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There are some obvious differences between a Civic and a Porsche, but let’s start with their manufacturers. The Civic is one of the most popular compact vehicles on the market, and they are manufactured by Honda, which is the second largest automobile maker in Japan. This car was first introduced in 1972. On the other hand, the Porsche SE is developed by a German manufacturer, which is mainly owned by the Piëch and Porsche families. This company is known to be manufacturers of luxury, high performance automobiles. The Porsche was originally founded in 1931, by Ferdinand Porsche, who was also known for designing the first Volkswagen.

The Honda Civic is currently in its eighth generation that was released in 2006. The various models include the FN2, FD2, FG2 and the FA5. The 2009 generation received a minor facelift that included a slight redesign to the front and rear of the vehicle. Many models have also been available for the Porsche, and some of which include the 911, 928, 968, the Porsche Boxster, the Carrera GT and the Cayenne. Nowadays, the most popular Porsche models are the Cayman and the Panamera.

One of the differences between the Civic and the Porsche, is their traction control. The Porsche has a much better traction control when compared to the Civic, because of its wider tires. Although the wider tires of the Porsche offer better handling in general, the narrower tires of the Honda Civic has its advantages when driving on ice, or in snow and rain.

The engine types are obviously different as well. The Porsche has a 3.6L H6 engine with 24 valves, while the Civic has only a 1.8L engine with 16 valves. The Porsche overtakes the Honda Civic by far in terms of Horsepower, due to its high standard and powerful engine. The Horsepower of the Civic’s engine is only 140 at 3600 revolutions per minute, compared to the magnificent 320 HP at 6800 revolutions per minute of the Porsche’s engine. Another difference that is noticeable, is that the Porsche has a multi-disc clutch system, which is not available in any Civic model.

The Porsche has a fuel tank capacity of 67 liters, whereas the Civic has a capacity of only 50 liters. When comparing their estimated mileage, the 5-speed Honda Civic has better results, achieving 25 mpg on city roads. The Porsche is only capable of 18 mpg under the same conditions.


1.The Civic is manufactured by Honda, and was first introduced in 1972. The Porsche was originally founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931, and is currently manufactured by German Motors, who are known for their luxury, high performance vehicles.

2.The Civic’s engine capacity is only 1.8L, compared to the engine of the Porsche which has a capacity of 3.6L.

3.The Porsche has a greater Horsepower of 320 at 6800 rpm when compared to the Horsepower of the Civic, which is only 140 at 3600 rpm.

4.The Porsche’s fuel tank is capable of holding up to 67 liters of fuel, while the Honda Civic is only capable of storing up to 50 liters of fuel.

5.The Honda Civic achieves 25 mpg on city roads, whereas the Porsche only manages 18 mpg on city roads.

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