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Porsche are well known cars, and their GT cars are the ones considered as their top of the line models. These GT cars are most commonly used to homologate the manufacturer’s racing cars.

The Porsche GT models that are manufactured cause quite a stir from many performance-orientated individuals, particularly, Porsche lovers. The models GT2 and GT3 have made quite a division, as people would often debate which of the two is the better model. The GT2 and GT3 are something else, as they are fairly distinctive from the regular 911 cars. Their body work, brakes, suspension, engines and overall engineering, is different.

There is actually an upgraded version of the GT3 car, notably in the geometry and suspensions, called the GT3RS, and it is the basis for the GT3RSR. Add that to the mix and you have increased the confusion, at least in terms of which one to fancy. However, for now, let’s just try to differentiate the GT2 and GT3.

First of all, the GT2 model is turbocharged, while the GT3 model is normally aspirated. However, both of these cars are similar, or based on the 911 Turbo’s engine blocks, which is, in turn, derived from the GT1. The engine blocks used in the rest of the lineup is different.

The GT3 was named after a class in FIA GT. The model was actually intended for that purpose. The GT2, on the other hand, is not used as a basis for any type of racing car.

The first and earliest version of the GT2 was developed in 1994. It was the 993 version of the ‘Carrera’. 1999 was the year that the first GT3 surfaced, and it was the 996 version. The GT3 was the first high-performance version of the water-cooled type of Porsche 911.

Apparently, the naming was based on which class the car fitted into. It started back in the era of the GT1s, and adapted to the introduction of newer models. However, actually, if there was a competition adaptation for the GT2, it would suitably be placed in the current GT1 class. It was in fact the GT3RSR that participates in the GT2 class.

Notably, the GT2 and GT3 are two of the four categories of FIA GT racing cars, along with the GT1 and GT4. The GT2 was formerly known as the N-GT, and the GT3 was the most recent version to be introduced.


1. The GT2 is turbocharged, while the GT3 is normally aspirated.

2. The GT3 was used as the basis for the GT3 class car, while the GT2 is not currently used as a basis for any type of racing car.

3. The first GT2 was introduced in 1994, and the GT3 began in 1999.

4. If there was a competition adaptation for the GT2, it would suitably be placed in the current GT1 class.

5. In FIA GT racing, the GT2 and GT3 are two of the four classes. The GT2 was known as the N-GT in the past, while the GT3 was just recently introduced.

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