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Fresh graduates from every university are bothered with what to do with their lives next given that the economical situation of the world is still hanging by a thread. But they are given options to either enter a job now or enroll in a degree that will help them earn an average of $75,000 a year or as much as $90.00 an hour. These degrees are the Master of Science degree or Master of Business Administration degree. Which of the two degrees promise to pay more? Which is deemed to have more advantages and benefits for an individual or for the corporate world? Here are the positive features of both of the degrees that you can weigh off.

M.Sc, or the Master of Science Degree, is a step up or a level up from a Bachelor’s degree. It is an education certification pursued after graduate school. If you want to pursue degrees that further study social sciences, hard science, and natural sciences, then M.Sc is the right master’s degree to go through. The prerequisite of M.Sc is the bachelor’s degree from what you have obtained. You cannot enroll into an M.Sc program of your choice if you haven’t had any background of a bachelor’s degree of a related field of study to support it. For example, if you want to have a master’s degree on chemistry, then you must have taken a bachelor’s degree of chemistry too. Different universities offer two years to three years duration to obtain a full-pledged Master of Science degree with students that are more acquainted and well-versed on every special feature of the field of science that they have chosen to master. M.Sc opens plenty of great options for the individual who have completed it. These options include becoming a scientist, a teacher, a researcher, or a consultant. These job prospects promise to be getting paid higher than the minimum wage. The rate goes up from $30 an hour for Registered Nurses to $90 an hour for Software Developers or Programmers.

MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is also another degree that any of those who have finished a bachelor’s degree on business and administration can take. But some universities offer exceptions: any individual can take up MBA even if he/she has no bachelor’s degree relating to the field of study of business and administration as long as he/she passed an MBA entrance examination such as GRE or GMAT, and/or has taken any previous job relating to it. An MBA takes three years to complete. Students with an MBA have more knowledge on business procedures and management, plus specialized skills, and leadership orientation competitiveness that give them more edge than anybody in the corporate world. MBAs are elite individuals that are classified to have more and to know more on a corporate setting, Infact, MBAs are deemed recession-proof because they can solve, handle, and prevent competently any given corporate crisis. Their years of expertise are also sought out on economic meltdowns. That is why people with MBA are high paid. A fresh graduate earns $40,000 to $75,000 a year plus annual packages. A fast tracked MBA usually ends up being an enterprise’s COOs or CEOs.



M.Sc is a degree for sciences while MBA is a degree relating to business administration.

M.Sc graduates are individuals who are well versed and acquainted with the field of science that they have chosen to specialize while MBA graduates are elite individuals with more edge and competence than anybody else on the corporate world.

M.Sc requires a bachelor’s degree of the related field of study while MBA offers an exception and accepts individuals who have passed GRE or GMAT or have previous jobs relating to MBA.

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