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Difference Between Golf and Polo

Both Golf and Polo games are sports that have existed for centuries. Polo happens to be one of the oldest type of sport which originated in Persia and is today played across the world.

Golf is also quite old, the first traces date back to B.C. both the games use similar equipment, and are well known globally.


Golf is known to originally come from Scotland, however, similar related sports were played as early as the first century BC. It is believed people from Scotland altered the original version into what we now refer to as gold. In the year 1457 the popular game was however banned in Scotland as it was reported to interfere with archery practice.

In the year 1552, the game was reinstated at Old course at St. Andrews which is referred to as the home of golf today. Regarded as the home of golf, the Old Course at St Andrews was established in 1552. Mussel burgh Links is another course that dates back to 1672 and is recognized as one of the oldest golf courses, marking gold as one of the oldest games rich in history.



Polo is a dynamic game, played with two teams on horsebacks. The game dates back to 2000 years ago when it was originally played in Persia. However, the game we know as polo today was adopted by British soldiers who saw it being played in India and stole the concept, converting it into a training process for Calvary soldiers. Rules were later established and the game fully recognized as a competitive sport globally. Today it is popular in UK, Argentina and USA. The Federation of International Polo oversees the sport globally.


Differences Between Golf and Polo

  1. Game Objectives for Golf and Polo

The objective of golf is to get the ball to the green area or the hole in the least shots possible. On the other hand, polo’s objective is to score as many goals against the opponents before time runs out.

  1. Players for Golf and Polo

Golf games can have up to 180 people playing against each other in teams of 3 or 4. In polo games there are only two teams the attackers and the defenders who compete to outdo each other in scoring.

  1. Equipment used for Golf and Polo

The equipment used in gold is very specific even customized at times. During certain events the players could be requested to use a certain brand of equipment.  The requirements include tees, small pegs, gloves, clubs and small white balls. Polo’s equipment includes the obvious horse, chukkas, helmet. Polo sticks, knee guards and balls.

  1. Scoring for Golf and Polo

Scoring in golf involves moving the ball from the tee to the green point and into the designated hole in the least attempts possible. A hole refers to the sunken area where the ball is supposed to fall into and the entire region from the start to the green. The process of scoring in polo on the other hand is to move a ball against the opposition to eventually hit it through the set goal.

  1. Length of Game for Golf and Polo

Gold can last up to four days depending on the game type. Polo on the other hand lasts for a total of 28 minutes separated I four 7 minute quarters.

  1. Winning

Winner in golf is determined by the one who completed all the 72 holes within the shortest time. In Polo the winner is the team that scores the most goals. In Polo the game also can’t end up in a draw, in case it his happens a new game starts until a winner is established.

  1. Class and Association

Golf is often associated with class. It is often listed as a luxury game for the rich and wealthy. Polo is associated with fun-loving, sporty, energetic dare devil sportsmen.

  1. Size of Game Area for Golf and Polo

Golf requires huge pieces of land and great terrain. At times the vast land can be measured in hectares.  Polo is played on a small arena that can be fully viewed at a glance. The arena contains two goal posts.

  1. Risk involved in Golf and Polo

Golf is not risky at all. There are very few health hazards in playing the game. Polo on the other hand is a very risky game, where players often get injuries or even worse die.

Golf vs. Polo : Comparison Chart

Summary of Golf vs Polo

  • Golf and Polo are both very old games dating back centuries back.
  • No original version of the games was maintained; they were all transformed into what we see today.
  • Golf is very specific in the equipment used to the point that golfers may be required to use a specific brand.
  • Polo has to be played with trained horses and safety equipment as opposed to golf poses no safety risk.
  • Golf can take days to complete and can have as many as 180 players. Polo takes a couple of minutes or hours for the game to be completed.

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  1. You repeatedly state the winner in golf is the one who completes 72 holes in the least amount of time. Really?

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