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Difference Between the Old Testament and New Testament

holy-bibleOld Testament vs New Testament
Both the Old Testament and the New Testament are forms of the Holy Book of the Christians, the Bible. The Old Testament is considered to be the background of events found in the New Testament and as the foundation of the overall Christian teachings. The Old Testament, as the name suggests, is a precursor of the New Testament.

The Bible is seen as a progressive text that has evolved over time therefore, the New Testament is considered to be based on the events, systems, covenants and promises of the Old Testament.

The Old Testament tells us why the Jews were looking for a Messiah while the New Testament takes us to the Gospels. It is the Old Testament that helps in the identification of the Messiah as Jesus of Nazareth because of intricate prophecies about him including those relating to his birth, manner of death, resurrection etc. Several Jewish customs are sketchy in the New Testament and their complete understanding can be obtained from the Old Testament alone.
The New Testament actually records, in Gospels, the fulfilment of several prophecies that were made in the Old Testament. Several prophecies in the New Testament are based on those in the Old Testament. However, since the New Testament continues the flow of revelation, it helps bring out greater clarity about teachings that were often not very clear in the Old Testament.

old-testamentThe Old Testament gives the commandments and relating blessings and curses while the New Testament clarifies that God granted the precious commandments as referring to a need for salvation and never means of salvation alone. The Old Testament also details the sacrificial system the Israelites received to hide their sins for a temporary period while the New Testament clarifies that the system actually referred to the sacrifice of Christ only through whom salvation is possible.

Man was separated from God through sin, states the Old Testament while the New Testament declares that man can renew and regain his relationship with God. It is the Old Testament that helps us understand God’s promises and the New Testament shows us how they have and will come to pass.

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