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 Mousse vs Gel

Hairstyling is an important part of every person’s personal grooming. It involves cutting, coloring, relaxing, and curling the hair or styling it by using extensions. Hair is cut and trimmed, brushed and combed to maintain a specific form.

Styling products are available to help in the maintenance of the hair. The first thing to do is to wash and shampoo the hair and apply a conditioner. After washing the hair, it is dried and applied with mousse or gel to hold its form. Although both mousse and gel are used to style the hair, they are two products that are distinct from one another. They have different chemical contents and produce different results.

Mousse or hair mousse is a hairstyling product that gives hair extra shine and volume and provides it with conditioner that holds the hair without clumps. It is packaged in an aerosol spray can and is dispensed as cream or foam. It is usually applied to wet hair before styling. It can be used in both long and short hairstyles. It is applied to wet hair and can be air dried for a wet look or dried with a hair dryer for additional volume and hold. You can choose from several types of hair mousse. Colored mousse is available for those who want to cover grey hair.

Gel, on the other hand, is a hairstyling product that is solid and sticky which hardens a few minutes after application to the hair. It is mostly liquid but exhibits solid properties due to a three-dimensional cross link network in the liquid. There are many types of hair gel to choose from. There are gels that provide a softer hold while others produce very stiff hair. Gels are perfect for styling short hair and are suitable for men. Applying gel on long hair would produce unsatisfactory results.

Aside from their use in cosmetics, gels are also being used in biological science, in products such as contact lenses, diapers, and sanitary napkins, breast implants, as granules to hold soil moisture in arid areas, and in the production of drugs and medicines. Another form of gel, the organogels are used in pharmaceuticals, art conservation, cosmetics, and food. Xerogel, which is also a type of gel, is used in the production of consumer products such as sensors and insulation. It is also being used in the aerospace, medical, and energy fields.


1. Hair mousse is a hairstyling product that provides hair with extra volume, hold, and shine while hair gel is a hairstyling product that provides hair with a strong hold.
2. Hair mousse comes in a foam form while hair gel comes in a solid, sticky form.
3. Hair mousse produces a hold that is soft yet firm while hair gel produces a hold that is stiff.
4. Hair mousse is packaged in aerosol spray cans while hair gel is packaged in a plastic bottle.
5. Hair mousse is suitable for both men and women with long or short hair while hair gel is more suitable for short hair.

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