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Differences between Hulu and YouTube

The world today is fast paced and the saying ‘Time is money’ can’t be more true. Although people do not remain busy twenty-four-seven and do take out time for some sort of entertainment which is a must, they try that the means of entertainment require minimal resources and time to set up. Moreover, it is a world dominated by technology and computers have become as basic a necessity as a place to sleep! This may not be true for all, but the majority cannot go on with their careers without a desktop or a laptop. However, to relax one’s mind after a day’s work is also of much significance and watching television has been the top form of entertainment. But then TV has a lot of limitations; a limited number of channels, the subscription fees to be paid every month etc. In such a society it is not hard to comprehend why computers are taking over the role of TVs as well. Everyone has a computer and an internet connection. So why not stream your favourite shows online for free and that too when you have access to channels all over the world? Websites like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and many others have made this a possibility and a very easy task. However with so many streaming services available one needs to know the difference between them to be able to select one.

YouTube is a very well-known streaming service which has all the latest videos available. However, Hulu is gathering pace and fast becoming its competitor.

The fact that some YouTube users are shifting to Hulu is because of the fact that Hulu has the latest episodes available the very next day of being aired. Whereas YouTube specializes in short clips and videos which are usually user-generated, Hulu has full episodes of some of the best productions (such as those on NBC, FOX, ABC etc.) Although these episodes are also available on YouTube but due to its speciality in short videos, users normally spend more time on Hulu than YouTube.

The profitability of the two has a large variation. YouTube mostly has free videos and therefore lower profits. Hulu has a monthly subscription and earns a lot due to its speciality of making available episodes within 24 hours of being broadcasted. The high quality (HD) and experience that it ensures accounts for the fact that people are ready to pay the amount without any hesitation. Some people describe this same distinction in other words. They say that where YouTube shows amateur videos, Hulu shows professional type videos (which include TV shows and movies).

YouTube is the perfect place if you want a video on any particular topic. Its collection is infinite and you can find exactly what you will. If you do not want to watch the whole episode and are just interested in a particular scene, YouTube gives you exactly that result for your search.

Another difference between the two is that whereas Hulu is available only in the United States, YouTube has special, localized versions in about 22 countries. Hulu, as mentioned before is trying to fill the gaps and is further broadening its horizons.

In addition to all these, Hulu gives you licensed videos whereas YouTube will even show you those videos in your search result that your friend has uploaded! As long as it does not violate the terms of use, anyone can upload any video on YouTube. So if you seek some casual entertainment, YouTube is where you should look for!

Summary of differences expressed in points

  1. YouTube came first, well known; Hulu is fast developing and becoming its competitor
  2. YouTube’s speciality; short videos, Hulu; long videos, normally TV shows (full episodes; available the a day after they are aired)
  3. Users spend more time on Hulu; TV shows etc., lesser time spent on YouTube on average; short videos
  4. YouTube has a lower profit margin; free videos, Hulu earns more; monthly subscriptions
  5. YouTube can give you the exact video that you’re looking for, even a particular scene of an episode; Hulu-complete episodes
  6. YouTube-global (22 countries), Hulu-US only
  7. Hulu gives you licensed products/videos/episodes whereas YouTube has a collection in which anyone can contribute (as long as it does not violate the terms of use)

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