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Difference Between GTI and GLI

car_vw_gti-pdGTI vs. GLI

Hardly ever believed to be running on the road, GTI is now famously known for its class, as well as its simplicity. Fondly called as ‘Rabbit’ earlier, this Volkswagen model has never failed to win the hearts of millions of customers. With a very powerful engine and amazing brakes, the GTI is amazingly economical. The very first GTIs rocked the market in 1983.

The current GTI model was built typically on the fifth generation golf platform. This turbocharged car has a very high powered (200hp), four cylinder, high performance engine. This hatchback car model was typically made in Germany. Its short body length also makes it easy to drive through traffic.

When compared to the hatchback GTI, the GLI is a sexy Sedan. This Mexican car model was built with a Jetta chassis, and has a lot of seating space, as well as trunk space. Hence, it is well known for being a family car. There’s not many options for the number of doors, because the GLI only comes with four doors, unlike the GTI that has both the two door and four door models.

One of the main advantages of the GLI over the GTI, is that it has a rear reflector. Even though the wheelbase of both the GLI and GTI is the same, the GLI body is much longer than that of the GTI. Although the cargo volume is more for the GLI, the hatchback GTI can easily accommodate large vertical things. Moreover, because the GTI is much lighter than the GLI, it is believed to be the faster of the two.

Apart from these differences, these two car models are identical when it comes to their wheel types, inside trims, xenon headlights and 2.0T engine, with turbochargers that bestows fantastic speed and control over the hatchback GTIs and the GLI sedan cars. Although not as fast as the current car models, you can hang on to these two models if you are looking for perfect control, fuel performance and comfort for your family during a long jaunt.

To summarize, here are a few differences between the GTI and the GLI:

1. As opposed to the golf style of GTI, the GLI car model has more of Jetta style.

2. The GTI car model is German, whereas the GLI car model is Mexican.

3. When it comes to storage, the GTI has a hatchback, whereas the GLI has a trunk.

4. You can find GTI’s with either a 2 or 4 door configuration. However, the GLI is available only in a 4 door configuration.

5. The GTI has a shorter body length when compared to the GLI.

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