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Difference Between Youtube and Dailymotion

Youtube vs Dailymotion

If you are looking for a good video site to upload your videos, chances are Youtube and Dailymotion are high up on your list. There are a number of differences between Youtube and Dailymotion that may help you in deciding. The first is the time limit imposed by Dailymotion to the uploaded videos. If your videos are less than 60 minutes in length, then either one is good enough; but if you have videos that are over 60 minutes, then Youtube is your only option because Dailymotion does not allow videos that exceed 60 minutes.

Youtube doesn’t imporse time limits, instead they impose size limits, which Dailymotion also does. But Youtube has the higher file size cap of the two at 20GB; 10 times the 2GB limit of Dailymotion. The higher cap also comes in very useful since Youtube allows very high resolution videos to be uploaded. On the other hand, videos uploaded to Dailymotion are limited to a maximum resolution of 720p.

A notable feature of Youtube, although it is still in beta, is the ability to show 3D videos. This is achieved by generating two images per frame, one for the left eye and another for the right to simulate stereoscopy. Dailymotion lacks this ability and will not be able to playback videos in 3D. Youtube also allows certain videos to be downloadable, so you can watch them offline. Dailymotion videos cannot be downloaded and can only be watched online.

Another difference between Youtube and Dailymotion is monetization. Youtube lets uploaders share on the profits that they get from the videos that are uploaded by the user. In this manner, you can earn a lot of money if your video goes viral. This gives the user an incentive to upload videos on Youtube. Dailymotion does not do revenue sharing. And the results can be seen in their respective user bases and the number off videos that both sites have. In both areas, Youtube beats Dailymotion by leaps and bounds.


  1. Dailymotion imposes a maximum video length while Youtube does not
  2. Youtube has a much larger file size cap than Dailymotion
  3. Youtube is 3D capable while Dailymotion is not
  4. Youtube allows the download of certain videos while Dailymotion does not
  5. Youtube allows uploaders to share in the revenue while Dailymotion does not
  6. Youtube has way more videos than Dailymotion

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  1. So basically Dailymotion is crap and doesn’t even compared the to the almightly god Youtube

  2. I think you’re forgetting about some things:
    1. On YouTube, you only have unlimited uploads and some other features if you are verified by mobile. If you don’t, you can only upload 15 min of video. Besides that, Dailymotion has the ‘Motionmaker’ and ‘Official’ users, wich can upload unlimited video length too
    2. Motionmaker- and official users can also upload 1080p
    3. If you are an official user, you can earn money too, and besides that, you only get 50% of it on YT and 70% on DM
    4. Dailymotion at least features the 3d function for motionmakers, even though it only supports splitscreen 3d
    5. YT only works with G+, wich almost everyone hates, while DM doesn’t require that
    6. YT only has more videos because it’s more known by people, wich is why there are more users. That doesn’t make it automaticly better
    7. DM has some cool features like contests that are missing on YT
    8. DM at least for Mm/Officials has much more designable channels than YT has today
    9. DM doesn’t change it’s design that much that everyone hates it

    • Seriously dude…I think this article is biased. Because he didn’t even mention that to start earning on YouTube, you must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time

  3. YouTube is perfect and user friendly and i don’t think daily-motion is not even enough to compete vimeo.
    YouTube is awesome.

  4. You forgot to mention that you can’t earn a single cent on youtube unless you have 1000 subs and 4000 watched time, while in dailymotion you don’t have such rules.

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