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The world of boxing is a high-energy environment, and keeping the sport of boxing alive as a professional sport has been the goal of the four involved organization which are: WBC (World Boxing Council), WBA (World Boxing Association), WBO (World Boxing Organization), and IBF (International Boxing Federation). Each organization has its rules, regulations, and own roster of champions that fight in different weight classes.

Also, each organization has its own controversies and questionable decisions. However, boxing is still one of the most-watched professional sports on pay-per-view and television.

“WBA” is an acronym for the “World Boxing Association” while the “WBC” is the short form for the “World Boxing Council.” Both organizations are affiliated with boxing as a sport and conduct activities that sanction official matches between boxing fighters and, at the same time, award boxing titles in different weight categories. Both organizations also have male and female competitors for boxing matches.

The World Boxing Association was founded on 1962 and was known previously as the National Boxing Association. It is the oldest boxing organization in existence and is recognized as the pioneer among its fellow organizations. Like the World Boxing Council, it has 17 weight classifications for male fighters and the same number of weight categories for women.

On the other side of the coin, the World Boxing Council was established February 14th, 1963, by then Mexican President Adolfo López Mateos with the help of eleven countries, namely; the United States, Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Philippines, Panama, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, and Puerto Rico.

Like the WBA, it has 17 weight classifications for the male boxers but have an added weight category for the women – the atomweight division.

The World Boxing Council has been a place of innovation and contributions to modern boxing. The lists of contributions include:

Shortening of rounds from 15 rounds to 12 rounds.
Open scoring.
Accidental foul rule.
Standing 8 count.

The organization has been under fire in controversies due to the organization’s relationship with boxing promoter Don King and, likewise, its stance on Mexican fighters since its origins and location are founded in Mexico.

The World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council also differ in some respects. The WBA often designates a Super Champion in exceptional circumstances while the WBC has its roster of Diamond Champions (currently there are three) with the title at stake in high-profile matches between high-profile fighters.

Also, the World Boxing Council has the designation of Emeritus World Champion for present and old WBC world champions in each weight class.

For a WBA champion in his 5th or 6th title defense, a title called “WBA Super Belt” is often given.


1.The WBA and WBC are both boxing organizations but differ in their meaning. “WBA” stands for “World Boxing Association” while “WBC” stands for “World Boxing Council.”
2.The World Boxing Association is the pioneer among the four international and professional boxing organizations. On the other hand, the World Boxing Council introduced some innovations and standard procedures in a boxing fight.
3.The World Boxing Association has its Super Champion while the World Boxing Council has its Diamond Champion.
4.Both organizations have 17 weight categories and titles for male boxers. However, the World Boxing Association has 17 titles for women while the World Boxing Council has 18 due to the inclusion of the atomweight division.
5.The World Boxing Council grants the title of Emeritus World Champion to boxers in its own roster while the World Boxing Association only grants the Super Belt title to a WBA champion on the occasion of the fifth or sixth title defense.

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