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Difference Between Volkswagen Golf and GTI

Volkswagen Golf vs GTI

The Golf and GTI are two hatchback models from Volkswagen. These are very popular cars for both form and functionality. The main difference between the two is their classification as the Golf is a standard hatchback while the GTI is a hot-hatch; a common term used to refer to a high performance hatchback.

There is also a difference with what variations you can get with either one. The Golf is available with either gas or clean diesel engines while the GTI is only available with gas engines. The diesel version of the Golf is more fuel efficient; getting up to 40mpg on highways. The GTI can only manage up to 31mpg, which is more or less the same as the Golf with the gas engine.

The GTI would not be a hot-hatch if it doesn’t have a powerful engine. It has a 2 liter turbocharged engine that can crank 200 horsepower. In comparison, the engines of the Golf can only manage 140hp and 170hp for the 2 liter diesel engine and 2.5 liter gas engine respectively.

Aside from the better engine, there are also many upgrades to the GTI that the Golf doesn’t have. For starters, the GTI has 18 inch alloy wheels while the Golf either has 17 inch alloy or 15 inch steel wheels, depending on the model. The Golf is equipped with an excellent sound system. But while the GTI has the same sound system, it also has a satellite radio installed with free three months subscription to Sirius. Satellite radio is only applicable in areas with satellite coverage though, so inquire first if you intend to bring the car somewhere else.

Lastly, features that come as optional extras in the Golf are standard in the GTI; one example of which is the hands free Bluetooth calling kit in the GTI. The GTI already has heated windshield washer nozzles, side mirrors, and front seats. These are available as the cold weather package option for the Golf.


1. The Golf is the standard model while the GTI is the performance model
2. The Golf is available with gas or diesel engines while the GTI only has gas engines
3. The GTI gets less mileage than the Golf
4. The GTI has a more powerful engine than the Golf
5. The GTI has bigger wheels than the Golf
6. The GTI is equipped with Sirius satellite radio while the Golf is not
7. The GTI has many standard features that are optional in the Golf

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  1. The GTI should have a stiffer suspension as well.

    The GTI is only gas engines, but there is a GTD that is only diesel engines.

  2. Haibo that’s a lie, A golf is a VW car model while a GTI is and executive type of the same model.

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