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proudPride vs Self-esteem

Pride is very different from self-esteem. Pride is simply defined as one’s feelings of excessive self worth whereas self-esteem can be synonymous to self-worth, but not necessarily that high. Hence, self-esteem is a stable level of self-worth. It is rather the aggregate sum of one’s feelings of worthiness.

Experts also say that self-esteem is a form of personal trait. It is greater than any single belief and is in fact bigger than anyone’s single feelings or emotions. On the contrary, pride is more of an attitude and because it is in excess, it is also accepted as a vice.

Pride is also regarded by most societies and religions around the world as a sin whereas self-esteem is just one of the normal traits that everyone has. In this regard, pride no matter is really bad, no matter what its level is while self-esteem even at high levels can still be good.

High self-esteem does not necessarily equate to pride. If you contest with anyone just to prove that you are right then that is pride. When you perform your dance really well in front of everybody because you believe that you are good then that is a show of high self-esteem. It is very much different compared to claiming that you are the best and that no one can defeat you in the dance. This misleading or misguiding thought makes the proud person suffer from, not just an overly high self-esteem (pride) but excessive amounts of it.

Self-esteem is usually expressed as a ratio or relationship between two factors. The higher factor (numerator) being an individual’s success over the lower factor (denominator), which reflects a person’s failures. This ratio is relatively unstable because failures, for example, can happen almost anytime. Self-esteem is usually seen or observed by virtue of one’s behavior. You will come to see if a person has a relatively high self-esteem if he or she walks down the aisle with oozing confidence even if he or she is a little fat. The show of confidence through walking heads up, straight and with a smile is a manifestation of a positive behavior as implicated by high self-esteem.

Because pride is self-esteem in excess, its formula is an overflowing success without looking into failures. It’s as if the person with pride is not capable of realizing that he or she is wrong (near perfect) and considers him or herself as always right. Self-esteem is when you feel good and you want everything around to be good as well. Pride is more of believing that you are not just good but the best and that you will strive more to become better than the best even sacrificing those around you.

1.Pride is defined as a high regard to one’s self worth whereas self-esteem is just synonymous with one’s self worth and is most likely at a very stable level.
2.Pride is considered as an attitude or a vice whereas self-esteem is considered by psychologists to be a type of personal trait.
3.Pride is bad to the point of being regarded as a sin worldwide whereas self-esteem is not usually considered a sin in itself.
4.Self-esteem is the stable ratio of one’s success over failure whereas pride is an overflow of feeling good or right without regard to feeling bad or being wrong.

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  1. I know me why it’s like that why I feel hurt naturally, Naturally My proudness and prideful and my self-esteem is all part of myself. No drugs and alcoholic can stop that of myself… That’s just me. That’s why I get pissed, upset telling people off, always walking away towards less perfectionist. Less are friends but there not equal with me for partnership. You won’t see it from the outside but inside it’s all there. From the outside you won’t see it because i can make you feel like crap for it. battle on… You can’t change pride and can’t change proudness and can’t change self esteem for yourself. Those things separates peoples attitude, separates the show off, separates from others. Some people use those things the wrong way. I don’t use it to gain I use them to feel for myself. When you have little there still in use as well. And when you abuse them, alcoholic and drugs are substance to those hurt to the feelings. Those are more answers for pride, self esteem, and confidence that are bruised. drugs and alcoholic are not for the low people but for the more prideful people who get hurt. Where do you go when it hurts there.. Some people go there for the hell of it and that’s low but the other reason is because of prideful feelings people hurt there feelings for pride for self esteem, for being a complete well being to themselves.

  2. I’m having trouble understanding this pride stuff. I am in a relationship and get misunderstandings being from 2 diff cultures. I seem to have to defend myself and explain and apologize. So sometimes she says I have too much pride, but i’m always saying sorry even if I don’t consider it my fault. She hates it when I wait for her to apologize to me. She considers that as not caring. I can say sorry and apologize many times ,but still I’m the one that’s supposed to run to her… I’m so confused..

  3. Hi guys, I am suresh, I would like express my inner struggle that I am facing for the past few years. I am not able to differentiate between boldness and humbleness. If I am humble n nice then people are taking advantage of me. Well if I am bold den again they are saying that I am rude and a head weight guy. I really not able to decide how should I be. I highly appreciate if any of you guys gives your opinions and thoughts. Thankq.

    • To my own opinion, the first thing you must understand is to differentiate between correction and condemnation. When you can accept correction you are perfect and it’s your virtue of being having a high level of self-esteem, but we must be careful because some are actually condemning us not that they are correcting us. For instance, when you fail to do people’s wish you will actually become their enemy and be looking for the way(s) of bringing you back to their taste by condemning you. Finally, self-esteem in you will never work towards the law of evolution but the main target of pride is to fulfill the law of evolution. Shalom!!!

  4. My opinion, pride is when you dnt accept your mistake as the writer says “near perfect”. I was in a relationship when am seen as being pride cos I don’t apologize when am not at fault. I can’t accept all blames and mistakes just to be submissive. He tagged it that am proud. No I call it self esteem .
    self esteem to me is not settling for less. It is knowing what you can take from people. It is knowing when to move on. Accepting your mistakes. Understanding that you are not perfect.

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