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Difference Between Youtube Partner and Monetization

Youtube Partner vs Monetization

Youtube now gives their users the ability to monetize their videos and get a share of the advertising revenue. There are two ways that you can get into the program. The first is by monetizing your channel or individual videos, and the second is by applying for the Youtube Partner program. The main difference between being a Youtube partner and monetization is the difficulty to enter the program. Monetization is relatively easy to join, just have a very popular video and you can already start earning via impressions. Unlike in being a Youtube partner where you need to pass a strict screening process.

This is also another area where Youtube partner and monetization differs. To be a Youtube partner, you need to actually apply to be one. In monetization, you cannot apply to join because it is invitation only. But the requirements are not really that strict and there are way more people who are enlisted in monetization than as partners. Youtube is pretty strict as to who can be a Youtube partner because it comes with additional benefits that can be taken advantage of to promote yourself or your brand.

As a Youtube partner, you have the ability to promote your own videos via Adwords. This way, your videos get shown to other users who like related content or fit a certain demographic that you are targeting. This lets you build your following, increase your views, increase your revenues from the ads on your videos, and even increase your sales if you are actually selling a product or service. Being a partner gives you a lot more than just earning from the videos you posted online.

It is a fact that being a Youtube partner is much better than just monetization; and just about anyone you can ask will tell you to be a Youtube partner if you can. But it is not that easy and you should grab monetization when you can and not forego it. Even if your videos are already monetized, you can still apply to be a Youtube partner when you are ready.


  1. Being a Youtube partner is a harder to get than monetization
  2. Being a Youtube partner can be applied for while monetization is invitation only
  3. Being a Youtube partner gives you the ability to promote your videos while monetization does not

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