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Only a few people get confused with regard to the difference between the countries India and England. It is because these two nations are really far apart and aren’t that much related to one another.

To begin with, India is a federal republic and, at the same time, a parliamentary democracy while England practices constitutional monarchy. In this connection, India has a president and a prime minister. Although England also has its own head of state in the form of a prime minister, it also has a symbolic royalty head in the form of a ruling monarch.

In terms of the people, the English obviously speak the English native tongue while the people in India use Hindi and various other languages. The latter also dwarfs other nations as it is dubbed as the second most populous nation in the world. With more than 1,000,000,000 people in a 2008 estimate, Truly, India’s overall population is becoming denser one day after the other. Conversely, England is fairly okay with a 2008 population estimate of 51,000,000 plus.

To house a huge number of public, India is fortunate for being a very big nation in terms of land size. Amazingly, it ranks as the seventh largest country in the world, having more than 3 million square kilometers of land in total. England is a rather smaller nation with just above 130,000 sq. km. of land area.

Contrary to what many perceive as a poor country (due to its uncontrollably booming population) India is a stable country having the fourth biggest GDP (PPP) worldwide. It is even bigger to England’s own value of the same metric. However, England edges over India in terms of nominal GDP for it boasts a $2.2 trillion value as compared to India’s $1.2 trillion.

Lastly, military power is undoubtedly more prominent in England than in India. History also tells a lot as it was on August 15, 1947 when India was freed from the grasp of the English rule and was therefore granted their independence.

1. India’s government is a federal republic and democratic parliament whereas England is a constitutional monarchy.
2. People from India speak mainly Hindi  whereas the English speak the English vernacular predominantly.
3. India has a bigger population and total land area compared to England.
4. England has a stronger military power and bigger economy in terms of nominal GDP as opposed to India.
5. India has been under the rule of England in the past and not vice versa.

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  1. who wrote that England is superior to India in terms of military powers. It will only take less than 48 hours for the Indian defenses to wipe England of the world map.

    And that too is a fact, gentleman.

    • ya….thanks for supporting me.
      if england would not have conquerd us it would not have existed like now..
      they are leaving with our food , money

    • England stole the missile of “Tipu sulthan’s” and reverse-engineered it. Now they comparing themselves with India. please , just ignore this comparison. Don’t compare mountain with a small sand stone.

    • India is most developing country but the government is very corrupted one

    • HA…ha..ha..ha……HA(Million laughs) .And that is why Britain ruled India for more than 200 years…..GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT,YOU DUMBHEAD.
      India is struggling to fight Pakistani terrorists who are wreaking havoc on the Indian army almost on a daily basis.Google search for more info on this topic.

  2. England superior to India in terms of military power? This article is a joke. It will take India a conservative estimate of one week to run over England and the rest of UK. In ten years, England is going to be irrelevant. It already is, it is just a lackey of the United States.

    • Gosh, I wish I would have had that ifonrmtiaon earlier!

    • Seems Indians never learn from history as they never read or wrote it. Fyi…. 2000 soldiers of Babur defeated 50000 Indian in panipat… Why because Indians lacked discipline & firepower as india never invested in defense research. To be a world power u nee disciplined workforce (not just army’s) of researchers & industrial workers which is possible if u have good training institutions & hardworking population. My perception of India as a place where tau’s sit at chaupal sipping hookah & ogling women & passing fatwas, qualities not matching a world power.

  3. England can’t be stronger than India in terms of military power.Indian Navy is far more powerful than the British Navy.British Army is greatly outnumbered by the Indian Army.IAF will have FGFA fighter aircrafts,far more superior than even the F-22 Raptors and the F-35′s and also the European MMRCA’s.Only Russia and India will have such superior aircrafts by 2020,not even the US.
    Economically,India is the 4th largest economy,and is expected to cross Japan by 2015,and China by 2020.However Britain is the 5th largest economy(in terms of GDP).It’s only because of population that India is a developing country,otherwise it’d have been a developed one by now.When the population matter stabilises,then it’ll be a developed country.

  4. England is a military power? The article losses all its credibility right there. England would get owned by India in matter of days if not hours. Indians will thump them in air,sea and land before the pommies can get their heards out of their rear to figure out what hit them. The writer needs to do more research on India’s and UK’s respective military strength. India is among the toughtest military powers out there. England vs India fight wont even be a fair contest, it will be a massacre.

    • It will be like a massacre. Kind of like the Massacre of the Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Moghuls, Portuguese, French and Dutch. Stop living in dream land. The UK has hundreds of years of military experience. The UK also has the best trained troops in the world. The Indian army are a bunch of malnourished rats that have never fought a real war. If you placed 100,000 UK troops against 100,000 Indian troops, the Indian troops would be squashed like flies.

  5. I tell you how england would win, they have somthing that india dont have…. technology. just look up BAE systems! oh where does india purchase their training equipment? emm…. BAE systems. And as for the last guy, we will beat them in sea, air and land? do me a favour. Uk have a larger airforce and a slightly smaller navy but is alot better trained and more advanced. the only thing india has over the uk is manpower and to be honest most of them would just be cannon fodder. Total Aircraft uk 1,891 india 1,007 Total Naval Units uk 139 india 143
    Aircraft Carriers 2uk 1india
    Destroyers 11uk 8india
    Frigates 21uk 16india
    Submarines 17uk 18india
    Patrol Coastal Craft 9uk 43india
    Mine Warfare Craft 18uk 12india
    Amphibious Operations Craft 13uk 7india

    As for been more advanced read this


    • w.t.b indain army an nuclear weapons! Sure that its betta then u.k?

    • its uncomparable againt u.kz military power ..wen india is top 2 military power in da world…rathr den naval+airforce.wer it puts u.k n da agressive side.

    • Sorry John,

      UK has no aircraft carrier as of today. They have been scrapped. In the words of their PM, they can’t afford them. India has one and is building two more as I write. It is simply unfair to compare the heavy lift capacity of the two countries. BTW, RAF operates about 1100 aircraft, not the 18–. The Indian Air Force happens to be the fourth largest in the world after the USAF, Russian and PLAAF. Most of UK’s combat fleet (air superiority) consists of Panavia Tornado. Most of their EFTs are on order. India on the other hand has more than 8 squadrons of Su30MKIs alone. About pilot training, I think the experience of the USAF as well as RAF, AdA, IDAF speaks volume about Indian flyboys. Honestly, there is no run in. From their cruise missile systems to AWACS, everything is tech wise more advanced than anything UK fields. Or do u wanna compare the Nimrods with Phalcons?

    • Also John,

      I forgot to add that India has more than 20 amphibious operations LPDs, LPCs instead of the 7 u mentioned. In fact, the Royal Marines go to India to train. Don’t get your figures from Globalfirepower. It is not a reliable info trove. Just my two cents.


    • ok man but think how all these came for uk..only from our money..u are manersless , fellows.. if england people are born for thier fathers give back our kohinoor diamond which u stole from us..india was 1000 times richer than england before u conquerd us..if we want we may love pakisthan..but not u beggars..
      england cannot be compared with india..like comparing dog with tiger..

    • Leave it as you can not win this debate. India is far superior as it has huge population with no real jobs and always crawling the internet to post in evey blog that India is greatest. You can not argue with a billion strong population.

      • Yeah, never mind though they are stealing your jobs and your governments are getting all protectionist about it…Enjoy your work (or dole may be)…

      • You DARE NOT argue with a billion strong dominating sovereign population..

      • Another thing, you are a manner less, ugly thieves which did everything with the money you stole from INDIA “THE GREAT”……………………..,

    • u better get facts right before u write u dumb idiot…

    • Hey we just bought few training equipments as a result of trade collaboration.Most of them turned out to be useless and unupdated,which is why Indian Army ha removed BAE from their tender.
      U guys also rely on americans for your machines, their is no way your army is better than ours.You guys have decided to pull out of afghanistan because taliban is not ready to surrender we here in india have fought and finished various groups like taliban and the fight is still on in kashmir with such groups,so u dare not talk about british army being more experienced than indian army.
      As of ur figures they are completely wrong u might have got the figures of 1970′s when india’s economy was closed and sanctioned by the americans.
      Better get ur facts right “mate”.

  6. India is a poor state for sure
    but their military is too strong
    don’t need to compare u.k. And india

    b’coz india dominates in military department for sure.
    LINK-ask pakistani people.

  7. Laughable. The British don’t even have tanks. India would roast the British soldiers, stuff their roasted meat into their white skins, ship them over to England and make their mothers eat their children’s bodies in no time.

  8. Don’t compare india vs england because india is the second growing power in the world with highly powerfull weapons in its,definitely england will be vanished from the earth.

  9. England is better. It is much cleaner and organised. India spend to much money on the military and not enough on the country. If you go to India, people are walking on the roads, cows and dogs on the streets blocking the cars, bugs EVERYWHERE! India’s goverment really need to get some REAL brains coz right now, i dont think theirs is working!

  10. Why don’t you all go to war and see what happens??? Since you all seem so eager to hate and fight.. then DO IT! Such EGOS like yours will only reap hate and misery on the world!

    • @ Jungle_Gypsy

      I simply love your answer, u wanna know y? Becoz, everybody (not only India or England) loves to compare with each other.

      There is no peace, no love, no brotherhood.. So much hate. So many racists. Wish this world comes to its end. People r so selfish. You people only think about military power, monarch power, tht power, this power and all bullshit power. I am not interested.

      I only see beauty in nature and not in fake power created by different countries. No one is permanent here, every got to die. Why can’t think of spreading peace, love.

      Ego Ego Ego

      Yes go for war….die die die… best solutions creeps. Atleast my God will be happy to see me alive still. But Jesus must be crying…

  11. Its the foolish thing ever,british ruled us few decades,but if they now came to india we will crush them into pieces,i saw many comments here,dnt say india not spending in public sector,we are now emerging as global power,and as you can see britan caanot hold their economy in current economic crisis,they need help from other countries,and in terms of military india is far superior,britans falling economy cannot spend more on military,its best example is they dissmissed many sailers from navy as they cannot even pay salary to them,but in terms of HDI england is far superior for now!

    • British never ruled India, for 300 years they were doing business with our rulers.It was like Indian Hindu rulers of small state wanted revenge from Muslims but their army was outnumbered,Britishers helped them in reclaiming their land and in turn demanded resources which the rulers gladly gave.So britishers thought why not take their resources directly instead of fighting their war ,that is where they played there divide and rule policy.Britishers never waged war on any Indians without the support of their Indian enemies.There were just 4 wars of Anglo-mysore where the britishers suffered a humiliating defeat.We had an advantage of Rocket -artillery system.
      It was back in 1857 when the pandit community was dissapointed by britishers using Cow fat as bullet cartridge.Later on during the world wars when indians were being forcefully dragged into war a large amount of anger was generated amongst indians and jut 2 years after world war 2 indians kicked british out of their land.
      Britishers were just business minded people who lived onexploiting others and then telling false stories of their success.

  12. Ok now it’s education time,
    India has nuclear weapons just like britain but india also has anti-ballistic missile system which none of the western european country has.
    We are about to add an ICBM to our arsenal so before u brits look for an ally near us to shoot us down we would have blown up the whole of UK.
    We have geo-sats which EU also has but not as effective as ours.Moreover we have Anti-satellite-ordnance-vehicl e and anti-satellite lasers.
    Our ground force,air-force and naval force are simply giant in front of urs.
    You guys only have SAS but they won’t match our specialised forces at all.Since back in 1936 SAS and navy seals were trained by local indian tribes in jungle,desert and arctic warfare.
    Which is why our Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School is the best and most demanded by everyone(even Spetznaz,USSOCOM and Green Berets took part in it)It is just in urban warfare where u guys give us a back seat but in overall capability we r better than u how can u even think of such comparison???
    The proper question should be EU vs India.That would be a competition since artillery,tanks,Land war machines are your area of specialization.
    But then numbers come into picture.

  13. This article is just an expression of nationalism.It is in no way relevant to the real life.

  14. As a conclusion, India is better over England…

  15. india is clearly the best… end of coversation!!!!

  16. as per as the present situation uk will not even think of having war with INDIA as UK economy is been controlled by jews and indians and other thing INDIA has guts to wipe out uk in 48 hours if it thinks but being a democratic nation INDIA cannot take this step the MAIN FACT……………………………………….. in today situation britishers are servants of the indians and the HISTORY is again reapeating but this time INDIANS are SUPERIOR to BRITISHERS AND ITS THE TIME FOR India to become a superpower in comming years

  17. UK can only think of attacking India with the help of USA.Otherwise comparing military strengths of these two countries is a waste of time.you can put a royal before the name of your navy and airforce but it won’t change the fact that you are nothing now and will soon be irrelevant.even USA knows this that is why USA keeps good relations with India.Face the facts after WWII England has become USA’s pet.ha ha ha ha!we can party in Buckingham Palace anytime we want to.

  18. LOL the UK are no longer relevant there like the USA’s bitch, There only in the position they currently are because they looted the wealth of other countries, India on the other hand is on the verge of becoming a super power.

  19. Just came across this nutty debate and felt obliged to add some realistic objectivity. Over 60% of Indians live on less than $2 a day and some here want to compare India to a 1st world nation. India’s recent “economic miracle” is only due to low labor costs of skilled workers which entails the replacement of the skilled technology workforce in the West, with sub-standard low quality workforce who are prepared to work for peanuts for a pittance due to the ingrained national “caste mentality” that allows this. New-found forex is being used to purchase (western that is?!) weaponry. India has a bubble economy and is on a race to the bottom which will occur as soon as offshore outsourcing from the West declines. While the “jingoistic” rants with war-talk indicate individuals who are deluding themselves with nationalistic grandeur and this while 60% of Indians are starving and don’t even have their own lavatory’s. It’s no secret that India is no match for it’s neighbors and with too many failures, i.e. satellite launches and aerospace R&D (e.g. tejas fighter development disaster), a suggestion to fanatics here is to consider the Great Mahatma’s message – of peace, humility, dignity and kindness – within your own nation before your paranoia and delusion lands you in a deep(er) pile of doo-doo.

    • Which century are you living in ??? Its globalization dude … Agreed the Indian economy bloomed due to liberalization and globalization but so is the U.S and China .. In this era none of these countries can live without Globalisation , so Indian economy is definitely gonna keep rising in the near future .

      And your statistics of 60 % population starving , The 2 dollars a day when you convert it to indian rupees is well above 100 rupees and monthly it adds up to more than 3000 INR , and being a person from India one will definitely not starve with that much amount of money . Instead you should rely on the poverty line set by our country according to which about 30 % of our population is under the poverty line . Now before you start again about 30 % being a huge number , India is a huge country ethnically very diverse and its a democratic country with a coalition system . So definitely progress is bound to be slow . But we are getting there and definitely by 2020 – 2025 we are going to be in a much better place . Even USA while being a young country just post independence was in horrid condition both economically and stability wise (they were even plagued by a civil war ) , India has not seen a civil war till now despite being hugely diverse.

    • Look who is talking about techonology .we Indians are the ones that gave u zero .number system .decimal system .yoga.medicine .etc we ar the ones who taught the world maths there are so many things that if I type it the list will not end .theres also an advantage of being the first civilization of the world not like u British who are the youngest .u guys were not happy with ur own country that’s the reason u wanted to rule every country.there are 40% of Indians in NASA .the days are not far when India will be the superpower of the world.and Hindi is the second largest speaking language.the richest person of Britain is an Indian and the royal family also has some Indian blood.
      Indian students are the most smartest children in the world.

  20. India is most developing country but the government is very corrupted and the worst government after freedom

  21. who copaired india with england . India is most powerfull than england and remember the englandian are living with our money. THEY ARE THIVES. They stole so much money of india

  22. Who cares who is more powerful? The point is that people from both countries are suffering, more so in India. The people of the world need to unite and realise that the divide is caused by the government and not by the people of the country!!!

  23. Many Indians(Specially Hindus) think that they can carry out psychological warfare on others,in this case,the British,by posting such dumb comments.What they fail to realise is that all those who are interested in taking a sneak peek on India already know the facts which Mr Mike has pointed out and are having the heartiest laugh of their lives as each comment passes by.

    Now since you filthy sub-human Indians have dared to even think of something you would regret even after a BILLION LIVES. The British are an enemy which NOBODY WOULD EVEN DARE TO MESS WITH.Let me cite some egs:-

    During the Second World War,Adolf Hitler turned Nazi Germany into a powerful war machine which wreaked havoc on the then second most powerful nation on the planet,the USSR or Soviet Union.In fact,Soviet losses(which were the maximum among all warring nations)were only and only due to Germany. Read the link below :-


    The Nazis even bombed Britain day and night,but the British with its few resources and manpower were capable of thwarting the Nazi invasion even if Hitler decided to carry out Operation Sealion(the planned invasion of Great Britain).The link below indicates it :-


    But,the Brits,as they had the largest land empire ever in the history of mankind,never ever though of giving up.In the words of Britain’s PM then,Mr Winston Churchill “We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and the oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender. ”

    Britain decided to teach the Nazis and the world a lesson they would NEVER FORGET :-



    The above links are only about the British during the second world war.It does not talk about them during the first world war,or the invasion of all their colonies(including India),or the battle with Napolean which ultimately led to his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo(all this can be google searched) or their entire history altogether.

    Some dumb ass said that the British dont even have tanks.Let that butt head realise that the British were the ones WHO INVENTED THE TANKS during the first world war.

    Coming to India,post independance,India has had multiple wars(against Pakistan and China),but desperately required the help of the British to save their country from another enslavement or total ANNIHILATION .

    Also,take a look at some of the inventions made by the British in the past few centuries :-


    In the above links,I have given just a micro part of what Britain can do when anyone decides to challenge her.Remember it is the 7th largest nation in the world by GDP,way ahead of India which is at no.10.

    For all those who foolishly decided to post such audacious comments,go through the military history of Britain and India and decide for yourself whether you DARE to even think of attacking Britain,LEST SHE DECIDES TO WIPE INDIA COMPLETELY FROM THE MAP OF THIS WORLD. If Britain decides to annihilate India completely,an observer from space would see a hole the size and shape of India stretching to the the Earth’s core. REPENT YOU FILTHY SUB HUMAN INDIANS,REPENT…………REPENT.

  24. I wonder how could the BRITISH ever tolerate these infidel sub human Indian hindus when they dare to make such comments against them.Why dont you decide to enslave them all over again by nuking this country to atoms. Seems these asses have forgotten what has happened to them until 1947. The reason Gandhi undertook the peaceful non violent struggle against the British was bcoz he knew the power of the British Empire and non violence from the part of Indians could be JUST THE LAST OPTION FOR THEM.


    • Hey you pussies englandians don’t dare to fight with our 2nd larpest army,3rd largest navy and airforce with a lot of advance jets,stealth fighters and supersonic missile brahos with a tremendous amt. Of artillery increasing day by day you fools only knows to cheat and to steal.

      • They will vaporise India…hahaha aahahaha….Nyc joke buddy…..you must write a jokebook instead of posting such funny comments here….It will take only 48….remember Only 48 hours….and there will be no sign of uk on the globe…….GROW UP buddy……..

    • Look who is talking about techonology .we Indians are the ones that gave u zero .number system .decimal system .yoga.medicine .etc we ar the ones who taught the world maths there are so many things that if I type it the list will not end .theres also an advantage of being the first civilization of the world not like u British who are the youngest .u guys were not happy with ur own country that’s the reason u wanted to rule every country.there are 40% of Indians in NASA .the days are not far when India will be the superpower of the world.and Hindi is the second largest speaking language.the richest person of Britain is an Indian and the royal family also has some Indian blood.

  26. @Randeep

    You fool,dont you know from where did you get all these so ‘advanced jets’,'stealth fighters’ & ‘supersonic missiles’???? The answer is from RUSSIA & ISRAEL,as well as large borrowing of arms & ammunition from Europe & the US.70% of India’s military is imported(DO A GOOGLE SEARCH TO FETCH THESE FACTS)

    None of this technology is indigenously Indian,except for the HAL Tejas,which has parts made abroad.REMEMBER THE NEXT TIME BEFORE YOU PASS SUCH AN AUDACIOUS COMMENT.

  27. now everyone take on wikipedia’s fact::

    this show india is superior to british

  28. All white englandian fools are talking about history….Its not 19th century when England was a Great power in the world, at that time Japan, Germany were also major power…But now Its 21st century…All things has changed…U white fools…Be modern…

  29. Guys chill india n england wil not f8…i m frm india..i like royal england n love my india but i hate nly terrorist..india..is developing fast terrorist..both r strong nation..

  30. How many of ur family member are in war…if ur dad n brother wil die u wil knw wat is war so send me request on fb n lets b friends

  31. U indians,u r fools.war is not be fought base on land size or population.indians don’t near d british at all,technologically they r advance than,their soldiers r well trained,their economy is far better than ur own
    Their currency is d highiest in d world.if u go into war wt them they wil definitely defeat u due to those variable,indian economy wil defeat indian nd povety wil be times 10.indian dt cannot fight pakistan is thinking of fighting uk,india dt chinese army rubbish during border dspute can’t fight advanced uk.a pin may be small but a chicken cannot swallow it.uk is better


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