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Difference Between Civic and Camry

toyota_camry_pdCivic vs Camry

Despite the similarity between Civic and Camry, there is also a significant difference between Civic and Camry. Besides from the obvious, that one is made by Honda and one is made by Toyota, these two cars culminate the most basic battle between the mid sized family sedans.

It’s difficult to simply compare engine sizes, and the like, because you do have the ability to create special orders through the factory. Thus, other aspects of the models, which are static, are compared here. As an example, interior space is a vital aspect in finding the ideal family sedan.

The Camry is the larger of the two cars, bigger interiorly as well as bigger on the road. It’s a ‘beefy’ car, built with a subtle reminder of the tank. The Civic comfortably seats four adults, and can make a tight squeeze for five. The Camry is more likely to offer comfortable seating for all five adults, provided that the three adults in the back seat are of relatively normal sizes.

The ride of the Camry is actually a bit smoother. Trials show that pot holes are much more readily absorbed through the chassis, as compared to the Civic. Riding in the Civic is a more of a responsive ride, and you’ll know it every time you plunk into a pothole, or cross railroad tracks.

The Camry is known to have car seats that leave much to be desired. You can end up feeling like you’re sitting on rocks, rather than a tailored seat. The Civic offers much more interior comfort, for two to four adults traveling a distance on the seats.

The Camry tends to depreciate much faster than the Civic. This is due to its ‘boaty’ feel, and its rather average gas mileage. The Civic offers slightly better gas mileage, thanks to its lighter frame.

Many drivers of the Camry complain that there is not a feeling of fun and responsiveness, when it comes to driving around town. Civic drivers tend to have a stronger connection to the road, and feel that they have more fun when driving.

Repair and replacement parts tend to run a little toward the high side for a mid-sized sedan for both cars, although it seems that the Camry edges out the Civic for higher repair bills. Longevity for each car is about the same. Each has its weaknesses, and its strengths.


1. Honda makes the Civic.

2. Toyota makes the Camry.

3. The Camry has a larger displacement.

4. The Civic has more comfortable seats.

5. The Camry has better seating for five adults.

6. The Camry has better chassis absorption.

7. The Civic holds a better resale value.

8. The Civic is more responsive and fun.

9. The Civic offers slightly better fuel efficiency.

10. The Camry is more expensive, in many cases, to repair.

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