your quite uneducated perhaps you should read the Koran so ur not biased . Look into the history books and read the crusades of jerusalum . When the Christians murdered everyone but the muslims set all pows free. peace be with you
    god bless
    The truth is no one knows. But to be humble and except all the is on the earth

  6. Lets say i am earthly educated and never been to a religious place in my life. Lets say my mind is open and ready to believe in a greater power past this life to enter into a so called heaven. Lets say i am a genuine good person and treat others with kindness and peace. Lets say i wish to believe in a greater power that will drive to good will from me to influence and help others. Lets say i can go anywhere in the world to seak these questions and desires to enter into this so called kingdom of “God” or Heaven…… Lets say i am white. Lets say i was born in north america. Where would i go to not be judged by my fellow man? Where would i go to be safe to worship? Who would take me in as a brother to their God? Lets say i went to the so called place of creation. Would i be accepted? Would missionaries welcome me and my open mind to teach me and show me how to worship their believes? Would my undiscovered faith be instantly judged and my head cut off before i was shown the rightious path? What if i didnt know what to wear or how to fit in? Would i be hanged or stoned to death? Hindu, Budiest, Christians, Jews, Muslems, all have the right to believe in their own faiths, but supposedly if u choose wrong or were born into the “wrong” faith or cast it will send you to hell or death. I have never met a person or “missionary” anywhere i have been in my life (6 different countries) that has tried to convince me peaceful and with kindness other than Christians. They have knocked on my door to invite me to a local church. Invited me into their home for prayer and dinner. Helped me on the side of the road, or plainly jus invited me to go to church. My question to the rest of the world is where are your ambassidors? Where are your missionaries? I live amongst the melting pot of the world and have never been confronted about my faith or tried to be persuaded to the “truth” of these other religions other than Christians. However, not saying the media is not evil or the people behind its scewed perseption of other religions but why is it the Muslem nation would rather kill/behead me verses convince/convert me to the truth? The planet earth is overwhelmingly dominated by Islam, however, a division or so called radical section of this religion wears masks, fights other religions and provokes hate and violence. How can any man of God be afraid to show his face or what he truly believes and stands for? How can a man take another mans life rather than try and show him the “truth way” to rightiousness? My real concern is if Islam is the way then why don’t the peaceful muslems stand together under their god and rise up and defend what the extemest are doing to their religion and belief? These extremest would rather wear a mask and murder millions versus try and convert with missionary peacefulness. I challenge you to protect me, show me the way, welcome me to your home in your country and keep me safe so i can walk amongst you in heaven. Again, without reading your religious dialog, or book of prophets can you show me the way? Stand up to your fellow brothren be strong and represent yourself, show your face, God knows who your are dont be ashamed, be proud be strong. I will continue to wait for you Islam to stand up for yourself, but until then i will go with the one the true Son, Father, and Holy Ghost. He forgives and loves all and asks to spread His word in peacefulness. I will never wear a mask, will never hurt anyone, will never do anything other than praise Lord Jesus Christ for He is my savior and i will stand to any masked man that threatens my life, and family even if he wants to cut off my head, fly a plain into a building full of inocent people, or shoot inocent people and then take his own life. Again convince me…. Convince me peacefully…. Look into my eyes and try and convince me to read your beliefs.
    I encourage a peaceful response and look forward to become wiser not to invoke anger. God Bless

  7. In 628 CE this letter was sent by the Prophet Muhammed (pbh)

    Anyone who claims to be Muslim MUST OBEY

    “This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far, we are with them.
    Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers defend them, because Christians are my citizens; and by Allah! I hold out against anything that displeases them.
    No compulsion is to be on them.
    Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries.
    No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims’ houses.
    Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God’s covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate.
    No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight.
    The Muslims are to fight for them.
    If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray.
    Their churches are to be respected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants.
    No one of the nation (Muslims) is to disobey the covenant till the Last Day (end of the world).”

    Anyone who forsakes to follow the admonishment and guidance of the Prophet….forsakes Allah.

  8. What I don’t understand is how a people of the world such as ours with immeasurable amounts of education backed by countless facts can continue fighting over stuff like this.
    Let’s make one thing clear we are different people from different worlds though we live on this one rock. We view all manner of things differently, our beliefs, our joys, our evils are all different. How is it that in this time were unable to see that religion is the crux of all of it?
    Both Muslims and Christians are guilty of some of the most horrible crimes throughout history, both have more blood on their hands than anyone person could truly comprehend. All of this has been done in the name of one god or another. Heck, go further back and you will find other just as powerful religions (for their time) commit the same atrocities.
    There is one overpowering thing that all religions have in common and that is the wars, violence, hate and fear stemming from them.
    Look the idea behind Christianity, Muslims and Judaism and so on and so forth are all beautiful, the morals and guidelines, the talk of acceptance and forgiveness, it all brings a tear to the eye. The only problem is that we are mankind and more fallible then anyone wants to admit. We lack the capacity to honor such words and teaching and instead boil down to using it as a crutch and accuses to kill, or banish those of differing opinions. Just read through this again, though a few really seem to be sincere many more are bickering over which is right and which is wrong to point of children basically calling each other booger eaters.
    I am sorry my friends, this violence, this hate, this fear will continue as long as organized religion continues.
    Yes I believe in a god on some level, but if I want to believe there are a benevolent god out there then both the Coran and the Bible (new and old) our out and all organized faith based religions are out.
    I choose to believe that whatever is out there will care about my acts, my actions of good or evil and does not require me to gravel and exclaim there power. I believe that my God will honor me based on who I am and what I do, not the act I put on based on some scripture…
    Good luck to all of you and I hope you are able to find the peace and acceptance I have, at the very least I hope your religious endeavors make you less of a threat to me and mine…

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