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Youtube vs Vimeo

Youtube and Vimeo are both video sharing sites that you can visit to view videos or upload your own. It may be worth noting that Vimeo was established a few months before Youtube. But, the most significant difference between Youtube and Vimeo is the amount of content that they have. Although the one million videos that Vimeo has may seem a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the close to half a billion on Youtube. So if you are looking for a specific video, then you’d probably find it in Youtube.

If you are planning to upload files, Youtube also has several advantages over Vimeo. The first one is the greater limit on the file size you can upload. Vimeo only allows up to 500MB while Youtube lets you upload up to 20GB. There is no limit to the length of the videos you can post, so the size is the only true limit. But you also have to consider the resolution of the videos that you are playing as it affects both the total length of the video, as high resolution videos take up more space, and its quality. Vimeo is capable of displaying HD quality video but only up to 720p. That’s usually good enough for most people but may appear pixelated in very large TVs. Youtube allows video resolutions that exceed the maximum 1080p resolution for TVs. At a resolution of 3072p is not even available on majority of displays.

Another feature that is available on Youtube but not on Vimeo is 3D capability. This feature enables Youtube to show videos in 3D. You still do need to have 3D glasses and a display that is capable of the same. Youtube uses different techniques in achieving stereoscopy, so you can choose the one that suits your display best. 3D is also another aspect that adds to the file size of the video as it needs to generate to separate pictures for each frame in the video.

Overall Youtube is the better option when it comes to viewing and uploading videos. But for those who want to spread their videos to as many people as possible, it won’t hurt to upload to both sites.


  1. Youtube has way more videos than Vimeo
  2. Youtube has a larger file limit than Vimeo
  3. Youtube allows much higher resolutions than Vimeo
  4. Youtube is capable of rendering 3D while Vimeo cannot

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  1. Too bad there’s no mention of the differences in maximum supported bitrates. Resolution is important for picture quality, but bitrate definitely deserves to be discussed as well since it’s probably just as important.

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