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Difference Between Mexico wall and the Berlin wall

From time immemorial, geographical borders have been an important factor in governing territories. The rise in illegal activities through the non- physical borders has, however, necessitated the need for physical borders. The borders are established through political and social entities that are in control of the said areas. There are several types of borders, namely; geometric, physical, superimposed and relic borders. Some of the physical borders include; United States-Mexico border, Austria- Slovenia border, Poland- Ukraine border, Costa Rica- Panama border and Haiti- Dominican Republic border.

Importance of borders

  • They mark economic and political boundaries
  • Curbs illegal trade
  • Controls illegal immigration
  • Controls vices such as human and drug trafficking


What is “ The Mexico Wall”?

This is a series of the vertical border along the United States and Mexico, which is built with an aim of preventing illegal migration into the United States of America. It has a total length of 1, 954 miles, and is also enhanced with cameras, sensors and other surveillance gadgets. The barriers were first erected in 1994 with an aim of curbing illegal drugs getting to the United States. The United States president, Donald Trump, advocated for the construction of a much larger border wall, in a bid to prevent illegal immigration.


What is “The BerlinWalll”?

This is the wall that divided Berlin from the year 1961 to 1989, when it was later reopened by the government. It was demolished from the year 1990-1992. Guard towers were placed along the wall to protect the people from the conspires who were against the building of a socialist state in East Germany. 


Similarities between the Mexico and the Berlin Wall

  • Both were built in a bid to regulate state activities


Differences between the Mexico Wall and the Berlin Wall

Separating territories

While the Berlin wall separates the Mexican territory from the United States of America territory, the Berlin wall divided Berlin.

Year built

While the construction for the Mexico wall began in 1994, the construction for the Berlin wall began in 1961.


The aim of the Mexico wall is to prevent illegal activities such as migration, human and drug trafficking into the United States of America. On the other hand, the aim of the Berlin wall was to protect the people from the conspires who were against the building of a socialist state in East Germany.

Year demolished

While the construction for the Mexico wall is still ongoing, the Berlin wall was demolished in the years 1990-1992.

Mexico wall vs. Berlin wall: Comparison Table


Summary of Mexico Wall vs. Berlin Wall

While the construction of borders is met with a lot of criticism, it can be useful in protecting a territory against external illegal activities such as illegal trade, drug trafficking, illegal immigration and even terrorism activities. It should, however, be done in a diplomatic manner so as to avoid enmity among territories.

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