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Difference Between Cygnus Knights and Explorers

Cygnus Knights vs Explorers

Cygnus Knights and explorers are character “orders” available in the MapleStory.

MapleStory is a Korean, 2D, side-scrolling, role-playing, free-to-play, multiplayer online game. It was developed by the company Wizet. There are many different versions of this game available in different countries. The game is free, but some of the characters and game enhancements can be bought from “Cash Shop.” In this multiplayer game, the players interact with other players through trading, mini games, and chatting. All the characters travel or roam around the “Maple World” developing their skills and defeating monsters, etc. Players may share rewards and bond in parties to kill monsters.

Cygnus Knights
Knights of Cygnus or Cygnus Knights are a character “order” in almost all MapleStory game versions. They are considered to be the spinoff of Explorer classes original 5.The maximum level that can be attained on Cygnus Knights is 120. They receive 6 AP at every level and 5 AP after level 70 and onwards. Cygnus Knights have a skill list which is rearranged in order to enhance certain jobs which are preferred, but sometimes the good skills are taken away too. They have more job options and wider skills varieties than explorers.

They are considered to be easier characters as they progress in a consistent manner in the same speed but do not reach more than 120 levels. Cygnus Knights are very good characters for someone who has just started playing. But to enjoy the full potential of the game, one needs to reach the 4th job advancement at level 120.

The characters have five job types; the Dawn Warrior (Fighters), Blaze Wizard (Fire Wizard), Night Walker (Assassins), Thunder Breaker (Brawler), and Wind Archer (Bowman).

Explorers are characters which can reach up to 200 levels. They get 5 AP at each level unlike the Cygnus Knights which receive 6 AP. “AP” stands for “ability points.” Explorers can also gain 3 SP or “skill points” at each level. Different players are good with different characters, and Explorers have a very large range in potential. For example, some players are good with the characters Bowman; some are good with Assassins, etc.

Explorers start on Maple Island. When they reach the level 10 or 8 for magician, they advance into the main 5 classes. These five classes are; Warrior, Thief, Magician, Bowman, and Pirate. When these characters reach different classes, their skills progress. For example, the thief receives“Dual Blade” advancement on reaching level 20.


1.The maximum level that can be attained on Cygnus Knights is 120; Explorers are characters which can reach up to 200 levels.
2.Cygnus Knights receive 6 AP at every level and 5 AP after level 70 and onwards; Explorers receive 5 AP at every level and 3 SP at every level.

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