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Diference Between Salafism and Muslim Brothehood

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Salafism vs Muslim Brothehood

The Muslim Brotherhood was formed by Hassan Al Bana in 1928. The main idea was to formulate a Islamic Political party that was aimed at forming a peaceful idealized Islamic society. The main idea was to setup a mosque, a school and a sporting facility in different cities across Egypt. later, however, the focus shifted from peaceful to violent measures to achieve the aim of the Islamic society. This violent segment was a part of the original organization and was run secretly in the early years. Later it was led by Syed Qutb in the 1950s and 60s. Syed Qutb’s writing, allegedly, instigated the rise of many Muslim terrorist groups. In 1950s the Muslim Brotherhood confronted with the Egyptian government however during the rule of Husni Mubarak Muslim brotherhood stood in support of the rule. Recently, in 2011 they formed a political party under the name of Freedom and Justice party in an attempt to represent Egyptian population as a whole. It took up a banner of Islamic rule that would be tolerant to other religions and it would not object to political representation by women in the cabinet. Further the party shows support for free market capitalism and has a nationalist approach to ruling the country.

Challenging the Muslim Brotherhood on the Egyptian political frontiers is the Al Nour party with its Salafi ideology . Salafism is a Muslim Puritans’ ideology that is inherently against the concept of political involvement however over time it has become increasingly involved in political activities in the middle east, especially in Egypt recently. The founders of salafism, whether the controversial scholars themselves or their protagonists, were Ibn Taymiyya(13th century), his student Ibn al-Qayyim and al-Dhahabi, Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab Najdi and his followers like Bin Baz, Uthaymin, Albani, etc. Salafism is similar in ideology to Wahabism which is the dominant ideology of the Saudi Arabia’s ruling government. The Naur party following the Salafi ideas has an ultra conservative approach towards governing Egypt and it focuses on implementation of strict Islamic Sharia laws . They Emphasize that the Sharia law should be the main source of legislation in Egypt and they are less liberal in their thought compared to the Muslim Brotherhood party. Although Salafis are active in Egypt however, unlike Muslim Brotherhood they are not exclusive to Egypt. Salafism saw its rise and fall in Iraq, and it has significant following in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.

Main differences:

1. Muslim brotherhood is a 20th century ideological movement while Salafism is a 13th century idea.
2. Muslim Brotherhood was meant to be a political party while the purpose of Salafism was to separate religion from politics.
3. Muslim brotherhood has a segment that is violent , otherwise it’s a peaceful movement. While Salafism is a ideologically similar to Wahabism which is known to be intolerant and often violent.
4. Muslim Brotherhood is concentrated in Egypt while Salafism is spread through out the Muslim world although recently became active in Egyptian politics.
5. Salafism is less tolerant and far less liberal in it approach to governance compared to the Muslim Brotherhood.
6. Muslim brotherhood comes with a religious idea but the movement has a nationalist approach towards Egyptian rule. On the other hand the Salafism is based has a purely religious orientation regarding governance.

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  1. No, this is inaccuracy!!!

  2. In this article it says: “the Muslim Brotherhood has a segment that is violent, otherwise it’s a peaceful movement.” That’s like saying the Nazi’s had a segment that was violent, otherwise it was a peaceful movement. The Muslim Brotherhood supported Adolf Hitler and the mass murder of the Jews. The Muslim Brotherhood has been involved in assassinations, beatings, rape, torture, murders, bombings of police stations, and the destruction of 80+ Coptic Christian Churches. The Muslim Brotherhood supports al-Qaeda along with other known Terrorist groups, the Terrorist organization Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been known to fund and use its voice in the United States and Canada in an attempt to gain support for Hamas Terrorists, there are 20+ Muslim organizations in the United States alone that is under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood, all inline with the Muslim Brotherhoods agenda of replacing our Constitution with their version of sharia law. The Muslim organizations under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood are a threat to our Liberties and Freedoms and should be monitored closely. The Muslim Brotherhood has branches in 70+ countries, all having the same goal of making sharia the law of the land. The Muslim Brotherhood uses peaceful means only if they can influence government officials (by whatever means) to get themselves planted in government positions in an effort to influence laws of the land, they have even been implanted in colleges to influence future generations of young people to there way of thinking, again with the goal of replacing the law of the land they’re in with sharia law. The Muslim Brotherhood has been outlawed in some middle east countries, and has been correctly designated a Terrorist organization by several countries. In the United States the Muslim Brotherhood should not be underestimated as they are a danger to our Liberties and Freedoms. God Bless America, Israel and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.

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