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Import tuning has been one of the major hobbies enjoyed by the big boys. The accomplishment of turning an ordinary, nothing-special, everyday functional car into a first place finisher, with visually stunning looks, is simply worthwhile. There are a lot of cars favored in this culture, and we will try to differentiate between the two Honda favorites ‘“ the EK and the EG.

In 1992, as the fifth generation of Honda Civic cars, the EG Civic was introduced. EG was designed with enhanced dimensions, and most significantly, better aerodynamic styling from the previous Civic models.

The EK Civic debuted later in 1996 (sixth generation), and since then, just like its EG predecessor, it became one of the more popular types of car in the tuning culture, and it is highly prone to ‘modding’, from the exteriors and aesthetics to performance-oriented modifications such as hydraulics and engine swapping.

Racing modified EKs and EGs are also common, as they have been subjected to all types of races, like autocross, drag and super lap battles. It is your typical ‘pimped’ car on the streets. However, it has been observed that EGs are found more on the tracks. This is perhaps because of its smaller frame and lighter chassis. Performance-wise, racers find it more advantageous.

The EK has a beefier chassis, and is slightly larger. It also sports more safety equipment. However, it should be noted that despite of the size and weight differences, the EK has about the same potential as the EG.

However, there have been reports that the EK offers better handling, and outperforms the EG in this aspect. According to some accounts, the EG is more of a drag racer, or better at racing in straight lines. Nevertheless, tuners will assert that it will depend on one’s engineering abilities to compensate on that drawback if that was indeed true.

Another reason that some auto enthusiasts may favor the EG over the EK, is because of the availability and affordability of parts. EG parts are a little more on the cheaper side, and more obtainable. Thus, there is more that you can do with the EG than the EK.


1. The EG came first, as it was introduced in 1992 (fifth generation). The EG debuted four years later, as the Civic’s sixth generation of cars.

2. The EG is lighter and smaller than the EK, which is mainly the reason why it is raced more than the EK.

3. EG parts are more accessible, and slightly cheaper than the EK’s.

4. The EK is larger, and has a beefier chassis with more safety equipments.

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