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The basic principles defining a Paladin are to defend and protect the innocent and uphold the law. These are the known basic doctrines that Paladins abided by as they pursued a virtuous and often all too slim path all through their adventurous lives. They would defend truth and justice against the unending evil approaches.

A knight was a soldier during the medieval period in Europe with gentlemanly qualities. A knight was one of the warriors from a certain select class during the Middle Ages in the history of Europe. This time was part of the initial sustained urbanization of parts of western and northern Europe. Among the upper classes in the European society and especially during the time after the conquest of England, Knights were still the lowest but their status was to get to its peak when knighthood was declared a sacred office by the church around the 11th century.

Origins of Paladin and Knight

Although it seems inconsistent with history, it is believed that the Paladin took its origin some time prior to the advent of the Knight during the 8th century when Charlemagne, the militant ruler formed a group of twelve powerful soldiers that were to protect him from harm and command his troops. They were known as the twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. Among them was one called Roland, who was the most famous and whose death while protecting Charlemagne has been perpetuated in epic poetry. But the Knightly orders that pertained to what is now known as Chivalry Code are believed to have sprung up in the 11th century during the time of the Crusades. When knights launched a violent assault into Italy on their way to the holy land, the first order of Paladins was formed. A limited number of warriors and some pilgrims kept behind to have their wounds nursed by a monk named Gerard since they had previously been in battles with indigenous people. Another Paladin order was formed when 8 badly wounded warriors took refuge in King Baldwin’s castle, who was ruler of Jerusalem. They also formed a Knightly order known as the Knights Templar, having been stationed in a Jewish temple.

1. The main difference between the two is clearly how they each originated. Paladin orders gave rise to Knightly orders and vice versa.
3. Paladins and Knights both fought for duty and Deity, holding firmly to their devotion without being coerced or even expecting some kind of recompense while championing righteousness in their way of life.

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