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Difference Between Secularism and Capitalism

Secularism vs Capitalism

Capitalism and secularism are two different concepts, systems, and viewpoints. At first glance, these concepts have basically nothing to do with each other with various differences yet share an underlying theme.

Capitalism, for instance, is a socioeconomic system which places an emphasis on private ownership and the free market. In capitalism, the private owners control their respective means of production (of a product or a service) and determine strategies in order to generate more profit. The concept of a free market is essential in capitalism. In this context, it is the market that determines the supply and demand of a product with consumers having freedom and a variety of choices in products and services.

Capitalism produces two kinds of income: the profit for the owners of a business and wages, also a type of compensation for people who make the products or perform a particular service for clients or consumers on behalf of the business. Capitalism, aside from being a model for economics is also a model for society and social organization. Since capitalism is based on individualism, it can be said that some societies apply this model to its members. This encourages the people, particularly the youth, to be more independent with their skills or talents rather than being reliant on their families or society in general.

On the other hand, secularism is a principle observed in society that concerns both the government and religion. Secularism encourages the separation of both entities in a society to prevent an overlap of power or an entity controlling another at the expense of society’s members.

Separating government and religion diminish the influence or involvement of each other that can result in blurring the lines and in abusing for the sake of one entity’s interests over the other. Apart from the separation of Church and the State, secularism prohibits the establishment of a state religion, and the members of government are encouraged to keep their religion as a private affair and not to influence civil matters.

Secularism gives equal rights to all members and affiliates of religious organizations and denominations as well as the liberty of worship based on an individual’s personal beliefs.
In a sense, the view of secularism is often adopted in countries with members from different backgrounds or people with different religions.

Both capitalism and secularism share the theme of being a form of democracy and equality. They also involve two social entities. In capitalism, the sectors concerned are the government and the trading/business sector while in secularism the players are the government and religion. Capitalism initiates the idea of having none or minimal government control or interference over trade and business transactions. On the other side, secularism prevents the merging of government and religion.

For themes of equality, capitalism encourages any individual to earn a profit by any legal and available means while secularism maintains the status quo in a particular society by allowing the same rights and privileges to any member regardless of what religion they belong to. At the same time, religious organizations are accorded with the same respect and rights.


1.The main difference between capitalism and secularism is the players or entities involved. Capitalism deals with trade and business while secularism deals with religion. They are both systems which involve the government and the society.

2.Both views hold the themes of freedom, independence, and equality and resent interference or influence from one entity to another. Both systems propose that interference from one entity will lead to the ruin of the other entity, and the only ideal way is to partially separate one from the other to function better in society.

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