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Difference Between Government and Politics

Government vs Politics

These two terms involve the people and the process that takes over a particular state. Both of these terms refer to the system that is in control of the country or state.

Government is a social science term which refers to this certain group of people that takes over a particular nation. The manner that these governing organizations run the country is very structured and organized. On the other hand, politics refers to the process in which a group of appointed leaders as well as the people of the state make a collective decision on various issues in the country. Although the term “politics” would still refer to the art or science of controlling the state in an organized and structured manner, politics would still differ in various ways. As aforementioned, the term “government” refers to the group of people running the country whereas politics would refer to the process of running the country.

The government is embodied by several appointed leaders that monopolize the decisions in any situations that would affect the entirety of the state. These chosen leaders can be called the administrative bureaucracy. These chosen leaders are separated by status apart from the common people of the particular state. In democratic countries, the government’s decisions may have some interference from the common people of the country. However, most of the time there is actually little interference from the people as the final decision in a particular situation concerning the state would still be in the hands of the government. On the other hand, politics would be otherwise. As aforementioned, the government would be consisting of the administrative bureaucracy. But in the case of politics, this term is not actually limited to government and state affairs only. There is also politics in various sectors of the country. There may be politics in the school where there are student leaders that are organized to bridge the gap between the administration of the school and its students. Politics can also be found in the workplace since there would be executive members of a company. This would come in groups such as the board of directors and board of trustees. It may also come in individuals such as managers, supervisors, and other superior positions that would indicate governance in a company. Moreover, politics can also be found in religious sectors. Whether it would be Christianity or Islam, politics can still be found in this particular sector of the society.


1.Government refers to the group of people that run the country while politics refers to the process that this group of people follows to run the country.

2.The government’s affairs are rarely interfered with by the influence of the common people whereas politics would involve more people apart from the political groups.

3.Government is limited in running the state while politics can also be found in education, corporations, and even religions.

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  1. Yes of cause

  2. This is a poorly written essay that’s purpose would be to dilineate the DIFFERENCE between government and politics. A civilized government is always based on principles of ethical and moral conduct. This is not mentioned in the essay. A government is defined by the documents the words and terms within this legalistic document. This holds true for all civilizations that have risen and fallen throughout the course of human history. You failed to even mention the purpose of a government except in the verbiage of a machine to be run by various individuals. Governments are not machines. People are not machines and governments existed before the science of mechanical engineering even existed chronologically. In your summary your first summation is flawed in that you re-stated that a governmental body of people run the county. In a decent civilization the governmental bodies as a whole actually serve the people within a scope that your essay failed to mention. In your second summation reason,logic, common sense are not present. A governmental bodies affairs are always influenced by the people they govern whether they are described as common or not. Whether a governmental body is doing go or bad things for the people governed or not. Politics is the description of the actions of people within any given government that has a body politic. The only definative concept expressed in this essay is by my best estimation is that the writer of this article/essay thinks that political actions define civilization and every aspect of life as a whole. When a teacher is teaching a class there are no politics occuring. There is a transmision of sorts of knowledge given to the class in an orderly way. The difference between on thing and another is a discernment which is a normal natural thought process occurring in the mind of the individual as it relates to that which is discerned. In closing, I personally think that you were not qualified in terms of adequate education, knowledge and wisdom to write this essay and should like my social studies or government class or science or art teacher might say ‘You need to go back to the drawing board on that one and gain more insight.’. Still love you and hope you do well as you progress in your studies. I would like to leave you with this. Life is not all about studies or academic achievement. The universe and this planet that we live on is taking it’s own course of evolution and we are all in the school of Life to learn from it so that in the future we can hold out some hope that our children’s, children’s, children will look back to us with some fondness because of the things we did in our own lifetime. The public facing interface to the web-site you work for is familiar to be as a long time student of computer science both privately and professionally. I hope some one there gets the honor re-writing this particular essay.

  3. I love this mr jeft it’s helpful,but i still need more example about the defrences between politics and government

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