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The United States has been dominated by a two party system all through its history. Historians divided its development into five periods:

` First Party System, which featured the Federalist Party and the Democratic – Republican Party.
` Second Party System, which saw a split of the Democratic – Republican Party into the Jacksonian Democrats which grew into the modern Democratic Party led by Andrew Jackson, and the Whig party led by Henry Clay.
` Third Party System, which saw the rise of the Republican Party.
` Fourth Party System, which had the same political parties of the Third Party System but dealt with different issues.
` Fifth Party System, which emerged with the New Deal Coalition.

Today�s US political party system is dominated by the Democratic Party and Republican Party although there are also several third parties.

The Democratic Party is the oldest political party in the United States and has positioned itself to the left of the Republican Party in economic and social matters. It advocates liberalism which shaped the party�s economic agenda. Its advocates are known as Democrats.

The T-Party or Tea Party, on the other hand, is not a political party but a populist political movement that got its name from the Boston Tea Party of 1773. It advocates conservatism and has supported Republican Party candidates with Dick Armey and Sarah Palin among its most notable members.

It is an affiliation of national and local groups that have their own platforms and agendas. It has sponsored protests and endorses the reduction of government spending, national debt, and the federal budget, and is opposed to taxation.

Conservative activist Keli Carender was credited as the first Tea Party organizer. It started as part of Tax Day protest while some protests were aimed at Federal laws and several healthcare reform bills.

Almost eighty percent of its advocates are Republicans which led many to believe that it is not a new political group but rather just gave traditional Republican candidates and policies a new name. It grew from the dissatisfaction of supporters with mainstream Republican Party leaders.

The Democratic Party or the Democrats on the other hand has adopted a centrist economic policy and advocates more social freedom, a balanced budget, and free enterprise. It believes that the government should help in solving problems with poverty and social injustice.

It has favored farmers, laborers, labor unions, religious and ethnic minorities. After the 2010 elections, the Democratic Party holds a majority of seats in the Senate, a minority in the House of Representatives and in state legislatures and governorship.


1. Democrats are advocates or members of the Democratic Party. The T-Party is not a political party but a populist political movement that supports Republican Party candidates.
2. The Democrats or Democratic Party is the oldest political party in the US, while the T-Party is a recent political movement.
3. The T-Party advocates conservatism, while the Democrats advocate social and economic freedom.
4. Democrats hold majority of the seats in the Senate while T-Party does not.

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  1. Your description is right out of CNN and the reft of the leftist media, but not accurate at all. The Tea Party groups are not supportive of republican candidates. Sure, far more republican candidates have been invoted to speak by them, and there is a large overlap between SOME republican candidates and SOME tea party groups. But there a a vast number of tea party supporters (myself included) who have vowed NEVER to support ANY candidate who belongs to to either wing of the two faced republicrat party. While I will not vote for a democrat, I will vote a write in or Libertarian, or other party instead of supporting the slightly lessor evil I ceased supporting the republicrats in 1988.

    Also, you claim that the tea party supporters are against taxation. What sort of nonsense is that?

    William R. James

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you, Mr. James for your comment. This article on the Dif between Tea Party and Democrats sounds more like an uninformed 7th grade essay. I’m embarrassed for the person who considers themself an expert on the subject of political parties or the Tea Party. Journalism is truly dead.

      • The author of this tripe can’t even spell “Tea Party”, and so is obviously unaware of the reference to the famous “Boston Tea Party” in history. And since when does the democratic party advocate social and economic freedom? That’s so backwards! They want to regulate everything, even personal interactions, and tax for redistribution. What’s free about that? It’s the real conservatives, the tea party people, who are insisting that government respect it’s constitutional limits and thus are those who advocate social and economic freedom. The democrats have, for over a century stood very much against social freedom, a balanced budget, and free enterprise. The author of this nonsense atricle is a clueless parrot.

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