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Skyline is a line of cars manufactured by Nissan. Originally, it was made by Prince Motors Company since 1957 before the merger with Nissan, which took place in 1966. A Skyline car can be a Sedan or Coupe. In 1989, the R32 platform was introduced consequently, dropping the “wagon” form. The Skyline is one of the more popular tuner cars since the 80s up until now, particularly, the Skyline platforms, R30 to R35.

The most enviable available features of the car are its inherent performance qualities. It boasts a powerful straight-six engine, an admirable trim in GT-R, and a turbocharger. The Skyline has become a staple in video games especially in racing types of virtual competition. It has also appeared in countless of movies and been featured to various magazines.

Much to a lot of auto enthusiasts’ dismay, Skyline is not distributed in the US. However after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration consent to allow the importing of 90 to 99 GT-Ss and GT-Rs, a lot of Skyline cars touched down on US soil. Again, however, this is with the condition that such cars were to be modified to the requirements of United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

For a very long time, Skyline has been a consistent player in the auto industry as one of the more favored tuner and performance cars. It was in 2001 that the Skyline’s 11th generation made another significant move. The Nissan Skyline V35, which is based on the FM platform, dropped its trademark features such as the straight-six engine, turbochargers, and GT-R. This change extended to all subsequent Skylines. The transformed Skyline has now a bigger engine and with a more enhanced balance. It has been dubbed as the best Skyline ever made. Skyline is now on its 12th generation.

Another popular Japanese car is the Honda Civic. It is arguably the most popular car for the everyday tuner. Though Skyline has been in overall production longer than the Civic, it has been in production for a very long time in North America. The first generation of Honda Civic was in 1972 and currently on its 8th generation.

In terms of performance, the average Skyline will, without a doubt, outperform the top of the performance line Civic, also assuming that factory defaults are left untouched. The Skylines are considered to be luxury sports/performance car. In those terms, Civic is not in the league of Skyline. Nevertheless, Civic is the more fuel efficient of the two.


1. The Nissan Skyline was mainly imported to the US and not distributed there while the Civic has been long produced in North America.

2. Both are Japanese made cars but from different companies. The Civic is from Honda Motors while Skyline is from Nissan Motors.

3. Nissan Skyline was a very old line of cars which started in 1957. The Honda Civic’s production started 15 years later.

4. Civic is currently on its 8th generation while the Skyline is on its 12th.

5. Skyline is hands down faster and performs better than the Civic but the latter is more fuel efficient.

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