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Difference Between Mission and Goals

Mission vs Goals

When one is playing basketball, the ring is very important. When playing football, there should be an end zone. When playing darts, there should be a bull’s eye. Whatever you do, it is always important to know why you’re doing i. A game without a goal is pointless. A military troop without a mission has no sense at all. This is how important goals and missions are. They are the very reasons why people do what they do. This is most important in an organization as well. There should be a point or a reason why a certain organization exists. There should also be plans *(re-write) on knowing what to fulfill.
However, there are a lot of times where missions are mistaken as goals when they seem to be the same. They are something to be achieved; however, the two are completely different things. Not knowing the difference between the two may lead you and your entire organization in circles. The difference between the two is knowing that the ‘mission’ is the overall purpose of the organization while ‘goals’ are the things that should be achieved to attain the overall purpose of the company or organization. To know more about the differences between the two, it is best that they be defined and differentiated.

An entire organization has one purpose in mind. That should always be the case. They have one vision that eventually leads to fulfilling one mission. An organization has a purpose of developing themselves in order to develop others. In this sense, the mission of the organization may be created. The purpose of an organization is to address the human and societal needs and problems of the community. The organization has a philosophical ideology that states how they will serve their purpose for the entire community. This is called the mission statement of the organization. An example of an organizational mission statement is, ‘to empower women, uphold their rights, and strengthen them.’

Goals, on the other hand, are ‘small wins’ that must be achieved in order to fulfill the bigger goal of the entire organization, which is the mission. The goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bounded. Goals are created to achieve the mission statement of the organization. It is also important to write your goals. Write your goals in present tense, meaning, write them as if you have already achieved them.

These are some of the most important differences between a goal and a mission. The mission is for the entire organization. It tells what the organization does, how it does it, for whom it does it, and what are the benefits if this mission is fulfilled. The goal is a long-term objective that, if achieved, will fulfill the mission.



Missions are visions of the entire organization to improve themselves and the entire community while goals are plans to be achieved to fulfill the mission.

The mission is broader compared to goals. Goals are the specific plans in how to achieve the mission through ‘small wins.’

Missions are vaguely written while goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bounded.

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