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Differences Between CG12 and CG14 Wedges

CG12 vs CG14 Wedges

The CG12 and CG14 are two wedges from Cleveland Golf, a renowned manufacturer of golf clubs. The CG14 is the latest in their line of wedges and succeeds the slightly older CG12. Although both wedges are excellent, the CG14 presents a few new features that give it a slight edge over the CG12 especially for those who are just starting in the game or those who still have a high handicap.

The biggest difference between the CG12 and the CG14 is the addition of a Gelback insert right behind the hitting surface of the CG14. It’s basically a gel contained in an elastic material and is then stuck to the rear of the club. The Gelback insert provides better response by adding mass to the head dampening the vibrations caused when hitting a ball for a more solid feel on the hit.

The CG14 also has a slightly wider sole than the CG12. The wider sole prevents the CG14 from digging in as far as the CG12 would, and this is very helpful when trying to get out of bunkers. Another thing that helps against digging in is the higher bounce spec of the CG14. This is a rather advanced topic that many people who’ve been playing golf have not truly mastered yet. When playing on the fairway, less bounce is necessary, but when you are playing on a softer and less even surface, like sand, a higher bounce is optimal.

All in all, the CG12 and CG14 are great wedges to have, and you probably won’t get a big margin of improvement if you are an experienced player who plans to swap his CG12 for the CG14–although some may consider the benefits of the Gelback insert to be worth the investment. But for those who are not yet as good or are just beginning to pick up the game, the CG14 is the clear winner as it is more forgiving when you make a mistake with your swing. The CG14 can surely provide a less steep learning curve for most people.


1. CG14 is newer than the CG12.
2. The CG14 uses a Gelback insert while the CG12 doesn’t.
3. The CG14 has a slightly wider sole than the CG12.
4. The CG14 has a higher bounce than the CG12.
5. The CG14 is better for beginners than the CG12.

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