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deck-cadetSeaman vs Deck Cadet

Seaman refers to a rank in the navy. It is also known as the Navy’s lowest rank after Able Seaman and Leading Seaman. Aboard a merchant ship, the responsibilities of the men in the deck section are numerous, and vary to a great extent. Although merchant ships are a range of sizes, they generally conform to one pattern of manpower. It is true that the ways in which different tasks are accomplished aboard a ship will vary from ship to ship, but generally the basics will remain the same.

At the lowest level is the ordinary seaman. The ordinary seaman primarily assists the able seaman with his duties, but may be required to do many other tasks. Tasks that the ordinary seaman may be needed to accomplish, include being on the lookout, paint scaling and chipping, helping to moor the ship by handling lines, and helping to tie and let the vessel.

The next level is the Able seaman. By law, the able seaman should have the ability to perform all duties pertaining to the deck, except for actual vessel navigation. Generally speaking, the able seaman carries out the following duties: Splicing the fibre line, working over the ship’s side, operating machinery on the deck, taking care of cargo storage, taking care of the ship’s rigging, and repairing the canvas. He should also have the ability to handle the lifeboat under sail.

The next rank of seaman is the Boatswain. This position can be closely compared to a foreman in an industrial plant setting. Often, the Boatswain is a very experienced seaman, and his domain is everything that has do with maintenance, taking care of deck equipment as well as cargo carried on the deck. When a ship is being secured for sea, it is the Boatswain that supervises this exercise, and also oversees cargo loading and offloading.
Other seamen include a carpenter, whose duties are as varied as they are numerous, and a Quartermaster on some ships, usually the larger ones.

A deck cadet must be able to perform almost all deck duties, as well as navigation aboard a vessel, but at a basic level. However, deck cadets are assigned specific tasks on a ship, unlike a seaman, who can do any of the tasks that are pending.

The position of Seaman has various levels, depending on tasks, while a deck cadet has no levels of work.
A Seaman normally carries out any tasks that may be pending on a ship, while a deck cadet is assigned a specific task.
A Seaman is usually more experienced than a deck cadet, as a deck cadet only needs basic knowledge of seamanship tasks.

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