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Difference Between Socialism and Communism

socialismCommunism and socialism are ideological principles with many similarities and differences.

It is little complicated to differentiate these two doctrines. Socialism generally refers to an economic system and communism means to both an economic and a political system.

Socialism manages the economics and finance” economy through planned collective social control, while communism tend to manage both the society and the economy by making sure that the properties are owned by the centralized organization to gain classlessness and statelessness. Both communism and socialism tend to prevent the effects of capitalism.

Both principles are focused on the centralized organization where the goods and services are produced, owned and controlled publicly. But socialism focused more on the distribution that take place on the amount of individuals’ production of hard work, whereas communism emphasizes that the distribution of goods and services among the public should happen based on the individuals’ needs.

The communists assert that both capitalism and private ownership of means of production must be done away to make sure a classless society. However, socialists view capitalism as a possible part of the ideal state and perceive that socialism can exist in a capitalist society.

Differences also exist on who controls the structure of the economy. The socialism normally intend to have as many people as possible in order to influence the economy, while communism concentrate on small amount of people.

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  1. All socio-political systems boil down to 2 variables and how they are distributed: input & output.
    In Capitalism you are allowed to put in as much as you want and get out as much as you can.
    In Communism you are forced to contribute to the maximum extent of your abilities and allowed to get out as much as you need.
    In Socialism you are also forced to contribute to the maximum extent of your capabilities but are allowed to take out in proportion to your contribution.

    Capitalism is ideal for the cunning, the predatory and parasites. It works because enough members of the society produce enough to go around and more.
    Communism is the best system for parasites and works for a while after the overthrow of oppressive systems of inequality.
    Socialism is too idealistic to ever work in the human system. Nobody ever feels they are getting their fair share.


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