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There has been a lot of speculation all over the internet when it comes to defining the difference between CJ5 and CJ7. Some of the differences end up being more of a personal opinion, like, that one is ‘better’. These opinions are actually trying to refer to stability, power, drive feel, and other practical applications.

The CJ7 is, in fact, larger than the CJ5. The shorter CJ5 was even expanded at one time, growing from the wheel base about 2 ½ inches, in 1972. This brings the wheel base measurement of the CJ5 to 83 ½ inches.

The CJ5 was also never actually manufactured with auto transmission, but came chronically standard with manual transmission. However, it is possible to find home reworked models which have swopped their manual transmission for automatic. It is still quite difficult to find any of these on the market. If you need an automatic, you’re going to find more success with the CJ7.

In 1983 the CJ7 was upgraded to include widetrac axels, an option that was never made available on its smaller counterpart. Thus, you can easily find that there is as much difference as 10 inches between the CJ5 and the CJ7.

All CJs are bound to eventually rust, although some claim that the 7 doesn’t rust as quickly as the 5; there are many varying factors that can make it true or false. When the tub eventually starts to succumb to the evils of rust, many CJ enthusiasts do not bother with replacement for the whole package, but just replacement of the tub. As the CJ7 is an easier find and an easier swop, many have migrated toward the 7, to keep it indefinitely.

The CJ5 also has a naturally smaller opening for the door, and less overall storage space. This difference doesn’t necessarily make the 7 a better choice, it is just dependant upon what you actually desire for the body and its abilities.

For the most part, you’ll be able to rely on the difference in measurements as provided, although there are always exceptions to be found on the market. The CJ5 offers a wheel base of 83 inches, a length of 139 inches, and a width of 69 inches. The CJ 7 will generally conform to a wheel base of 93 inches, a length and width of 149 inches and 69 inches respectively, and a higher degree of popularity on today’s market.


1. The CJ7 is larger overall.

2. The CJ7 is easier to find on the market.

3. The CJ7 offers manual and automatic transmissions.

4. The CJ7 comes with larger traveling space, as well as larger door frames, jams, and other basic constructional features.

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  1. I don’t have a website, though I am planning to buy cj7 jeep very soon.
    So, please keep me in your system because I will become a very good customer.

  2. I was originally looking for an older model of a CJ5, because of the V8 and manual drive, but after reading the pro’s and cons I am reconsidering into looking for a CJ7 with a V8. Do CJ7’s come with the option of a V8 or do you have to go with an in-line 6 to get any power, or replace the engine with a V8 and if so what else needs to be upgraded. The problem is I only have a $6000 budget. Is it even possible to get an older CJ7 for that costs without having to spend a lot of money on fixing it up? They are just so expensive to be so unreliable. I am also looking at buying a extremely upgraded large off road buggy, but by the time I buy the buggy and a larger trailer (7×14) I will have $6000 in it. The plus is the buggy is in great shape and so is the trailer and I have a (5×10) trailer in very good shape I can sell. However, my preference is the jeep. Just think it is way out of my financial ability. I can’t afford a 20 to 30k jeep.
    Thank You

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