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Difference Between Figure Skates and Hockey Skates

Figure Skates vs Hockey Skates

Figure and hockey stakes are both used for performing on the ice. As their names imply, figure skates are used for figure skating, and hockey skates are used for ice hockey. Since both sports are different, the skates are also different and serve different purposes.

The main difference between the two skates is their usage. Figure skates are used by figure skaters who do a lot of gliding, spinning, and jumping on the ice. On the other hand, hockey skates are for a hockey game which requires a lot of quick movements and maneuvering. The skates are part of a hockey’s player’s equipment. Since both activities are in the areas of ice sport, they are invaluable equipment that need to be sharpened and maintained.

The specific differences between a figure skater’s skates and a hockey player’s skates are often in the design of the blade and the boot.

For example, figure skates, in terms of blades, have toe picks. This serrated edge of the blade is very useful for figure skaters in order to stop, and it also helps in performing jumps and spins in a figure skater’s routine. Though toe picks can also be found in hockey skates, it is more useful in figure skating than hockey.

The blades of figure skates are also longer – often extending the length of the boot. It is also heavier, larger, and wider compared to the blades of hockey skates. The skate’s blades also have more edges and less of a rounded blade. The blade is also replaceable, attachable, and can be mounted individually. A figure skater often changes blades for different routines.

On the other hand, the blades of a hockey skates are narrow and deep. These are fashioned this way for speed and quick movements. The skates’ blades are slightly curved at the front and the back. Unlike, the figure skates, the hockey skates’ blades do not extend beyond the feet or the boot and are lighter in weight. In addition, the blades are smaller in size. Another characteristic of the hockey skates is that the blades are often irreplaceable since they are soldered and attached directly to the hockey boot’s base. The hockey skates also require less edges but more rounded blades.

When it comes to the boots, the two types of skates are also sharing some differences. Figure skates’ boots are often made of many layers of leather. This material makes the skates more expensive compared to the hockey skates. The boot also has a wooden sole inside for support and a small heel on the outside. It is also lighter, thinner, and shorter when placed beside a pair of hockey skates. This type of skates is not designed for comfort or speed but for precision and movement.

Meanwhile, hockey skates are designed for both comfort and speed. Often, a pair of skates is made up of leather and light plastics. A pair of hockey skates is also taller, thicker, and usually heavy padded by foam as a support from the puck, hockey sticks, and other player’s skates. It is designed to take abuse for a longer duration of time. A hockey skates’ boots also provide good feet support and are easier to stand in compared to figure skates.

Both a figure skater and a hockey player have different requirements and needs for their skates. No matter what differences the skates have, they are a necessity in performing for both athletes.


1.The main difference between figure skates and hockey skates is their purpose and usage.
2.Figure skates need their blades and their boots to effectively slide and perform jumps, spins, and other acrobatic skills on ice. Hockey players need durable but comfortable skates in order to play ice hockey.
3.Both skates have differences in the category of design and blades. Figure skates have longer, straighter, and more edges on their blades. The hockey skates, meanwhile, have blades that are shorter, more rounded, and fewer edges.
4.A pair of figure skates usually need a toe pick, a serrated blade at the toe part. Hockey skates often don’t need toe picks due to their rounded blades.
5.Figure skates are usually made of leather with no padding while the hockey skates are made with combination of leather and plastic. They also require padding and boot housing.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen hockey skates with a toe pick. Also, hockey skate blades are replaceable, not soldered to the boot. (except back in the 70s and earlier) Hockey skates and figure skates each have the same number of edges: inside left, inside right and outside left and outside right. Figure skate blades are indeed longer that hockey skate blades.

  2. Nobody mentions “rocker” in any detail here
    In Hockey skates, rocker is the amount of blade that contacts the ice. The smaller the rocker,the less stable the skate. Beginners need less of a rocker than experienced skaters. You determine rocker size by placing skates blade to blade, see how much blade touches each other. Rocker can be easily adjusted by any skate tech. Fig skates, less rock, more stable, less manouver and quick turns.

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