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Shia vs Sunni Namaz

Sunni and Shia Namaz or salat differ from each other on the basis of actions and words involved. Sunni Muslims follow various interpretations by different schools of laws whereas Shia Muslims follow different legal traditions. Sunni Muslims follow Hanbli, Hanfi, Malikii and Shafi schools of thought whereas Shia Muslims follow Jaafri Madhhab.

Shia Muslims pray three times a day as they join two salats such as Maghrib and Isha salat together whereas Sunni Muslims pray five times a day. The two salats combined by Shia Mulsims are called the Maghrebain. Shia Muslims use a plank of wood or a hard tablet made of clay from karbala to rest their heads during prostration whereas Sunni Muslims touch their heads directly to the floor.

The other differences between Shia and Sunni salat include the position of their hands. Sunni Muslims fold their arms whereas Shia Muslims do not find it valid to fold arms during salat. There are also differences in the Athan or prayer call such as Sunni Muslims add ‘AL-SALATU KHAYRUN MINA NAWM’ in the Fajar Athan whereas Shia Muslims add ‘HAYYA ALA KHAYR AL-‘AMAL.’ It is a must or Wajib for Shia to say ‘Khayr al amaal’ whereas Sunni Muslims do not consider it a must since it was stopped at the order of caliph Omar. Shia and Sunni Muslims both regard Athan as a Sunah, near Wajib or it is a must.

‘Nawm’ is a must for Sunni Athan but Shia Muslims do not say it because it was not said at the time of Prophet Muhammad and Omar. The caliph introduced it during his times. Some of the other differences between Shia and Sunni namaz are the use of word Amen. Amen is a Hebrew word and Shia scholars do not consider it Wajib whereas Sunni Muslims say amen after Surah Fatiha during namaz. Amen is a compulsory word to say after Surah Fatiha for Sunni Muslims. Shia Muslims read complete Surah or verses of Quran after Surah Fatiha whereas Sunni Muslims are not bound to read the whole Surah. They may read only a few verses or just one verse from any where in the Quran after Surah Fatiha.

There are also many other minor differences between the Shia and Sunni namaz as mentioned above. Sunni Muslims point their fingers or rotate these in circles during namaz whereas Shia Muslims do not and then Shia sit comfortably on the folded feet whereas Sunni sit on twisted foot and so on.


1. Shia Muslims pray three times a day and combine Maghrib and Isha salat whereas Sunni Muslims pray five times a day.

2. Sunni Muslims fold their arms whereas Shia Muslims do not fold their arms during namaz.

3. Shia Muslims add ‘Khayr al amaal’ whereas Sunni Muslims add ‘Nawm.’

4. Sunni Muslims touch their heads to the ground whereas Shia Muslims use a wooden block or tablet of clay to rest their heads during prostration.

5. Shia Muslim scholars prohibit the use of word Amen during the namaz whereas Sunni Muslims consider it as a must.

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  1. Clarification:

    The reason behind praying the 5 obligatory prayers at three times is the evidence of Prophet himself doing so on numerous occasions, while in Madina, without the fear of war, weather or any other clamity. When asked, the Prophet’s explanation for his action was to make it easy on the Ummah. The Prophet combined Zuhar and Asr, and Maghrib and Isha on the above ocassions. This is mentioned in all Hadith books of Ahl-e-Sunnah.

    Shias do believe in Hadith, but unlike Sunnis, do not regard any book of Hadith to be a “Sahih” one, simply because, the only “Sahih” book on this earth is the Quran authored and revealed by Allah himself. All other books were written / narrated by human beings, who cannot be perfect. Shias accept only those Hadith to be true which do not contradict the Quran or any action of Prophet. any Hadith abiding by this hard and fast rule, whether it be in a Sunni book or a Shia book, is considered legitimate, and similarly, if a hadith does not fullfill this standard, whether narrated in a Sunni or Shia book, is discarded.

    • God gave us the times for the Salat (contact Prayers) in the Quran :

      (1) The Dawn Prayer (Fajr in Arabic) given in 11:114, 24:58
      (2) The Noon Prayer (Zuher in Arabic) , given in 17:78 and 30:18
      (3) The Afternoon Prayer (Asr in Arabic), given in 2:238
      (4) The sunset Prayer (Maghrib in Arabic), given in 11:114
      (5) The Night Prayer (Isha in Arabic), given in 24:58

      • Why do Muslims keep misquoting the Quran! The Quran does not state anywhere that there are 5 obligatory prayers. Read the relevant verse and see for yourself. The only thing ever mentioned in the Quran is that all Muslims should establish regular prayers. How the prayers are to be performed or what they should be is not mentioned in the Quran. If Allah had wanted to make Muslims follow any particular format he would have mentioned it in the Quran! He did NOT.

        God gave us the times for the Salat (contact Prayers) in the
        Quran :
        (1) The Dawn Prayer (Fajr in Arabic) given in 11:114, 24:58
        (2) The Noon Prayer (Zuher in Arabic) , given in 17:78 and 30:18
        (3) The Afternoon Prayer (Asr in Arabic), given in 2:238
        (4) The sunset Prayer (Maghrib in Arabic), given in 11:114
        (5) The Night Prayer (Isha in Arabic), given in 24:58
        Verse (11:114) Translation
        Chapter (11) sūrat hūd (Hud)

        Sahih International: And establish prayer
        at the two ends of the day and at the approach of the night. Indeed,
        good deeds do away with misdeeds. That is a reminder for those who
        Pickthall: Establish worship at the two
        ends of the day and in some watches of the night. Lo! good deeds annul
        ill-deeds. This is reminder for the mindful.
        Yusuf Ali: And establish regular prayers at
        the two ends of the day and at the approaches of the night: For those
        things, that are good remove those that are evil: Be that the word of
        remembrance to those who remember (their Lord):
        Verse (24:58) Translation
        Chapter (24) sūrat l-nūr (The

        Sahih International: O you who have
        believed, let those whom your right hands possess and those who have
        not [yet] reached puberty among you ask permission of you [before
        entering] at three times: before the dawn prayer and when you put aside
        your clothing [for rest] at noon and after the night prayer. [These
        are] three times of privacy for you. There is no blame upon you nor
        upon them beyond these [periods], for they continually circulate among
        you – some of you, among others. Thus does Allah make clear to you the
        verses; and Allah is Knowing and Wise.
        Pickthall: O ye who believe! Let your
        slaves, and those of you who have not come to puberty, ask leave of you
        at three times (before they come into your presence): Before the prayer
        of dawn, and when ye lay aside your raiment for the heat of noon, and
        after the prayer of night. Three times of privacy for you. It is no sin
        for them or for you at other times, when some of you go round attendant
        upon others (if they come into your presence without leave). Thus Allah
        maketh clear the revelations for you. Allah is Knower, Wise.
        Yusuf Ali: O ye who believe! let those whom
        your right hands possess, and the (children) among you who have not
        come of age ask your permission (before they come to your presence), on
        three occasions: before morning prayer; the while ye doff your clothes
        for the noonday heat; and after the late-night prayer: these are your
        three times of undress: outside those times it is not wrong for you or
        for them to move about attending to each other: Thus does Allah make
        clear the Signs to you: for Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom.
        Verse (17:78) Translation
        Chapter (17) sūrat l-isrā (The
        Night Journey)

        Sahih International: Establish prayer at
        the decline of the sun [from its meridian] until the darkness of the
        night and [also] the Qur’an of dawn. Indeed, the recitation of dawn is
        ever witnessed.
        Pickthall: Establish worship at the going
        down of the sun until the dark of night, and (the recital of) the
        Qur’an at dawn. Lo! (the recital of) the Qur’an at dawn is ever
        Yusuf Ali: Establish regular prayers – at
        the sun’s decline till the darkness of the night, and the morning
        prayer and reading: for the prayer and reading in the morning carry
        their testimony.
        Verse (30:18) Translation
        Chapter (30) sūrat l-rūm (The

        Sahih International: And to Him is [due
        all] praise throughout the heavens and the earth. And [exalted is He]
        at night and when you are at noon.
        Pickthall: Unto Him be praise in the
        heavens and the earth! – and at the sun’s decline and in the noonday.
        Yusuf Ali: Yea, to Him be praise, in the
        heavens and on earth; and in the late afternoon and when the day begins
        to decline.
        Verse (2:238) Translation
        Chapter (2) sūrat l-baqarah (The

        Sahih International: Maintain with care the
        [obligatory] prayers and [in particular] the middle prayer and stand
        before Allah , devoutly obedient.
        Pickthall: Be guardians of your prayers,
        and of the midmost prayer, and stand up with devotion to Allah.
        Yusuf Ali: Guard strictly your (habit of)
        prayers, especially the Middle Prayer; and stand before Allah in a
        devout (frame of mind).
        Verse (11:114) Translation
        Chapter (11) sūrat hūd (Hud)

        Sahih International: And establish prayer
        at the two ends of the day and at the approach of the night. Indeed,
        good deeds do away with misdeeds. That is a reminder for those who
        Pickthall: Establish worship at the two
        ends of the day and in some watches of the night. Lo! good deeds annul
        ill-deeds. This is reminder for the mindful.
        Yusuf Ali: And establish regular prayers at
        the two ends of the day and at the approaches of the night: For those
        things, that are good remove those that are evil: Be that the word of
        remembrance to those who remember (their Lord):

        Verse (24:58) Translation
        Chapter (24) sūrat l-nūr (The

        Sahih International: O you who have
        believed, let those whom your right hands possess and those who have
        not [yet] reached puberty among you ask permission of you [before
        entering] at three times: before the dawn prayer and when you put aside
        your clothing [for rest] at noon and after the night prayer. [These
        are] three times of privacy for you. There is no blame upon you nor
        upon them beyond these [periods], for they continually circulate among
        you – some of you, among others. Thus does Allah make clear to you the
        verses; and Allah is Knowing and Wise.
        Pickthall: O ye who believe! Let your
        slaves, and those of you who have not come to puberty, ask leave of you
        at three times (before they come into your presence): Before the prayer
        of dawn, and when ye lay aside your raiment for the heat of noon, and
        after the prayer of night. Three times of privacy for you. It is no sin
        for them or for you at other times, when some of you go round attendant
        upon others (if they come into your presence without leave). Thus Allah
        maketh clear the revelations for you. Allah is Knower, Wise.
        Yusuf Ali: O ye who believe! let those whom
        your right hands possess, and the (children) among you who have not
        come of age ask your permission (before they come to your presence), on
        three occasions: before morning prayer; the while ye doff your clothes
        for the noonday heat; and after the late-night prayer: these are your
        three times of undress: outside those times it is not wrong for you or
        for them to move about attending to each other: Thus does Allah make
        clear the Signs to you: for Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom.

        • Fajr – (Surah an-Nur) 24:58, described also on (Surah Hud)11:114*
          Fajr, Isha and Maghrib – (Surah Hud) 11:114 – “and establish regular prayers at the TWO ENDS of the DAY and at the APPROACHES of the NIGHT. For those things, that are good remove those that are evil… ” Here it is assumed three prayers has been mentioned. TWO ENDS is Fajr and Isha, and APPROACHED Magrhib.
          Zuhr and Isha: was DESCRIBED on (Ar-Rum) 30:18 as “Unto Him be praise in the heavens and the earth! – and at night and in the NOONDAY.”
          Fajr and Asr: described(Surah Al-Kahf) 50:39 “Therefore be patient of what they say, and sing the praise of your Lord BEFORE the rising of the sun and BEFORE setting.

          May Allah swt forgive me. All the errors are mine and the devil alone. All that is correct belongs to Allah swt, Allah swt is perfect

        • salaam.

          I’m sorry my brother. I am confused to your post “Why do Muslims keep misquoting the Quran! The Quran does not state anywhere that there are 5 obligatory prayers.” And you quoted the verses where the five prayers in the Qur’an needs to be established: Fjar, Dhur, Asr, Magrhib, and Ishaa.

          If on how it is performed that is where the Sunnah of rasulullah and ahadith comes in. Please note that the Holy Qur’an said obey Allah swt and His prophet saws.

        • You can search and see a video from youtube, “the warner ” channel a video about salat hd fully detailed by Quran alone.Then in sha Allah you can decide whether the Quran tells all steps of salat.

      • Peace be with you guys as well

        We find that there are only 3 names of Salats in the Quran, (i.e Fajr, Esha, Wusta (24:58 & 2:238)). This means that there has to be only 3 Salats. This is because the Quran states that it is not missing anything (6:38), and so, if there is 3 NAMES of Salats mentioned, then logically, there has to be 3 Salats.
        Furthermore, we also find 3 prayers in the previous scriptures:
        -Psalm 55:17
        -Daniel 6:10)
        -New Testament’s 3 times for prayer 3rth, 6th, and 9th hours\

        Moreover, some Jews today still do 3 daily prayer services in most days.
        Also, Shia Muslims still combine salat into 3 times per day.

        • Why do you believe that Quran you are holding is the same Quran which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him?
          The Quran is given to us by the same people who gave us hadith as well. So if you dont believe in hadiths how can you believe in Quran which was given to us by the very same people?
          We should not play with Allah’s deen by taking what we like and rejecting what we dont like.

          • As-sallaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.

            I agree. The Qur’an said to obey Allah, and obey the prophet.

          • Wow, Quran is the authority. If an hadees is contridicting from what Quran is saying, it is Quran that we follow. Quran is sent by Allah, and without any changes is written and forwarded for decades after decades. While hadeeses are written by humans only and at one point in Quran it is said by Allah s.t. do not narrate hadeeses for money gains.

          • Sorry but you are playing with deen…Is ALLAH or Muhammad swt told us that all books protected by ALLAH no never….but for Quran ALLAH said it is protected by ALLAH….i beleive on ALLAH i think you dont beleive.

          • What are you rambling about?

    • MashaALLAH.Very well clarified. JazakALLAH brother

    • I don’t understand. You say that you follow the example of The Prophet (s.a.w.) but you don’t consider the Hadeeths as important? That doesn’t make sense, because how are you going to follow our Prophet (s.a.w.)’s example when you don’t follow the Hadeeths, which are outtakes from His life? If you don’t follow the Hadeeths, then how do you know how He lived? Aren’t the Hadeeths the only “manual” of His life? – and at the same time revelations from the Ahlul-Bayt? They sure are. So what you say really doesn’t make sense.

      And you say our Prophet (s.a.w.) prayed the prayers together in Madina (praying three times) to make it easy for His Ummah, wasn’t that just occasional because he was on a journey, i.e. he was making the ruling which we nowadays call “traveller-prayer”(in Sunniism at least) because praying 5 times when you travel can be difficult?

      And the thing with the stone of clay, I think it’s based on a Hadeeth that says we should make our forehead and nose touch the ground, but it doesn’t say if it has to be a ground of clay, or wood, or stone, or a carpet. It just says ground.

      I do believe and know that the founders of Shiaism have more knowledge than I do, of course, but however, excuse me, some of your rulings sound and seem very illogical.

      • Because Hadith’s could be changed, I could always go up to somebody and say The Prophet (SAW) said while he really did not

        • Well brother, that’s a very absurd thing to say. The Ahadith are not just something people come up to you and tell you. They are brought to our day by reliable scholars. And there are several types of Ahadith, Saheeh (reliable) less reliable (because the person who told the Hadith is not well known or the Hadith doesn’t fit the teachings of the Qur’an) etc.

          • to you those scholars are reliable not to us. There are fabrications and falsifications

          • You should really open up some of the hadiths written 200+ years after the Holy Prophet’s passing and see the nonsense written in there about Allah’s Apostle. Forgetting his prayers, peeing while standing, Moses giving the angel of death a black eye, so on and so forth.

            The bigoted information that some of you have been fed about Shias is exactly that, ignorance filled and bigoted.

            No, Shia Muslims DO NOT BELIEVE Imam Ali was a prophet, No, Shia Muslims DON’T pray to or consider Imams as God or near to. NO, Shia Muslims DO NOT pray 3 times a day, they pray their 5 daily prayers.

            Shia Muslims DO believe in the hadiths, they don’t blindly believe every hadith written just as Sunnis don’t blindly believe in every hadith written.

            They pray with hands open, as do Malakis. Stop pretending to be an expert, Just as I wouldn’t go to an ear doctor for a heart problem, I wouldn’t go to a Hindu to learn about Islam, I wouldn’t go to my neighbor to figure out what’s happening to my brother. Everyone here has become an expert because they heard, they saw, they think and assume. It’s no wonder our society is plagued by ignorance and bigotry. It’s really become laughable to see some of you play a guessing game in regards to a whole school of thought. You remind me of the ignorance that prevails in western societies about Muslims, atleast, they try to go to the source and educate themselves, but here, let’s play the guessing game….

            Frankly, it’s become tiresome! Go educate yourselves!

      • Ali, you explained it well. Peace to all

    • No, Shia’s only beleav in thoes hadit, which were narrated only from the chain of Hazrat Ali (RA). They reject others.

      • That’s not true. We believe in a lot of Hadith from Sunni books. We just reject from specific people. Example abu hurrara ( father of cats)

    • True and good

    • Sorry Sir but the explanation for sahi means the correct hadeese is in the book it is referring to hadeese only. Secondly Shia only consider those hadeese to be correct which are narrated by Hazrat Ali(r.a.) they do not accept any hadeese by the other 3 very, very close companions of the Prophet(sas) and his most beloved wife Hazrat Ayesha(r.a.) and with whom the prophet(sas) spent the most time. As for the combining of prayers yes the Prophet(sas) did join prayers and prayed them together telling the people that it can be done to make it easy for people but he(sas) never said to join them every day and pray 3 times only like the Shia do.The daily prayers are 5 times a day not 3 times a day. Shias are misguided in this respect and not following one of the 5th pillars of Islam correctly which is salah.starting from the azan they are misguided by inserting the name of Hazrat Ali(r.a.) because when the prophet(sas) was converting people to Islam he never inserted the name of Hazrat Ali(r.a.) in the kalma or the azaan. Hazrat Ali(r.a.) has a great importance for all Muslims, he was his(sas) cousin and his(sas) son in law and the 4th khalifa and so were the other 3 khalifas and they were all considered the rightly guided companions and the prophet(sas) said all 4 khalifas are like hems you follow any one of them you cannot go wrong. Just because Hazrat Ali(r.a.) was related to the Prophet(sas) does not mean we can include his(r.a.) name in the kalma and the azzan.The prophet(sas) just because you are relations will not help you in the akhira but your aamal will.

  2. Its also a matter that Sunni & Shia Mulims way to stand in Namaz. Sunni round fold their hands & Shia stands leaving their hands streight. Sunny books claim that Hazrat Omer (RA) introduces fold hands way for Namaz in his Khilafat Period. Book name is Al-Farooq written by Allama Shibly Nomani.

  3. May Allah give hedayah to all of us muslims Sunni or Shia, but one thing is eating my brain

    Why do shias hit themselfs with sorts of knifes hanging on chains when Hazrat hussain was killed while he was fighting against the enemies. you can cry, you can prayer and prayer day and night but why do you hit yourself even if it is a hit in the chest.

    it is mentioned in the Quran that you cannot harm yourself at all no matter what you cant even cry over someones dead body as the dead person will notified and wont be in a good situation. if your trying to show love for him then go fight with jews and get Shaheed go kill and fight against them people who are giving a bad name to muslims and get sloughtered in jihad. common we should be uniteddddddddddddd one muslims Allah subahano watalla says in the Quran there will be 73 sects in islam everyone will be heading to hell fire only one sect will go to paradise the ones who belive in The Quran, Hadith, the sunnah of prophet Muhammed SAW, Ahl Al Bai and the sahabas (The companions of prophet muhammed saw.

    there was lots of prophets who passes away before prophet muhammed SAW so may allah forgive me prophet muhammed should go and hit him self because of it?

    no hard feelings as far as i have information you people hit youself because when hussain got slaughtered your tribe didnt help his army so therefore you lot hiting yourself.

    if i am mistaking please correct me.

    • salaam,
      first of all brother/sister, this is off topic and its not the first time someone has objected to it, but there are various sites explaining this misconception among our sunni and even some shi’a brothers. Let me see if I can locate them for you.

      1st: “Then came forward his wife in grief, she smote her face and said (what! I) An old barren woman?” Quran 51:29
      2nd: we find from ale-sunnah traditions that on the demise of the prophet, Aisha beat her chest and slapped her face (matam)
      As narrated by al Tabari in History Volume 9 page 183 (English translation by Ismail Poonawala):
      Abbas narrates:

      “I heard Ayesha saying “The Messenger of God died on my bosom during my turn, I did not wrong anyone in regard to him. It was because of my ignorance and youthfulness that the Messenger of God died while he was in my lap. Then I laid his head on a pillow and got up beating my chest and slapping my face along with the women”.
      Ibn Katheer al Nasibi in al Bidayah wa al Nihayah Volume 5 page 420 published by Nafees Academy Karachi records the event as follows:
      “Rasulullah (s) died while he was in my lap. Then I laid his head on a pillow and got up beating my face along with other women”.
      Bidayah wa al Nihayah, Volume 5, page 420
      3rd: Holy prophet asked the women of the area if they could perform matam for his uncle hamza as he had no one to weep over his body.

      4th: We read in Ahl’ul Sunnah’s authority work Ma’arij al Nubuwwah, Chapter 1 page 248:

      “Adam was so distressed that he smashed his hands onto his knees and the skin from his hands caused gashes from which bone could be seen”.

      For a clear detailed information on the subject of matam, if you take some time to go through some evidential stuff, please visit the site below:

      In summary: if hitting one’s self is with the intention of harming yourself, it against the prescription of Islam. hitting yourself out of grief over your loved isn’t.

      May Allah guide us all on the right path.

    • lol lol lol wow belive you me forums like this is enough to put any one off im a muslum im not a sect 73 sect and one will go through brothers and sisters i dont belive this and never will some people pray like this some people pray like that dont go to this masjid cuz they like this dont listen to him or her i think some people need to grow up and get a life i have converted a brother do you think after 35 years of him trying to find the truth searching for allah im going to tell him now that there is 73 sects and he better find the right one or his going to hell

    • Yes imama HUSSAIN A.S is imam ALI A.S SON AND PROPHET S.A.W.S IS HIS MOTHER’S FATHER HE IS the 3rd imam and he was killed even a single drop of water was not given to him and the most heartbreaking fact is that he was shaheed to save ISLAM and the person to ordered to kill him and was also involved was yazeed ibne muawiya he was also a mulsim if u hav any doubt regarding this matter u can refer various books riwayats and we do not harm ourself with knifes and watever u say it i’ll ask u one thing when to truly love someone and u harm urself i am sure u wud never say a word we love him and we shed our blood as a way of expressing our love the amazing thing is even the scientist are busy in researching that we use blades,knifes,long knifes (zanjeer) and we share it but no one died with the loss of blood in his body or due to any harm caused by septic we never get harmed it is because the DUA OF SHEHZADI FATEMA ZAHRA S.A DAUGHTER OF RASUL S.A.W.S THAT every year on ashura 10th muhram we repeatedly perform thesame bloodshed and we never face any harm or loss of blood i am just explaining this to u i thought i cud clear ur doubt on wht we think and we do hope u’ll understand and if u have any objection on wt i say i am sorry bt this is a fact abt us i m nt legally harming any of ur sentiments thnkiew

    • Can you please tell me where is it written in Holy Quran that matam is haram? I am a shia muslim and couldnot find anything written in the Quran like this.

      • I agree with you. I am also Shi’a and nowhere in the Qu’raan it says that Matam is haraam – everyone has their own beliefs and views. However that doesn’t mean people should criticize other people’s views especially Shi’a Muslims.

    • I am a shia muslim. Can you please tell me where is it written in the Quran that beating yourself is Haram? I couldnot find it.

      • as-salaamu alaikum brother.

        Let me ask you this, where in the Qur’an that says to beat oneself?

        • Brother, Read Sura Yousaf and see that Prophet Yakoob cried so much after his lost son Prophet Yousaf that he lost his eye sight. If it was haram , how the great prophet Yakoob was doing that and God send no verse to stop him from doing such a thing?

    • Is it mentioned to.pray terwaih in Quran or from Holy prophet.if someone want show his sorrow and Affection with imam Hussain a.s let do it. Shia hit on their chest not on your chest why you are irritating,,,, why you nervous,? Why you burnings? It is right say that the raise hand one chest in sorrow of imam Hussain a.s is not actually hiting on chest rather it hiting on the face of Hazid …you feel hiting on face every muharam right?( I not read your full article)

    • Can uh mention the surarh whr its mentioned about this 73 parts of islam

    • You are right bro.Very valid question to Rafidhis.Why beating self and taking out blood.No sense at all.May Almighty give them hidaya….Aameen

  4. What’s the wooden blocks and clay all about lol

    • Just to clear things up:
      Shias are required to place their forehead onto a natural, not manmade surface during prayer i.e. natural earth, soil, wood, stone, or grass. They use clay tablets, or wooden planks when praying indoors because those surfaces are considered natural and things like carpets or floor tiles are considered unnatural and manmade, so they are just compensating for the synthetic surfaces on the floor. That’s all.

      • I always believe that there is no such thing as man-made in true essence. All the things, the elements on earth that we combine chemically or through mixture are all created by Allah swt.

  5. there are many hadiths that state that while the prophet(saw) was in prayer and sat up there would be marks of dirt/mud on his forehead. evidence: Sahih AlBukhari volume 2 pg.256: at the end of a long tradition that when the prophet raised his head from prayer, the companions saw the marks of mud and water on his forehead. Sahih AlBUkhari volume 1 pg. 86: Tayamum: the prophet said, ” the ground has been cleansed and made a masjid for me”.
    Shia’s can pray on any type of dirt, mud, clay as long as its clean, but it is favored that one prays on the dirt from karbala. Shias do not pray to the turba, the pray on it.
    Sunni’s pray on carpet, or cement which is not allowed because their ingredients are not made known and they also contain material that is haram to prostrate one’s head on.

  6. Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir, even he who does not believe that Shias are Kafir is himself a Kafir

    • I guess because of the way I pray, I am a Sunni. However, Brother Muhammad Wahab…your post is very harmful. If you are a true muslim, you would not behave in such a disrespectful way to anyone, especially to other brothers who are also muslim. Yes, their rituals do matter. For example, they pray on clay because they believe the ground could possibly be dirty. This is valid reason because maybe the ground is dirty…and they don’t want to put their head on it when they are making a sacred connection with Allah. They are just doing things differently…Allah is to decide if he will accept their prayer. Do you agree? Now, back to your post. You are creating a divide which Shaytan wants and prefers…and you are falling for it.

      Remember this: A man cannot enter Jannah until he believes. A man does not believe until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself.

      • Dear Brother Muslim guy,

        Your thoughts are really great well written brother people like wahab do not understand what they are doing to their community.

      • The shias are 2 face hypocrites,first of all they reject
        the Hadiths,then they quote from Sahih Albukhari or any other hadeeth book to support their lies and fabrications. How pathetic are you decadent cult, many of the verses from the Quran have been misquoted and distorted by this Satan.

        Sahih International Quran 3: 61
        Then whoever argues with you about it after [this] knowledge has come to you – say, “Come, let us call our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves, then supplicate earnestly [together] and invoke the curse of Allah upon the liars [among us].

        Muhsin Khan Quran 3:61
        Then whoever disputes with you concerning him [‘Iesa (Jesus)] after (all this) knowledge that has come to you, [i.e. ‘Iesa (Jesus)] being a slave of Allah, and having no share in Divinity) say: (O Muhammad SAW) “Come, let us call our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves – then we pray and invoke (sincerely) the Curse of Allah upon those who lie.”
        So, “WHERE IS OUR NEAR PEOPLE AND YOUR NEAR PEOPLE IN THESE VERSES “? Your have added this into this verse in your translation and to the book of Allah SWT, why you son of dog shias?

        Allah SWT has used general terms in this verse, ” such as our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves, which includes the believing men and the believing women as well. It’s NOT just referring to the Ahlu-baith ONLY. I have linguisticallyand grammatically studied the Quran and speak Arabic as well, the shias claim that Allah SWT cursed Ashia رضي in the Quran, their claim is nothing, but lies and fabrications. The shias also claim that Ali is Allah, don’t believe me, the most renowned shias scholar “Mula baqi Majlisi”, writes in his book.

        Our belief about tabarra is that we should loathe the four idols, i.e Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Muawiyah, and the four women i.e Aisha, Hafza, Hind and Umm Hakam, and their followers also, and that these are the worst creatures of God, and that the belief in God, and Messenger and Imams will not be completed till we loathe their these enemies.

        Haqqul Yaqin , p. 519

        It has been narrated in Taqrib al Muarif from the freed slave of Ali bin Hussain (i.e Imam Zain ul Abideen) that he asked the Imam, I have the right over you, inform me about Abu Bakr and Umar. Imam said : Both of them are unbelievers, and whoever loves them is also unbeliever.

        Haqqul Yaqin, p. 522

        Similarly … It has been narrated from Abu Hamzah that he asked the Imam about Abu Bakr and Umar, upon which he said : They are unbelievers, and whoever respects them is also unbeliever.

        (Than Majlisi says) And regarding this, there are lots of ahadith, and many of them have been mentioned in Bihar al anwar.

        Haqqul Yaqin, p. 522

        Ayyashi has narrated from Imam Jafar through a reliable sanad that he said : May Allah’s curse be upon Aisha and Hafzah and their fathers … They killed the Messenger of Allah with poison.

        Hayat ul Quloob Vol. 2, p. 700

        Whoever believes that Uthman was killed innocently, his sins on the day of judgement will be more than those who worshipped the calf.

        Hayat ul Quloob, Vol. 1, p. 20
        Majlisi says in Hayat ul Quloob
        When the Kuffar of Quraish neared the cave , Abu Bakr’s worries increased and wished to go out and join them (i.e the kuffar) outwardly as he was amongst them inwardly.

        Hayat ul Quloob, Vol. 2, p. 334

        He says in Haqqul Yaqin about Uthman,

        The clear proof of the disbelief of Uthman is that Ali considered his killing mubah, and didn’t consider anything wrong in it.

        Haqqul Yaqin, p. 270

        Similarly he writes in Haqqul Yaqin, that when Uthman was killed

        “he remained lying on the garbage for three days like a dog , and dogs would eat him, and Ali didn’t went to him.”

        Haqqul Yaqin, p. 273
        Actually his books are full of such things, I would avoid posting more of his nonsense because I guess the “wordpress.com” will delete this site for that filth which is extremely disgusting. But the simple thing is that anyone who want to know more, he should read his books in the original language, not in the translations, because the Shiite translators often omit such things from the translations.

        The shias are Devils, hypocrites, liars and they follow non other than Satan.

        • Tom Miller, as a Muslim, you should be ashamed of yourself. I am a Sunni and find many of the things Shias do wrong. But to say such things even about someone who clearly says he doesn’t believe in God is wrong and absolutely Haraam. Let alone you call people who classify themselves as believers of being hypocrites and this and that. The punishment for accusing people of such terrible things is such a huge sin. And there are Shias who actually believe in Ahadith, you can look into Shia forums if you want. If I were you, I would make a sincere Tawba and never say such things again out loud. It’s just an advice from a fellow Muslim.

        • Tom, Only comment for you is that “shame on you” for using your bias derogatory comments for Shia Muslims. Stick to your prayers and believes if you have any and do not spread hate. There is enough hate in this world, because of people like you.

      • Assalammualaikum,
        I am sunni Muslim and I have lots of Shia friends. What we need to start to establish is the communication and discussion between these two different ‘ways’ of being Allah’s worshipper to lessen the conflict and hatred among us Muslim.
        There will be the time when we need our brothers and sisters’ hand regardless their way of woshipping God. Stay united and peaceful.

        Wallahu Alam bissawaab.

    • Brother I urge you to take shahada again as it is recorded by Bukhari, Muslim and others that It is narrated that the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) said, “When a man says to his companion ‘O you Kaafir,‘ then this would be necessarily binding upon one of the two. If the man who was called a kaafir is actually one, then he would be a kaafir; otherwise whatever the caller said would return upon him.” Therefore if this brother is a believer and his intention is to please Allah then you have now left the fold of Islam and must make taubah and take shahada again.
      If someone calls you a thief you cannot say “no your a thief”. If they call you an idiot you cant say “no your an idiot”. but if they call you a Kafir and you are not then you can say “no you are the kafir” and it would be true.

    • Stakfurrulah atheem brother what has caused you to say this. It is not polite. Please say a’authu billahi minashaitani rajjim.

    • Brother I urge you to take shahada again as it is recorded by Bukhari, Muslim and others that It is narrated that the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam) said, “When a man says to his companion ‘O you Kaafir,‘ then this would be necessarily binding upon one of the two. If the man who was called a kaafir is actually one, then he would be a kaafir; otherwise whatever the caller said would return upon him.” Therefore if this brother is a believer and his intention is to please Allah then you have now left the fold of Islam and must make taubah and take shahada again.
      If someone calls you a thief you cannot say “no your a thief”. If they call you an idiot you cant say “no your an idiot”. but if they call you a Kafir and you are not then you can say “no you are the kafir” and it would be true

    • You should be careful who you call Kuffur! You are stepping outside of Islam

  7. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakat.
    dear muslim brothers i am sunni although I am not happy when I call myself sunni cause our prophet never called it himself nor his pious companions.If u want to be on the right path just ask yourself this question “did the prophet[SAW]do this action?like for example did the prophet put a wood on his face while praying?the four rightly guided khalifa were dear to the prophet and moreover were promised janah while on earth.Who are you to condemn any of them.take this example please,during the last days of the prophet[saw] he ordered Abubakar to lead the salaah even after Aisha tried to change his decision for about three times.
    During the era of Ali [r.a]he was wearing old clothes and when one man who was sitting next to him asked him why he was wearing such clothe while he was their ruler.Ali [r.a] cried and when the man why he was doing so he said that the clothe was a gift from his best friend omar r.a .My point is if Ali loved Omar r.a this much then why do you see shias not regarding him as a khalifa.

  8. All muslim bro. Should read these verses of quran: 3:103 “be not divided & a hold one path /rope i,e QURAN”. In another verse:6:159 ” allah says those who make divisions, i wil deal with them. So there is nothing like shia or sunni in islam, there is one thing i,e muslim , so we should prefer to cal ourselves muslim.


      THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. To Sunni or Shia brothers.

    If Islam is going to divided into 73 sects, we’re all in deep trouble.
    well I believed we all want to be rightly guided, so we have to choose one among the rest, it might take you a life time to pick one, good news the prophet Muhammad already told us what to pick,
    ” I have left you the Quran and my Sunnah who ever follow them both shall never go astray.” Well it’s very simple if you’re really want to be on the right part just follow the path of Muhammad.
    When you pray put your head on the floor, it doesn’t matter if it was made of mud, brick, carpet, or cement. remember when Allah asked the jew to sacrifice a cow, they asked Allah what color and how big the cow should be, so Allah tell them to fine a cow very hard to find he makes it difficult for them to find . when Allah asked to sacrifice cow just sacrifice one, when we asked what color e.t.c we complicated it.

    p.s what ever I said was my personal opinion only, was not intent to teach or a path to follow, seek knowledge from the Quran & Sunnah.

    thank you.

    • Thank You very much brother for teaching me something new. I will now try to just do what I have to do and stop arguing. Sometimes little advise can lead you to big things. Thank you very much jazakallah.
      ( I Know some people might thing I’m younge to be debating but I think at 14 you need to say and believe in what you do) I gave a passion for debating And i will do anything to correct the wrong) 🙂

  11. Asalam u alaikum

    Instead of judging other people we should concentrate on being good Muslims. We should be considerate of other people and other religions. At the end of the day take a minute to think of what you did during the day. Think about how you treated the next person. What good are your prayers when you don’t understand what it means to be a Muslim. I am not a scholar, struggling everyday to earn the right to be called a Muslim. I hope we can all look past our differences and concentrate on our lives so that on the judgement day maybe just maybe we can make it.

  12. The Koran condemns “schismatics” who go on with “Sunni” this or “Shia” that .. I wanna see where this wanker has “cast truth at falsehood,” according to the following stricture in the Koran..

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
    Cast truth against falsehood
    The Koran: Chapter 21, verse 18

    60,000 or so Jews failed to turn up for work at the WTC, 11 September 2001, whence allegedly hijacked aircraft, were flown into the World Trade Center in New York, in an attack blamed on Arabs, which became the impetus for the current wars against all and sundry, in the name of the War on Terror!

    Mossad agents filming the drama amid “evident Jewbilation,” and Put Options on airline stocks, that made hundreds of millions traced to Mossad HQ in Yisrael, says Jews did it.

    http://s60.radikalsp@m/i169/1003/f7/5dbc426c4403.gif .. Cruise Missile slamming into the Pentagon, in an attack blamed on a crazy Arab in a Boeing 757, http://s014.radikalsp@m/i329/1102/51/ee7df9707ac5.gif .. a guided missile at the WTC on 911

    All Persian, Iranian, Middle Eastern, Indonesian, and the Atalanta and Chicago False Moslem congregations in the United States, are unbelievers of the worst kind, for similarly failing to “cast truth,” in a matter of such vital importance as illegal war!

    Agriculture, writing, and the domestication of animals, all originated in the Tigris Euphrates region called Iraq, the tribes that have been located there since the time of Adam, are the Sunni, the Shia are every one else!

    The Sunni are often don’t do the manual chores, so they have been bringing in workers from other places for centuries, these workers do not usually attend Sunni mosques, which are most often built and maintained by a single extended family.

    They usually attend to their religious affairs, in Mosques that are located in working class areas of the city, that have become known as Shia Mosques.

    At no time has war or conflict between the two sectors of society, been permitted, either under secular law, or within the strictures of Islam, and all parties are aware, that murder is met with speedy and deadly retaliation, according to the instruction in the Koran!

  13. not all sunni muslims fold thier hand during namaz, maliki brothers are not folding thier hands according to malik ben anas;said no body have seen prophet(pbah) folding his hands during namaz.

  14. ASAK,

    they say I’m Sunni (ahle hadith)…they say sum1 is Shia…honestly, I don’t care who is vat till dat who is a Muslim – considering no God but Allah n Mohammad as his prophet….ven will v grow up n stop debating bout which Muslim is right n which Muslim is wrong…who is any1 to say 1 iz kafir n 1 iz not…Sunnis n Shias r fighting against each other n killing…it’s healthy to know bout each others viewpoints n traditions – but lets respect em…n pl it’s time dat v stop all dis infighting n work towards making our people lead a better life. Let’s work towards making each one of our Muslim brother n sister literate…let’s work towards making ourselves lead a peaceful n a financially respectable life…dunno to how many will this make any sense, nywy khuda hafiz’ n fr Allah’s sake, don’t start debating whether ‘Allah hafiz’ is more appropriate or ‘khuda hafiz’

    • Oh my god lailaha illalahu Muhammadar rasulullah. Thank you very much for putting this out there as I have been saying something aling the lines of your comment. What you said is very true and may you live a very healthy and happy life here and hereafter inshallah.

  15. Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahy wa barakatuh
    I would just like to clarify that we are all Muslims and we should behave like Muslims accept ones opinion and carry on, follow the prophet Muhammad s.a.w path and you will inshallah end up in good hands. May the true lord allahuma please forgive all of us that have done bad in the past and give us blessing. I repeate we are all good Muslims and come from Adam and haawa please respect each other and god as we will go back to him one day and be questioned. Asalamualaykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.

    • you are correct. We Muslims must try to improve ourselves and not others. We study, we learn and practice it to the best of our knowledge and ability. What we have learned does not give us the right to say the other is wrong. Who is right? Who is wrong? The answer will be left with our good intention of obeying the Qur’an and sunnah. The hands in stomach, chest or on side? Our we facing the kaabah when we pray? Both prays in same direction. Both believes in Allah swt, both believes in rasullullah.

  16. I am 14 and if I wrote any mistakes please correct me

  17. Thnk you very much brother
    Thank you… 🙂

  18. I am shia jafari and I pray 5 times a day. This is inaccurate information.

    • I was going to say the same shia read their prayers 5 times daily not three whoever wrote this needs to get their facets right.

  19. well, when i hear shias talking about Imams i know they’re wrong!! cause they say aweful things.
    eg: God takes imam’s permission(astaghfiru llah).
    prophet muhamma(pbuh) said: who ever curses my companions, has cursed me, and whoever curses me is a kafir.

    • brother to tell you what is that the information u got about Imams isn’t correct. It’s a request to please withdraw the rumours that you obtain from people who are under the guidence of shaitan.May ALLAH bless you.

  20. Forwarding someone’s point of View .

    Many groups within Islam, including Sunnis and Shias have only slight differences in how to perform salat/namaz, and so it’s normal to be confused as to which method is the correct one.

    Everyone claims or at least hopes their method of praying is the correct one, but on what basis can a prayer be deemed correct or valid?

    The key for the acceptance of one’s Salat is that it is for Allah alone. If one performs all the actions of Salat and the precise number of Rakats in the same sequences, but does not have the intention to pray to Allah alone, then the prayer is invalid.

    “For Him (alone) is prayer in Truth: any others that they call upon besides Him hear them no more than if they were to stretch forth their hands for water to reach their mouths but it reaches them not: for the prayer of those without Faith is nothing but (futile) wandering (in the mind).” 13:14

    “The Hypocrites – they think they are over-reaching Allah, but He will over-reach them: When they stand up to prayer, they stand without earnestness, to be seen of men, but little do they hold Allah in remembrance” 4:142

    “It is not righteousness that you turn your faces towards East or West; but it is righteousness to believe in Allah and the Last Day, and the Angels, and the Book, and the Messengers; to spend of your substance, out of love for Him, for your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ransom of slaves; to be steadfast in prayer, and practice regular charity; to fulfil the contracts which you have made; and to be firm and patient, in pain (or suffering) and adversity, and throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the Allah-fearing” -(Ch. 2:Ver. 177)

    This verse establishes that body movements of turning this way or that way is not righteousness, but righteousness is to do good deeds and establish Salat. Thus, one of the purposes of Salat is to make us pure and help us do righteous deeds and ask for repentance if we make a mistake.

    That being said, the proper method of praying is that you execute it with taqwa in your heart. We’re really aiming to strengthen our worship to Allah and find acceptance in prayer, therefore feel secure by the fact that the acceptance of prayer does not depend on sequences as much as it does on God-consciousness.

  21. Shia are wrong 90% most of the things they say and do are wrong they even believe in their written books and stuff their ayotallah terrorists tell them, shia do shirk just as christians and jews do no difference, there are 5 time prayers with authenetic information whether shia likes to believe it or not who cares.

  22. Evidence no:1

    SUb sy pahly chalty hen Nahjul Balagha ky taraf

    Nahjul Balagha Part 3 page 745 Irshad 322

    “Hazrat Ali(R.A) aik jaga sy guzery to kuch orten Maqtooleen per Giryah ker rahy then itny men os qabeely ky sardar ap ky khidmat men hazer hoye to Hazrat Ali R.A os per naraz hoye or kaha ky kiya tomhara bas in orton per nahy chalta ky inhen giryah kerny sy maana ker sako”

    Evidence no:2

    Ab chalty hen Faroo kafi ky taraf jo shia ky Sahih Muslim ky jesy hy

    Faroo-e-kafi vol.1 Kitab-ul-Janaiz Ch:78 hadees:7 page:328

    ” Hazrat Muhammed(s.a.w) ky farzand Tahir ka jab inteqal hoa to App(s.a.w) ny beby Khadeja ko Rony sy manna kiya or farmayah kiya toom Is per Razi nahy ky osy Janat ky darwazy per khara pao”

    Evidence no:3

    Faroo-e-kafi vol.1 Kitab-ul-Janaiz Ch:80 hadees:1 page:333

    ” Farmayah Hazrat ny ky Rona, Peetna, Mon per Tamanchy Marna, Seena Kootna, Sar ky Ball Nochna, aour Nooha Karna yeh Soorat taraky Sabber hy or Sahih Tareeqy ko chodna hy”

    Evidence no:4

    Faroo-e-kafi vol.1 Kitab-ul-Janaiz Ch:80 hadees:7 & hadees:8 page:334

    “Farmayah Mayet per cheekh cheekh ker nahy Rona chahyeh or Na kapdon ko phadna chahyeh ”

    ” Museebat per raan per hath marna apna Ajer zayaa kerny ky baraber hy”

    Evidence no:5

    Faroo-e-kafi vol.1 Kitab-ul-Janaiz Ch:80 hadees:10 , hadees:11 page:335

    “Is men Imam Jaffer Sadiq ke ladke ka intiqaal hogya to kisy ny poocha ky jab ap ka ladka zinda tha or beemar tha to app ghamgeen they lekin on ky mout per ap khoosh hen to Imam jafer ny kaha Hum ahly beat bemari men ghamzada hoty hen pr jab hamary Ahly beat ka koi shakhes marta hy to Hum Razai Illahi per khush hoty ”

    “Farmyah Cheekhna chilana na bahter hy na sazawar mager log samjhty nahen or saber nahy kerty ”

    Evidence no:6

    Book name Hayat-ul-Quloob vol.2 page-994 Ch:62

    “Rasool(S.A.W) ny farmayah ki 4 Bury Khislaten Mery Umat men Qayamat tak rahen gy
    1: Apny nasab per Fakher kerna
    2: Logon ki Nasab per Tan kerna
    3: Barish ko Sitaroon ki gardish ky sabab samjhna or Ilmy Najoom per Aitqaad rakhna
    4:Apny Murdon ((Dead body)) per Nooha kerna or Jo Nooha kerny wala merny sy pahly Tooba nahi kery ga to yaqeenan Qayamat ki Roz osy Pighly hoy Tanby or Seesy ka Libaas pahnaya jaye ga.

    Evidence no:7

    khisaal-as-sadooq , pg:109 , bab:4 , sheikh-as-sadooq

    “Noha geeri ki majlis men shirkat walon ko Allah mon ke bal jahanum men phenke ga”

    Evidence no:8

    Hayat-ul-quloob , jild:2 , bab:63 , pg:1008

    “Huzoor(s.a.w) ne Hazrat Fatima (r.a) se farmaya ke mere jane ke bad tum na mujh per gham kerna , na apne chehre ko zakhmi kerna , na apne balon ko pareshaan kerna , na noha kerna aur na noha kerne walon ko bulana.”

  23. Salam to all Brother,

    It not the way you perform Salah. It can be different as everybody thinks that he is praying the right Salah. But the important things is Salah. Do the Salah in which ever way you want to do but please do the salah 5 times a day.

    If you keep on doing Salah you will definetly come to know the right and wrong in Islam Insha Allah.

    I just kept on praying and as per my common sense i started doing the right things. Some of them taught by other muslim brothers and some i think it is the right way.

    Allah (SWT) will accept your salah only when you will pray and not by how you pray. Just respect each other and always keep in mind that we are all muslims and we are ONE.

    Allah Hafiz

  24. Unity is the must in islam. As prophet Muhammad (Sal–M) says ‘don’t allow shaytan in your jamat’. Again he(Sal–M) says ‘ whoever doesn’t attend in the jamat during the time of salat is out of my ummat’.
    So, you realise that how importance prophet (Sal–M) gives on this Unity.
    But when you say, ‘I am proud of being Sunni.’ do I Shia accept to keep unity with you.
    Or, when you say, ‘I am proud of being Shia.’ do I Sunni accept to keep unity with you.
    Brother, we all believe in one Ma-budh ‘Allah’, we all believe in Rasulullah (Sal–M); in Qur-an; in other profets; in angels; in the day of judgements, on takdir— — and is it not enough to keep our Unity, to establish our jamat!

    I know that Rasulullah (Sal–M) once prayed 5 prayers within 3 times of the day, (Fazr, Johr+Asr, Magrib+Esha) and if now anyone does prayer like this I Sunny cannot claim that it is wrong according to Rasulullah (Sal–M).
    I also know that Rasulullah (Sal–M) once prayed 5 prayers within 5 times of the day, (Fazr, Johr, Asr, Magrib, Esha) and if now anyone does prayer like this I Shia cannot claim that it is wrong according to Rasulullah (Sal–M).

  25. May Allah be pleased with all the Muslims who debate the minor differences between Shia and Sunni with a civil tongue and understanding. It is you who attract us lost sheep to revert and I love you all. You bring tears to my eyes and peace to all of you.

  26. Guyz Stop Fighting with Each other Just Follow One Path Which Is Mentioned In Quran Majid Follow Things Mentioned In The Holy Book Everything Is Mentioned In You Will Be Correctly Guided By Understanding It. Clear Your Doubts Reading The Holy Book Other Than Fighting Amongst Yourself..

    • Dear Fri,

      I have read around 100 times Quran. but I cant understand the why quran history surrounded the arab and mohmmad and jibrail,iblish,aadam, why not saying the allah about the other country story.i think allah did not know the about the other country………..like china,India,sari Lanka ,japan,indoneshiya,
      any body explain me quran 33:37 please

      • Since Quran descended to Prophet Muhammad SM So, its in Arabic. Tora was in Hebrew. Most of the verses are universal, but to site examples and refer to histories it was narrating those which they, the recipients could understand better. That’s why it seems so. Its my understanding.

  27. To each his own. Do whatever you like, but at least be honest to your own selves. You have to account for what you do, whether based on truth & knowledge or based on what you have been told to believe. “That Maulana said so, or that Ayatullah said so” will NOT be an acceptable excuse on the Day of Judgement.

    Do yourselves good, have mercy on your own souls and learn & study for yourselves, seek the truth yourselves, then do whatever you like. If you really get to the truth, you will know who is right and who is wrong; yet even when you know who is wrong, that knowledge will not make you curse anyone but pray for his/her guidance from the One and Only Almighty Allah alone, who has NEVER come down in human form EVER, for that is not His characteristic. He is Majestic. He is all Wise and has given us all a brain to do simple math, to read and use that brain. Once you do that, you will realize that you belong to NO SECT at all; you are one true Muslim.

  28. Oh, and I forgot to add: there are several Sahih Hadeeths that explain exactly how our Prophet (s.a.w.) offered the prayers, and those Hadeeths say that He used to fold His hands on His stomach (some say chest, though).

    As for the Takbeer, Sunnis do say it as well? We say Allahu Akbar before and after every sajda, qa’da, qiyama etc.

    If I am not wrong, Allah (s.w.t.) Says we should follow/obey the Qur’an AND the example of Our Phophet, i.e. the Hadeeths (because I can’t think of anything else that shows us His way of life). Then how can you say our only guide is the Holy Qur’an? It is Allah (s.w.t.) Who Says this. Of course Qur’an is our only guide, I should rather say the Prophet (s.a.w.) and His way of life shows us how to live according to the Qur’an, because as you said yourself, the Qur’an, as far as I know, doesn’t teach us how the Prayer should be offered.

    InshaAllah I have not sinned in any of the things I have said, and may Allah(s.w.t.) Forgive us all for our sins. Ameen. Wa Allahu Alem.

  29. See the karama of the people.what they are doing .however they are doing the pray of God.its not matter.how told you that its right position of the prayer of the god.its wrong.god dot see you position god see only your Reverence.

  30. suuni not a pure muslim ………….who had converted from other religion to Islam………….all they are sunni..shia are muslim at time of muhmmad……dot judge the human from his religion….

  31. which is oldest religion on the earth aadam was not 1st human on the earth.as per injeel aadam was made around 8000 years ago.how to come aadam on earth from 7th sky..

  32. Muslims Salam,

    Firstly the Shia perform 5 prayers spread throughout the 3 periods of the day mentioned in Surah Bakara and other surahs in quran. there is no harm in combining dhuhur & asr, then maghrib & isha.

    Regarding praying with the hands down, it was a practice of the muslims living in Madina the city of Rasoolillah. Even maliki sunnis pray this way, as imam Malik chose to learn from those muslims who actually lived with the Prophet.
    The blessed household of the Prophet also performed salah with hands down.

    Regarding the praying on earth/clay etc. It has been adopted from Surah 20:55, “from it you was created and to it you will return” meaning earth, that is also the reason of 2 sujoods in each rakah of our salah.
    There are also many hadith where our Rasool prayed on earth, he even had the smear of the soil on his forehead at times.

    Regarding hadith, the Shia of Ali do take hadith to be true! However it must be corresponding with the quranic tafsir, it must be aligned to historical events, it must reason rationally with our logic, it must conform with the holistic and spiritual dimensions of the Prophets character and mission, it must guide towards morality and in no way show the Prophet as a fallible human being.

    Peace upon the chosen men and women of God, and peace to you.

  33. Salam,

    A very good read.

    At a time when the middle east is fighting a sectarian war and muslims killing muslims i feel fatigued and disgusted with it.

    More on differences so we can learn from each other.

    Folding of hands is differed by all sunni schools as well, soem pray without folding and some pray folding at side, some not at all.ALL IS ACCEPTED as Rasullah SAW prayed like this at numerous times of his life.

    Year ago at uni during jummah prayers, i did notice some shia chaps praying with these tablets on the floor, at that time I did not know they were shia but i was always curious about other cultures.

  34. assalam o alaikum first of all I would like to know that why shias say bad things about the companions of the holy prophet like hazrat abu bekr,hazrat omar,hazrat usman etc

  35. As salaam aleikum brothers and sisters

    In quran the 5 prayers are mentioned but nowhere does it say that we need to combine prayers and make it into three prayers. Nowhere in the quran does it say that its wajib to pray on stone,grass,mud etc and that you cant pray on a mat. And please shia’s dont quote ahaadith of sunni’s because you are not muhadiths or scholars to claim something. Wasaalaam

  36. One more thing that shias do that sunnies don’t, shias say during athan “ASHADU ANA ALI AN VIOLA, ASHADU ANA ALI AN HOGHE TOLLAH” while sunnies don’t, This is talking about Imam ali, so sunnies don’t say it, shias say this after”ASHADU ANA MUHAMMADAL RASOULALLH” while sunnies just skip it and move on

  37. jews pray 3times how can u curse a prophets 3best friends 3best men still say you are muslim do you till 16th century most of iran was sunni saffivids force fully convirted people to shiaisam those didnt convert they kill them they did same thing for 200 yrs and force fully converted whole population i dont understand how diffrent are shias from ahmedis for the entire muslim history shias hurt muslims more then any race where ever they go they bring there strange belifs during haj they are big nuicence if see they are very similar to jews in many ways trachery murders taqia mutah marcie for 200 hunderd in iran they curse open 3most respected sahabas they make own religon they add according there mosivis and khumanis wake up guys they are not muslim

    • Wali your explanations about Shia is based on a wahabbi beliefs which are based on total fabrications, just as many hadiths were made up during beni omiyyah rule, bun Abbas etc. Jews prays 3 time a day, 4 times a day and 5 times a day it depends on which day. Shias pray 5 times a day just like other Muslims.

      You do not have any understanding of the Ahmadi beliefs or the Shia beliefs because you put both in the same boat. Which tells me that you are ignorant of both the beliefs.

      You say Iranians became Shias after the 16th century, this is also incorrect, Iran became Shia after the arrival of Imam Raza a.s. And there were no killings, unlike wahabbi beliefs that all who are not wahabbis should be converted or killed. This belief of wahabbis does not come from any Islamic teachings but the misguided beliefs of Abdul Wahab, who according to his own father, was misguided. His father never accepted his beliefs and warned people not to follow him.
      Shias were always there even in Hijaz, present day Saudi Arabia, even before Iranians became Shias. Shias are still in Arabia and are in majority in eastern province.
      When the holy prophet PBOH passed away, what were the 3 doing, they were busy in election and were not present at his burial, only the prophet’s PBOH family was there. Which explains that the important thing for the 3 was power. No 1 became Khalifa when Ali was the rightful appointee per the holy prophet PBOH. No 2 killed the daughter of the holy prophet PBOH and her unborn child. The 3 conspired with each other to remain in power, that’s when the Shias separated and starts following the family of the prophet PBOH. It’s always safe to follow Alay e bait than to follow like Abdul Wahab who came in the late 1897 or so with his crazy interpretation of Islam. Wahabbis are danger to peace in the world.
      Mullahs in the wahabbis can issue a fatwa, whereas in Shias only the Marjah can issue a fatwa. They cannot change anything in the Shia sect they can offer guidance only.

      Peace out

  38. As salaam,

    If you cant do better ask the learned ones

    Because in our daily life we approach a specialist be it a Civil Engineer,Lawyer,Doctor,Teacher ..ect in same way we should not argue on these subject which is very important & sensitive.

    Consult only learned ones.

  39. request to all…….
    do your work.
    recite namaz.
    recite quran.
    do all things you want roza, haj, zakat etc

    do not do Prophecy that who gonna go to jannat and who gonna go to jahannam.

    we will meet in kayamat.
    and there allah will decide who is wrong and who is right.

    So do your work.

  40. We should not argue. Whether we are shia or sunni is irrelevant as end of the day we are muslim. That’s how we are one. I was curious to learn about the differences in practices so I came upon this page. Let’s learn to love and respect one another.

  41. The fundamental or basic principle in prayer and all actions is Niyyat(intention).when all else fails and others are misguiding.God almighty will judge you based on your Niyyat.Intention.With the right or good intention is what the prayer will be judged in essence purify your intentions.What I’m saying is to start you need the right motivation.

  42. I can not understand why are we creating the differnce …. I am to be said suuni because my family is sunni but got no problem to say my prayer as shia muslims do the way u act is not that important but your niyat does.Be a muslim please these sects mean nothing.Love each other as muslim sisters and brothers so we could be strong enought to compete with mushriks and kafir.

  43. when i see shia on ashura 10 injured very badly the i say DO Good Have Good

  44. Allahu Akbar.
    Subhana Allah
    73 sectors are already started now which sector is correct?
    No body knows ..but stick on sunna of rasul S.A.W and quraan ..A

  45. Please do your research about Shias before you post about us. We actually pray 5 times a day! Do your research

  46. Assalamalaikum first of all there should be no Sunni and Shia there is only Muslim a true Muslim. Prohtet Muhammad (saws) said Whoever says that their Imams have control overs affairs of heaven and earth are not on the religion of Prophet Mohammed PBUH. He strictly says whoever decide themselves amongst my ummah he/she not from my religion

    • ur right. just to clear something up, shia’s don’t believe the imams are equivaent to the prophets they are simply here to guide and help and support us in any help and assistance we need. except for differences in the praying process (which are wrongly outline in this article), shia imami ismaili muslims and sunnis are very similar (some shia’s belive the 12th imam is in hiding, but they are wrong. there are also other branches but ismaili are generally more correct to the quran, but don’t take my word for it)

  47. You can pray 3 times , 5 times or 100 times at any given point of time allah or Ishwar never stop you. Helping the old and helpless people will please the Allah ! More than Namaz.

  48. U Sunni and Shia are always fighting. Many people see that there is no unity in Muslim religion. Instead u should be just be happy ur all Muslim, it doesn’t matter if ur sunni or shia. Its this jealousy and hate of each other why this religion will never get far and the only reason why its the fastest growing religion is because u make more babies. thats it!

  49. I don’t even know where to begin.
    You people are so mean towards each other. Why do you even care who’s right and who’s wrong. Does it say in the Qur’an that you should put down others so you can be proud of yourself?
    Sometimes you need to just trust in yourself because you have so many different people interpreting the Qur’an, and they can’t all be right. Sometimes you just need to pray and ask Allah yourselves.
    You know it’s easier to see what’s going on from the outside, then when you are in the middle of it.
    There are some really smart people amongst you that says that you are all Muslims and that you should stay strong together, and that you should be respectful of all religions. These are the people Allah treasures. You can get mad at me for saying this and call me names I don’t even care, but I know Allah will care. If you don’t open your heart to other people, you will never know true love. True love is when you step out of your boundaries. Everyone loves their family, their relatives, the people in your mosque. Maybe even the stranger in the street begging for food, but this is still your brother, from the same country as you. How about trying to help and love someone who’s from a different country or even a different faith?
    Or you know what, keep living the same way you do now and just hope for the best. Sending you all love and patience ❤

  50. I believe I have red somewhere that some Muslims say assalamualaikum at the end of the prayers while others say la ilaha illa lah. Are both practices acceptable? What are they based on?

  51. And it is mentioned in the Quran that whoever that does not follow the majority of the Ummah is lost.
    Sunni or Shia? Who is the majority

    • assalam walekum, ya ali madad, bismillah,

      sunnis are much more common but except for a few differences, sunni and shia muslims are essentialy the same and half of the differences in this article are incorrect

  52. I am a Sunni and Hanafi by born but changed my Madhab thrice. From Hanafi to Maliki to Shafi to Ahmed ibne Hanble now. I want to find out the best way to Allah and his Messenger Muhammad SM. Now I am happy as I learned Hazrat Abdul Kadir Jilani (R) the great peer and Sufi was of Hanbly Madhab. Every one of us wants to reach Allah in best way. Now while learning about Shia, I believe Hazrat Ali RA was the gate to wisdom and knowledge and Imam for the Muslim Ummah and his Bayaat. But I believe Hazrat Abu Bakr RA, Hazrat Omar RA and Hazrat Usman RA and Hazrat Ali RA were Caliphs of Islam and all correct. What Hazrat Umaya deed by violating written deed wih Hasan RA was treachery and making Yazid Caliph was great treachery indeed. These were done being influenced by Shaitan for the thrust of power. What now Sunni leaders doing the imperialism or monarchism is against Islam. Hazrat Ali RA was ritual leader during first three caliphs and both ritual and administrative leader after death of Hazrat Usman. All of them are out of ten Ashara Mubasshara, declared heaven while alive. I like ritual Imamat system of Shia. Imam has no love for power, money, world and truthful, pious and divinely blessed. Such Imam is needed for Muslim when Moulanas are mostly hypocrite and give fotwas to support the rulers, and afraid of criticizing rulers when they over rule Quran and Hadith. World is going astray in absence of Imams or ritual leaders and presence of hypocrite and greedy moulanas. Moualans ignite divisions and exhibit their supremacy. I am scared of them. Mosques are ruined by them. Hardly I get a sincere and honest moulana or Imam in a mosque. They don’t recite from heart, do extra movements during salat, do Munajat in congregation after every prayer which is a bidaat, if any one gives money from whatever source moulana prays his forteen generation for Jannat. I am fed up of these people. will cont…

  53. Shia believe in such crap. Honestly they need a better life !

    • Salam, Shia pray 5 times a day. I don’t know how others pray but my entire family prays all five. You must be confused on the joining part of 2 salat that are close to each other in time. That only time that this is expectable is if you can not pray due to work, school, of if you can not perform your wadout, or any real reason that stops you from praying on time.

    • I’m sorry but I think ur the one in need of a better life just cuz ya Shias do something differently it don’t mean anything different. I don’t think u would like me saying tht u sunnis are stupid and dumb as hell and u need a life so don’t chat rubbish like tht.

    • shias are proper muslims and pray and belive to and in allah just as much as sunnis if u want to judge us then go ahead and waste time rather than accepting us as followers of allah and muhammad. ya ali madad, assalam walekum, good luck, enjoy your life, learn something, and btw this article is wrong

      also we dont pray 5 times a day or use clay/wooden things to rest our head on we recite proper namaaz on all eids and recite dua 3 times a day regularly. idk what shias ur talking about

  54. To state that Shia Muslims don’t pray 5 times a day is wrong. Whoever wrote this is ignorant.

    1. They do pray 5 times a day. They do not combine prayers, they wait on the prayer rug until it’s time to do the second prayer. When they pray their noon prayers, they will wait on the prayer rug until it’s time for the afternoon prayers. Same thing with the evening prayers. Please educate yourselves. When you say combine prayers, you’re literally saying they combine the 2 as one. That is NOT true. They do one prayer, finish it completely, with on the prayer rug until it’s time for the second prayer and finish the second one completely.

    2. Shia Muslims prostate their heads on natural clay or wood. It doesn’t matter where the clay is from. They prefer clay from Karbala, out of respect. The rule of thumb is: it must be dry, natural and clean. Shia Muslims carry one with them because where they please their forehead must be clean, even if the ground they’re sitting on isn’t or aren’t sure.

    3. Shia Muslims are not the only Muslims that pray with open hands, some Maliki Muslims do as well.

    Please educate yourself before you try to educate others.

    • How is it that shia wit on rug u til next prayer. Are you sure. That mean 1 of 2 things. They missed dhuhr and 3 hours later waited 10minutes before asr to pray Dhuhr then sat there an dprayer Asr or they prayed Dhuhr on time and then sat on prayer for 3 or 4 hoirs until Asr came.

  55. First of all, salaam everyone. I’d love to establish that we are all muslim, regardless of our slight differences or variations. It is actually silly to create these physical barriers between each-other, we all believe in one God and his prophet. We have enough people discriminating muslims around the world, we need to unite and join together, not turn our backs on one another!

    I just thought everyone needed a reminder because the comments were getting more and more aggressive as I scrolled down. I don’t know who needed to read this but I am glad you did.

  56. Nowadays I don’t know what shia believes. I HAVE seen documentary of Shia in Iran and the slat was different and If im not mistaken I we some action of Shia regarding Imam as a god.so I was so fused about Shia and I thought they commit Shirk but also thus is only what I saw. This is not every Shia and I would like to know the truth authenticity of Shia beleive because the action of one Shia doesnt portray majority.IT is Sunnah to make 5 prayers but it is also known that it is permissable to combine salat if some factors occurs such as missed prayer due to school or work, a commentator has stated this .but this is. But i think this should not be a habit and justification to do this on daily basis. To be honest salat is so important that if you can not ask your employer or professor for 5 to 10mi utes 3 times a day and slow down so that you can pray and give thanks to Allah then you should try work harder to commit to this and think again why you are working. MOST of us are home at Fajr and Isha a so this is no problem at all. But the 3 other salat only takes no more than 30minutes of your time in a 24hours time period. It is about reassessing yourself and placing value in the right things. It is not that difficult . I have an opinion about hadith also.mutawatir hadiths are sahih, but not all sahih hadiths are mutawatir. Hadiths are either going to be mutawatir bi lafz or mutawatir bi ma na. Most of the hadith are of the second . Hadiths conceptual trasmisiion upon which there us agreement in concept or meaning but not the exact words.Most of the narrations are derivations [i.e., not quotes of actual words], that is, the actual words of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) have not been quoted in the narration and whatever the narrator understood to be the meaning of the Prophet’s (pbuh) words, according to his capacity and capability, he narrated with the best of intention as the saying of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Now, everyone knows that besides words even the slightest change of delivery can induce great difference in the meaning. [Suhail, p. 47] Some hadiths I consider and some that I find unreliable if it contradicts Qur an.

  57. My husband is sunni and I am shia and we both pray namaz on our times, we open fast on our times. We never have problem with this and we respect each others believes.In the end we have to accountable to Allah swt only after death so we should focus on pleasing and obeying him rather satisfying our egos by disgracing others.if you are not agree with other Muslim just pray to guide him don’t bash him/her saying kafir.don’t call yourself Muslim either its not Allah’s set deen. If our prophet SWT never said such things to even a non Muslim how can you? Who are we to judge when the judge is only Almighty Allah swt.

  58. It actually isn’t true that shia muslims don’t touch their head to the ground. shia’s recite namaaz 3 times a year on all eid occasions and we perform it just as any muslim would, with our arms together and head toching the ground. The only major difference is that sunni’s don’t believe in the imams (or necessarily follow them) while shia’s do. the second main difference is that shia’s pray 3 times a day in a compiled version of the quran containing 7 surahs called “dua”. shia’s are also not prohibited from saying “ameen” and are actually required to do so. As for shia’s hitting themselves with chains, only few practice this and most of these people who practice this tradition live in non-western areas and exist in strictly muslim communities.

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