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EMU Stingers vs Bronte

Footwear not only protects the feet against harm from the environment and other factors, but it is also worn for fashion and enhancement. There is no one who walks out of his home without wearing some kind of footwear.
There are many types of footwear which are being worn by most individuals. They are made with different materials, such as; cloth, leather, plastic, rubber, wood, jute, and metal. They also come in different styles, colors, and designs.
The most commonly used footwear are socks, slippers, sandals, shoes, and boots. Boots cover not only the foot but also the ankle and can extend up to the knee and the hip. Boots that are intended for use in water, snow, or mud are made with leather, canvas, or rubber. Boots that are worn for fashion are made with a variety of materials that include; leather, rubber, wood, and animal hair or skin such as alligator, cow, buffalo, goat, kangaroo, lizard, snake, crocodile, ostrich, shark, stingray, and sheep.

In Australia, EMU is one of the leading manufacturers of boots that are made with the skin and hair or wool of sheep. The company’s boots are well known the world over and are worn by celebrities. Two of its most popular designs are the EMU Stinger and the EMU Bronte.
The EMU Stinger is made of sheepskin and is very comfortable to wear, keeping the feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Aside from the comfort it offers to users, the EMU Stinger is very fashionable and is of the highest quality. It is made of solid sheepskin from the inside out so it is more durable and comfortable although a bit more expensive than the other styles which are made with other materials such as suede on the outside.
The EMU Bronte, on the other hand, is made with Merino wool and is available in three styles and several colors. Aside from the comfort it offers, it removes 70% of moisture from the feet leaving them fresh and dry. It is also a little less expensive than the Stinger. Most EMU boots are designed for comfort and to keep the feet dry and warm during winter and dry and cool during summer even if the wearer is not using any socks. Whichever style you choose, you are assured of good quality and comfort.

1.The EMU Stinger is an Australian made pair of boots which is made with solid sheepskin while the EMU Bronte is an Australian made pair of boots which is made with Merino sheep wool.
2.The EMU Stinger is more expensive while the EMU Bronte is less expensive.
3.The EMU Stinger is made with sheepskin from the inside out while the EMU Bronte is made with other materials.
4.Both the EMU Stinger and the EMU Bronte boots are designed for maximum comfort and dryness; keeping the feet dry and warm in winter and dry and cool in summer.
5.Both are also water resistant and fashionable.

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