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CG12 and CG14 are the premium wedge models offered by Cleveland Golf. These two models come to the rescue of golfers wanting to ease through a wedge shot. These wedge models follow the line of CG10 and CG11, also offered by Cleveland.

Firstly, let’s talk about the CG12 model. The Cleveland CG12 was introduced by the company in 2007 as a successor to the CG10 and CG11 models. Its wedge resembles the CG10 with a slight difference in square leading edge, and the toe. Its wedges are made of softer stainless steel rather than the previously used carbon metal matrix (CMM) found in the CG10 models. This replacement of the CMM allows it to be adjusted to around two to three degrees for loft and lie.

Secondly, the Cleveland CG14 is the company’s latest wedge model, and it uses something called the Gelback Technology. The Gelback is a lightweight, visco-elastic material that helps dampen vibration. This material is placed at the rear face of the club, directly behind the hitting area for a soft and responsive feel.

Both CG12 and CG14 use the so-called Zip Grooves, which are deeper U-grooves than those found in the earlier wedge models. The Cleveland’s inclusions of the new Zip Grooves are 25% larger than the standard grooves, and they allow for more debris to be swept away, and allows a cleaner contact between the club and the ball.

The CG12 and CG14 are also offered in classic, chrome and black pearl finishes. The CG14 has a limitation considering the bounce selection. It has two selections only (low and standard), whereas the CG12 offers three: Low, standard and high bounce selections.

The CG12 wedge is best suited for you if you are an accomplished player, while the CG14 wedge is a game improvement wedge, and it is more forgiving. This wedge will help higher handicappers. Lastly, both variants of the CG12 and CG14 have a price tag of around $90.

In summary, both the CG12 and CG14 live up to the company’s high standards. Though these wedges use Zip Groove Technology, they are different from each other in the following ways:

1. Both the CG12 and CG14 use softer stainless steel, while the CG14 uses an extra Gelback to avoid unnecessary vibrations during hits.

2. The CG12 offers low, standard and high bounce selections, whereas the CG14 has only the low and standard selections.

3. The CG12 is best for accomplished and experienced players, while the CG14 can be used to improve your game play, as it is more forgiving.

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