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Difference Between YouTube and Vevo

YouTube vs Vevo

There have always been issues with YouTube and copyright infringement when it comes to the music industry as a lot of songs are being uploaded to YouTube without the recording company’s permission. In response to this problem, the recording companies came up with Vevo. The main difference between YouTube and Vevo is what videos you will find in them. You can find just about any type of video in YouTube as long as it is not pornographic or does not violate the YouTube TOS. With Vevo, you only get music videos from artists that are under the participating recording labels.

YouTube is actually a site run mostly by users. All of the videos on YouTube are uploaded by users and you have a wide selection of videos to watch. These videos range from songs with lyrics, how to videos, and just everyday videos that some users thought others would like to watch. On the other hand, Vevo users do not have the ability to upload videos to the site as only the admins are capable of doing so. This has its pros and cons. On the negative, you got a much smaller selection of videos to choose from and you are limited music videos. On the positive, you get a more consistent video quality. You will not get blurry or grainy video and you will not be misled by incorrect titles and thumbnails.

YouTube is available just about anywhere in the world, except of course in countries where it is restricted. Vevo is not available worldwide as it only available in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand; so if you leave outside those countries, your only option is YouTube. It is still good though as Vevo does have its own channel in YouTube that also features music videos.

If you like watching music videos and you have access to Vevo, you will probably have an easier time looking for music videos there. Still, YouTube is the better option between the two as you have a much wider array of videos to choose from.


  1. Vevo is exclusive to music videos while Youtube is not
  2. YouTube videos come from users while Vevo videos
  3. YouTube is available throughout the world while Vevo is only available  in some countries
  4. Vevo has a YouTube channel

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  1. Vevo is avaialble in more counties then you wrote here.

  2. I hate youtube… It really sucks and I can’t use Vevo…

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