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Difference Between Maruti Alto and Maruti Alto K10

Maruti Alto vs Maruti Alto K10

Suzuki Motor Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motorcycles, marine engines, all terrain vehicles, and compact cars. It is based in Hamamatsu, Japan and has been in the business for a little over a century now.

It started with the production of machines for weaving silk and later diversified into motor vehicles and car manufacturing, producing innovative motorcycles and small, compact cars. Through the years it has established subsidiaries in several different countries which include Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, and India. In India, Suzuki partnered with Maruti Udyog, Ltd and started the Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

It is India’s largest car manufacturing company and offers a wide range of products which include the SUV Grand Vitara and the cars which are most favored by first-time car owners, the Maruti Alto and the Maruti Alto K10.

The Maruti Alto is the first of the two versions and has an engine with a capacity of 800cc with a mileage of 19.73 kmpl. It also has a maximum power of 48 Bhp, with a maximum torque of 62 Nm @ 3000 rpm. It is smaller in size than the later version, and its tires have normal tubes containing an inner tube to hold the air which supports the car, and it is equipped with 12-inch wheels which provide a softer ride.

Although it is equipped with power steering, it is optional. The Maruti Alto also has a lever shift mechanism which allows the driver to get the desired transmission when the gears are engaged.

The Maruti Alto K10 is an improved version of the Maruti Alto. It has an engine capacity of 1000cc and a mileage of 20.2 kmpl. Its maximum speed is 67 Bhp and it has a maximum torque of 90 Nm @ 3500 rpm. It is bigger than the Maruti Alto and provides more room. Its tires are tubeless which are safer and easier to repair, needing little maintenance. It is equipped with 13-inch wheels which provide better handling.

It has power steering and a five-speed manual transmissions with booster assisted brakes. It also has lower levels of emissions and other enhancements such as a better styled hood, new bumper design, fog lamps and headlamps, improved suspension and brakes, i-CATS security system, among others.

Of the two models, the Maruti Alto is cheaper, but the price difference is not very significant. It is a choice between the standard Maruti Alto and its enhanced version, the Maruti Alto K10.


1.The Maruti Alto is the standard first car of most people in India while the Maruti Alto K10 is its enhanced version.
2.The Maruti Alto K10 has a bigger and better engine capacity and mileage as well as speed and torque than the Maruti Alto.
3.The Maruti Alto K10 has more room because its body is bigger than the body of the Maruti Alto.
4.The Maruti Alto has normal tube tires with 12-wheels while the Maruti Alto K10 has tubeless tires with 13-wheels.
5.The Maruti Alto is cheaper than the Maruti Alto K10.
6.The Maruti Alto K10 has more features than the Maruti Alto.

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