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MBA (or Master’s in Business Administration) and MS (Master of Science) are both post-graduate degrees conferred by accredited schools and institutions for interested persons who wish to have a more extensive study and knowledge in their chosen professions.

As post-graduate degrees, both an MBA and MS are optional choices chosen for many purposes. The typical reasons would be advancement in study and knowledge, expertise in the industry, a higher position and salary range in an organization, or also to be counted as a personal achievement.

MBA and MS degrees offer a specialization in a particular field of study. Applicants or candidates often have a background with work experience or a certain familiarity with the said industry. However, the degrees can also be conferred upon people with no work experience directly from an undergraduate degree or coming from an undergraduate degree with no relation to the specialty or field of the master’s degree.

Although both MBA and MS degrees offer in-depth knowledge about the industry or a particular field, both degrees deal with different fields. An MBA, in particular, is a master’s degree specific to business administration and the world of business. The core study in an MBA involves business organization and management, operations, and other specific business aspects like resources, management, marketing, communication, entrepreneurship, accounting, information systems, among others. It offers formal managerial training for people with various backgrounds and disciplines.

Most of the people who wish to enroll in this type of degree are often both experienced and potential entrepreneurs, businessmen, executives, and other business-oriented people. Typically, the degree doesn’t involve any particular research and is expected to produce businesspeople with developed skills to contribute favorable results to the business.

On the other hand, an MS degree holder is similar to an MBA holder except for the different files and expectations. A Master’s of Science is a general degree term for various degrees that engage in a specialization or a particular field of study. There is a number of different MS degrees for different disciplines; all of them concentrating on a particular discipline. An MS in a particular discipline doesn’t require an undergraduate degree in the same discipline but can produce an advantage and a familiarity of the whole industry or study. Because of the discipline’s specialization, degree holders usually are experts or specialists. Degrees under the MS traditionally require research as an approach and as a requirement to complete the degree.

Coursework often reflects the in-depth knowledge and application expected from people attempting this degree. Graduates are expected to produce an innovation in the study or industry they specialized in.


1.MBA and MS are two of many post-graduate degrees that are optional. An MBA is specifically aimed for business-oriented people and the business world while an MS is a collection of degrees with specializations in various disciplines. The MBA and MS degrees are offered by accredited schools.
2.MS is an older graduate title and is derived from Latin words (along with MA, which stands for Master of Arts) while MBA is new by comparison.
3.Both degrees don’t require an undergraduate course in relation to the degrees. However, it is advantageous if a person already has a background of the study or industry.
4.The field of MBA is the business, especially the management side of the business. An MBA also introduces a person to the various business departments or fields. An MBA can be taken as a general course or with a specialization. On the other hand, the degrees under the MS aegis are all specializations in a particular field or study.
5.The MBA degree is also associated with ranking and accreditation since most MBAs are offered in business schools. 6.An MS degree doesn’t have accreditation and is conferred with the completion of coursework and requirements.

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