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Pakistan Kashmir is the currently Pakistan occupied portion of Jammu & Kashmir, referred to by it as Azad Kashmir or AJK with its capital, Muzaffarabad. Indian Kashmir is the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, divided into Jammu, the Kashmir valley and Ladakh further subdivided into 22 districts. It is bordered on the west by Pakistan and in the North and East by China.


Pakistan Kashmir has a total area of 13,297 sq.km/ 5,134 sq.ml. It is bordered in the South by the Pakistan Punjab province, in the West by the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and in the East by Indian Kashmir. It is made of fertile, green , mountainous valleys and towered by two peaks-the Jamgarh Peak915,531 ft/4,734 mt) and the Sarwali peak.

Indian Kashmir is 2, 22, 236 sq.km. in area . It’s famous valleys are the Kashmir valley, the Tawi valley, the Chenab valley, the Punch valley, the Sind Valley and the Lidder valley. Its northern most region of Ladakh is more than 3,000 metres (9,750 ft) above sea level. The Indus, Tawi, Ravi and the Chenab are the major rivers flowing through Indian Kashmir.


In Summer the northern and central parts of Pakistan Kashmir are moderately hot while the southern part is extremely hot. In winter the northern and central parts are very cold and chilly with some snow fall in December and January.The southern part is moderately cold. Rainfall occurs both in summers and winters. Almost the whole region receives an average rainfall of 1400mm with the highest of around 1800 mm falling around Muzaffarabad. In summer high monsoon rain and melting snow combine to form floods in the Jhelum and Leepa rivers.

The three regions of Indian Kashmir have varied climate. In the extreme North, in Ladakh, the winters are extremely cold, averaging -200C or -40F in January and sometimes dropping to extremely low as -400C or -400F. The summer is warm, around, 20 °C (68 °F), with low humidity, with the nights being generally cold. Annual rainfall is around 100mm or 4 inches. In winter all the rivers are frozen while in summer their water levels are very high due to melting of snow.In the Kashmir Valley the wettest months are between March and May, around 85 mm or 3.3 inches per month.In Jammu, the average rainfall is around 40 to 50 mm or 1.6 to 2 inches per month, between January and March. Summer temperatures in Jammu can go up to 40 °C (104 °F) .


Pakistan Kashmir has a total populatin is around 4.6 million with majority concentrated in low lying areas. The main language spoken are Urdu(official language), Pahari,Hindko, Gojri, Punjabi, and Pashto. The rate of literacy is around 64%.

Indian Kashmir has a total population of 12,548,926 . Of this 6,665,561 are Males while 5,883,365 are Females. The density is 124 per Sq.Km and has a sex ratio of 883 per 1000 males.


The President of Pakistan Kashmir is the head of State while the Prime Minister supported by a Council of Ministers is the Chief Executive. It has a unicameral Legislative Assembly that elects both the PM and the President. It has its own Supreme Court and Hight Court.

Indian Kashmir has a multi-party democratic system of governance. It has a bicameral legislature of  87-members . The lower house has 87 seats of which 46 are reserved for the Kashmir valley, 37 for Jammu and four for ladakh. The Assembly is convened and administered by the Speaker. The Chief Minister is from the party having a majority in the Assembly. He is the leader of the party and house. The leader of the party having the second largest number of seats is the leader of the opposition.


Pakistan Kashmir’s economy largely depends on agriculture, services, tourism, and remittances from abroad . In the low lying areas crops grown include barley, millet, corn/maize and wheat while Fruit production include mangoes, apples, walnuts and cherries. In the higher regions corn is mostly grown.Other agricultural products include Mushrooms, medicinal herbs and honey. Forestry is  an important activity with resin, deodar, kail, chir, fir, maple, and ash timber being most prominent. Livestock include cattle raising and dairy products. Minerals include Graphite, low grade coal, chalk, bauxite, zircon. Cottage industry products include wooden objects, textile, dhurrie carpets, namdas, shawls, pashmina, pherans, papier-mache, basketry, rugs, wood carving, silk and woolen clothing, patto, silverware.

Indian Kashmir had a GDP of about US.$ 14.5 billion in 2013-14. It’s fruit production accounts for 57% of apples and 97% walnuts produced in India. Its handicrafts industry contributed US.$283.2 million in 2012-2013.Other sectors with huge scope for expansion include Horticulture , floriculture, handlooms, mineral based industry, gems , Jewelry , sericulture, IT and  pharmaceuticals.It’s also a global tourism destination visited in 2013 by almost  11.0 million tourists.


Both Indian and Pakistan Kashmir have an uncertain future as independent entities.The unfolding situation in the Middle East with the Islamic State bent on dismantling the borders drawn by Colonial powers, the possibility of an assertive Hindu population seeking to restore the frontiers of a ancient Hindu homeland, looms large over the horizon.

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  1. Pakistan is claiming Kashmir in spite of the fact that India is the real owner of entire Kashmir.The kingdom of Kashmir got merged with India on 27-10-1947.Pakistan captured a portion of Kashmir state (now called Azad Kashmir)forcefully. India will not gift Kashmir to Pakistan as is thought by it.The last thing that Pakistan can do is to declare wars against India or encourage terrorists to conduct terror attacks in India.Already Pakistan has harmed India.Already, Pakistan imposed few wars on India but Pakistan got a slap in her face.
    Pakistan is a failed state.It is living on the money it receives from the USA.The USA is helping Pakistan not because the USA loves Pakistan.Pakistan is a military camp of the USA.From this camp, the USA monitors the military activities of both China and Russia.

    • Kashmir acceded to India not merged with India .JL Nehru ji has promised of independent state if kashmiries demand for it.

    • I wanted AJK GDP but didn’t find it.
      Why does Pakistan demand AJK merely on the basis of the religion of Kashmiris?
      Isn’t that the reason Myanmarese are afraid of Rohyngya?
      The Mughals didn’t care that India was mostly Hindu and Buddhist—but invaded and ruled and lived very lavishly anyway!

    • Don’t be jealous idiot…. The whole IOK wants to get rif of from bullshit state of the world India

    • it’s not true.plz search again…

  2. Pakistan plays smart , unlike india isolated,providing cheap labor still lagging behind world powers by a mile.cpec will now rule

  3. India and its army has occupied Kashmir despite of its people will . I have seen last time the cruelty made by indian army on People . India is an extremest state with no tolerance for other religions. India is Godfather of unstability in Pakistan , Afganistan ,Srilanke , Nepal .
    Now he wants to be a lovely son of America against China .
    God bless the world .
    India , USA and Isreael want to burn the world and want to crate third world war .

    • Sleep and dream you beggar.You and your religion had shown greatest amount of intolerance to other faiths of people in the entire world,bloody swine

  4. Kashmir acceded to india just like other indian states.kashmir in itself not capable of existing as seperate state.that was why the maharaja chose to accede to india.the evil eyes of pak is tan and now chin a will be there always,and moment they find the people alone without indian support,pak or chin a now will pounce up on them,just like it happened earlier.that is why a portion of it still languishes in illegal occupation of pak and chin a,whereas india is legitimate motherland of the state.due to its evil intentions and deep seated jealousy,pakistan keeps on giving lame slogans about in depend ant kashmir,which it knows is not possible ever,due to evil neighbors pak is tan and chin a.just because india was not vocal about chin a usurping ill big ally tibet,the same will be for kashmir if let on their own.pak is tan is selfish,and doesn’t let kashmiris stay peacefully in their own homeland india,unified as one.with india,they are secure,stable and safe from this kind of foreign aggression of imperialistic forces and can be more progressive.so work for the greater benefit of kashmiris and leave them in peace instead of jeopardising them for fulfilling pakistan s deep rooted nefarious designs and jealousy for india.try as much as u can ,with such evil and malice how can u even compare with benevolent mother country india.

  5. Pakistan was never supposed to get any inch of Kashmir as per Instrument of Accession after pak army destruction & bleeding in Kashmir. There were only 2 options either Free Kashmir or Indian Kashmir.
    When Nehru went with this issue to UN during war, that was India’s PM mistake to think 3rd party can resolve without gain of own personal agenda. Pakistan was brought into picture at tht time & 3rd concept of Pakistan Kashmir existed only if Kashmiri will vote for pak and not for Free or India.
    UN resolution had 3 compulsry & sequential steps.
    1) Pakistan was asked to ” remove all troops” from Kashmir
    2) India was asked to “progressively reduce” its forces and not to remove
    3) India is asked to conduct plebiscite & not Pakistan

    This explains evrything. There is no logical explaination about Pakistani claiming India for being obstacle for plebiscite because India can’t do anything until pak remove forces from POK. Now Pakistan has given POK illegally to 3rd party China. Nothing make sense in this whole. Only reason pak crying overKashmir is Water resources in Kashmir. They want anyhow accession even at cost of terriorism.

    People who thinks Kashmir can be free country , they are living by myth. As long as they will be beside pak, its impossible to maintain freedom. How can these people forget about 1947 mistake & wanted to repeat it? They need to think further & ask themselve what if pak attacks again??

  6. Anyone here in 2019, look what the Indians ware doing to Kashmir. Killing men women and children.
    Then look at the rest of the world not doing anything about it. When it is all over they are going to say at schools or assemblies in the uk… This will never happen again….this is genocide…… Bla bla bla. That’s what they said after the holocaust and the shreboinitza but it is happening again and because no one cares it will continue to happen. Modi is a tyrant like Hitler but people will realise until it is too late. The holcaust all over again.

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