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Every woman fantasizes, and even dreams, of having the best eyebrows around. However, most of them are plagued on how to achieve such a feat. Fortunately, there are various ways to sculpt eyebrows. It just takes some time to practice, and hone the skill of either waxing or threading.

Eyebrow waxing is a common practice among women. It is mostly done by females who possess a ‘not so sensitive’ skin type. Plastic strips with wax on one side are used in the process. These strips are cut at the center to mimic the eyebrow figure. Due to the commercial penetration of such a product, wax stencils have been made available in various shapes, like circular, angular, slightly curved and even arched. The wax stencil is placed on the eyebrows using mild pressure. With a solid pull of the strip, the hairs are then removed. To end the process, toners and certain astringents are used to initiate closure of the skin pores.

Secondly, eyebrow threading can also be used by women who dream of the same attractively shaped eyebrows. This is a very old technique of hair removal, which is said to provide neat lines for your eyebrows. This technique is also regarded as the one which gives the best shape to your brows. With just a minor twist of pure cotton threads to pluck the hair; and a clean eyebrow line is immediately created. It is a relatively easier, not to mention quicker, process than waxing.

Overall, eyebrow threading has lesser skin contact (ideal for sensitive skin types) compared to waxing which can immediately cause skin reddening after pulling the strip stencils. It has also been observed that waxing can induce allergies in some instances, because of the presence of certain chemicals or resins in the wax. Moreover, it is obvious that the waxing technique is the more painful procedure. The application of the waxy material, somewhere near your eyes, also causes some anxiety to the user. In terms of sustaining the shape of the eyebrows, threading is seen to provide longer effects than the other technique.

1. Waxing is a more tedious process compared to the easier and faster threading of the eyebrows.

2. Waxing is good for non-sensitive skin types, whereas threading is ideal for the most sensitive skins.
3. Threading provides a longer-lasting, beautifully crafted eyebrow line, compared to waxing.
4. Threading is less painful than waxing.
5. The threading technique gives more precise results compared to waxing.

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