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Difference Between UN Security Council and UN General Assembly

UN Security Council vs UN General Assembly

After the Second World War an organization was created to stop and prevent war with its main agenda, to unite nations through engaging dialogues. This organization was formerly called the League of Nations and was created to fight the Nazi and the Japanese empire during the World War II. Now this organization is called the United Nations. Basically The UN does not only prevent wars to happen on great nations, it also ends up poverty and has programs committed to making every citizen in the world feeling better.

The UN is working with so many very important agencies all over the world. These agencies are the World Health Organization (WHO), World Food Program (WFP) and the United Nations Children’s Emergency fund (UNICEF). The UN has many different sub organizations so that it can fulfill its mission in different parts of the world. The six most integral organs of the UN are the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, Secretariat, International Court Justice, and the UN Trusteeship Council.

The UN Secretary Council and the UN General Assembly are the two main organs of the UN. It is important to discuss and learn what these organs are all about.

First let us delve on what the UN Security Council is all about. This organ is considered to be the most important organ because it is responsible for keeping the peace and security all over the world. The Security Council is assigned to bring or maintain peace in the world especially in the war torn areas. This organ also serves as police of the world as they impose the appropriate sanctions on members who break the laws. The five permanent members of SC are US, UK, China, France and Russia. There are 125 more non- permanent members who only have a 2-year term. SC members also have a Veto power if they disagree with the proposal of the members.

The UN General Assembly on the other hand is also one of the main organs of UN. This organ comprises of 192 member states. The GA is responsible for appointing who can be part of the SC as a non-permanent member. GA is also responsible for the budget of UN. And GA is also the one giving recommendations, called General Assembly resolutions, to the various organs and agencies of UN. GA can give recommendations with regards to any topic discussed by the UN except for peace and security, which is under the scope of SC.

There are many significant differences between the UNSC and the UNGA. First is the number of members each organ has, UNSC having 5 permanent members and 15 non permanent members while the UNGA on the other hand has 192 members. Another difference is that the UNGA is democratic because they have to vote before they get to a resolution. The UNSC however only gives the deciding power to the 5 superpowers of the world.



UNSC is responsible for the peace and order, while the UNGA is responsible for the budget and recommendations.

UNSC has fewer members compared to UNGA.

UNGA is democratic, unlike UNSC.

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  1. There are only 10 non-permanent members on the Security Council, which makes it a total of 15 members in total that serve under it.


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