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English is a language that is choc full of words. In fact, English has one of the largest vocabularies of any of the world’s languages. While this makes it a rich and fascinating language, it can also make learning English somewhat confusing.

Take for instance the amount of vocabulary that we have to differentiate between marine vessels. What exactly is the difference between a yacht and a boat?

English speakers generally use the word boat to refer to a sea vessel that is reasonably small and not luxurious. The term can refer to a vessel that is motorized or not motorized and either used for work, such as in the case of a fisherman or water police, or for recreational purposes such as weekend fishing or relaxing.

A boat can either be a dinghy, row boat, fishing boat, or sailing boat and they can be quite large, but are usually more practical than luxurious.

A yacht is normally a larger and much more luxurious sea vessel than a boat. Tell the owner of a yacht that they have a boat and they are likely to take offense. Yachts are not generally used for commercial purposes, but are luxury recreational vessels. They can either be sailing yachts or power boat yachts.

There are a couple of different styles of yacht that can be differentiated: a regular yacht starts at about 34 feet, a mega yacht is more than 100 feet and a super yacht is any yacht that is longer than 200 feet.

A ship is a very large sea vessel that is generally used for commercial purposes such as shipping cargo between ports around the world or a cruise ship or passenger ship for transporting people.

There is a lot of different vocabulary used to describe different types of sea going vessels, but if you understand the essential differences between a boat, ship and yacht then you are unlikely to make many errors. Boat tends to be a broader term for sea vessels than yachts, which are more specifically used as a luxury pastime.

1.Boats can be used for commercial or recreational purposes
2.Yachts are generally only recreational
3.Boats are generally small
4.Yachts can be any size up to more than 200 feet long
5.Ships are large sea vessels used for commercial purposes
6.Boats and yachts can either be motorized or not motorized

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  1. US Coast Guard conciders a vessel over 26′ with a cabin to be a yacht.

  2. All Boats for privat sporting are named “YACHT”.
    For me is a Yacht a sportboat with a closed cabin on board.
    per exemple : A safeboat on a liner is more long than 34 Feet
    but it is always a “BOAT” because its a public and commercial thing.
    A “Yacht” is a privat and luxury sportboat for a privat person !

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