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Difference Between North and South India

North vs South India

India is a vast country, and the most populous democracy in the world. The country can be divided into five regions ‘“ Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and Central. India is a multilingual, multi-ethnic and pluralistic society, where one can come across a big difference between each region.

Vijayalaya Choleswaram, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. South India Built c. 850 C.E.

Here, let us discuss some of the differences between North and South India. Both the regions have geographical, cultural, racial and political differences.

North India lies in the Indo-Gangetic plain. Towards the North is the Himalayas, which separates the country from Central Asia. The Vindhya ranges separates the North from the South. South India is situated in the Peninsular Deccan Plateau. This region has the Arabian Sea in the west, Bay of Bengal in the east and Indian Ocean in the south.

When talking about the racial differences, the North Indians are termed as Aryans, and the South Indians as Dravidians. In physique as well, there are many differences between the people of the South and North. The North Indians are taller, and more strongly built than the South Indians. The South Indians are a bit darker than the North Indians.

A big difference can be seen in their dressing styles. Salwar Kamiz is the widely used dress by North Indian women. On the other hand, women in the South wear saris. While men in the North wear Salwar, the men in South prefer dhotis.

Another difference that can be seen between North and South India is their food. When compared to the North Indian food, the South Indian food is spicier. The South Indians use more tamarind and coconut when compared to North Indians. The North Indians use more milk products when compared to the people of South India.

Ancient shiva's temple, located at himachal pradesh, North India

When talking about the culture, there is vast difference between North and South India. One can come across differences in their music (Northern Hindustani and Southern Carnatic), dance forms and folks.

A guide to South India

A guide to North India

Dosa - A typical South indian Breakfast


1. North India lies in the Indo-Gangetic plain. South India is situated in the Peninsular Deccan Plateau.

2. North Indians are termed as Aryans, and the South Indians as Dravidians.

3. The North Indians are taller, and more strongly built than the South Indians. The South Indians are a bit darker than the North Indians.

4. When compared to the North Indian food, the South Indian food is spicier.

5. The South Indians use more tamarind and coconut when compared to North Indians.

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  1. hi….
    Me a bengali boy…origin or frm UP n i came to tamil nad for my education….i visited so many states n in each n every state i got a diffrnt culture, climate n food…..n i proud of it…dat my country is having so many laguages diffrnt culture n foods of diffrnt taste……n i also se d difference in look….bt i dos’nt matter me insted i feel safe coz its my country…..all ppl r my citizen….
    I did’nt feel any shot of problm coz i accept d cultur,climat n food n look of all d respective states….afterall its my country….n i proud of it….
    N those who r doing dis debate on SN n NI i piss on der face….u fuckers r black mark on d name of YOUNGISTAN dis typ of pussy activities r nt expected by dis 21st century youngstar…proud to b an indian….
    Jai hind….

  2. I can say that physically there is a difference between the people between North and South. Lets say that a person from Punjab will be much fair than a person from Kerala, people from Punjab may be taller. This doesnt mean that all Northern Indians can be classed as tall. People from the states of Utter Pardesh or Bihar ofcourse will not all be fair skinned, because its not entirely in the North. People from Central India will be darker than the Northerners, but in a way lighter than the Southerners. As an Punjabi guy I cannot judge what a person from Tamil Nadu is like, I won’t say their shorter in height because this is untrue. You’ll be short or tall by genes. What I can say about Punjabi’s is that we are generally tall and fair skin, but doesn’t mean that every other Northerner from Delhi, Rajasthan etc. is tall and fair skinned..It just depends.. It doesn’t matter who’s more educated. People from Kerala are pretty intelligent smart people, but then again most people in the big cities are turning out smart in India.

  3. Well, There are many fair complexioned people in western India , particularly in western Maharashtra region and parts of Gujrat also. Even their features are sharp and distinctive compared to others. But you will see all types of people everywhere.

    • I m from western India .i got marry to Kerala boy. Before I didnt know how this place will be. After staying here I got hurt so much its very different from normal world.like some aliens or adivasi state except Chennai and hyderbad.i stayed in hyd its best place I have ever visited. But in south kerala and tamilnadu is only very.strict and nonsense place I never ever imagined.they r so bad againt women and their culture every thing.i dont know what to do so much harracing for dowery even my husband’s cousin. Is pregnant and for dowery they r not taking her to hospital .want to kill dnt knw.food is most compulsory for them.even someone die also they want only food. My granny died in cancer and my husband was fighting for food telling its culture to take morning curry dosa .my mom is sick I m suffering to visit her but they r not allowing. Marriage is punishment here. In west freedom and happiness is for wife. But in south its punishment.i feel ltk doing sucide. Government, police everyone is criminal here we cant case on illegal things.they thinks cousins and neighbours and friends all r their brothers and forcing me to meet with them. I m fair and good so they sees me as bad way. Our place only blood relations r brotgers . And husba bro or.cousin is not my bro so I cant see stupid culture. Those gals r unmarried othey hav to work lyk slave. In kerala husnad will not do job they want dowery also and wife to earn and give. Stupid kerala gals r giving burden to own mother and father for dowery. Y cant they leave these culture and live as human. They r animals who do talks with all men and women who.takes open bath and who eat dirty hand food. I hate then all . If I do suicide its will be bcz of all kerala culture.

      • mind your lang you…… I am from kerala. People are very nice and friendly. as if only we are bad. each and every state has bad and good people. Your observation of how malus are is totaaly wrong. U come here and spend a day with us, u will cherish each and every moments. Before saying nonsense thibk abt your words ans speak

  4. I am deeply disappointed with the above views by my brothers,mainly because most of them will be(my assumption) from the 20-30 age group whom i think represents the present India.The topics being discussed in most of the blogs and all are similar to these.When we are a nation which as per stats had got its 50% population getting less than a dollar a day as income.The rest of the population are divided in 20-20 btw the upper and lower middle class and the rest 7% as rich and 3% super rich.
    All the above comments are made by those who are from the 20-20% of the middle class family.or some from the 7% rich class The 50% of population which includes those from south and north are not taken into account by any of those guys whose username was typed as True Indian,Indian BLA BLA BLA.All my brothers from both south and north wants to show that their part of India doesn’t have these poor people.
    This you can find with today’s media ,films ,politicians, corporates and every sections which are headed by the so called fortunate 10% Indians.So there is a definite political agenda by this class to supress these people and snatch their land,water,food . These guys plays smart and leaves the rest of the population to fight with each other and divert their attention and bend the policies to their favor.Because during elections it is back to the caste and race equations every time in India and nobody discusses FDI in retail,Land policy of govt,Law and order,Inflation,corruption.
    Those who are educated and who belongs to the middle class section of India are fighting with each other and they wanted to put them or pretend to be into that club of 10% even though they are exploiting their hard-work .The 50% of the population which doesn’t have the basic needs are voiceless ,hopeless.
    India is not the 5 metro cities that you see in NDTV and CNN IBN.It is also home to those people from the interior villages of all states of India who doesn’t have their basic needs.India is not only of the kareena kapoor who skips her food to attain size zero but also of those mothers who skips their food to feed her children.
    I am a south indian and my friends in north calls me “ANNA” i dont feels bad bcoz it means “Elder Brother”

  5. Whoever wrote this article, please give up writing, its not your cup of tea. Also, your comparison looks like coming out of a grade 4th student with a lollypop stuck in your mouth and flies sticking around!
    Very poorly written article. And also your claim that North Indians taller or south Indians shorter doesn’t hold good at all!

  6. hey to all u north indians who claim to be ” Aryan” and white. shut the fuck up!!! first of all not all south indians are dark skinned. as it just comes to show, not all north indians are fair skinned. u fuckers are not Aryans!!! deal with it! im supporting neither south or north indians. BTW if an ACTUAL WHITE PERSON saw u “fair skinned” north indian, he will probably think you’re just another nigger

    suck it!!! :0

    • not all north indians are fair…only the people of kashmir,himachal pradesh,uttarakhand,haryana,and panjab are fair and good built…i belong to up but living in dehradun and i have lived in kashimr and chandigarh…so i watched that in these states people are fair..some people of up are fair and goodlookinh too…
      but biharis,marathis,mp people,jharkhandi,and bengali are worst looking people on the planet..
      even all malyalis are more fair than biharis..

      • Abe uueducated dumb person this shows your level of knowledge and education. Have u been to Maharashtra and Gujarat and may be other parts of India. Have u been to Kokan or western Mah. You will find most good looking and fairer people here than any other part. Your this dumb knowledge is based on some X rated channels. You will see all good loking people in all parts of India.

        • okk u black marathis n gujratis are goodlooking than kashmiris…now happy..u negros…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

          • Thats why Marathas saved u people from slavery of mughals and other invaders. Otherwise ur region would have been in pak toaday. Your this slave mentality and lack of knowledgw is bcos of that. he he hehhe .

          • U know what u are a bitch.. Bitches how much ever they are fair they will always remain a bitch..

      • I think you are the most ugly looking creature in this universe..

        How does Sushmita Sen looks..She is a bloody god damn Bengali..
        How does Sonakshi Sinha looks.. She is a bloody god damn Bihari..

        So bitch before speaking get some GK gathered and then speak..

        Your name is Himalaya i think you must be having features of Himalayas.. Big with all holes and spots ugly looking..

    • Hey you idiotic bitch or bastard who ever you are..It seems you are the blackest of all the blacks in this universe so you are pissed off and speaking all sort of non sense.. And I am damn sure you must be a f****** South Indian.. Because you iliterate South Indians are very racist and filled with complexities.. You can’t tolerate North Indians because you people are just jealous of North Indians as we are more good looking, more educated and modern in our thinking..

      Bloody u suck mine..

      • you north people r not beutiful ma dear darlings youll are just painted… itseems to look like this … white bigs nthings more than that… and for your kind information v south never get jealous on bigs n dumps … n y should v when v know how better v r in al way round…… let me tel you the point doesnt comes of geting jealous on youll as ull r not that beuties also ma dear bigs just look at ur figurs n faceing …. only fareness does not adds to a beauty ok there aren lots of things which adds to abeauti i yhink ull dont know aboy it …. please go n learn

      • Da patti, shut up your bloddy freaking mouth. We are not jealous of u people and why should we. Atleast in our state, men dont keep raping woman like how it happens in delhi.

  7. look we south indians have nothing against north people infact we like then and welcome them with open arms .but its sad that they dont appreciate our feelings, they call us black and madrasi yes we are madrasi and we are proud of it , i dont understand why they think of us to be black , please visit kerala or any part of south and grace your eyes , i was last travelling in a train where i overheard a bunch of young men from delhi saying we eat drink and sleep with curd . please that’s our staple food and we like to have it often and one more thing we are not cowards we have been excelling in every damn field like take iit entrance for instance the people from andhra pradesh clear it on average more than the other states its time we respect each other and jai hind

    • dude even himachal and kadhmir are 10 times more better then kerala bcoz i travelled kerala there is nothing new and unique in kerala instead of hot weather

      • to the semi literate paan spitting north indian subhuman ‘booster’ who wrote:

        ‘dude even himachal and kadhmir are 10 times more better then kerala bcoz i travelled kerala there is nothing new and unique in kerala instead of hot weather’.

        Okay semi literate paan spitter. Let me see….

        National Geographic Magazine ranked Kerala as one of the 10 must see destinations on planet earth in a human life time. It also ranked Kerala among the ‘Paradises on planet earth’ (the only place in India to make it to the list).

        On the other hand, we have one semi literate, paan spitting, north Indian, stale smelly chappati eater, rating that he loves the north Indian lands of khap panchayats and rapist culture so much better.

        Wow…which should I choose. National Geographic’s choice, or the choice of the semi literate paans spitter from the land of talibani khap panchayats.

        Well, i dont know about the rest of you, but for me its National Geographic any day over a stupid smelly semi literate paan spitting mayawati statue worshipper.

        That was easy.

      • @naarthy Booster: ‘Even Himachal and Kashmir are more better than Kerala…’.

        I really enjoy your hilarious naarthy Hinglish vinglish.

        So tell us what is MORE BETTER? Is your naarthy Hinglish vinglish MORE BETTER than your ignorance. Or is your stupidity MORE BETTER than your Hinglish vinglish.

        You naarthy clowning glory. You are bhery bhery ishmart. Pleejh haab shum chai bishkoot. Bekaajh jhu aar naat only MORE BETTER, jhu are MOST BETTER.

        • abey oye shruti tu apne aap ko kya samajti hain . i have studied in english medium u duffer . maine jaldbaazi me likha hain . i m respecting my language hindi and you black faced bastards what you think about you . we r not interested to visit your places even your culture to learn . aap ek ladki hoisliye main aap se izzat se baat karta hoon varna tum black idiots ke muh pe kaun lagna chahta hain agar samaj mein aye to padh lena?

          • Dude, naarthy semi literate Booster,

            If you are interested in posting comments in the language of paan spitters and semil literate khap panchayat worshippers, go find yourself some hindi chai bishkoot blogs. You will find your fellow lallu yadava, moolayam yadava, Mayabhati, Ram bhilas pashwan type naarthy folks there.

            In case you did not notice, the language of communication here is ‘English’. Please go learn to post in the superior English language instead of the language of khap panchayats. Else you are free to leave and go to your neighborhood khap panchayat and exchange ideas with your fellow paan spitting khap panchayatis.

            A request to other naarthies, please dont pollute this board by posting comments in the language of semi literate paan spitters and khap panchayats.

            Booster, Hopefully you will improve your behavior and not insult the rest of us by doodling on this board in the language of the people living in the ‘most backward part of planet earth’ (as per UNDP annual development report).

            If semi literates like Booster need help with the superior English language, please ask, and a South Indian like me may be able to help you semi literate paan spitters improve your lot. You wont receive help unless you ask for it. We are here to help.

        • Ms Shruti, before commenting on our accent could you please check how the hel do u stinking South Indians curd eaters pronounce..

          Hold on I will tell u…

          You are a very cheap South Indian Girla i have ever seena..

          Whata you are talking abouta the North Indians you can see yourselfa..

          Please go and eata some curda rice sambara and rasamaaa because you are best suited for that fooda..

          • same to you buddies jo jesa hota hai woh wesa hi bolta hai

          • north indians are fair because they were ruled by mughals for 800 years.mughal soldiers raped north indian women.north indian men died in battles.they will sell kids as slaves to other people and murder old people.so basically you are mughal byproducts thats why you have green eyes and crooked nose and skin colour of mughals.south indian states were not ruled by mughals and our women were not fucked by mughals like yours.

  8. Firstly learn and respect our national language “Hindi” .

    And One More Thing North Indian Migrate To South Because Of Mainly I.T Jobs.

    When There Will Be I.T Hub In North Specially In State Like Punjab,
    Then No one Will Even Think Of Going To South.

    And We Are Fairer than Your Not Only In Skin But In EveryThing :)

    • Firstly you need to learn that India does NOT have a National Language!

      Now type that on a piece of paper. Stick it on a cardboard. Then hang that cardboard around your neck. So that next time your illiterate self looks at that piece of information you will know not to repeat that falsehood.

      Next, look up the constitution of India. There is a schedule (Schedule VIII) that deals with languages of India. Not only is no language declared as the ‘National Language’ in the constitution, the phrase ‘National Language’ has been avoided in the constitution. Not even once is ‘national language’ mentioned anywhere. Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya, Hindi, English, Bengali..etc…etc are all ‘Official’ languages of India.

      Surprised? Dont be. It is a surprise to ignorant Mayawati statue worshipping, Khap panchayat respecting, North Indians only because they are ignorant.

      Next, if you go by what Hindi speakers have achieved there is very little to respect that language.

      This is what UNDP’s annual Global Human Development report has to state about so called ‘north Indians’: ‘Over 350 Million people living in eight mainly Hindi speaking states of North India lives in worse levels of poverty, illiteracy, and backwardness than all the people living in sub saharan Africa’.

      In other words, you ‘Khap Panchayat’ talibani north Indians, who are famous for using 10 swear words in one sentence, even when speaking to your family members, and spitting paan, and answering natures call on the streets….you filthy sub humans are worse than the most impoverished backward peoples of Sub Saharan Africa.

      Next, are you kidding me when you say that North Indians come down to the South only because of IT jobs. Dude you have no clue what you are talking about! Gujarati shopkeepers and merchants have been living and doing trade supporting their families in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and other parts of the south for generations. You will be surprised how many Gujjus live in Kochi, Calicut, and Kannur of Kerala. They speak Malayalam fluently. Another surprising fact for you…Kerala has the most number of Sikh Gurdwaras among all South Indian states. Again most of them are traders, and have been for a long time. Ever seen Sikhs speaking Malayalam?! Unbelievable right? Many of them in Kochi. Its a sight you will not forget, Sikhs speaking fluent Malayalam.

      The difference is, Sikhs and Gujjus or other North Indians will never be ill treated in Kerala. Never will they be hunted and killed like the cowardly North Indians killed Sikh men, women, and children, during the anti Sikh riots.

      Why? Because South Indians are more civilized that the talibani, paan spitting, khap panchayat obeying, ‘rapist cultured’ semi literates of North india.

      ‘When there will be IT hub in Punjab…North Indians will not go to South India to work’.

      Dude there are laborers from UP, Bihar, Orissa, Punjab visiting south for work, especially Kerala. Do you know why? Because Kerala has the highest ‘Minimum Daily wage’ for laborers in India…Rs 500/day. And yet, because of the high literacy in Kerala, and the high per capita income there, very few Keralites want to work as laborers. So what you have is more and more ‘labor camps’ of migrant workers from other states coming in and settling in Kerala (especially from Orissa, Bihar, UP. But other states as well).

      And dude, are you kidding me …you seem to be a typical semi literate north indian who thinks his pathetic well that he lives in is the entire universe. There is a big world out there, outside of your khap panchyat governed pathetic talibani ‘rape culture’ lives.

      The four south Indian states are doing exceptionally well in terms of development, especially in the last 20 years. Tamil Nadu and Kerala have higher per capita Income than Punjab today! 20 years ago Punjab had a per capita income that was well higher than either of these states.

      Punjab is going down the drain. Even Himachal is progressing and marching right ahead of Punjab. Punjab govts never invested in education, technology, or any other industries..and relied totally on agriculture and Indian govt subsidies (free water, free electricity for farmers, and subsidized rates for other utilities for decades).

      Now let me educate you some more, you north Indian.

      Which three states were recently rated as the top three in terms of develpment by the Govt of India? (Hint: Not Punjab. Not Delhi. Not Haryana. Not UP).

      Here is the list. 1. Kerala 2. Himachal Pradesh 3. Goa

      One Indian state has such a high Human Development Index that only two countries (Norway and Australia) in the developed world rank higher than this state in terms of Human Development statistics. (Hint: That state is not Punjab, Haryana, or Rajasthan). Go find that answer yourself.

      Dude, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh are some of the most Industrialized states of India, and you want to say that its all IT only! Tamil Nadu is a manufacturing hub and builds everything from train compartments, railway engines, cars for foreign and indian brands, satellite components, textiles, tanneries…the list goes on.

      Remember, just because you bury your head inside the sand of ignorance, the world does not go dark. It moves on. You can keep living in your well, the world has moved on. South India has moved on. No one cares in the South for the ignorant bigoted muppets like you in the north.

      • Awesome dude….. thumbs up!!!!

      • Hello All,

        I have read lots of discussions about north and south Indians. It is a fact that there is a lot of development going in south India in terms of manufacturing, IT, textile and other industries and also it is fact that most of the south indian states are the best hibs for IT industries and the best in terms of education too.
        Also before writing any comments and discussions I want all of you to remember that I am only going to compare a modern day middle class indian from both the sides.
        You south indians are dumb asses. Do you remember the movie three idiots, in that chatur ramalingam was from pondicherry(puducherry). Most of you south indians are just like that. In schools you peopel are too scared to take part in any extra curricular activities. All you people do is read something to get a job without any big goals. There are only a few of the south indians who think big. You can just sit in front of a computer and all do is coding. You cannot develop in other fields. You people are so shy. Now please do not give me the list of actors or actresses who are working in your movie industries because at least a quarter of them are from the north. North indians migrate to south because of opportunities and make their own stand over there.
        Just imagine if we north Indians had all the opportunities that you people have, nobody would have even bother about you all. You people would have totally vanished. You people can define career only in terms of education as you are too scared to go to other fields. An average north indian is more extrovert than any of you. You cannot take a stand. You cannot take a stand. You poeple do not know how to behave when a person from other state comes and visits your place. Especially tamilians are worst in that as they hate north indians. You people show that you have very good characters but most of your movies are not more than a b grade movie in which. Movies of bollywood are diverse soem are b grade but most of them are not like that but you people only show b grade stuff. feel like shitting on the faces of all the south indians. The girls will pretend as if they are the most pure girt\ls in the world. They will have affairs right from their school and every new place they go to., they have an affair and finally they marry some one else. Most of the north indians(except the states of haryana and some places in punjab which are known for honour killing) are open minded and support love marriages.
        Most of the honour killings are done only in south india. i have lived in both north and south india. You peopel are the perfect examples of targedy in fashion. I will not comment about complexion as that is something genetic and depends on the environment where a person stays. South indians are like donkeys travelling one behind the other. If one person takes a particular path and gets success in that, all the other will follow him in the same way. Hyderabadis are the perfect cheaters. They even copy in international exams like GRE and IELTS. Your education system is no longer a way to teach instead it has become highly commercialised and that is why you will find most of the top level colleges and schools located in north, central east and western parts of india and very few in south. You people do not have a minimum common sense. Girls are so scared even at the age of 25 to decide any thing on their own. for every thing they will either call their ‘mama’, ‘cousin aka lover’, ‘uncle’, ‘brother’, ‘bava’ …… They cannot make their decisions.
        You people do not know how to eat. the tamilians have the worst eating habits. Either you people eat non veg food or eat rice with even pickle.
        And then most of the south indians still get flattered on north indians. You people tell bad about us and still follow us.
        North India has always been the one witnessing most of the wars from times immemorial. All you south indians have done is just just sit and study and that too nothing qualitative, just quantitative.
        I have a very good example of ignorance about the overall general knowledge of south indians. I remember a incident, I was in hyderabad and wen with my friends to one of the nest colleges over their(Chaitanya Bharti institute of technology). I met a maths professor over there and I was shocked to see that he did not know any other state in north india except delhi.
        You south indians just try to enter into some good exmas by preparing for 3-4 years and to be just unsuccessful in your lives.
        You peopel are so insecure that you always try to be in groups. But north indians are not like that, they are like kings even when they are alone and this I can say coz I have seen an average middle class south as well as north Indian.
        The boys in south India are so dirty that they see north indian girls and all they dream is to make them, their girl friends. You people can never respect girls. Even educated boys in south india comment vulgarly on girls.
        You people are shit. Like your facial color is your heart color too. You people can never become true friends to any one. You people do not have style. You are fucking ass holes. Whatever a person can say about south, it is less. I wish you are get fucked up.
        Dumb asses

    • completely agree 2 you

      • Hey, ‘booster’, you naarthy… its not ‘completely agree 2 you’.

        It should be ‘…completely agree WITH your position’, or, ‘…completely agree WITH you’.

        It is hilarious to read your naarthy Hinglish.

        • u r black African ancestor of india , you r an idiot that only know how to improve and laugh at others english read it and improve . we will give you as a charity u dirty black south indian @shruti

        • @srut(h)i.
          I am not going to reward you and the well known adjectives which suits you(Black faced , followers of rajanikanth religion).
          You tried to prove youself the second shakespeare. If you are song english lover then go and lick shoes of english people. I accept that we north(not narthy , o suuper stupid) indians(i am a bihari) are little bit slow in english because hindi is used at schools and public areas. But you ,followers of 5000 years old language cant understand it so you show yourself as a follower of world class language (or people). Go to home and read colours of people (your favorite subject). Keep drinking the syrup of english and dividing indian on language(probably in 50 parts). One more thing , you know how to prove your idiotness. (Now start finding errors in this).
          Typing some correct words doesnt show your intelligence. (Then a professional man will be more intelligent than you sister of ltte head.)

          I think you are beaten up by a pan spitter. Pan chewing is not a bad habbit , suuuper fool child . Now go and type http://www.wikipedia.org ( o , you should start a revolution for getting it in tamil) they will be so thrilled to be corrected by you. Lol , Bihar produces more ias than all four combined. Now go and start the revolution.

          • truly written brother bihari i think that shruti is jealous of english instead of hindi . southies use english because they are slaves of britishers so they love english language .

    • Teri maa ki chut.

      Take that Hindi you porki beggars of india!

      Madarchod all Hindi speaker will soon be kicked out of india cause of this reason

      From now I will see to it that madarchod Hindi walled will be kicked out of other states.

  9. The only way to solve this is to split the country in half so we northies can live a peaceful life away from you dosa eating kunts!!

    • ‘The only way to solve this is to split the country in half so we northies can live a peaceful life away from you dosa eating kunts!!’

      Go right ahead. You Mayawati statue worshipping, illiterate, paan spitting, openly urinating and defecating, sub humans of north India, who are only known for its rapist culture and rioting and bride burning, should be a country by your own pathetic selves.

      That nation of lepers and beggars and looters and rapists will be worse than sub saharan Africa. The uncivilized frustrated north indian subhumans will gang rape their own mothers and sisters.

      Pathetic uncivilized subhumans. A blot on not just India, but the whole of humanity, these Mayawati statue worshippers.

      Animals! All of them.

      • hence proved u r paki( 12 the failed state ) we dont need ur advice… go to .. yeah u know that

        • Wow..so any one holding up a mirror to your face so you can see the true colors of your illiterate, khap panchayati, bride burning, rape cultured north India….becomes a Pakistani? Wow. So when the UNDP stated that, ‘ Over 350 million people living in eight mainly Hindi speaking states of North India live in worse levels of poverty, illiteracy and backwardness than all the people living in sub saharan Africa’…does that make UN and UNDP pakistanis?

          You khap panchayati, stale chappati eating, Mayawati statue worshipping, bride burning, disgrace to human kind, north indians…are amazing.

          • so u think all north indians support the crap and spit paans .. do kap penchayats and beat our women all day ( u r replying to woman i think u dont know that )…oh god who am i talking to..ek padha likha anpadh :O or wot … even i can talk about human scavenging u people still are practicing and exploiting low caste people , n yeah i can talk about how u people murder ur own old family members (Thalaikoothal ) , and how u deny entry to women and low caste community in south indian temples … but u know what we all know who u are… 12th failed economy of the world :’( … sympathy .. bechare .. u can take these point and can rant aginst south india in some other blog which i know u wud do.. but trust me u will not going to get any gud out of it by anyway… because we Indians know our strength and weakness.. and we are working on them and progressing with each passing day while u people are still behind and taking out ur frustration this way .. and we are much ahead and successful than u crappy minds . so take a psychiatrist appointment and live n peace
            India rocksssssssssss… nothing can break our nation.yeye.. jai hind

          • Your name should be stupidity – foolness overbridge and it should be minimum 10 km long.

            1. North indian people don’t worship humans . BSP activists do. But all south indian hell is full with suuuuperstar temples. Go and pray them to save you from sinhales.(aryans)

            2.Khap panchayats are active in very small part of very small state Haryana. But only one tamil drunk 1.76 lacs crore .which is affecting larger portion of people ? (o o , i forgot , How can a mindless person give answers)

            3. south indian cabinet ministes made outstanding earnings as compared to their northern counterparts.

            4. Andhra pradesh is more illiterate than most of the north indian states.

            5. Everyone knows the truth of keralites in gulf.

      • And what do u do..You marry your own cousins which we say brothers / sisters and get kids from them.. have some amount of shame..

        U speaking a lot of crap..I think u have been badly beaten up and harassed by some North Indian.. :)

    • That would be the best thing to happen to South India, ridding itself of you stale chappati eating smelly illiterate kunts.

      • what comments i m listening . u ” marry ” with your cousins u know which crime u are doing we trear cousins as our blood relatives and u marry them . hence your this mentality has proved that your culture is much ahead then western culture. hahaha marrying with sisters. this stupidity shames me that it occours in india . first literare tour community and after this imporve my english

  10. i cant believe indians hav such differences that they will abuse their own brothers and sisters.are here pakis writing as indians,it seems to me that way.

    guys even if some of our states are poor,is it not our job to bring it out of poverty level?
    i as a noth indian admire southies as their railway station are far more clean than my state ones (madhya pradesh),their roads are better.but i dont expect any verbal abuse from south indian bros. for that.i want them to perform and become an inspiration for rest of us.
    punjabi identity is considered most attractive today.but i find them loud and fake.i mean no dis-respect in saying so,the reason is the performance of their state.it is continuously going down.i want them to become wheat bowl again(agriculturally superior).if you want to differentiate between two things,do it while try not to abuse your countrymen.

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  12. Northie beggars are afraid of Keralites and you should know why?

    1,Kerala is a paradise for these unlettered slum dwellers.
    2,Keralites are Indians unlike these half porkis who stay in our country.
    3,We don’t know that alien language called Hindi.Moreover,we make those ugly one-eyed yoghurt lobber Biharis(For us,every one of you Northies are Bihari beggars) talk our language,Malayalam else you are gotta go begging in Cochin.
    4,At the end of the day,they are our slaves.

    I don’t have to write a lot about these people who lives below poverty line.

    • Hindi is not an alien language you bloody dumb A** South Indian..rather you are an alien who doesn’t know Hindi..

      And we are not your slaves rather you Dravidians are our slaves..We did rule over you in the past and we do rule on you now..

      Bloddy beggars and F****** B*******..

    • Why the hell should we speak Malyalam thats no where our language.. Its neither our national language and nor our mother tongue.. You foolish f*** u better speak in Hindi and all the local languages of India or else you will be find begging in some of the places of India..

      And you will not even get the so called stinking chapati..

    • And malayalis love to sell their daughters.

    • I am from bihar and live a wonderful life here. I cant understand that why you are rewarding ‘beggers’ title to all the biharis. There are 2 IAS from my home and i am persuing b tech from iit patna. My village has 20 hours electricity and shining roads. Tv’s in every house and broadband connection in every fifth house. I have not faced any problems in studies or social life of being a bihari. Am i Begger…. what i have begged to you. only some people out of 10 crore have gone to earn something and you are giving such words to them . Why you talk about language we all are indians. any indian can go anywhere in india for earning. Why are you not comparing yourselves with us or europe .is bihar a easy target ? you are keralite and i am bihari ,can you stand against me ?

    • Exactly

      For the author of this article:

      ment is awaiting moderation.
      Which motherfucker north Indian bastard wrote this article ?

      Sale Pakistani Muller ki aulaad. If North india should have been givet to Pakistan India would have been a developed country. The true inhabitants of the Indus valleys civilization are the civilised people from the southern india.

      And northindians are just wanna be white skins

      In truth they are short and dark but they assume themselves to be fair. Apart from a few kashniriri’s himachals and Punjabi rest of northindians are short and retarded.

      People from Kerala are a lot fair and better looking that the retarded unpaid gawaars of the north who live in false assumptions

      The Aryan Dravidian theory is a faux so live with it you son of a bitch.

      This entire article is fraud and false information.

  13. Hey guys, don’t act stupid fighting over racial differences. Finally we all r humans and above it we are indians. Already we have lots problems to deal with like poverty, corruption, unemployement etc. It seems me like i am living in a chaotic country everything just messed up, and we only educated ppl can change dis picture, but instead of concentrating on problem u ppl fighting like enemies over simple issue like race, its my humble request to u’ll don’t further divide our nation into S. India and N.india it already had enough divisions. I am studying engineering and i am dreaming of the day whn india will send manned lunar mission and whn i will become part of it, but i don’t think wid such kind of attitude dat day would cum. First we need to learn to stay united. So don’t fight my friends. Jai hind.

  14. Get off your high horse!!!

    North and South India are equal, it’s like idiots like you that why Indian’s are regarded as one nation, but you guys are self absorbed on the idea of the North and South seperation. Unite as a nation, stop complaining about who the hell is better than the other. Rather than fighting about who is better than the other focus on Poverty and other major issues in the Indian society.

    ‘ if you are so annoyed over the language barrier learn a common language
    GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Priya: ‘..if you are so annoyed over the language barrier learn a common language
      GET OVER IT!’

      Aren’t we all communicating so well on this board using such a wonderful common language: ENGLISH!

      That is all we need. English has served India very well as a common language, and continues to do so very well.

      The highest level of Indian Government, the Parliament, transacts business in ENGLISH. Be proud of English.

      India’s laws including the penal code were written in English.

      All communications in the Indian Military is in English. The regulations and laws governing the Army, Navy and Airforce are written in English.

      The constitution of India was written in ENGLISH. Be proud of English.

      English ‘ishpeaking’ classes do heavy business in North India. I encourage naarth indians to learn and improve their English skills. Like South Indian schools which place a lot of emphasis on English and the local language in schools.

      English is the common language that India needs. It has served us well.

      So all regional governments should focus on English and the regional languages in schools and state govt functioning.

      To that end I compliment the latest acts passed by the state govt of Kerala officially declaring Malayalam as the state language that REQUIRES all state goverment staff to learn and use MALAYALAM. Even IAS, IPS, and other central govt service officers posted to Kerala are now required by LAW to learn and become proficient in spoken and written MALAYALAM. The objective of the new law is to ensure that citizens living in Kerala do NOT have to tolerate the language of illiterates and semi literates when people from such states are all allocated the Kerala cadre.

      Kerala citizens shall now be able to bring officers from central government services, who ‘ishpeak’ or ‘write’ in the language of semi literates, bride burners, and ‘khap panchayats’, to the courts, if they are found writing official correspondence in the language of ‘semi literates’ and not using Malayalam and English.

      Kerala has increased emphasis on Malayalam, English and computer education in schools so children grow up with skills that they need to excel around the world.

      Nice to notice that Kerala is showing the spine that Tamil Nadu has shown all along to preserve, defend, and strengthen their language.

      As a Keralite American, it makes my heart swell with pride and happiness, that Kerala (‘the healthiest and cleanest state of India’ as per wikipedia)…that Kerala, is emphasizing Malayalam and English over the language of illiterates, bride burners and culture less paan spitters.

  15. Hey guys stop fightin lyk dat…whoevr we may be or wichever state do we belong to…we must always be proud of our nation’s cultural diversity.

    • @Twinkle: ‘Hey guys stop fightin lyk dat…whoevr we may be or wichever state do we belong to…we must always be proud of our nation’s cultural diversity.’

      Sorry, I refuse to be proud of the talibani North Indian culture of khap panchayat and rapes and bride burning and ….. the list goes on.

      Sorry, no interested in any of that nasty north Indian subhuman culture. You can have it.

  16. arey guys “mile sur mera tumhara toh sur bane humara ”
    we always talk about differences .. lets us talk about similarities of INDIANS LIVING IN SOUTH PART OF INDIA AND INDIAN LIVING IN NORTH OF INDIA :
    1: we are Indians ( if it is difficult for u to understand then north people can go to Pakistan and south people have sri lanka as an option )
    2 :99 percent of us have black eyes ,black hair , average female height 5’4 average male height 5’8 ( both my parents are punjabi and i am a gal so my height is 5’7 but average male height in my family is 5’8 :p .. few are less lol and my south indian tamilian friend is 5 ’10 but his father is around 5’8 .. so here is the similarity that none of us should ignore )
    3 : we all are brown ( forget shades .. we all are brown lets accept it Caucasoid are fair ,africans are black .. we are BROWN )
    4: we all wear saree , salwar kamiz ,lehnga , western wear ,at some point of time according to our comfort and men (90 %) strictly wear western outfits ( shirts and pants ) ahh guys but here are few exceptions.. my andhraite friend never wear lungi and my uphite friends wear it at home all the time, even when he goes to shops nearby haha .
    5 we all use herbal products and those who dont use it also think that its good for health…
    6 we all believe in completing studies up to graduation and we have scholars from all parts of the country
    7 we all are facing tough competition
    8 we all know at least 3 languages ( more or less ) in a way we all are much better than one language speaking people
    9 in our movies actors and actresses dance here and there in completely out of context songs ( only our movies in have fun songs between serious scenes)
    10 we all are struggling in day to day life
    11 we all have poor people, rich people and middle class in our cities
    12 we all follow family concept
    13 we all are following patriarchic system and male of our society doesnt believe in respecting women and dont even know the right manner of talking to a woman ( its not in our male upbringing )
    14 we all hate each other for no good reason .. geez
    15 we all are 1st or 2nd generation of independent India… after few generations our kids wont bother about these cast based and regional discrimination ( these are spread by our older people ) and after few decade generation they wud start respecting women other than their own family
    oh god list is long… well yes i m north indian , my english is not good,u all can rant about it all u can can.. i made this effort just to be clear to my south indian brothers and sisters…
    jai hind

    • You are write Deep..You were right from the very beginning..And your Englisg awesome.. Setu should learn from you..Atleast he should know how to speak to a woman..

  17. I think u have good point we all r brown. We have our family members of diff shades, and there is no reason for d system of aperthaid to exist here.

  18. I would say by my obeservations that North indians are boasting lot & bitches there in metros in north are wannabe western copycats. Besides all north indian (bollyshit ) entertainment is shit & all copied from west. Besides North indians dont know the states , capitals in the south & north east india. They look a bit fair than southerners but boast as westerners!assholes!bitches! Though south indians look a bit dark but they’re humble & not copycat arseholes like northindian bhaiyas.

  19. I don’t understand why all of you are arguing. The real problem is the corruption in the political system of India. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Saying that North Indians are less educated then South Indians should not be taken as pride because after all it is YOUR country. Non Indians don’t look at India and say “wow South India is so much better” because in reality the majority of India is in poverty. That is the reason it is still known as a developing country and considered one of the world’s poorest countries. Don’t pride yourself with either side, because outside of India no one gives a crap. On the bright side, India’s economy is getting increasingly better. Hopefully, this will bring many positive changes to all of India.

  20. sorry everyone , wrongly typed 2 words in the hurry to reply this black african people.

    AND in first lines and SONG (so) in mid.

    one more thing you should rename tamilnadu as rajinikanthnadu and elect a new tamil actress as new cheif minister. Go and Pray in all suuuperstar temples made by you and take aashirwad to become white then go to europe and start comparing your colour with them.

    • oh pray to great goddes rabri devi

      • @Ajay mehta
        First learn the language son. GO SCHOOL DAILY.You are not any better than Rabri Devi. This is a english website and if you can’t write it you should not come here.she is 5th pass and even a 1st standard hindi medium student knows the word ‘GODDESS’. From where she looks goddess ? We worship her ? She has ruined us and i hate her more than you.Are tamils pray Raja? FOOL…

        • @Bihari

          Before you climb on the podium and sarcastically humiliate others about their inadequate English skills, you may like to make sure that you write correctly. For instance,

          It should be ‘Go TO school…’ and not ‘Go school…’.

          It should be ‘This is AN English website’ and not ‘This is A English website’.

          Similarly, ‘From where she looks goddess?’ is an incorrect construct.

          Likewise…’Are Tamils pray Raja?’ should be ‘Do Tamils pray to Raja?’ or ‘Do Tamils worship Raja?’

          There are several other grammatical errors in your response. Admittedly it is not a crime to make grammatical errors in posts made on an online forum. However, given how sarcastic and condescending you are in pointing out someone else’s mistakes, the blatant errors in your own response are a touch too ironic.

  21. I am a North Indian and my name is Pulkit Saxena, what I see here is that some stereotypes are wrong and some are right about both of the regions … I love my India and i love my Indians, be it south or north … Why to make an issue of colour, that’s just a colour, be proud of brown black or white, whatever it is ! If some one calls you black, that’s ok it’s the colour of Krishna and if someone calls you white, that’s the colour of Jesus … not a big deal … I just urge you people to stop this baseless arguement and be proud of yourself and your own heritage … be it South North East or West

  22. Without Kings how come the magnificient temples built by chola, hoysala, vijayanagar kingdom came into existence?

  23. North Indians are rapists and murderers. This is clearly evidenced by the number of rape and murder cases that happen in north india, even in their CAPITAL city Delhi.
    North indians rape a woman every 8 hours. When a woman goes to the police to complain, the north indian cop will rape her again.

    I’m not kidding. There is a story that made the headlines where FIVE NORTH INDIAN men raped and murdered a girl on a bus in delhi.

    North India is a shit hole – full of pigs (north indians), dusty dirt roads, piss every where.
    You won’t find soap, water, or people who can speak english. They think the world will speak hindi for them hahahahahaha.
    poo da north indian thevadaiya

    • yaaaa dear very true and dey thing only by being fair dey lead the world …. but yhey dont knw thier colour is use for nothing…. axcept sitting at home n looking at mirror thats it

  24. Having brighter complexion dosen’t make anybody superior than sombody else. It’s our values which r going to decide our fate. Our color is varying coz v r adapted to our geographical location. I’m of brown complexion n i’m proud of it coz my look associates me with india wherever i go n stay.

  25. Dear all, Its easy to pick a fight with another culture or their way of life. Both the North and South have their differences and their similarities. I have visited both and can tell you that both sides have their negatives and positives. There are uneducated people on both sides of the scale and vice versa. The article clearly explains the cultural differences and the way of life but it doesn’t insult anyone. The same should be preserved when talking about ones culture on this blog. America is preached to the world as the most welcoming and the world of opportunities but the country also hosts one of the most racist attitudes towards other colours.

    What is important is that we’re INDIANS at the end of the day. Mahatma and Chandra Bose never split them when fighting for independence, and most Indians regardless of being from the South or North would call themselves Indians in a foreign state not North or South Indians. Learn to respect your own country!

  26. First take some grammar lessons ,child. You fools have not mind to understand a nation , its cultural diversity and our power of unity. What you can do is sit and watch movies. Dont use your tiny mind in the field of national integrity. North indians do not require certificates from you. I bet 95 percent north indians are atleast gentle than you.Dont divide india on your any personal experience.Stop arguing on colour and culture. I am a bihari and proud of kalam,Ramanujan,c v raman.I am also proud of Biharis like Aryabhatt,chanakya,buddha,mahavira,rajendra prasad etc. So region does not decides any one’s mentality. Why don’t you all compare yourselves with europe and usa. anserwerless ?

  27. @Nilojan iyer.
    O O O …Stop stop. O stupid shut up your fucking mouth now. Knowing the facts are essential before barking . ANDHRA PRADESH is no. 1 in india in crime against women . New delhi is first in cities followed by 2.BENGALURU ,3.HYDERABAD , 4. VIJAYAWADA . Dont speak so fluently o f***d man and go to school for some knowledge oh sorry go , go , go rajinikanth’s new movie has released.
    sorry to all my south indian brothers but this man is forcing me to write these words.

  28. My dear fellow Indians be it Nindians, Sindians, Eindians,Cindians or WIndians. You are bunch of asses with shit in the brain. Don’t you know that you are spitting on yourself. Grow up and act like a human being. Never seen people like you who find racial differences like you do among yourself. The Nindian fair skin, the sindian brain is all shit..you go to any developed western country and mention about your fair skin and bright brain..they will laugh at you… So much for your f$$#up brains. You are a bunch of racist monkeys. “Aryans”..my foot..Max Mueller coined that term. Hitler did not even accept Jews as Aryans and where do you Nindian stand a chance being called “Aryan”. Sindian brain…God don’t make me laugh! Indians are raceless..you asses…you are called as caucasoids..check the meaning in the dictionary you dumb asses. Try to get a life. Sad westerners have to teach the values of mutual respect…the same thing that your ancestors were preaching 1000s of years back.

  29. The immaturity of this debate makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.

    Generalizations are created by stupid minds. Not every young South Indian is an Einstein in the making. Not every North Indian is built like Hercules. And you would see dark-skinned individuals on either side if you looked closely.

    The Aryan-Dravidian theory is the creation of a colonial empire that sought to shatter our unity and rule over the pieces. Even if it were true, does it make an iota of difference in modern times? What does it matter whether or not an ancestor of mine decided to move to India from Central Asia?

  30. In an attempt to research the reason why 2 joint ventures in different parts of India would benefit a huge global firm, I stumbled upon what seems to be a tug of war between southern and northern residents of India. I have seen this struggle in American history, and without pointing the blame at any one group, I would like to share with each of you that the only thing that seperates people are ideals and distance. Other than that, there is only those with good intentions and those with bad intentions. No one race of people is greater than another. We are all bound by the blood in our veins and this beautiful planet that we share. Racism is a disease similar to cancer, that eats away at the minds of hearts of those who will allow it to do so. I have friends who are native to India, both north and south. I have eaten their food and shared their struggles. They are not different from me in any way. I encourage the people in this forum to put asisde these insignifcant differences and learn to appreciate the differences in all cultures. It is only until we, the people of this beautiful planet Earth, stop fighting over who is greater will we become greater as the human race. May love and peace take the place of anger and prejudice in the hearts of all men. And may knidness and understanding be the approach of all men in our journey of life. Peace to all of you on this forum.

  31. I am not racist in general…I have great south indian friends (Mallu, Tamilian, Andhraite, Kannadigas). I love/hate a PERSON and not a RACE. But I was very shocked when I heard a very racist comment from a very good Tamilian friend for North-Indian and he included me in those comments. I never thought he felt that way about North Indian and moreover about me. It was very bad. Whats the point of friendship if you put me in the same category…and couldn’t differentiate me from others despite knowing me for so long. I dont make friends bcoz they belong to a particular region or race…I make friends bcoz I appreciate them and bcoz there is a similarity of thoughts. I will always keep in mind that Tamil people will never like a North-Indian however good the friendship is…and its only bcoz we have a tag “North-Indian” associated with us.

  32. South Indians are black pussies who only know how to take things and never give! They stink of imli and nariyal tel and look like a baboons dick! They are blacker than my pubic hair! Jatt naal panga na liyo kaale haraamzaade!

  33. Hey guys stop disrespecting each other. And please don’t pull the Hindi in the fight., Hindi was a language commonly created so that it could be used as a common medium of communication. It is not a N.Indian language.. please.

    Because of this Indian mentality the British people ruled India for more than 200 yrs.

    I am a north Indian born & raised in the south, I can speak tamil & kannad more better than my native language + my dad is a gujrati & my mom is assami & I am almost a south indian.

    All my dear brothers and sisters who read this message of mine plz stop ur shameless fight.

  34. North INDIAN or South INDIAN, what both these communities don’t seem to realise is that in the end you are all INDIANS. And by passing such sweet comments at each other you are just humiliating yourself and your country. From Kashmir till Kanyakumari this country is beautiful in every aspect, however the only thing which tends to spoil the beauty of this nation is people with such mentality at every step. Instead of pointing fingers at others first look at what you are commenting. It clearly proves you are no better than your north or south Indian counter part. Have some shame people and develop some respect for your country people, else seriously this country is better off without people like you.

  35. people here fighting in the name of colour.
    colour is just because of climate and place they live.
    i am proud to say am south Indian.
    Deepika padukone, Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai many bollywood rulers are from S.I..
    only some of very southern part of India which lies in Southern part of T.N, Kerala, Central part of Karnataka, and eastern part of A.P are little darker. look at northern Keralities, except people in central Karnataka all are fair, fair people are found every where in T.N & A.P..
    we South Indian states are just comprised of 4 States, 4 different language, 4 different culture, all the religion people living happily..
    if a K.A people come to T.N they welcome warmly, same with all the other states because they think we are human beings..

  36. to all north Indian who say they are fair,
    when compared with Europeans and Americans you are darker mind it.
    we south Indians may be black, read this.
    let me come to your matter
    you people change colour like chameliens, BUT WE NEVER CHANGE, WE ARE WHAT WE ARE FROM THE TIME OF BIRTH TO TILL THE DEATH..


  38. aryan and dravidian ideology has been scrapped!stop whinning over it!

  39. What matters is not the color of a person’s skin nor their stature but their character and the grace and confidence with which they carry themselves. When the only way that an individual thinks he can win a discussion is by putting down another human being for being ‘dark’ or ‘light’ skinned, it reveals how ill-equipped he or she is to hold a fruitful conversation. It is like the way little children try to win an argument that they think they are losing by calling their opponent ‘ugly’.
    It does not matter what the color of the skin is, but may i ask readers on this forum what the color of Mahatma Gandhi’s skintone was? Was he South Indian or North Indian? Why did he face prejudice in South Africa? or how about President Putin of Russia? He is short in stature but he certainly has a commanding presence – does he not?

  40. I think all intelligent people can agree upon 2x fundamental truths about the above article.

    1) This is a terribly inaccurate article full of oversimplifications.

    2) All the commentators arguing that South/North Indians are better, are idiots.

  41. Hello fellow INDIANS!

    Well it was just the worst possible visual treat to go through, I mean the comments above. The north south controversy (here) got so abusive that it felt like being a citizen, well let me call it “proud citiens, of an independent country, you guys are so far form having a free mind. Somewhere you are still captivated in rigid mental barriers that you all put up as “differences” . Let me clarify my indentity. Well, i was born and brought up in the U.S and and i’m very much a BENGALI from within and from profile. I was tought to respect my origin first and then to the state where i live and my future lies. Somewhere it feels so disappointing to see you people who should be proud of your diverse culture, fight their differences out! If you fail to give yourself a national identity , then how you people expect to be treated about when you go abroad? you’ll represent yourself as SOUTH INDIANS Or NORTH INDIANS? Phew!

    Someone here called a ‘bengalis’ and other north indians as ugliest. Well, really? Are you so stupid enough to believe that? So low. God damn huh! I don’t think you have travelled like a nomadic through the north indian states; judging and rating women according to their beauty? So lame!

    May be, you people won’t keep me in your INDIAN agenda. Practically, i’m not bothered too. My friends who are black , white, Asians (yellows) and ofcourse Indians do not see the differences that way. They call me American (inspite of being an indian by birth). And here, you people deny to be the part of this colour nation. So Much Racial.

    In fact, even now in the weekends i would drive to the Central square in boston to munch on some Dosa. I crave for indian food varing from north to south. Does that really make a difference?

    Skin colour. Accents. Linguistic difference and Blah blah blah… Stop all this. Learn to appriciate and be respectful towards other culture. If you can’t respect you have no right to piss on them.
    Last but not the least, be proud of your birth, country and people. Try to fathom these values and reframe it, integrate it. I’ll call myself Indian , no matter of which part of india i derived my origin form or which part of the world i live. Deeply settled in my shallow vein! Oxymoron.

  42. I completely deny the Aishi Comments.I would treat south india a different Nation/country those who recognize it or not.I feel India is a fake and fabricated Nation(They Media/North indians) only wants to hold the Integrity of the Country).They Use to highlight some names and ask rest of them acknowledge what they do and what they say.I feel that this type of brutality and dictatorship will never be continued against south indians(who are very confined just to Sustain their Lifes without Coming out).Here we need to give little bit excuse to Tamils and malayalis rest of the South Indians are much like Goats and sheeps.What the North media/North politicians say they do accordingly.The very good example is the bifurfication of Andhra Pradesh state.Since there are 25 M.ps from seemandhra region and 17 mps of telangana region.In total they constitute 42 M.P’S.6 crores of people stands for United A.P and 3.5 crores of people stand for telangana.But the Centre wants to choose Bifurficate of the state.irrespective of Majority People wish.If this will happen tamilnadu you see the Situation of India .In Language they(Central Govt.)Observe Hindi a Official Language.But subsequently they also celebrate Tamil as an Ancient Language which they ignore Telugu and Kannada(They also have an ancient or Classical language status) .

    Read more: Difference Between North and South India | Difference Between | North vs South India http://www.differencebetween.net/miscellaneous/difference-between-north-and-south-india/#ixzz2hrbYt6lY

  43. South Indians are not the shortest people in India. Keralites are the 2nd tallest people in India (after Punjabis & equal to Kashmiris). Also, South Indians collectively are taller than people from WB, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, MP, Chattishgarh & all of North east.

    This was as per 2001 census. I would have preferred to attach a screenshot, but that is not possible here. (http://censusindia.gov.in/Census_Data_2001/Census_data_finder/A_Series/Total_population.htm)

    ALL ARE.

    • the sweeter your people sound, the more poison is filled in your mouth, You people have a sweet tongue but a heart of gall

  45. Which motherfucker north Indian bastard wrote this article ?

    Sale Pakistani Muller ki aulaad. If North india should have been givet to Pakistan India would have been a developed country. The true inhabitants of the Indus valleys civilization are the civilised people from the southern india.

    And northindians are just wanna be white skins

    In truth they are short and dark but they assume themselves to be fair. Apart from a few kashniriri’s himachals and Punjabi rest of northindians are short and retarded.

    People from Kerala are a lot fair and better looking that the retarded unpaid gawaars of the north who live in false assumptions

    The Aryan Dravidian theory is a faux so live with it you son of a bitch.

    This entire article is fraud and false information.

  46. There is no reason to fight like dogs, all deferences are because of geography and climate ,nobody can be blamed for that and there is nothing to pride in such stupid things. While this is the beauty of india, “unity in deferences”
    and of cource iam from heart of india but before that i am indian and i proud to be born in this unique beauty.

  47. Here is some information regarding Kerala in South India, from Wikipedia:

    Kerala already leads the Indian states in terms of Literacy, HDI and almost every other indicator. It is ranked 6th in per capita GDP, but when the remittances are included the GDP is almost double that of Maharashtra (the current leader) and is on par with some of the western countries.

    Kerala is considered by many as the cleanest and most developed region in South Asia. This improved standards and quality of life has made Kerala a preferred location for the laborers from the poorer states in the North like Bihar, UP, Jharkand,West Bengal, Punjab, MP, Delhi, Himachal, etc and also from the neighboring Tamil Nadu. The dialy wages in Kerala is almost 4 times that of these states and the trade union activities in Kerala ensures a better standard of life for the workers. The quality of medical facilities in kerala which are provided to the public for free also makes Kerala a preferred location.

    Kerala also ranks as India’s best state for woman safety and childcare.


  48. Mostly Martyr in India are [ North West & East of India ] …

    after Freedom …..

    you South Indian , wants a separate Country & Democracy

    WOW South Indian

    • who said to you that south indians didn’t died for India.look into second world history and many south indians died for india.Look into ramchandra guha ‘s book and read how it mentions about soldiers from travancore came and died in kashmir.Or look into the weapon , missile and all modern warefare technology development .Majority are developed by south Indians.You can ask yourself about isro and see how many scientists from kerala ( madhavan nair , radhakrishnan nair ) and south indian states are spending for day and night for India.There is no shortage of warriors in south india.You can just take the immigrant tamilians -LTTE .When it existed it was the world’s most deadly suicide bombing organisation.

  49. hi

    Even among south Indians there are lot of difference. Kannadigas and telegus are not dravidians. the tamil are afro negriod race(from Africa) the malaylies, tamils and benglis are classified as dravidians.

    Kannadigas are way different in culture and traditions and customs compared to other south Indians, we are mahisa race of purunas. read some history, all the dynasty that ruled the central, south and west india are kannada dynasty. it has been proved by historians. please do some history learning than you would know the difference among the south indians

    • Hey you kannadiga afro dravidian ape. Bengalis are Aryans you Kannadigas are dravidian negro untouchable people.

      • To SI Negro who wrote, ‘Hey you kannadiga afro dravidian ape. Bengalis are Aryans you Kannadigas are dravidian negro untouchable people.’

        You mean to say Kannadigas like Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone are ‘negro’?

        I knew many in North India are illiterate, but you are a particularly hilarious specimen.

    • Kannadigas are Dravidians whereas Bengalis are Aryans. That’s why so many Bengalis win beauty titles.

  50. Martyrs were and are from all sides of India. Most of the national leaders and nationalist parties formed during freedom struggle were from Maharashtra like Congress, Socialist , RSS etc. Main movements like Quit India started by Gandhiji also from Mumbai and people from other parts of country participated as well. Martyrs afer freedom are also from all over country and not only from one part.

  51. Umm. Bihar is the second fastest developing economy in India. Patna also has the second highest per capita income in the entire nation, behind Delhi. It was historically the centre for many great kingdoms and trade routes, including Awadh, Maurya, etc. Champaran was the birth place for Gandhi’s efforts to create an independent India. Bihar has the highest number of graduates from all major institutions in India including (but not limited to) IITs, IIMs, etc. We have the one of the biggest tertiary sector’s in India. We do not depend on agriculture. We had an 11.03% growth rate, only second to Gujarat which had a 11.05% GDP growth rate. The World Bank ranked Patna as follows: “In June 2009, the World Bank ranked Patna as the best city in India, out of 17, to start a business. The World Bank also ranked Patna 2nd for the enforcement of contracts, 9th in dealing with construction permits, 15th for paying taxes and registering property, 10th for trading across borders, and 15th for closing a business. Overall, the city was placed 14th.” – Wikipedia, referenced to http://www.doingbusiness.org/data/exploreeconomies/india/sub/patna/

    Guys, please don’t be ignorant. Every North Indian and South Indian here is fighting over petty differences. Some of the most beautiful women are from the South. Some of the best men are from the North. The East has some of the most ethnic diversity, living in harmony without any misogyny or patriarchal control. The West has some of the most vibrant cultures there is to offer. Central India more diverse than any place in the world. We must not fight over where we come from, but rather realise and acknowledge what our forefathers fought and gave up their lives for: a united India that does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity. We are the MOST ethno-culturally diverse nation in the world, and we should be proud of it. I recently moved to the US, and have lived in Europe for over half a decade. They all appreciate our culture and diversity more than even we Indians do. So guys, if there is a lesson to learn here, it is that we are not NORTH, SOUTH, EAST OR WEST. We are all INDIANS. Jai Hind.

    • I loved your post too. You missed out somethings. (North or South, they seem to be cousins in this matter). The cruelty of untouchability is very hurting and humbling to me. South may be progressing a bit faster though I have no proof for it. How is it in the north?

  52. Its funny to hear North Indians are fair. In fact Kerala people are much fairer than most of the North Indians. Majority of the Punjabis are brown skinned. Go to Punjab and see that. They are hairy too. If you compare percentage of fairer people, North Indians are more Darker than South Indians. Even most of the Kashmiris are brown. In south India Tamil Nadu is the only place which you can see dark peoeple but Tamil Brahmins are the most white skinned peopel in India. Most of the south Indians are fairer than north Indians. North Kerala peopel are more fairer than 99% of Indians. Visit North Kerala then you can see that. This is because North Kerala is ruled by Europeans for more than 500 years. Karnataka people are very fair (eg Aishwarya rai, Deepika padikone, Preethy jhangiani, Sneha ullal) and lots of other people.
    Majority of North Indians are illiterate, poor, Dark skinned, diseased, malnutritioned, untidy and uneducated. North India is compared to Africa (worst than Africa by UN).

  53. one article says there will be violence between north indian and south indian in south india with in 200 yrs.In kerala the immigrant workers from hindi north indians have already started to molest womens in villages of kerala.In trivandrum guys from migrant hindi north indian tried to kidnap a girl who was coming back from tuition.It is unheard of such practises in kerala.Luckily some kerala guys saw this and rescued her.when police caught him , he was high in drugs and told he came to kerala for womend and liquor.It is really chocking to live with these north guys. May be we will be forced to take swords like of old mamangam style – suicide chekavar ,leaving our engineering backgrounds . There is also fight between tamilians and bihars in tamil nadu engineering colleges .All malayalies and keralites should start to push for article 370.Otherwise it is end of kerala.It will be completely destroyed into bits and pieces.Not only kerala but all south indian states tamil nadu , karnataka and andra should start agitation for article 370.Riots , rape , bomb blasts that exits in north india is going to come in south india because of north indian migration.or all south indian states should come together to form a dravidian country.A more peaceful country.

    • Wow, I admire your last line in your post. And in general, I agree with everything you said. Rape and sodomy of young boys and girls in our motherland (the south that is) was rare. I hope our people are vigilant.

  54. Hi All,

    Please don’t fight on skin color as british used to call all indians from all the states as black or dog. Don’t forget that if we will fight like this then other countries will take the advantage of this internal hatered among us. So guys chill and respect each other as India is country for south indian and north indian both…….

  55. My 2 cents. I am from the south. I am glad our youngsters are rediscovering the roots. My best advises: (1) Earn as much money as you can. (2) Develop as many skill as you can. (3) Go abroad (hmm.. I should say “Come abroad”). (4) Learn formal English very properly. This is important. Do not be complacent. Buy books and do all the excercises. (5) Always support fellow south Indian folks. When I say “support”, never do this unjustly! Always help them through companionship, teaching each other, having comradeship, sharing experience. (6) Never yield one inch to a northerner (politically that is).

    I do not like North Indians one bit (Oops I do have some friends). They are full of pomp.

    They think south Indians should speak Hindi. (You give them a small place, next thing you know they will talk to you only in Hindi).

    They also think South Indians are black (so what! All north Indians are black too! Try telling them they have Dravidian blood in them, most of them will not even talk to you). North Indians are a very highly racial folks.

    North Indians think South Indians eat poor food. Their food is in no way anything great! They also eat with hands!

    They have no knowledge of the History of the South. They have zero knowledge of the empires of Karnataka or Andhra or the fact that Cholas colonized even some parts of Indonesia. They absolutely have no knowledge that Romans frequented the the Tamil country and Kerala for trade. Our heritage is a very proud one and you should rediscover yourself.

  56. I’m a Bengali and proud for that!
    Because, most of the Indian novel prize winners are from Bengal, most of the freedom fighter was belongs from Bengal, we have a unique and rich heritage not only India, worldwide!
    we are not physically efficient like punjabi jath and bihari but in the time of independence revolution, at the time of freedom fighting, most of the people are killed by British belonging from Bengal!
    at the time of independence, we have the top literacy!

  57. I’m also like southern culture because they’re educated and literacy rate Is there is also high!
    also, whatever northern brothers say I don’t no but really speaking, south Indian girls are really sweet, and beautiful!
    and skin colour doesn’t matter, where girls are quite beautiful and open minded, also intelligent and literate!
    But north Indian girls are sexy but I love south India!
    and bengali’s don’t care what others say, because we have heritage!

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